Weekend Immersion Testimonials

Transformations are coming!
Post Weekend Immersion Feels... 🌈

Healed and transformed

I am so deeply grateful and in awe about the healing process you initiated! Sedona via Zoom was again mind-blowing and such a blessing. I feel such a deep peace in my being. I met


I keep on waiting for the right words … but there are no words that can describe my gratitude to the both of you! I am so thankful for your prayers and all that you ARE

Grateful For The Miracles

I ask and I received. I have asked lately for more friends to come to me and got 2 in one day to invite me out. So grateful that I am heard and things come


Let’s just say I have been blissing out this week following our life-altering IN-PERSON IMMERSION WEEKEND! My heart, by Sunday, felt like the Grinch’s (it grew two sizes)! I felt so connected to everyone there

Feel lighter and happier

I am so grateful and thankful. I feel a progress in my trust and I feel calmer. I thank you for this amazing experience. The knock-down event was a special experience for me because I

Divine Love and Divine Light so Strong

Yesterday Immersion was absolutely phenomenal! The energy was so crystalline and so angelic soft and so sweet. I never experienced Divine love and divine light so strong 24/7. Words can’t describe how long I have

Shiny & New

My heart is filled with gratitude for the energetic and spiritual support I’ve received through you during the Weekend Immersion and first weekend in December. Although I don’t have a phenomenal overnight recovery story, I

Money Miracle

I have been without much work or money for a year. It hasn’t bothered me much as I have food, shelter, healthcare. But I realized, I desire more work (which I love) and I desire

Joy and healing

Dear Rob, Gio Devon and team, I write this with full heart and no mind as I have experienced a mind blowing shift into the NOW of healing, joy and soul family. Thank you! My


Thank you Thank you Thank you for the AMAZING ENERGY of the weekend immersion and this week. The words that came to me to describe the new energy are SUBLIME, PURE, REFINED. I’ve never felt

So grateful

I have let go of so much. Thank you all! I am so grateful for this soul group, my soul family. -L.O. February 19th, 2024


Thank you SO much for your tenacity, patience, humor, non-judgement, and love, as we integrate all the Divine, Sacred Beings’ teachings!  I know this year would have been so much more difficult, emotionally, physically, &

Healthier & Happier

You are a divine being that came back to make miracles in my family life. I am so grateful!!! We don’t have words to express what is happening. My grandma passed away many years that

Grasp my resilience

The second day after our retreat I felt much better. The amount of release was beyond comprehension especially because it was completely unexpected. I have been tired before after our sessions but I was never

Physically and emotionally healing

Thank you for a truly beautiful Sedona In Person Event. I am so grateful that you were able to Zoom the event as it was amazing. It felt deeply physically and emotionally healing to me.

Fulfilling and transformational

Thanks, Rob and team. There are so many fulfilling and transformational aspects of the 3-day retreat. My personal favorite was conscious forgiveness! It leaves you feeling so powerful within yourself. Until the next time. -S.S.

Profound Healing

Just to let you know, that I received profound healing this weekend. Allowing myself to connect to all the participants’ emotions, helped me release what I couldn’t express or what I didn’t know I had

Amazing gifts

I know I cannot repay you for all that you have done for me, but I would like to pay it forward and help others in need experience your amazing gifts. I would like to

Several Miracles

You were amazing on Sunday at the immersion.  I’ve experienced several miracles this weekend. MY spine…well I have a new spine. :o) a pristine spine, all the bad juju dissipated unto the ether.  A few


Thank you so much for putting together these healing sessions of the body, mind and spirit! You all helped me get through the last year and a half with my mind and body in a


I loved your meditations. I’m Letting go of energies of self pity highest achievement so far…Saturday and Sunday I felt great relief as my body shook off “ whatever” more and more. Deeply grateful for


I started working with your team and the Divine beings in Oct 2020, and I’ve experienced so many “micro-miracles” along the way. You’ve brought me a faith that makes sense to me (finally!), and I’m

Infinitely Happy

I cannot describe in words how I feel after the Weekend Healing Immersion. I am so infinitely happy and grateful for the opportunity to work with you. thank you, thank you, thank you! I feel

I am Complete

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE LAST TWO DAYS. Its been amazing. I am so so so so grateful and thankful for you, I can’t find words…I recognized this morning… I AM COMPLETE. Tears running

So blessed

The Zoom session was amazing! I feel so blessed and grateful to be a part of this healing. Thank you so much, Rob, for sharing your gift with us. I am so very grateful to


I just would like to thank you for your care, your work with and for us. I am very grateful for the healing I received during the Global Transformation event and I have tears of

Truly Magical

The Weekend Immersion was truly magical.  Resting to let my body do its healing as suggested.  Digesting all the wisdom you shared…The weekend was astounding.  Very profound and transformational.  Thank you for sharing your gifts. 


