During this healing weekend with Rob, you will experience multiple hands-on healing experiences and Divine Light transmissions, creating the opportunities to clear old patterns, experiences, and beliefs. This process releases physical, mental, and emotional discomfort, as well as pain, disease and addictions, and you will re-connect with your true expression.


Each of us retains the energy of our lineage, past lives, and this life’s experiences. Unless those experiences emerged from love, they often cause energetic stagnation (blockage) in the mind and body. These blockages lead to disease, dysfunction, distress, disconnection, or despair in our lives. When reconnecting to Divine energy, our mind and body are filled with unconditional love and light and balance is restored, blockages and stagnation are released, old wounds are healed, dis-ease is dismissed, and many aspects of life are transformed.


Additionally, through lectures, discussions, and shared explorations, you will restore and maintain a joyful healing connection with the Divine which allows you to continue your journey of re-connection and wellness. You return home with a renewed connection to Divine energy and a healthy, vibrant body, mind, and spirit.





  • Daily hands-on healing experiences with Rob to relieve pain, suffering, imbalances, dis-ease and other negative life patterns.
  • Lectures, discussions and shared explorations to restore and maintain joyful healing and wellness.
  • Sound Healing Sessions: Planetary tuning forks activations and singing bowl alignments.
  • Walking Nature Meditation: Reconnecting to our true nature and power.
  • Moon Cycle Wisdom teaching: Ancient techniques for assisting your healing every month.
  • Energy Medicine teachings: How to stay clear, balanced and aligned in your Divine power.
  • Self-Healing Tools: Keys that you can take home to help yourself going forward.
  • Powerful group healing experiences using many modalities.
  • Unconditional love and compassion from the group facilitators.
  • Ample integration time each day to process and deepen into the work.


Requires online registration.

Weekend Immersion Cost: $540* – Flat Rock, NC (Includes Friday night dinner, Saturday full lunch, and Sunday light lunch. Does not include accommodations.) Event limited to 75 participants.

Weekend Immersion Cost: $395* – Omega Institute (Does not include meals or accommodations.) Event limited to 165 participants. 

Weekend Immersion Cost: starting at $386 PER NIGHT* – 1440 Multiversity (Includes meals and accommodations.)

5-Day Immersion Retreat Cost: TBT – Orcas Island, WA (Does not include accommodations or transportation.)

*Weekend Immersions and 5-Day Immersion Retreats have a 30 day cancellation policy.  You may cancel up to 30 days prior and receive a full refund.


We are planning to offer a Weekend Immersion in Flat Rock, NC this summer.

Check back for updates. Be well!



You Are Doing Great Work

I just returned from the event in Flat Rock and couldn’t wait to write in. I have been to that location numerous times, but the energy this weekend was so far the most amazing. Rob, I appreciate your vulnerability and how you share your own personal story with everyone. It also touches me that you cry along with the rest of us. I would like to acknowledge your wonderful staff. I feel comfortable that I can let my guard down in front of them and won’t be judged. I have been to events with other healers, but their staff act like it’s just a job and not a privilege to be in a healing space with so many souls seeking guidance. I hope you realize what a wonderful group of people that you have – you are very lucky to be supported by these angels in human form. You are doing great work in this world! Thank you!!!!! -A.N.

Euphoric State of Bliss

I must say that integrating back in to reality has been something that I haven’t wanted to do, but know I must and am doing so slowly to maintain this euphoric state of bliss. I am still processing so much healing since you both helped me to finally break down that thick heavy wall of protection I have had around me for so many years that was keeping me numb. I am finally letting go of all the pain, anger, fear and resentment from the childhood trauma I experienced. It has been very painful at times, but I embrace the pain with the Divine love and light within me. The worst pain is in my jaw, abdomen and left hip. 
 All the tension from the impact site of my head trauma/brain injury is clearing beautifully! I wake in the morning with clarity now rather than heavy brain fog and welcome my new healthy cells with Divine love. I am beginning to be able to bring words forward to express myself, my short-term memory is getting stronger, I can write words clearly again, my sense of smell is coming back, and my eyes feel stronger! I have spent the last 18 years of my life thinking that the effects of the brain trauma were permanent and it was just the way I was going to live the rest of my life since that’s what was told to me by my doctors. What a pleasant surprise to prove them wrong! Thank you, thank you, thank you.          
Aside from my wedding day, my experience with both of you on Orcas Island has been the most incredible experience of my life! The love I felt from everyone who was there was magical. It was such an experience to see 67 strangers come together to help one another heal. I witnessed such miracles of healing! My life has truly been transformed in such a beautiful, loving way.
Sarah, your words of “you have to give up everything” has been on my mind as I’m getting ready to start my new spiritual path, and then I was given clarity to it. I didn’t truly realize it, but I was willing to give up everything when I came to the retreat to heal myself. The beauty is my husband is going to be following me on my new path and we have fallen crazy in love all over again. I will always and forever be grateful to the both of you for your love and support during those five magical days on Orcas Island! – N.W.

