USB to Divine Light

I do feel magically better after this weekend. I felt I was able to release a lot and come back to some clarity on life. Thanks for all your work. I know you hear this

More energy

THANK YOU for this amazing healing weekend! Noticed a considerable difference in having more energy today than I can remember having in a long time! So grateful for you all, the Masters and all who


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. The heart healing was powerful. The betrayal, anger, healing was powerful. Both cleansing emotionally and physically. The rest of the weekend too. These were especially touching to me. I


I am so Grateful, Grateful, Grateful for this amazing phenomenal Immersion Weekend! Thank You for changing our lives forever and our world  forever !  You Are the gift to all of us! -P.P.


The weekend was incredible. The energy was so powerful and pure. I went so deep, it was profound and outstanding…This weekend really showed me how powerful I am. It keeps getting better and better. Everything


I have been living on a completely different planet since after yesterday’s healing. Thank you for catapulting me into this new and beautiful place. Sending you so much love and gratitude. -S.S.

Love and acceptance

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.  Thank you. The betrayal section on Sunday’s immersion session went deep for me.  I still had much to process by Tuesday.  Stuff with God, stuff with my dad, stuff


OMG! Today was the most profound! First the most physical pain I have ever experienced and then in the betrayal exercise I was told I had to do the reverse — work with those I

Miracles abound

I sat on Friday before the Immersion and tried to write my intentions. I decided to use some I AM statements that I have focused on as I realized everything I wanted to manifest could


Thank you SO much for your tenacity, patience, humor, non-judgement, and love, as we integrate all the Divine, Sacred Beings’ teachings!  I know this year would have been so much more difficult, emotionally, physically, &

Phenomenal Weekend

I am grateful and releasing with grace and ease. It was a phenomenal weekend. So many things happening on so many levels. The energy was so powerful. I feel renewed and so positive. Thank you

healing to the heart and soul

Yes, it was amazing!  I noticed something interesting – so much has healed…I can feel the peace of love in my every cell, this goes beyond healing to the heart and soul of who I


I can’t thank you enough for the beautiful miracles that occurred for me this weekend! I am so blessed to be guided by both of you as I make my way through this incredible healing

Saved my Life

This weekend’s healing immersion workshop has made the most profound and moving impact on my life I wanted to share. I won’t put much effort into listing the issues I was holding, suffice to say

No longer a victim

It’s really amazing!! I’m a different person after this weekend’s immersion. I don’t feel like a victim of my story an more…it’s really incredible how differently I perceive things…I’m sure there are a million more

Love & Gratitude

Today I wake with abundance of love and gratitude for you and your work. This light and love is working in me and has changed my life and all that I touch.  My words, my

Shiny & New

My heart is filled with gratitude for the energetic and spiritual support I’ve received through you during the Omega weekend and first weekend in December. Although I don’t have a phenomenal overnight recovery story, I


This weekend has been completely transformative already. I feel at peace, joyful, centered, and clearer in my thinking. “Unstuck!” Thank you so very much for your work and for the amazing guests. I’m so grateful.

Positive & Confident

Thank you so much for the wonderful healing and guidance we received over the weekend – I feel much more positive and confident after it. There were so many words of wisdom – it is

Powerful and Exquisite

Thank you for an amazing immersion weekend!! I am certain that several miracles occurred for me personally. On this Monday evening following the weekend I already find myself listening to the replay; the energy was

Deep Gratitude

I want to express my deep gratitude to all beings involved with this work. Five weeks ago was my last episode of bowel incontinence in 13 years after the healing session. Something the doctors were

Vibrational Love Train

I wanted to share how I have shifted from participating in this past weekend’s immersion. I feel a new sense of peace, calmness, acceptance and grounded-ness in the present. My tension and anxieties have melted

Everyday is a miracle

I wanted to take a moment and share not only my infinite gratitude to you but also my vision I had today. This week since the Immersion has been powerful… Physically and emotionally I was

I feel different

I wish to express my gratitude for the powerful healing weekend.  Rob, I appreciate the powerful healing energy of the weekend.  I feel different…Much Gratitude to all of you and to those who worked behind

Alive with enthusiasm

I just want to thank you for this magnificent Weekend Immersion! It was the Best Weekend in my life ever! The Miracles that occurred and the transformation that occurred were beyond words. Your work is

I am Complete

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE LAST TWO DAYS. Its been amazing. I am so so so so grateful and thankful for you, I can’t find words…I recognized this morning… I AM COMPLETE. Tears running


The Healing Weekend was great! Indescribable and not explainable with words. I am not the same person anymore and I enjoy it very much! -D.S.