The Healing Retreat energies were astounding. Released a lot of energy from childhood, and I am very grateful to be a part of it. I feel a lot of release that’s helping me to be

Amazing experience

This was an amazing experience! This was my first weekend immersion and I didn’t know what to expect. I’m in a different mindset. I am in gratitude and unconditional love. I’m so happy I found

I Love

I love you all so much. I love my soul family. I love the support. I love the guidance. I love the laughter. I love the journey. I love the emotional healing. I am a

Truly remarkable

It’s truly an honor to participate in your healing events. I participated in the last in-person event via Zoom it was truly amazing! The healing is quite powerful. I look forward to continuing to receive


I know the peace of knowing that there is so much to be grateful for. Sending you love and gratitude for so many things. -E.R. Oct. 29th, 2023

Beautiful soul

What a beautiful soul. Thank you for that powerful kidney healing and body reset. L.C October 26th, 2023

Beyond words

The immersion, for me, was beyond words in terms of beauty. The way I was brought to it was miraculous. Something happened technologically with my phone the evening before I received his last-minute email sent

I am healed

What a wonderful weekend to experience with everyone. I hadn’t felt pain in my underarms in a couple of months until the weekend. I am so incredibly grateful to know that I continue to release

Miracles unfolding

Hearty thanks to you, Davon and Gio for an awesome healing journey experience. This was my first experience with you all and the beautiful soul community and surely this will not be my last. I

I am in control

Thank you for another beautiful retreat. They keep getting better and better. The energy and healing can not be described as anything other than miraculous. I am walking without any help and I know I

Immensely grateful and joyful

Thank you so much for so much Love and Divine Energies during the Immersion Weekend. During the weekend and all day Monday I have felt changes inside of me, both physically and spiritually. I am

Sensational Change

I’d like to thank you very much for the week-end. It was a revelation for me… I’m flying since yesterday, I feel it was the most sensational change that I observed in myself since man

Life has Changed

I wanted to say a huge thank you to you and everyone involved in this weekend’s immersion. This was my second immersion and I just so love the energy that I have been immersing myself

I Can Heal Myself

My husband and I were at the Sedona retreat a few weeks ago and it was life-changing. I have waited to write to you as there was so much to say and I could hardly

This does work

The retreat was amazing even through Zoom. I could feel all the amazing energies! About 5 minutes after we finished the Conscious Forgiveness exercise a dear family member that I had been estranged from for

Positive & Confident

Thank you so much for the wonderful healing and guidance we received over the weekend – I feel much more positive and confident after it. There were so many words of wisdom – it is

My soul is free

The weekend immersions keep getting better and better. The energy is indescribable. I can’t wait to be with you and our beautiful soul family in Monterey. I feel light and filled with love. My soul


I feel liberated from it all and lighter. -Retreat Participant December 9th, 2023

Spectacular Immersion

What a Spectacular Immersion! The healing, the massive releases were incredible! The gift you gave me were the most precious gift I have ever received in all my lifetimes. My heart is full of gratitude

So many miracles

Thank you for all your amazingness that made the Weekend Immersion so spectacularly profound. It was by far, the most powerful immersion I have participated in. They just keep getting stronger, better, and more intense

Most powerful

Thank you for an AMAZING weekend immersion! I can honestly say that that was the most powerful…and draining…experience I’ve ever had attending one of these weekends. And I mean that in a good way. Draining

Extraordinary experience

Every challenge I am currently facing is simply a lesson, and I know, believe, and feel that it is all already behind me, and I am moving into a new, wonderful epoch of my life,

Saved my Life

This weekend’s healing immersion workshop has made the most profound and moving impact on my life I wanted to share. I won’t put much effort into listing the issues I was holding, suffice to say

An awakening

I am grateful to be alive. I came here not expecting anything and came with an open heart. And I’m grateful for my wife being here with me. There is a lightness here in anticipation.

Love this Feeling

Wow this is the most fantastic and amazing weekend ever…Everything in my body is so calm and it feels like a new beginning which I am sure it is. I love this feeling…I feel so


I want to express my thanks and appreciation for the retreat. It was powerful. Each and every retreat I go deeper and deeper. Life gets better and better. -P.P. February 20th, 2024

My Life Will Never Be The Same

I love myself and my life so much deeper and more profoundly and this is all because of you. Thank you from the deepest part of my heart, for all that you are and all

Calm Within

I am grateful for the July Weekend Immersion. I began noticing changes within me right away last evening during my walk with my dog. Not all the people we ran into were friendly or welcoming

You changed my life

Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend at Asilomar. You changed my life. I am walking tall with such an amazing feeling; the messages Rob had for us are powerful enough. It is a