Fantastic Retreat

The retreat at Orcas was fantastic. I believe! There has been an amazing transformation along my lineage. My son, who just months ago would not even talk with my wife, is living at home with a positive attitude and hope. My father, who before I went to Washington could not get out of a wheelchair and could not form a complete thought, is now walking with assistance and cracking jokes, that somewhat make sense. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! – J.F.

Treat for the Soul

I just wanted to thank you both for the awesome workshop in Orcas Island. What a treat for the soul and you both rocked. Since I got home, I had a cold for two weeks and my energy was down. I just knew that I was detoxing and trusted that it was OK and rested. Thanks so much for telling us about the detoxing possibility so we don’t create stories that doesn’t align with our healing.
Here are my breakthroughs:
  1. It was healing, fun and relaxing.
  2. After the cold, my energy is back.
  3. At the workshop, Jesus came to me as you touched me with your healing hands and said “Go back to your healing work. Recreate your group”. Hallelujah, it’s happening.
  4. My son is dealing with depression still. However, I am no longer depressed with him. I have compassion. It’s hard to see a 19 year-old on his bed, not attending school or working. I changed my mind about the situation. It isn’t my drama anymore. It’s his time to go through this and I trust God’s will. I keep praying for him to see the light. My love for him is much bigger than my own drama about this situation.
Life is GOOD and I really thank you. God bless you both and keep playing the Angel. We need more love and light. Please hug your staff and your awesome Army of Angels. – A.F.


I cannot find the words to express what is in my heart for you (and your staff), and your care and concern. Every weekend has been amazing, but this one reached a pinnacle for me. The healing for all continued to wash through me with each person you individually touched. You have created such a wonderful experience for all who attend and I finally surrendered completely. I, like Dorothy, had to “learn it for myself” and I feel that simplicity of surrender and trust is now firmly implanted in my heart. Whenever you are in Flat Rock, I will be there, and I feel now each session will only enhance my ascension process that was illuminated this weekend. I am also asking the Divine to prepare me in the future to be able to travel to Boston so that I can participate in at least a small group session sometime – if it is meant to be – I am ready to receive it when the time is right. God bless you and I love you to the moon and back. -S.S.

Transformational Experience

I have not had a migraine since the June Immersion Weekend in Flat Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am also sleeping better and having less anxiety. I still have body pain and am working on healing that area, but that is a struggle for me. I am so happy that I had the courage to go to the Immersion and be totally open. I have had a transformational experience. I don’t know if Rob remembers me, but I wanted him to know how important his work is to me. I look forward to returning to Flat Rock next year for another Immersion experience. With deepest gratitude and love. -K.L.

Magnificent Weekend

Rob, you were magnificent over the weekend in Flat Rock. Myself and my daughter are ready for more. We are so grateful you are in our lives. -P.P.

Most Incredible Experience of My Life

I can’t thank you enough for all that you and Sarah did for me on Orcas Island. Aside from my wedding day, it was the most incredible experience of my life! My body has not been this relaxed since I can remember. The brain fog has disappeared, all the head, neck and shoulder pain is gone and my digestive system is finally flowing. The memories of childhood abuse no longer haunt me as I was finally able to tell my husband my experience of it. I will always and forever be grateful for yours and Sarah’s love, guidance and support through my healing process. My husband and I have fallen crazy in love all over again and are having a blast planning for the renewal of our vows. If you ever need help while in Denver, I would be honored to volunteer my time to help you heal others. -N.W.

Beautiful and a Blessing

I returned home yesterday after the Immersion weekend in NC. Thank you all for your time, attention and details. It was beautiful and a blessing. I am grateful. -R.G.

Feel Optimistic

Wow, wow, wow! My week with you had a very deep impact on me. Let me start by saying I love myself so much more than I did before the retreat. I am being more honest with myself and others about what I want or don’t want. I am feeling a lot more joy and gratitude in my life. I feel optimistic.  Sometimes negative thoughts still creep in about my health and I am practicing ‘cancel-clear’. I want to say that the intrusion is out of my body, but I don’t really know. I am practicing to ‘know, trust and believe’ that it IS happening and my body is being restored to its natural state of health. Though I made a lot of dietary changes over the past few years, I hadn’t changed my cleaning products, body/makeup/hair care products. Well, shortly offer returning home, I took the info Sarah provided, downloaded the apps and got busy! And you know what? It felt so good and loving to make the effort and spend the money on myself.  I’m sure there is more to come as a result of my week with you both, but that’s quite a lot already. Thank you both so much for sharing your time, gifts and energy with me and the group. Thank you, thank you, thank you! – C.M.

