More joyous, insightful, and cancer-free!

Over the 10 days since my last small group, there’s been much to integrate…With both the small group and large global virtual sessions, I’ve had one profound and transformative experience after another (understatement!). The last

Results were all clear.

When we first met last June 2019 in Flat Rock, my husband had just completed his first round of chemo for penile cancer. Needless to say the oncologist was less than positive since Jim was

Love the Virtual Sessions

I’m holding the energy more and really love the virtual sessions, which I’ve found so powerful.  Your January healing in LA made me notice that deep dread and anxiety had left my state of being.

Profound Blessing

I started listening to your calls a year ago and came to see you last Sept in Flat Rock. I want you to know what a profound blessing you have been in my life. Your

Love, love, love your work!

Love, love, love your work! I have attended the small group sessions, 1440 workshop, and a few call series. The last call series was so powerful, I smelled burning and flames towards the end of


Ten days since 1440 and I’m feeling – calm – centered – peaceful – happy for no reason – strong and – INVINCIBLE!  I almost feel like a CRIMINAL with everyone around me freaking out!


What a transforming weekend at 1440 the 6th through the 8th of March! The first evening sitting in the Divine Light vibrations filling the room i was reconnected to the Divine. So Grateful!!!!! I noticed

Quiet, Centered, and Content

Wow! I can’t believe how different I feel today. I am sooooooo quiet, centered, content. The undercurrents of anxiety and background mind chatter are GONE! I’ve just been walking around hearing “I am at peace,

Smiling from ear to ear!

Thank you so much for an amazing weekend at 1440! I ended up on the same flight as Brian on my way back to LA and we were both smiling from ear to ear saying

Standing in Awe

Wellllllllllll, that was quite a weekend at Omega. I thought I was going to witness a freak show, but instead I starred in it. Can’t help but wonder what the f*** was pulled from the

Mind Blower

What an amazing weekend in Flat Rock, it was a mind-blower.  I was blocked on the forgiveness prayer and was finally, finally, finally able to forgive and release Jon.  I thought I had forgiven him

So Special

It was a wonderful time – filled with so much unconditional love, healing and miracles I will never forget! Thanks to everybody who was there and made it so special with their help and support

Fantastic Retreat

The retreat at Orcas was fantastic. I believe! There has been an amazing transformation along my lineage. My son, who just months ago would not even talk with my wife, is living at home with

Exactly Needed to Happen

We really miss you and everything we experienced!  We are so grateful to have taken the step to come see you.  It really was a huge step for us since we do not travel often.

Incredible and Beautiful

I wanted to say thank you for creating such an amazing space to be real and process stuff, and, well, heal.  I honestly felt God-awful the next day, and was scared at first that I

You Are Doing Great Work

I just returned from the event in Flat Rock and couldn’t wait to write in. I have been to that location numerous times, but the energy this weekend was so far the most amazing. Rob,


I cannot find the words to express what is in my heart for you (and your staff), and your care and concern. Every weekend has been amazing, but this one reached a pinnacle for me.

Gifted Healer

I just attended your weekend retreat with a friend in Flat Rock and thoroughly enjoyed it! I have been on my own spiritual journey since the 90’s and everything you said was so spot on.

Magnificent Weekend

Rob, you were magnificent over the weekend in Flat Rock. Myself and my daughter are ready for more. We are so grateful you are in our lives. -P.P.

Transformational Experience

I have not had a migraine since the June Immersion Weekend in Flat Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am also sleeping better and having less anxiety. I still have body pain and am working on healing that area,


WOW! Words do not do justice to the miracles experienced this weekend at Omega. The synchronicities, physical, mental and emotional transformations were nothing short of amazing. What an amazingly powerful Immersion retreat we had this

Beautiful and a Blessing

I returned home yesterday after the Immersion weekend in NC. Thank you all for your time, attention and details. It was beautiful and a blessing. I am grateful. -R.G.