More energy

THANK YOU for this amazing healing weekend! Noticed a considerable difference in having more energy today than I can remember having in a long time! So grateful for you all, the Masters and all who

No longer a victim

It’s really amazing!! I’m a different person after this weekend’s immersion. I don’t feel like a victim of my story an more…it’s really incredible how differently I perceive things…I’m sure there are a million more


Another awesome healing weekend! Thank you, Rob, Davon, and all of your wonderful team. These weekend healing retreats are transforming and life-changing. So grateful you allow us Zoom people to be included. Blessings and Gratitude

Deep Gratitude

I want to express my deep gratitude to all beings involved with this work. Five weeks ago was my last episode of bowel incontinence in 13 years after the healing session. Something the doctors were

Healed and released

Rob! I am so thankful for you and your team and everyone who participated! This was my first 3 Day Healing Retreat and I attended via Zoom and WOW! It was so powerful and so


Thank you so much for all of your energy. I enjoyed every second of the retreat. -B.W. Oct. 29th, 2023


what an amazing group you all are excellent feelers, receivers, healers, and teachers -K.J October 26th, 2023

Unparalleled journey towards tremendous healing

I’ve practiced successfully as an intuitive for decades, studied and incorporated countless  transformative modalities, and collaborated with many spiritual healers but none of them affected me as quickly or profoundly as my sessions with Rob Wergin. Not only

Gifts from the Divine

I loved Ron’s descriptions of the “behind the scenes” work being done within us by the Divine Beings. It touched me so deeply to ‘see’ what was going on. I feel Ron gifted me knowledge


Thanks for the weekend retreat… It was powerful!!! Letting go is a gift for our whole life, a powerful tool to let go of what we no longer want to be. Thank you for telling

Amazing experience

I want to thank you for that amazing experience in Sedona. I’ve never experienced or seen anything like it. On Sunday, I went into a state of bliss for more than 30 minutes then started

Feeling of bliss

I released so much trauma and I’m still tingling from the event. Also, the feeling of bliss is present. I’m so happy. I’m so grateful! Great time Rob! Thanks! I needed that! -J.H. Oct. 29th,

Life changing and powerful

I wanted to thank you for another awesome weekend healing immersion. I am beyond grateful for these zoom weekend healing immersions. They have not only changed me but also many family members. Through these weekend

Most profound healing

The Immersion Weekends get better every time! Thank you so much! The good news is that after the Friday session, my respiratory rate went from 22 to 14! This is a very big deal! This

Loved, supported, heard, and welcomed

I am beyond grateful for each healing retreat I attend. They are the most amazing, powerful experience. I can’t even describe the feeling of being so whole and one with every person in the room.

Profound and beautiful

I just wanted to thank you for this past weekend immersion experience. I don’t feel like words can describe the experience but I will say that it was profound and beautiful. I’m feeling a lot


Grateful for the opportunity to release and receive. -K.M. Oct. 29th, 2023

Real Deal

Just a quick email to express my deep gratitude for the work that you are doing. It has been so transformative and I can’t imagine where I would be without the inner changes that have


Rob Wergin is a walking anomaly; a soft-spoken powerhouse with a direct connection to something he refers to as “The Masters.” When I signed up for his last Weekend Immersion I was unable to attend

So grateful

I am so grateful! There are truly no limits when it comes to the Divine. This weekend was so powerful and beautiful. Every session was beautiful. I love being with our soul family that keeps

Heaven on Earth

It’s hard to put in words how eternally grateful I am for your love, support and dedication. I am experiencing heaven on earth, my energy is completely purified, my heart is free, and I truly

Incredibly transformative

I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude for the incredibly transformative experience I had at your 3-day healing retreat. I am blessed to be able to be part of this wonderful

Extraordinary gift

Thank you, Rob, for an amazing healing retreat. Even without the fireworks of hands-on healing, it was a powerful experience virtually. The Conscious Forgiveness was the highlight for me. So rich and deep. I love

Embracing this journey

Thank you for an amazing weekend. Had a dream my friends gave me a cake that said ME, (was time to focus on me) woke up played some of your music, released anything I thought

Amazing experience

Thank you so so much Rob and your wonderful team. It was an amazing experience, virtually via Zoom. Had the best sleep in months last night. -A.V. February 19th, 2024

healing to the heart and soul

Yes, it was amazing!  I noticed something interesting – so much has healed…I can feel the peace of love in my every cell, this goes beyond healing to the heart and soul of who I

Powerful and Exquisite

Thank you for an amazing immersion weekend!! I am certain that several miracles occurred for me personally. On this Monday evening following the weekend I already find myself listening to the replay; the energy was


I loved it all so much! I got so much out it hearing our pitfalls in our thinking! I was so tuned in because in July Rob spent a lot of time on expansion and


My three days with you gave me bliss, bliss and bliss. Your work is so beautifully clean and I send you my love. -G.H.