Embrace the Future

I have been on a journey with Rob for the past 2 1/2 years and I can honestly say that without this work my life would not be emerging from this time of reckoning with the core wounding from this lifetime.  The Divine brought my life to a halt and then gave me the support and guidance I needed to finally turn inward.  When I heard Rob’s voice, I knew he was a Divine gift.  I have done the call series, Immersions and now the Virtual sessions.  Rob’s commitment and dedication to humanity’s ascension allows the Divine to reach anyone who chooses to participate and not only have I been transformed individually, I am seeing the effects on my sons and husband.  I feel like the Divine opened a door for me but without the work with Rob, I would have let fear and unworthiness close the door.  I have released the fear that has dictated my life for 60 years and I now embrace the future.  This work can be challenging but the courage to surrender and trust that comes with this work makes crossing through that doorway miraculous.  I cannot express fully the gratitude in my heart for the amazing work that I have done and will continue to do with Rob.  The Virtual sessions are in some ways more powerful than the Immersions. – S.S.

So Special

It was a wonderful time – filled with so much unconditional love, healing and miracles I will never forget! Thanks to everybody who was there and made it so special with their help and support and sharing their energy. – M.K.

Happy Heart

Thank you both for all that you gave me last week. I can honestly say that I have never experienced anything like those five days! My heart was very happy and my head still doesn’t know what happened! Rob, I will sign up for a small group the next time you are in Denver. I always feel so great in the energy you channel! I wish it would stay with me longer. Actually, that’s the hardest part, the return to normalcy. You two make a great team! Please keep working together on these Immersions. – B.W.

Standing in Awe

Wellllllllllll, that was quite a weekend at Omega. I thought I was going to witness a freak show, but instead I starred in it. Can’t help but wonder what the f*** was pulled from the depths of my being and released from me, but it was CRAZY and GOOD. The joy that filled me in those next days really did cause my face to hurt from smiling so much. When I returned home, I tucked an Angel card in my soft knee brace, and the knee that two doctors have offered to replace for me felt NOTICEABLY better and continues to. For three nights, my tailbone hurt so badly that I could barely sleep, but my knee (with the Angel card) didn’t hurt AT ALL! ! My husband complained for two days that his back hurt, so I asked him to carry an Angel card in his pocket. HE LAUGHED OUT LOUD, but he did it, and COINCIDENTALLY (he would say), his back didn’t hurt all day.
I am different than before, more relaxed, more content, totally trusting what appears crazy to others, and wanting more. I am still somewhat dazed by, more like ‘standing in awe of’, the whole experience because I have RELEASED the need to make any kind of sense of what happened and is still happening. I am NO LONGER CONFUSED!!! I know I will stay connected and can’t thank you enough for answering the call to do the game-changing work that you do, exhausting though it must be. I would love to bring my daughters to an immersion in the future, and I suspect I will see you all again in person. Sending buckets and buckets of unconditional love and bliss in your direction! Your crazy, still-dazed-but-no-longer-confused friend from Omega. – S.N.

Incredible and Beautiful

I wanted to say thank you for creating such an amazing space to be real and process stuff, and, well, heal. 
I honestly felt God-awful the next day, and was scared at first that I had just shoved everything back down that came up throughout the weekend. I was still left with it…stuck. I ended up in my car screaming at the top of my lungs trying to release the pain.  But, something started to shift after that, and the next day I remembered to take that bath. I awoke the next morning with a feeling of peace I hadn’t had in a long time. I can say that now that a week has passed, I feel some serious weight inside of me has been lifted and I feel lighter in my heart.  It’s not all perfect in there, but so much pain had amassed inside of me. Life just felt like I was trying to push uphill through mud. It doesn’t feel AS hard now, and it feels like light and hope are mingling in there as well. So, thank you. 
What you and your team facilitate is just incredible and beautiful and such a magical gift. I had no idea what to expect and tried my hardest to just surrender as best as this little control freak could!
So happy that you curse, loved how you addressed everyone and everything…from veganism, to the Bible, to being treated as some sort of savior and declaring that you were just a human as well working through the muck (paraphrasing). This allowed me to trust and to take in the things that are harder for me, like believing that angels surround us and we can ask for their help. I’m the one who said I struggled with really believing there were beings in the room with us (even though I really wanted too). You brought me up and put me in contact with my grandmother, which was quite an experience. Still processing it! Thank you so much for that.
Huge hugs and gobs of appreciation. -V.D.

