Note: Household members can join at no added cost, including your pets!

Global Transformation Event - Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020, 7:00 pm eastern

When you register for the 6/2 Global Transformation Event you will be registered for the 6/9 event!

“Rob has become our most talked about and respected topic of conversation among family and close friends. He comes across as a gentle, kind, upbeat soul yet he has a way of communicating that creates a positive and enthusiastic aura that is contagious. My husband was diagnosed with a deadly, unforgivable form of cancer in May of 2019…We initially started attending the online call sessions for grace and healing. But out of the life altering changes that Covid caused came Rob’s realignment with his healing and giving commitment to help others. We have to date done multiple virtual sessions and my husband continues to improve daily. Rob’s energy that he emulates through transformation of all things in life are possible with God and Divine intervention is beyond words. From the moment Rob warmly greets each person in the group you can feel the charging energy transferring through him lifting away the layers of illness, self doubt, and the fear of the unknown. God Bless Rob and his support staff for giving my husband the transformation of the Divine Spirit to help him heal and continue to enjoy his life journey. If your leaning towards attending a session, jump in and allow Rob to open your mind to all possibilities.” -K.C.


Group times are approximately 90 min.

60 min of healing time, Q & A to follow

Virtual Live via Zoom Conferencing

COST: $180

“The virtual sessions are even more powerful than the in-person sessions. I have laughed, cried and screamed during these at-home sessions because I feel safe enough to do so. Rob’s sessions have created an opportunity for true surrender, and for that I am grateful.” -J.M.


Group times are approximately 60 min.

30 min of healing time, Q & A to follow

Virtual Live via Zoom Conferencing

COST: $117

“The Virtual Sessions are absolutely a new level of healing. I feel like I have just floored the gas pedal and shot off down the track. I would urge anyone who is pondering the Virtual Sessions to act now! Just do it! They have been the biggest gift the quarantine has given me. Not only can I access the same levels of healing that are offered in person, I feel like the sessions are even stronger than in person. It’s also an incredible gift that I do not have to take a week off, find childcare for my kids, get on a plane, rent a car, book a hotel and then show up- I can do it FROM MY HOUSE!! That is a miracle right there. The Divine Energy stays in the house long after, and my entire family and pets are benefiting greatly as well. DO NOT WAIT to book the Virtual Sessions- they may not be available by the time you decide to act- Just do it! Your life will be the better for it!” -M.M


  • Please add to your address book, contact list, or safe sender list so our emails get to your inbox.
  • You do not have to have a Zoom account to attend a Zoom meeting or interview. You will be prompted to download the software, once you have clicked on the link that you have been provided. You may also wish to create an account, but that is not required to participate in a Zoom meeting.
  • The DAY BEFORE YOUR GROUP SESSION you will receive a ZOOM link so that you may join the group via video conference.  Zoom is a web-based video conferencing tool for PC and Mac.
  • To see how ZOOM works click here: ZOOM INFORMATION.
  • Zoom requires internet connection, speakers, a microphone, and webcam.
  • Zoom enables Rob to see and speak with you. For most of the session participants will be muted.
  • Rob’s preference is to visually see you. If you do not have a camera on your computer/device you will be able to dial in by phone.


    • Work will begin on you the moment you sign up, and continue days following each session.  Sessions are most powerful when “stacked” or in rapid succession. The more serious your challenge, the more sessions may be required.
    • The day or days prior to your sessions, The Divine Being will begin to work with you more aggressively, and you may or may not feel this.  You may become emotional, feel your symptoms exaggerate, have a headache, not be able to sleep, etc.  All these experiences are your body in preparation.  Some may feel less, and that is also perfect.
    • Prior to your virtual session, take 30-60 minutes to be still, drink water, and give your body permission to let go of all that does not serve you.  Set your intentions to allow and receive and surrender to the Divine healing energy.
    • Prepare a quiet and comfortable space to receive.  Lying down or relaxing in your favorite chair is preferred.  Have your computer or other device positioned so I may see you, and completely turn off your cell phone, unless it is your device connected to Zoom.
    • During the session, you will be “worked on” continually and I will visually observe your energies as the Divine Being works through me for you.  As you are in private, please allow your body to express whatever emotion is coming forward.  Have Kleenex and water close by.
    • A container of spring water next to you is recommended.  While the session is proceeding, the water will be changed in frequency and vibration to match the healing needs of your body.  When the session is over, your water will be different and important for your ongoing healing. Do not drink from the energized container, simply use this as the “energizer” for all water you drink, using just a few drops of your energized water to change all other water.  Continue to refill this water container before it goes dry.  Each virtual healing the water in the container will be re-energized for your healing.


Rob will ask for session experiences or questions.  Please do not ask Rob what he “saw” or what “he took out” or any other diagnostic type of question.  By law, Rob is not able to speak to these questions.  Also, do not ask Rob about your existing medications or supplements, as also by law Rob is not able to comment or prescribe drugs or supplements.


After your session, please reserve another 30-60 minutes for resting continued integration. Exercise, alcohol, and other energy work is not advised for a least 3 days following your session.  Refer to After Your Health Session.