You are a unique healer

Rob, I thank you with all that I am for your being and your work. You are a gift to the world! You are the hand of god. I am a new version of myself

Love and acceptance

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.  Thank you. The betrayal section on Sunday’s immersion session went deep for me.  I still had much to process by Tuesday.  Stuff with God, stuff with my dad, stuff

The Work Works!

This is my 4th immersion. I want people to know that each and every immersion is totally different and each are equally as powerful as the others. So if you have done one, then do

Eternal gratitude

I thank you with everything I am, with eternal gratitude and love, to all of the soul family on the retreat and You – Rob, Davon, and the team of angels, physical and non-physical. Thank

My true self

Amazing healing energies remotely. After my 3 day intensive, I have reconnected to my true self. I can go to these frequencies whenever I want to help myself reconnect. I’ve incorporated the guides light into

Greatest gift I have ever received

Thank you for the incredible weekend! The energy was off the charts, even on Zoom. To see and hear how moved Rob was on Sunday, brought tears of gratitude to my eyes. I believe this

USB to Divine Light

I do feel magically better after this weekend. I felt I was able to release a lot and come back to some clarity on life. Thanks for all your work. I know you hear this

It was stunning, a miracle

I have to tell you how grateful I am to you and the Sacred Beings for my experience yesterday during the Weekend Immersion. I traveled deeper than I ever have before, so much so, that

I feel different

I wish to express my gratitude for the powerful healing weekend.  Rob, I appreciate the powerful healing energy of the weekend.  I feel different…Much Gratitude to all of you and to those who worked behind

Inner Strength

To say that this weekend took things to a new level is an understatement. I feel a lightness and an expansiveness around my heart. As if a whole bunch of stuff that was constricting my


What an incredible, transformative weekend in Asheville! The energy just keeps getting better and better. Thank you! -D.S. Oct 31st, 2023

Surrender to the healing

Thank you, Rob! I was able to fully forgive myself and have compassion for myself for something that happened to me when I was a child. The bone clearing was also very powerful. I decided

Profound ongoing peace

Happy 21st Anniversary Meetup with God Day! Thank you SO much for the power-packed and transformational Sedona retreat. I have felt a deep profound ongoing peace. I trust in my spirit team and know that

Amazing Soul Journey

What an amazing soul journey so far and still much more to come! Will review tonight’s session tomorrow but for now I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart and I

Awesome Weekend

Thank you for a truly awesome weekend…Since starting this work, I have changed, my body has changed and so has my life. Thank you for this gift. Thank you that you’ve made it so affordable.

Deeply transformative

Thank you so much for the amazing, deeply transformative 3 day retreat in Asheville. Days prior I could feel the powerful energy intensifying. I so wanted to be there in person, but even on YouTube/Zoom

Profoundly beautiful

It was profoundly beautiful. I wish I knew how to describe what this has meant to me…..what the entire year has meant to me. There just are no words except to say I am so

Filling up

I have been pulled up to the universal gas station and am filling it up! -D.S October 26th, 2023

I found my way back to myself!

What an extraordinary Weekend… What a privilege! I feel so blessed and grateful to have had the opportunity to be apart of it. It moves me just writing this…I found your work a little over

Angels on Earth

You and your team are all angels on Earth. Thank you so much for all you do for us. All my love and gratitude from Sweden. -S.K. February 19th, 2024

A huge transformation

I am so grateful to have been at this amazing virtual Healing Retreat. I have no words to describe how amazing these 3 days have been. So deep and such a huge transformation! And so

Greater connection with my innate power

Last weekend I attended an incredibly powerful LIVE Healing Immersion with Rob Wergin in Sedona! This event was the most powerful one yet! Rob is a channel for pure divine healing light and love. I

Light beings working

The best part was feeling the light beings working on me for days before the Healing Retreat and then suddenly bursting into tears and sobbing out sorrow to be gone forever and the forgiveness work


Thank you, Rob, for your team, and the staff at Sedonya. It was really wonderful. -A.P. February 19th, 2024

Vibrational Love Train

I wanted to share how I have shifted from participating in this past weekend’s immersion. I feel a new sense of peace, calmness, acceptance and grounded-ness in the present. My tension and anxieties have melted

Grateful to be alive

I am so grateful for your work. It has become an anchor for me. The retreat was great, I was on Zoom. I am looking forward to the March Healing Package. For about two years


What an unforgettable weekend for me and I suspect for everyone who participated this weekend. So extremely powerful. My body is still tingling. Wow! I went to bed after the session and I slept for