Life Changing Weekend

Today, a close friend asked me about my constant smile and the clearly perceptible glow around me. Of course, I proceeded to share my experience of last weekend’s Immersion. I said, “life changing,” “transformative,” “reborn,” but really that’s only the surface. 20 years ago, I had a life-changing accident that left me with chronic, daily pain (my story). I didn’t realize that on that day, I had given away my power and surrendered to my diagnosis. Last weekend, I regained my life force. I am beyond GRATEFUL. Thank you for opening the path, your authenticity and loving spirit. You are so right: this bliss is addictive! So, I’ll be seeing you soon. With much love and appreciation. -M.B.

Felt Right

Sending you love and gratitude from Los Angeles. I truly enjoyed every minute of being at the Weekend Immersion retreat. It felt like I was in a magical dream world, and I brought the bliss that I was melting into back home with me. I also enjoyed meeting all the souls that came there for healing, felt like a family get together, felt right.  So lucky that I had an opportunity to feel the Divine at work first hand. -L.G.

Healing Transformed

For the first time in more than two years, your healing transformed my night time into peaceful sleep. No leg cramps to disrupt me through the night. Deeply grateful for your healing hands. – K.G.


What an amazing time of healing and transformation we all had on Orcas Island. So grateful to you, Sarah, and your team for your love, support and belief in us. ❤️ Looking forward to the next one! -K.S.

Exactly Needed to Happen

We really miss you and everything we experienced!  We are so grateful to have taken the step to come see you.  It really was a huge step for us since we do not travel often.
From Husband: I went into the weekend not expecting much other than to spend time with my wife.  I ended up with a level of healing I didn’t know existed!  I found a new feeling of peace inside, and after leaving, I have a sadness longing for the energy. I loved the new friends we made and spending time with similar minded individuals.  
From Wife: Pulling us up in front of everyone and what you did to me (and us) on Friday night was absolutely terrifying. But it was exactly what needed to happen to me.  I feel like I grew a ton from the experience.  I was also reassured that I am not the only one on the planet who thinks/feels the way I do. I have never met a group of people so kind and generous.  The people in Minnesota are nice, but the people I met that weekend are 10x nicer!   After getting home, I had this feeling of wanting to go back.  I really miss the peace and energy that was there.  I have a hard time going back to work where there is negative energy.  I sell real estate, so I encounter a lot of people and I struggle to keep that peaceful feeling. -M.L./W. L.

Mind Blower

What an amazing weekend in Flat Rock, it was a mind-blower.  I was blocked on the forgiveness prayer and was finally, finally, finally able to forgive and release Jon.  I thought I had forgiven him in the past, but there was still a seething anger that is now gone. That exercise brought up so much hurt and shame that was like an earthquake in my soul.
I feel like my 22 year-old self – carefree, playful, and open-hearted.  It’s like I’ve been looking around for that version of myself, and finally found her. Yay!
Sunday was equally amazing.  The only thing missing was Lazarus! I’ve tried to describe it to people, but fail to capture the electricity and activity of that room. The woman who could hardly walk and didn’t want to live in her body anymore was crushing.There are no words to describe what happened in the room when she strolled down and back the main aisle.  Sadness turned to joy and triumph.  I was so fortunate to bear witness to her healing and to show my still skeptical (though quickly-shrinking) part of myself that this is happening for me too.
The coup-de-grace was my friend with Stage IV cancer and two children at home.  I was in that experience with her. I felt every sob, the overwhelming grief.  Bearing witness to her healing was a critically important moment for me.  It was as though the universe was holding a mirror up to me to see her healing and to know all to well where she was.  I had the opportunity to speak with her afterwards to offer her support.  The last thing I said to her was “You are stronger than you know.”  As I was walking away, I realized that is what the Divine was saying to me, and what the Divine has been saying to me all along.  It was a deeply healing moment.  I think the Divine must be tired of clobbering me over the head with messages.  I finally got them.
One final note:  I am seeing an alternative doctor who is giving me off-label drugs and supplements to help in the eradication of cancer from my body.  Just got off the phone with her. She looked at my August scans and labs.  Scans are clear and the labs are promising.  The only elevated marker is actually an indicator of inflammation and not cancer.  So, no one is saying I’m cancer-free, but no one can say that there’s cancer in any area of my body.  So, I’ll go ahead and declare it for myself: I am cancer-free!  I am cancer-free!  I am cancer-free!!  Woohooooooo!
God bless you!  Thank you to the Divine, to you, and your team for the work that you do. I am so very grateful. I can’t stop the joy tears.  
See you at Omega in March or May, whenever it is! – C.J.

