small group sessions with Rob Wergin
Small Groups

Small Group sessions offers Rob the ability to work energetically with each participant. It is Rob’s intention to be a portal of the highest light as it creates transformation for your highest good. He brings forth your Divine Light and Love and allows the miracles of Source to come forth. It is imperative that you have a positive mindset, believe in your wellness goals, and be committed to your intended outcome in all health sessions. Each person receives direct healing.

90-Minute Group Sessions –  up to 22 people. Group times are approximately 90 min. 60 min of healing time, Q & A to follow
60-Minute Group Sessions – up to 22 people. Group times are approximately 60 min. 40 min of healing time, Q & A to follow.
weekend healing immersion with Rob Wergin
Weekend Healing Immersion

During Weekend Healing Immersions Zoom Rob presents teaching and healing segments over the course of 3 days. You can think about this Divine healing energy that works through Rob as God/Goddess, the Divine, Source, whatever name works for you. The many Master beings are directing this energy so that Rob can then share it with you. Rob also shares his vast knowledge of the process of healing the body, mind, and soul. Q & A segments included. Includes a 1 hour follow up session after the weekend event.

Surrogate Group Sessions

The Divine energy that Rob brings to the a Surrogate session is focused on the recipient’s greatest challenge. This energy is highly concentrated and is focused on giving the recipient an infusion of energy that is specific to what is needed. The others in the surrogate group share in the energy.

Global Transformation events Rob Wergin
Global Transformation Event

During these hour long healing sessions on Zoom you will experience a 50-minute direct healing session with Rob. These are healing events with 100s of people from around the world. Each person in your household can join at no added cost.

Divine Transmissions

Rob presents a teaching during these group Divine Transmission Series.  Each Series consists of 3 live sessions.  They are powerful, meditative, deeply healing, and are an opportunity to be in the vibration of Divine Energy. Everyone receives the benefits of working with the Divine and are offered as a way to frequently drop into Divine Energy.  These sessions are recorded. The recordings are sent to everyone who registers for the Series for unlimited playback.

“Sick for 10 years…NOW WELL!”

(This gentleman followed up his initial Telephone Session with Small Group
Sessions and further Telephone Sessions, and was very active in his healing process.)