The best part of the last retreat was the session on the last day. Healing on a bone level, cellular level, and heart level. -G.A. Oct. 29th, 2023

I feel truly privileged

I am grateful to you, to God, and to the beings we have the great honor of working with. The Sedona In Person Event was the MOST intense, and I am most grateful. There were

I am light

​​I am love. I am light. I am Divine and I believe it in my heart and soul. I can not wait to be back with this growing, amazing, joyful, abundant soul family again in

Grateful Beyond Words

I did the full immersion weekend. I wanted to let you know I had just suffered a massive heartbreak, and the emotions I was carrying from that were almost unbearable. This weekend helped me push

Soul changing

It was very powerful to watch the 3-Day Healing Retreat on Zoom! Thank you. After it was over, I started to cry and I remembered what you said about tears, so I ran to the

Immense sense of freedom

Sending a heap full of gratitude to Rob and the support staff for the retreat in Sedona. My husband crossed over to Heaven three years ago and my heart was in need of healing. The


Everything inside of me is lovable and welcome and belongs and is a friend and it is amazing. I am so grateful for all of it. All my love Rob. -D.K.


There are simply no words to express gratitude for my experience today. I am eternally grateful for the divine love that is surging to me and through me. I am eternally grateful to you for


Asheville was the most transformative weekend. -C.B. Oct. 29th, 2023

Ease and grace

Words simply can’t express how you touched and moved me. I feel so much love for you and am so grateful for this life changing gift I got to receive during the Sedona Zoom immersion

Happily & Joyfully

I am feeling very contemplative this morning after last nights healing session and I want to say thank you…You have helped heal my life in more ways than you can know and I’m crying as

OOhhhh what a weekend!! 

OOhhhh what a weekend!!  I am excited, lighter, smiling and singing “Soul searching”, seating and balancing…I am so so happy!! Each time, it is such an energizer, a boost, a wonderful fireworks.. a something I

Transformed my life

This month is my 2nd anniversary working with you and the team. You are a miracle in my life. I cannot thank you enough! You have completely transformed my life on many levels and the

My world and my life has transformed because of Rob! 

Your September Immersion Weekend was extraordinary. I would just like to tell people that it takes extra strength and courage for yourself to do this work. It also takes a Leap of Faith and Trust

Amazingly Helpful

Just a quick note to thank you so much, from the bottom of our hearts, for all your incredible work and for the journey you helped us share over zoom over the past few months,

Utmost gratitude

I give my utmost gratitude to you both for this superb weekend immersion. The energy is so gentle yet SOOO deep and powerful. I had a love and bliss outburst yesterday. I could feel a

More alive

I feel so much more powerful, so much more alive. -Retreat Participant December 9th, 2023

Off the charts

I have been with you every weekend immersion for over a year now and last weekend in Sedona blew me away! It was OFF THE CHARTS! I became so emotional the second you began on


This weekend has been completely transformative already. I feel at peace, joyful, centered, and clearer in my thinking. “Unstuck!” Thank you so very much for your work and for the amazing guests. I’m so grateful.

I have found the strength

I was one of the participants in the 3-Day Healing Retreat in Germany at the beautiful Seinz Hotel. I will never forget what I experienced in these 3 days together with you and the other

Another miracle

I had another miracle today. I experienced the breathwork almost as a full body workout. Humming and toning and eventually screaming as I released each breath, along with wiggling and shaking my shoulders, arms, and


So grateful, my body is healing” -K.J October 26th, 2023

Deep transformation

I am so grateful to see you and so excited to experience the work in person. As you have suggested at the retreat I did the work. I am in such joy and bliss and

Conscious Forgiveness

Thank you for such an awesome weekend, follow-up, and month of teachings! I am not the same person! I am keeping that rose of love in my heart and doing the breathing forgiveness exercise as


What a beautiful weekend with you, thank you, thank you.  It’s been a wild ride physically, not much sleep.  I do have a greater understanding now, and am deeply, deeply grateful for your time, your

Profound shifts and healings

I’ve been on my healing journey for over 30 years. I’m a healer, teacher, bodyworker, and more. 3 years ago my sister introduced you and your work to me. EVERY SINGLE TIME, I have had

Incredibly transformative

I loved everything about the Asheville 2023 Retreat. Being together again with our beautiful soul family in sacred space was so incredibly transformative. Saturday’s bone and cell clearings, all of the knockdowns, and watching the

A blessing in my life

Thank you for the gift of the Overwhelm series! I have been in personal overwhelm since mid-August, with it becoming very intense in September and October. Even though I listened to tapes of the Sacreds

True Surrender

Through working with you, I realized that I had a lot of energy/beliefs/etc. that I had to let go of or I would get sick, just like my mother did. And I knew that I