Felt Right

Sending you love and gratitude from Los Angeles. I truly enjoyed every minute of being at the Weekend Immersion retreat. It felt like I was in a magical dream world, and I brought the bliss

Life Changing Weekend

Today, a close friend asked me about my constant smile and the clearly perceptible glow around me. Of course, I proceeded to share my experience of last weekend’s Immersion. I said, “life changing,” “transformative,” “reborn,”

Cleansing Weekend

Today, a week after the first gathering of the Immersion weekend in Flat Rock, I got it; some of it; an important part of it. The more I quit trying to figure it out, the

Best Workshop

Rob Wergin is the most amazing teacher. So filled with wisdom, healing gifts and one of the best workshops I have ever attended in my lifetime. -Omega Participant

Pain is Gone

After years of knee pain, the pain has been gone since the very first healing. Something quite positive is going on. I immediately signed up to come back in October. -Omega Participant

Highest Value

Rob Wergin is a truly gifted and transformational teacher and healer. My experience was of the highest value and I am grateful. I highly recommend this workshop and any other venue Rob Wergin offers or

Intuitive and Knowledgeable

Was an excellent experience! Rob was very intuitive and knowledgeable and was always a great guide during the entire process. -Omega Participant

Rob is the Real Deal

Rob is the real deal!! I have no words to describe how fantastic my experience was during Rob’s healing sessions! I am grateful for everything he has done!! -Omega Participant

Rob Changed My Life

Rob and his gifts have changed my life. I have worked with many different modalities, healers, diets, etc. to no avail. I have healed and cured issues since working with Rob and incorporated his wisdom

More and More Remarkable

I’ve worked with Rob often. The healing he facilitates, not necessarily just on me, becomes more and more remarkable. -Omega Participant

A Better Story for Myself

This past weekend in Flat Rock was the second time I’ve worked with Rob in person now. (Just so you can put a face/person to the email: I’m the one who asked you on night


As soon as I got home, I wanted to share that not only did I witness miracles this weekend, but I know in my heart I experienced a miracle. I am now FEARLESS !!!! There

Nothing Short of Amazing

WOW! Words do not do justice to the miracles experienced this weekend at Omega. The synchronicities, physical, mental and emotional transformations were nothing short of amazing.  What an amazingly powerful immersion retreat we had this


Thanks for your generosity and service. Still feeling shifts and emotional realignment from Omega. Love the water, transformational bath and Angel Cards. -K.S.

Living in a State of Grace

I had been living in a state of grace connected to the Divine, which is something that I worked to attain through purification and study. But once I became ill and lost “everything,” I also

What a Journey

What a journey this is and I am so grateful for finding you and the work I am doing with you.This call-in series is perfect for me now building on all I am doing with

Eye Opening

It was eye-opening and wonderful! – Omega Participant

Love, Wisdom, Kindness

Rob is filled with love and wisdom and kindness. He exudes and shares and walks a path that only one of pure love and compassion can. So grateful for his presence, teachings and gifts. Thank

Mind Blowing Experience

Rob Wergin saved my life. I will forever be grateful to Omega for hosting him twice this year, and I strongly suggest you schedule him more often. He is the real deal, and the healing

Beyond My Wildest Expectations

Beyond my wildest expectations! Fabulous! Brilliant teacher and program. I can’t believe how much I got out of this! This was my first time at Omega and will definitely be back to do this program

Superb Ability

Rob Wergin has a superb ability to teach. He connects with individuals and the group, even through extremely challenging conversations. It is wonderful to be in his presence. – Omega Participant

Fabulous Retreat

This was a fabulous retreat and experience. Rob Wergin is wonderful and the real deal. Omega should keep bringing him back. He’s selfless and caring, and his staff are as well. – Omega Participant

Powerful Work

Rob’s work is astoundingly powerful. Please have him back often. – Omega Participant

Phenomenal Experience

Great teacher, great program overall phenomenal experience! I will definitely be coming back for future programs! – Omega Participant

Most Amazing and Unusual Experiences

It was one of the most amazing and unusual experiences I have ever had!! Rob is an incredible human being and I am thrilled to have been in his presence. The class was terrific and

Kind, Funny and Effective

Incredibly kind, funny and effective. Rob is the real deal and almost every word he spoke reinforced his messages of deep love, divine energy and absolute knowing that healing is possible. – Omega Participant

