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Virtual Healing Sessions via zoom

Work With Rob

Immerse in a 3-Day Healing Retreat

Reignite your power and truth within as you immerse yourself in a state of unconditional love. Witness and experience the energy of Rob’s most powerful form of healing called “the knockdown.” CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE KNOCKDOWN VIDEO.

The Zoom link will be sent the day PRIOR to this event.

Small Group Healing Circles

Join in Small Group Healing Circles for direct communication with Rob for your questions, concerns, and sharing. Experience personal as well as collective group healing as each participant is directly connected with the Divine.

The Zoom link will be sent the day PRIOR to this event.


The virtual sessions are even more powerful than the in-person sessions. I have laughed, cried and screamed during these at-home sessions because I feel safe enough to do so. Rob’s sessions have created an opportunity for true surrender, and for that I am grateful. ~J.M.

Teachings and Healing from the Masters

The Divine speaks through Rob as an instrument of healing and teaching. Receive individual and collective deep healings, and Divine teachings relevant to the current energies of the planet; energies that may challenge you emotionally, physically, or spiritually-such as fear, overwhelm, or discomforts of the body.

The Zoom link will be sent the day PRIOR to this event.

The Most Beautiful Feeling

I just wanted to thank you for today’s Zoom Session! It was the most beautiful feeling in the world, so much Divine love, Divine bliss, and total Divine freedom! Words cannot express my appreciation and gratitude for you and your amazing work! I have worked over 40 years on this and working with you is a God given gift in this amount of time we have been together. I owe it all to you and just to let you know God knew you were the one to do this magnificent healing work!  I am finely free! My 7 generations back are free. All my lifetimes are healed and free. The next generations will also be healed and set free thanks to you! Rob you make the world a better world because you are in it! God Bless You! ~P.P.

Worldwide Healing Circle

The Divine works through Rob as an instrument of healing as we link people from all over the world in this collective healing experience. Thirty minutes of your questions and possible teachings, plus 60 minute deep healing experience.


The Zoom link will be sent the day PRIOR to this event.

No Pain, No Stiffness

When I came to your Global Transmission call I was limping from pain and stiffness in my right hip. It has been in that state for 48 hours. After the healing sessions – no pain and no stiffness. I’m walking normally again and feel so much better. My dog Ash, who sat in with me also had a limp in his right leg and he is no longer limping. His little spirit is lifted up and he’s prancing around like a baby doe. My life is melting down in the best ways and I’m grateful for the healing you share with me. ~S.J.


Life-changing healing and messages on various topics. The Divine speaks through Rob as an instrument of healing and teaching.

So Powerful

Just purchased and listened to the Miracles Master Class. Wow! I’m speechless. So powerful. So much love, light and full body chills. And I am grateful! ~A.B.

1-Day Intensive Workshop

A transformative journey designed to catalyze deep, life-altering changes through the power of Divine communication and energy.

Soul Filling

I continue to say ‘thank you’ nonstop to you, God, the Universe, and all who surround me. I am forever grateful you picked me for the surrogate session in the 1 Day Intensive Workshop. It was so powerful and soul-filling. ~ K.M

Monthly Package Options

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