Magical weekend

Thank you so much for the magical weekend together. I feel very grateful. I am on a journey to learn to love myself and also go forward with a lot less anger. It is so

Great Gift

I have been journeying on this path of healing with you since last October/November and I’ve had a few breakthroughs along the way. I’ve purged and learned and gained understanding but this past immersion weekend


I can’t thank you enough for the beautiful miracles that occurred for me this weekend! I am so blessed to be guided by both of you as I make my way through this incredible healing

Beyond my greatest expectations

Thank you for the amazing immersion weekend! It was the most epic transformational experience I’ve had in 40+ years of attending personal growth retreats! It went beyond my greatest expectations! The healing energy and support

So special

We love you, Davon! And it’s so, so special to see you speak your beautiful words in your home/spiritual center. What incredible grace and loving power you bring to our soul family and this world.

I surrendered

This Immersion Weekend was incredible because I chose differently by taking radical action to get help here and now in Sedona with you, Davon, and the soul family. I permitted my body to take over,


I am very appreciative of the work that Rob and his team do. I am very grateful for coming across Rob’s work, the affinity for it, and the awareness to notice the benefits/improvements that have


Enjoying this weekend of healing and connecting with everyone in Sedona virtually. -A.C. February 19th, 2024

I am whole

I am here. I claim it. I am healthy. I am whole. -Retreat Participant December 9th, 2023

Recent Bloodwork Clear

My primary intention in signing up for the full package of healings for the past 3 months has been for financial relief for a dire situation for my family. My husband and adult son are

Total Love

THANK YOU!  This, as well as last week’s 2 sessions, have been so sweet. The energy has resonated as total love and sweetness for me. I have done many of the events these last 3


Thank you for this amazing retreat -M.C. February 19th, 2024


We were at the retreat in Sedona in July. I told you that when we returned to Kansas City I was looking for a counselor to help me with trapped emotions. You suggested that was

Alive with enthusiasm

I just want to thank you for this magnificent Weekend Immersion! It was the Best Weekend in my life ever! The Miracles that occurred and the transformation that occurred were beyond words. Your work is

Kissed by the Creator

The immersion was intense and great! I’m grateful that I participated, transformed and received miracles. The biggest gift I received from weekend was the satori “aha” moment…knowing my soul was literally kissed by the Creator

Serene and blissful

I knew I needed to attend this weekend. I know Rob says don’t compare, but I’ve never had an emotional knockdown experience like I did in over 2 years of these sessions. I felt the

Lots Of Laughter

I’m so grateful for these divine transmissions. My expansion included lots of laughter! -G.F. June 21st, 2023


It was an amazing retreat. I am grateful -P.D. February 19th, 2024

Amazing weekend

Wow! Another really amazing weekend Rob (and Davon and Gio). As you, yourself, remarked yesterday, this was probably the most powerful yet. Certainly, for me it was. I’m sitting in a whole new place, with

Set Myself Free

It was a magical Weekend Immersion. I went all in proclaiming right from the get-go. I know, trust and believe. I found myself at the epicenter of change and letting go without attachment to the

Transformed my Life!

Four Immersions later and I cannot get enough. These immersions have completely transformed my entire being. I look back at old pictures and I didn’t realize that I was so lost and miserable. You have

Faith and Trust

Thank you for an amazing experience! I am still a bit dazed and my body is forcing me to rest from my “surgeries”.  While I recover, I’m experiencing incredible hopefulness and moments of peace &

Beam of white light

Today on Zoom, I saw a beam of white light coming out of my heart, and everyone also. It met as one bright light and burst open. They all meet as ONE, as white sparkling

Wonderful, Loving Soul

I just want to say thank you! I am grateful from the bottom of my heart for your commitment and love. It is a privilege to be part of the process and to heal not

Everyone is glowing

Everyone is glowing. It puts a smile on my face and in my heart. -Retreat Participant December 9th, 2023


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  These past few days have been profound, transformational, sacred and so so beautiful. I am SO grateful for this deep work and to be a part of it. This

Hopeful for the first time

Recently I was fortunate to be included in your small group, and then again, the past Immersion Weekend. For the past two and a half years I have been suffering from the effects of a


What a wonderful immersion weekend! I love and appreciate you and your work and the spirits so much! I am amazed every time again how much healing and change occurs in me, my family, my

Transformation is happening

I am part of the online retreat community. This is my first time working with Rob and I am resonating so much with what he is teaching and sharing. I have been noticing as I’m


I have been living on a completely different planet since after yesterday’s healing. Thank you for catapulting me into this new and beautiful place. Sending you so much love and gratitude. -S.S.