Gifted and Humble

Rob is incredibly gifted, humble and compassionate. Very sacred and safe. – Omega Participant

Beyond Words

Rob Wergin was beyond words, so much more than I expected. The workshop was well-organized and made people feel welcome and comfortable. My friends and I plan to return to Omega for any other workshop


Life changing and transformational! Rob, Sarah and their team were all incredible. – Omega Participant

Powerful and Life Changing

Really powerful and life-changing. – Omega Participant

Amazing and Transforming

It was amazing and transforming! – Omega Participant

Supportive Environment

Life changing! Very supportive environment. – Omega Participant


This program was excellent! The best thing I did in my life! I will definitely attend another program with Rob. – Omega Participant

Rock Star

Rob Wergin is a Rock Star!!! Love him and the work he does. A gift to so many!!! – Omega Participant

Well Designed

Powerful and direct, time & material were well-designed, clear, joyful. – Omega Participant

Very Thankful

Words cannot express the gratitude of being able to attend this workshop, and I’m very thankful Omega invited Rob back. I’ve been to many healers and nothing compares to Rob’s gifts and assistance to bring

Rob is Simply Amazing

Rob is the best! Simply amazing! He is the real deal. I have been to other spiritual workshops at Omega for years and he is my favorite! This last workshop is the fourth time I

Like a Dream

The experience with Rob Wergin was like a dream. The sessions were cathartic and opened up my heart and soul to joy and the divine. I was reminded of the many blessings in my life

Kind and Compassionate

The program and teacher were effective. Rob was kind, compassionate, and appropriate in all interactions. I was skeptical at first, but was affected deeply by the experience. – Omega Participant

So Authentic

Amazing! Beyond! So well done! So authentic! Thrilled to have gone! – O.P.

Experience Was Phenomenal

Rob was amazing! The energetic experience was phenomenal and Rob created an environment of love and care in which profound transformation could take place. – Omega Participant

Blissfully Exhausted

It was SO wonderful to meet you and spend three days with you to witness and experience your incredible work. THANK YOU to you, Sarah and your amazing team for a truly transformational weekend at

Extraordinary Healing Weekend

I am so appreciative for your guidance in this extraordinary healing weekend. I have to say this is one of the most, if not the most powerful experiences I have participated in. Nearly two weeks

Eyesight Much Improved

I had a very uplifting time at the session last weekend. My eyesight was much improved and I didn’t feel like I was 100 years old walking around. Also, and this is the main reason

Lots of Detoxing

On Sunday of the weekend, I was on the floor and felt an immense amount of energy coming in through my feet, slowly moving up my body. When it reached my hands, I felt a


This was my fourth weekend immersion. I ask myself why I am continuously driven to be “cracked open”, and deep within I know I have been called to do so. Each of the weekends have

Energetic Shift

Just a quick follow-up note to say how much I enjoyed the weekend and that I think it helped me make a big energetic shift. I am feeling bigger than the things that bother me

You Are Healed

Thursday, I went to my chiropractor (an appointment I had previously scheduled.) I had told her the previous week that I was going to your 3-day Immersion and that I EXPECTED A MIRACULOUS HEALING!  She

Expansion and Connection

I had a powerful and transformative weekend. I feel such a sense of expansion and connection. These last three days I’ve processed a lot and am integrating the re-configurations and healings that took place over

Sharing an Immersion Experience

Just wanted to share my fun TSA experience. Before immersion weekend, I had asked the beings to help me release old sexual energies. When I went through the metal detector on my return home, the

Walking Like a Kid Again

I AM FREE OF ALL PAIN NOW AND FOREVER!!!! Wooooo Hooooooo!  Hallelujah!!  I knew during the conference that I was releasing a LOT of stuff, and the pain kept coming and going. Yesterday, I left

Vessel of Light and Healing

This past weekend was the 3rd time being at Flat Rock.  I was there at Easter and June as well, each bringing unique experiences.  Since the June Immersion, I have felt like I have been

Deeply Changed

There are no words to fully express how this past immersion in Flat Rock has changed my life. I truly feel in my heart I am ready to fly. I am free and stepping into

Amazing Weekend

The weekend was amazing and I know I am transformed. I am so grateful. – M.G.

