Virtual Small Groups

2 Types: 90-Minute Group & 60-Minute Group Sessions

90-Minute Group Sessions –  up to 20 people. Group times are approximately 90 min. 60 min of healing time, Q & A to follow

60-Minute Group Sessions – up to 20 people. Group times are approximately 60 min. 30 min of healing time, Q & A to follow.


Zoom Video Conferencing (LEARN MORE!)

Divine Transmission Calls

Rob presents a teaching during these group Divine Transmission Calls (Call-in Series).  Each Series consists of 3 live calls.  They are powerful, meditative, deeply healing, and are an opportunity to be in the vibration of Divine Energy. Everyone receives the benefits of working with the Divine and are offered as a way to frequently drop into Divine Energy.  These calls are recorded. The recordings are sent to everyone who registers for the Series for unlimited playback.

In person Small Group Sessions

2 Types: Small Groups and Super Small Groups

Small Groups –  up to 18 people. Each person experiences multiple hands on healing opportunities!

Super Small Groups – up to 12 people. Each person receives substantial one-on-one time with Rob.

Groups run from 90 – 120 minutes

Los Angeles (Small Groups only)

In Person Large Group Transformational Events

Open to the Public! No pre-registration!

Please come and share in the Divine and loving energy offered during this Large Group Transformational Event with Rob Wergin.  Rob’s vast and infinite connection to unconditional love and limitless bliss can be felt by all in his presence – simply by letting go and inviting and trusting that Divine energy is there for your highest good, your greatest support and your deepest peace and healing.

During this transformational event, Rob motivates, inspires and empowers you to create the health and the life you have always wished for and deserved. Rob also assists you in accessing your inner power, your truth, and your knowing. He believes that you are entitled to and deserve a life of health and abundance.

To begin there will be an overview and Q & A session.  Following the Q & A, all in attendance will receive a brief hands on healing.

Rob’s sense of humor, his kind and genuine spirit and his loving open-heart guide the experience beautifully as it unfolds.  Rob provides a safe and loving space to invite and allow Divine, blissful energy to do whatever is needed in each moment for each person – surrogates and attendees alike.  Simply by allowing and surrendering to the process, life changing, and blissful light can fill every cell of the body, and envelope each person with limitless peace, tranquility, acceptance and joy.


Weekend Immersion

During this weekend with Rob Wergin, you will experience multiple hands-on healing experiences and Divine light transmissions creating the opportunity to clear old patterns, experiences, and beliefs. This process releases physical, mental, and emotional discomfort, as well as pain, and once again you will connect with your true expression.

Additionally, through lectures, discussions, and shared explorations, you restore and maintain a joyful healing connection with the Divine which allows you to continue your journey of re-connection and wellness. You return home with a renewed connection to Divine energy and a healthy, vibrant body, mind, and spirit.

Flat Rock (Asheville) – NC
Omega Institute – NY
1440 Multiversity – CA

5-Day Immersion Retreat



  • Daily hands-on healing experiences with Rob to relieve pain, suffering, imbalances, dis-ease and other negative life patterns.
  • Lectures, discussions and shared explorations to restore and maintain joyful healing and wellness.
  • Sound Healing Sessions: Planetary tuning forks activations and singing bowl alignments.
  • Walking Nature Meditation: Reconnecting to our true nature and power.
  • Moon Cycle Wisdom teaching: Ancient techniques for assisting your healing every month.
  • Energy Medicine teachings: How to stay clear, balanced and aligned in your Divine power.
  • Self-Healing Tools: Keys that you can take home to help yourself going forward.
  • Powerful group healing experiences using many modalities.
  • Unconditional love and compassion from the group facilitators.
  • Ample integration time each day to process and deepen into the work.

Orcas Island, WA

“Sick for 10 years…NOW WELL!”

(This gentleman followed up his initial Telephone Session with Small Group
Sessions and further Telephone Sessions, and was very active in his healing process.)