Loved Every Minute of It

I’m different in so many ways, the ascension is adding to it. My spiritual abilities seem to have shifted somewhat as well. My intuition has increased, my awareness has increased, my senses are all increasing. This was an intense retreat. I loved every minute of it. Yes, I’ll be back. I’ve been to Small Groups and gatherings in NYC. I’ve been to Omega with Rob and I’m going again in October.
This was a very powerful, clearing upgrade retreat for me. My soul is getting ready to step more into its authentic self. I’m delighted. Rob and Sarah as a team brought much more healing on multi-dimensional levels. I can definitely feel the shift,  I’m so grateful. The mansion and grounds on Orcas Island were astounding. My room with its sun porch deck was beautiful. Thank you for doing this retreat. I’m honored to have been a part of this beautiful journey. – S.C.

Gifted Healer

I just attended your weekend retreat with a friend in Flat Rock and thoroughly enjoyed it! I have been on my own spiritual journey since the 90’s and everything you said was so spot on. You are very gifted and I am so glad I came to witness it. You are an amazing healer, so thank you so much for what you give to the world! I would be more interested in one of the smaller group sessions at some point in the future. -J.B.

Healing and Amazing

What a fabulous time!  My body is changing in so many ways.  I had low back surgery about 15 years ago.  I have had very little pain since the surgery, so haven’t given it much thought except to do maintenance of massage, Pilates, and chiropractic.  I knew something had changed while on the island, but wasn’t sure just what.  The healing seemed to start with my low back and has continued down my knees and ankles and feet.  The chiropractor could find nothing to adjust the last few weeks.  I am experiencing some discomfort still  in my knees, however, I am confident that will improve as well.
The other amazing event that happened was a letter I received from my former husband who I had not seen or talked to for 25 years.  It was a letter of apology regarding our 22-year marriage.  A wonderful piece of healing for both of us.  We are now friends.
I know how busy you both are, however, I look forward to the next 5 day immersion.  I will be there.  I feel the healing is still continuing for me. 
Thank you both for an amazing week. It was truly wonderful and so much healing and miracles for everyone. Sending so much love and blessings to you both and also to the amazing assistants. – A.A.

Best Week of My Life

I can’t thank you enough for the BEST week of my life!!! I loved every minute of it, and can’t wait to sign up for your next Immersion. It was a true honor and blessing to be a part of such a magical and miraculous week.  The location, accommodations, scenery, food, teachings, hands-on healing, sound healings, ceremonies, and kind, loving participants – all was perfectly exquisite!  There is not a single thing I would change.  Also, the take home tools and tips to keep the Immersion alive in our hearts and home life was genius and most helpful.  You are quite the dynamic duo and pack a powerful punch. 
I can’t really describe what transpired that week, but I know I have definitely made a huge shift, and will never be quite the same.  In fact, I have been referring to myself as “M.H. 2.0”.  I treasure the time we shared, and look forward to the many adventures that lie ahead.  Thank you from the depths of my soul for all and everything you did to pull off such an epic and magnificent week. I shall be forever grateful.  Much love, honor and appreciation. – M.H.


WOW! Words do not do justice to the miracles experienced this weekend at Omega. The synchronicities, physical, mental and emotional transformations were nothing short of amazing. What an amazingly powerful Immersion retreat we had this weekend. I have been to every one of Rob’s Omega retreats, this is number five, and each one becomes more special and magical as we release our density. Thank you Rob for changing my life for the better in every way. Lots of gratitude and love to you! -L.K.

Huge Difference in My Peace

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I appreciate our time with you both and the others at Orcas Island.  I learned a lot. During one time when Rob put his hands on my heart area, I felt a vibration of a circle around my heart.  I feel like my heart has been healed.  Lately, I’ve been on and off feeling a pain in my heart.  Not physical pain, but emotional.  I had a headache the last few days (which doesn’t happen much, I’m guessing that is detox), but today, no headache. 
I am having more peace at my house, and with my family (husband, son and daughter), seem to be coming together and healing.  Much more peaceful, caring and loving atmosphere. I also let go of something I had been holding onto and I have seen a huge difference in my peace of mind. Rob said, “people who aren’t good for you will fall away”.  
I’ve been doing belly breathing and that is helping as well.  I would love to see you when you come to Los Angeles again. We will for sure want to go back to Orcas Island again. Thank you both so much.  Wishing you all good things, and I would love to keep in contact with you both. – P.S.