The Genuine Article

I just got back home after attending my first Immersion session in Flat Rock, NC. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I feel much much better than I have for long long time 🙂 Rob is


I really loved the subtle effects the event had on different aspects in my life. However I am still very much in my mind and hope this will improve some more. Nevertheless, I am very


This is my second experience with Rob. I love his giving-ness and vulnerability. He is authentic and lays down the truth. I loved having Sarah participate as well. I want to experience her more. The

Feel Electrified

I was transformed and feel that I am blessed by meeting you Rob. I have signed up for the next call series and will attend more events in the future. I attended specifically to help

Opening my Mind

Really enjoyed meeting you and opening my mind…better yet my heart. It felt great to let go and relax. – Flat Rock Participant

Most incredible weekend of my life!

Most incredible weekend of my life! The peaceful atmosphere and continuing love and support from Rob – staff and fellow attendees was a huge comfort! I am living my new normal and find peace each

Deeper and Deeper Journey into Oneness

I find the 3 days immersion workshops an incredible healing opportunity. This is my second time and I have gone deeper and deeper in my journey to Oneness. Rob is capable to bring the Divine

Changed my Life

Rob and Sarah have truly changed my life. They are such a blessing to me and I will be loving them forever. – Flat Rock Participant

Feeling Great

I’m so grateful for the experience that I had with Rob. I’ve been feeling great and have so much energy. I’ve signed my husband up for the next weekend immersion group in September because he

Flat Rock was Awesome

I want to let you know that your session in Flat Rock was awesome. Thank you so much. I’m not sure I can explain how good it makes me feel but, it does. – Flat

Wow Wow Wow!

Wow wow wow!!! I feel like I’m experiencing JOY for the first time. Am sooo grateful for the Love that was made manifest this weekend. Not enough words to hold what I’m experiencing really. I

Soul-Level Healing

I signed up for your workshop at Omega in May based on a gut feeling that I needed to be there, and with no real agenda other than to recharge myself and sit in the

Wave of Beautiful Energy

THANK YOU for your generosity of spirit and compassion for what you’re able to do for others. Ever since my return from the Omega weekend, I’ve felt like I’m surfing this great and exciting wave


I attended your Omega weekend and wanted to touch base. First and foremost it was a transformative weekend for me both in my new thoughts process and what I felt and feel, really can’t even

Bliss Feeling

There aren’t really words to express how grateful I am for what you did for me this weekend… thank you is just the tip of the iceberg… but honestly Rob I’m breathing deeper than I

Fully Cooked!

Workshop was great!  I had several people comment on my raised vibration upon my return.  Also noted during yoga, less tightness in my body than usual and definitely less insulin required for blood sugar!! Heading

Transformed my Life

Thank you, thank you, thank you,  for your gifts which have transformed my life for the past three years.  Every year at Omega with you. I experience a greater joy for life and a love

Healed in More Ways than One

I want to thank you so much for the work that you do. I was healed in more ways than one at Omega this past weekend. I still feel the emotional release from stuff I

What a Blessing

I wanted you to know what a blessing it was to see you this past weekend. I was at Omega attending the Byron Katie workshop and came to your group healing event on Saturday night. I

Love and Devotion

I just want to thank you from my Deepest Heart for hosting the Masters so graciously….And for the Love and Devotion you so sacredly hold for us All..the sessions have made huge shifts in the

Divine Love

Thank you for the wonderful weekend. I prepared for it with the Light Bath Meditation 3x, the Healing video, Agape video and the Forgiveness Call-ins. I have sent “Stop It” to multiple people. 🙂  

Especially Powerful

I am doing very well after the weekend.  Saturday am was especially powerful for me witnessing others being worked on that related to my issues.  I was able to really cry (bawl as a matter of

Amazing Feeling

The weekend with Rob at Omega was so incredible. I feel blessed that I had the opportunity to be part of it. I can’t describe this amazing feeling I’m feeling. Two days after coming back