Amazing healing light

Thank you from my deepest heart for the opportunity to receive this once in a lifetime experience. The energy came over me like a Tsunami, took my breath away, and with my closed eyes, I

Off the Charts

It is the 3rd weekend event I am doing with you – and it was the strongest by far. I have loved all of your weekend immersions (and also the zoom-calls) and found all of

Amazing transformation

I loved everything about the retreat. An amazing transformation indeed. Thank you so much for this retreat online -C.M. Oct. 29th, 2023

Electrifying Energy

Still living off the fumes of gratitude from an amazing weekend in Sedona. So much love and gratitude to you and your team for putting together such a meaningful and beautiful event. You were in

A wonderful gift

Just a quick note to say THANK YOU for the opportunity to attend the 3-day retreat virtually. I have been on the “rollercoaster” since the retreat ended and words are not coming easily, but I

Feeling Free

This was my first experience and it was profound. After the first day of the weekend, I felt more alive, more peaceful, and clear. My etheric field was greatly expanded and I felt more like

Light & Free

I’d like to say how grateful I am for all the positive energy I have received this pass weekend. I have never attended any kind of energy healing and I was little hesitant and scared

Everyday is a miracle

I wanted to take a moment and share not only my infinite gratitude to you but also my vision I had today. This week since the Immersion has been powerful… Physically and emotionally I was

Eternally Grateful

So much to celebrate and be grateful for. Thank you Rob for saying yes 20 years ago and starting your healing journey in Sedona. The amount of love and healing you have shared on this

The immersion nailed it

What a 10 Star weekend! I didn’t have expectations except for hanging out with really cool Cosmic Beings in heaven & on earth! I loved everything about it and when we worked on forgiveness as


I am so Grateful, Grateful, Grateful for this amazing phenomenal Immersion Weekend! Thank You for changing our lives forever and our world  forever !  You Are the gift to all of us! -P.P.

Immense unconditional love

It feels like I have experienced a major upgrade in frequency due to the massive heart opening, bone clearing, cellular work, and conscious forgiveness. I know the work is still in process. When we finished

Major shifts

I thank you so much Rob and Davon!  Each of you has contributed to major shifts in my healing this year. (I say to my therapist that you “lifted out the bad stuff” – that’s

I feel different!

I just wanted to say how grateful I am to have found you! I signed up to your newsletter after watching the HEAL documentary and when the invitation came through for the March immersion weekend

Miracles abound

I sat on Friday before the Immersion and tried to write my intentions. I decided to use some I AM statements that I have focused on as I realized everything I wanted to manifest could

Completely Connected

I just wanted to thank you from the depths of my soul for the incredible Sedona Immersion Weekend. The energy is felt far and wide. Even on Zoom. I felt completely connected to the energy


I feel good and happy. I am profoundly grateful. -Retreat Participant December 9th, 2023

The pain is gone

I just returned from your retreat in Sedona. I do myofascial release every day. For at least three years now, it’s felt like no matter how much I do, my body would not unwind, or

More connected and free

What a tremendous weekend event. The timing and unfolding of exercises and topics was so beautifully orchestrated. I am so appreciative of the work and Energy you bestow to conjure  up such a transformative event.

Profound and amazing

I participated in the Sedona Weekend Immersion session, it was my third weekend immersion. Each one has been profound and amazing and unique. I can feel the layers of the onion being peeled away as

Gentle, Deep, Powerful

Thank you so much, Rob. Amazing, gentle, deep, powerful sessions. Thank you for all the healings, all the teachings, the shared wisdom. -A.P.


The generosity with which you lend yourself to heal us is as magnificent as the ocean you gaze upon each day.  I have felt this shift coming for over a decade and understand what you

Gifts & Healing

I wanted to THANK YOU for the weekend.  I went into the weekend hoping for a ‘leveling up’ overall, but also, I admit I was hoping for some relief from some specific physical issues, as

Beyond words

My husband is going in for an invasive knee surgery and for the last month has been filled with fear and all kinds of emotions that he would not live through it. I have been


The Healing Weekend was great! Indescribable and not explainable with words. I am not the same person anymore and I enjoy it very much! -D.S.

Energy was incredible

First I want to thank you for the amazing Immersion Weekend. I loved all of it. Mostly the absolute knowing and feeling of my guides surrounding me. The energy was incredible and the sense of


Thank you for your kindness, joy and your work. Seeing your beautiful faces and hearts, I listen to your work like the it’s the only story I need to know. My life is changed. I


Just wanted to say I feel so good today – haven’t felt this well for awhile. The energies during this immersion are very profound and strong. Love and blessings to you and the Masters. D.I.

Phenomenal Weekend

I am grateful and releasing with grace and ease. It was a phenomenal weekend. So many things happening on so many levels. The energy was so powerful. I feel renewed and so positive. Thank you

Changed my life!