Thank you for your kindness, joy and your work. Seeing your beautiful faces and hearts, I listen to your work like the it’s the only story I need to know. My life is changed. I

Infinitely Happy

I cannot describe in words how I feel after the Weekend Healing Immersion. I am so infinitely happy and grateful for the opportunity to work with you. thank you, thank you, thank you! I feel

Healthier & Happier

You are a divine being that came back to make miracles in my family life. I am so grateful!!! We don’t have words to express what is happening. My grandma passed away many years that

Happily & Joyfully

I am feeling very contemplative this morning after last nights healing session and I want to say thank you…You have helped heal my life in more ways than you can know and I’m crying as

Inner Strength

To say that this weekend took things to a new level is an understatement. I feel a lightness and an expansiveness around my heart. As if a whole bunch of stuff that was constricting my

Several Miracles

You were amazing on Sunday at the immersion.  I’ve experienced several miracles this weekend. MY spine…well I have a new spine. :o) a pristine spine, all the bad juju dissipated unto the ether.  A few


My three days with you gave me bliss, bliss and bliss. Your work is so beautifully clean and I send you my love. -G.H.

Gentle, Deep, Powerful

Thank you so much, Rob. Amazing, gentle, deep, powerful sessions. Thank you for all the healings, all the teachings, the shared wisdom. -A.P.

Embracing this journey

Thank you for an amazing weekend. Had a dream my friends gave me a cake that said ME, (was time to focus on me) woke up played some of your music, released anything I thought

Beyond my greatest expectations

Thank you for the amazing immersion weekend! It was the most epic transformational experience I’ve had in 40+ years of attending personal growth retreats! It went beyond my greatest expectations! The healing energy and support

Off the Charts

It is the 3rd weekend event I am doing with you – and it was the strongest by far. I have loved all of your weekend immersions (and also the zoom-calls) and found all of

Immensely grateful and joyful

Thank you so much for so much Love and Divine Energies during the Immersion Weekend. During the weekend and all day Monday I have felt changes inside of me, both physically and spiritually. I am


What an unforgettable weekend for me and I suspect for everyone who participated this weekend. So extremely powerful. My body is still tingling. Wow! I went to bed after the session and I slept for


Everything inside of me is lovable and welcome and belongs and is a friend and it is amazing. I am so grateful for all of it. All my love Rob. -D.K.

Faith and Trust

Thank you for an amazing experience! I am still a bit dazed and my body is forcing me to rest from my “surgeries”.  While I recover, I’m experiencing incredible hopefulness and moments of peace &

Energy was incredible

First I want to thank you for the amazing Immersion Weekend. I loved all of it. Mostly the absolute knowing and feeling of my guides surrounding me. The energy was incredible and the sense of

Great Gift

I have been journeying on this path of healing with you since last October/November and I’ve had a few breakthroughs along the way. I’ve purged and learned and gained understanding but this past immersion weekend


Beautiful weekend Rob. Much gratitude to you and your team. After the sessions in the spring, I rode the waves of my journey through isolating at home and working from home instead of the office.

Saved my life

You have literally saved my life. This work has broken me completely and I am so so so grateful. In my wholeness I thank you from the deepest parts of my heart and soul. The

Amazing Soul Journey

What an amazing soul journey so far and still much more to come! Will review tonight’s session tomorrow but for now I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart and I

Total Love

THANK YOU!  This, as well as last week’s 2 sessions, have been so sweet. The energy has resonated as total love and sweetness for me. I have done many of the events these last 3

Gifts & Healing

I wanted to THANK YOU for the weekend.  I went into the weekend hoping for a ‘leveling up’ overall, but also, I admit I was hoping for some relief from some specific physical issues, as