I saw you at Omega last weekend. It was awesome and I felt like I purged a lot of stuff and also felt high and sort of out of it while I was there. In

Awesome Event

 I just attended the 3 day at Omega, it was an awesome event. Words cannot describe! – Omega Participant


Most fulfilling Omega event I have ever attended… and I have been to a lot of Omega events…..Thank you Rob. – Omega Participant


It was so wonderful meeting you in Omega this weekend! This was a beautiful weekend of transformation that is sure to unfold! – Omega Participant


I loved the Flat Rock retreat weekend and know that I benefited from all the healing. Rob, Sarah and you and the team all worked so hard that weekend, and really gave your all. It

Amazing Breakthrough

Thank you for an amazing breakthrough weekend! So much is shifting. On Sunday, when my body wouldn’t stop moving, I wasn’t sure what to do. When the Masters advised me to jump and shake, I

Soul Care

Thank you for an incredible weekend in North Carolina! Powerful experience. I had some profound emotional release, unlike anything I have ever experienced.  I am truly grateful.   I felt a tremendous shift in my

Life-Changing Experience

I want to thank you and all the wonderful people around you who helped and made my re-birth possible. I never thought I would have such a deep, life-changing experience. I am finally the “I

Benefited Tremendously

The weekend surpassed our expectations!  The combined energy of Rob and the crew made for a safe and welcoming environment, and our group of participants had amazing energy and so much love. We also appreciated the work

Beautiful Weekend

A note of gratitude for the beautiful weekend of resurrection and transformation in Flat Rock.  I am truly grateful for the experience, the guidance, the container of safety and support, and the amazing healing that

Unique and Extraordinary

I have been fortunate to be able to experience the work of some extremely gifted energy healers in the United States, and Rob Wergin is one of the two most powerful I have ever encountered. 

Warm and Welcoming

It was SO lovely to get to share such a special weekend with you and Rob (& Sarah!) down in Asheville!  Thank you again for all you do to make each one of Rob’s events

Your Work is Unparalleled

Your work is unparalleled. I am so thankful for the opportunity to have experienced your work in the LA area. In addition, the call last night was the most powerful hour of energetic release and

Rob is the Real Deal!

Did three in-person sessions with Rob in early February (Boston)…Attended a ‘Large Group Session,’ followed by a ‘Small Group Session’ the next morning, and a ‘Super Small Group’ session in the afternoon. Truly a remarkable

Grateful is so Inadequate!

I’ve had so many amazing healing experiences since beginning to work with you a little over a year ago, I don’t know where to begin. I’m a little embarrassed that it has taken me this

Life Changing

I would love to do a 5 day intensive (or more!) with Rob — the experience was amazing and life changing. – Omega Participant

Excellent Teacher

This man is an excellent teacher. In fact he is in a class all his own. Exceptional Experience! – Omega Participant


The energy and teaching were fabulous! Learned a lot. I witnessed and experienced many miracles over the weekend. Rob is the real thing for healing! – Omega Participant


Complete command of the program and subject matter. Knowledgeable of subject. – Omega Participant

Created Miracles

I have worked with Rob before but not in this large group format. I am a follower of Rob and believe that he has created miracles in my life and so many others. I liked

Amazing Human Being

I LOVE Rob Wergin! He is compassionate, fun, sensitive, loving, healing and an amazing human being! I would love to take another workshop with him, a weekend or a 5 day. – Omega Participant

Healing Light is Extraordinary

Rob Wergin is the real thing. His capacity to bring down healing light is extraordinary–a visceral experience that I can only liken to be allowed a vacation off the planet to soak up unconditional love,

Rob is the Real Deal

Rob is the real deal and makes everybody feel better! Omega needs to retain this man on a permanent schedule! – Omega Participant


Thank you for inviting Rob to run a session at Omega. He is incredibly humble and powerful. I look forward to returning to Omega for another weekend and/or week with Rob. – Omega Participant


Rob’s workshop was transforming! I plan on attending his workshop next summer!! – Omega Participant


Phenomenal, the best course I have taken at Omega by far! – Omega Participant

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