Finding you has changed my life! I no longer feel like I’m the same person I was before. Fear has left my body and it ruled me for most of my life. I love myself


OMG! Today was the most profound! First the most physical pain I have ever experienced and then in the betrayal exercise I was told I had to do the reverse — work with those I

Immense Transformation

The last few months, I have listened, on a daily basis, to the recordings of the Weekend Immersions. I participated, and I have to tell you, the recordings are nothing less than amazingly powerful. Since

I am thankful and relieved to hear that you survived your stroke, And that God has graced you with miraculous healing of not only the stroke symptoms, but your back pain.  Many blessings have been

Making the extraordinary look ordinary

What an amazing weekend! So powerful! I’m still marinating in the energy and trying to figure out where the ground is! The depths to which we rose were magnificent! Thank you, all the Divine Beings,

Blessed and loved

Thank you so much for the last weekend. It was my first Immersion and I loved every minute of it. The energy was amazing. I didn’t want to stop working on it and I did

Now able to sleep

The 3-Day Healing Retreat was one of the best trips of our lives. You have given me back my power and ability to be one with myself again. Something I’d almost lost hope on. I

Love & Gratitude

Today I wake with abundance of love and gratitude for you and your work. This light and love is working in me and has changed my life and all that I touch.  My words, my

Very grateful

I’m very grateful to spend the weekend with Rob and everybody participating in this workshop. Thank you. -D.S. December 10th, 2023

Absolutely amazing

Thank you Davon for adding the boundaries to the Zoom chat last night. I love to engage and interact. Last night became something else so thank you for holding the space. Sending you all so


Watching Rob in action on Zoom is incredible. I was crying when he was working with Michael. This whole thing still blows my mind. I love it. Thank you for the healing energy. I am

Beautiful healing experience

Thank you so so much for the beautiful healing experience. My world is more vibrant because of it. I am grateful to have you all in my life. -M.O.

Wonderful Healing

Thank you for the wonderful healing sessions over the weekend.  I feel peaceful today, and made up my mind to move slowly today…That slow-moving decision alone makes me feel happy.  I am also very happy

Love and Gratitude to you Rob for another amazing and transforming healing weekend.  This work has transformed my life. -C.K.


Beautiful weekend Rob. Much gratitude to you and your team. After the sessions in the spring, I rode the waves of my journey through isolating at home and working from home instead of the office.


I feel really open and happy to be here in this room with you all. -Retreat Participant December 9th, 2023


I have been working with you now for over a year and it is beyond words how blessed I feel that I have found you! I love listening to your call series, the small group

Magnificent, loving and Divine

What an incredible, magnificent immersion weekend did you provide. It’s not even possible to describe how immensely grateful I am for the gifts the weekend brought for me. There were so many intense and profound

What an amazing gift

Thank you for the absolutely miraculous weekend in Monterey. I knew I was meant to be there and I am so glad I listened to my soul. I am forever changed and I am grateful.

Saved my life

You have literally saved my life. This work has broken me completely and I am so so so grateful. In my wholeness I thank you from the deepest parts of my heart and soul. The

Completely Different Person

I participated in the September immersion weekend. It was so powerful and amazing. I was a surrogate on Sunday.  My life has been not the same at all! I’m a completely different person!  I had

Eternally grateful

It’s hard to find the words to describe how powerful the energy was this past weekend. I am eternally grateful to you. I love every single person in our beautiful soul family. Thank you for

Heart expand

Loved everything about the 3-day virtual retreat in Asheville. I resonated with the bone clearing as this was similar to Qi Massage in Qi Gong and the conscious forgiveness dialogue was profound as I felt

Beautifully transformative

Asheville was remarkable. The energy was beautifully transformative. I couldn’t believe the changes I felt just after the first day. I can’t wait for the next in-person event to be with you and the team

Letting the Light Flow

Wonderful Immersion workshop this week-end, very intense and powerful. I am letting the light flow through and as me. I am healed. I am healthy. I am whole. Enjoy! -P.P.

Angelic Feeling

I’d like to say how grateful I am for all the positive energy I have received this pass weekend. I have never attended any kind of energy healing and I was little hesitant and scared

Unconditionally grateful

Thank you so much for the glorious January 2023 Weekend Immersion! The energy was so beautiful and powerful. I love how this work continues to transform me and everything in my life for the better.


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. The heart healing was powerful. The betrayal, anger, healing was powerful. Both cleansing emotionally and physically. The rest of the weekend too. These were especially touching to me. I


The weekend was incredible. The energy was so powerful and pure. I went so deep, it was profound and outstanding…This weekend really showed me how powerful I am. It keeps getting better and better. Everything