Altered State

The Virtual Large Group was incredibly powerful! I had tears streaming down my checks as all of the people who were important in my life processed through my heart. So much forgiveness for all the roles they played in my life and forgiveness for myself for all the areas I could have done better or understood better.  It was very, very deep and transformative process for me.  I was really in an altered state when he finished as was everyone in the group. I will be attending all of the Tuesday sessions from this point forward.  I always wanted to join the live sessions with Rob in LA but it was too far to drive so this was an incredible gift to attend virtually. I can’t imagine how a live session could be more powerful than this. Thank you with all my heart! -D.V.

My healing journey

I first want to say I am so grateful for all that you both do!  I thought it was time to write you an email and let you know how my experience has been.  I guess to start I will give you a little background.  The past 10 years I have dealt with Lyme Disease and then MS.  I don’t want to go into details of what I am dealing with because we don’t need to right! But really what is more important to me is that I found my way to you.  At the beginning of 2020 I had a setback which led to a change of meds etc.  Mostly I started to emotionally spiral (emotionally through all of this has been difficult).  I found myself deeper in depression and I started to pray (more like beg) to God to help me. I had many emotional breakdowns.  And wouldn’t you know one day I logged into my Netflix and Heal was in my feed.  Which was odd because nothing I was watching or had watched had any correlation to it or related to it in anyway. (and you know they pay attention to that!) That is how I found you and I truly believe the Divine and the amazing beings guided me to you. So here I am! I haven’t been counting, but I would guess I have probably done over twenty sessions with you. I will do as many as need and continue this work forever. Every single one I just truly enjoyed and find them truly amazing.  I have done global transmissions, the divine teaching calls and the Zooms.  Many of the times I don’t really notice anything or feel anything specific but always feel relaxed.  Other times I have experience bright light like a flood light shine followed by a rush of joyous energy.  I have also experienced feeling hot or aches and pains in random areas or slight headaches.  On occasion I have had tears well up but no major outward emotion. I know a lot of people experience emotions but I seem to actually be less emotional. As far as after the sessions I have had crazy wacky dreams and felt very tired.  But what I think I find most notably different is my general attitude and my emotions.  I am happier, more relaxed and I don’t have overwhelming fear or worry. I guess you could say I am more at peace.  My daily activities can be very difficult for me, but I have also noticed they have become a little easier which is awesome! I know that I have more healing to come, a lot of physical healing especially.  I am doing the work as you say, and I know that I can obtain everything I want.  I am on my way and ready for this journey.  I just wanted to check in and let you know how things were going and how grateful I am that I found you. I am excited to continue my healing journey with you.  I will see you soon! – L.N.


Happier than I’ve ever been!

I’ve been working with you for about two months. I had “invisible” illnesses – early stage breast cancer, chemical sensitivities, back problem, hyper-mobility in my knees (basically, the bones don’t hold together that well), hypothyroidism – I can go on and on but you get the picture. The pain in my hip that I had suffered with for months, disappeared. Then I noticed my knees were solid. And then, the biggest miracle, the chemical sensitivities that have kept me living for more than a decade as a hermit in a closed up house, just disappeared!!! I’ve been able to have my windows open all summer and regardless of what the air quality was (laden with fragrance from dryer sheets, diesel exhaust fumes, etc.), I have not had it affect my body – I haven’t gotten sick!! This gives me the freedom to live – to go to concerts, to be able to talk to someone who has fragrance or bug spray on, to go to parties and family functions, to be able to go shopping – anything I want to do! And my hypothyroidism is gone! I’ve decreased dosages on four medications – I think I could stop taking them altogether but I’m going slow to not shock my body. I am sure the breast cancer is gone and won’t be back. And I FEEL GREAT!! I am happier than I have ever been in my entire life and filled with joy to be alive. I am so GRATEFUL to you Rob! I have experienced how to live and learned how to perpetuate it so that I can do it on my own. You have given me the greatest gift anyone ever could and I’m indebted to you forever. GRATEFUL, GRATEFUL, GRATEFUL!!!! – D.S.

Grateful and Enthusiastic

This week I’ve participated in 5 sessions and I sense that I discovered a new and better ways of feeling, listening, relating and sleeping. That’s amazing. As you know, I enrolled in the sessions “for” my mother and after the second one I felt that it was a whole healing for both of us and our families. It’s incredible all the release that I’m feeling in my own life. I did Freudian therapy for more than 20 years and resistance was the main character of my personality, and now in 2 weeks of sessions  a lot of friction and sharp edges that I recognized in myself are melting and disappearing in a sweet and benevolent way…that’s absolute new for me. The sensation is that during the sessions and also after them waves of resentment, failure and bitterness are leaving my body. Is like the heavy feelings are evanescent and are fading away without any effort. I feel lighter and a soft and calm joy is arising in my being. (English is not my language but I hope you’ll understand why I’m so grateful and enthusiastic). -S.S.

Better than any drug!

I’ve been to your large groups in Boston a few times and this is my first small virtual group. It was really very profound. So thank you! I had a lot of body sensations. The energy was really working me. It was like ecstasy. So much better than any drug I’ve ever had before. –H.H.

Great Relief and Joy

Thank you very much for each session with the Divine Energy that you share with us each week. I love you with all of my heart. It gives me great relief and JOY to know that I am shedding my old beliefs, habits, and patterns that have been dis-allowing my well being. Each week I receive explanations that answer questions I obviously have – that until I hear the explanation  – I was not aware it was bothering me. It is a comfort to KNOW that with continued “tuning in” each repeat and new session is further healing of my emotional and physical apparatus. -S.C.

Biggest Gift

“I’m so grateful! Keep the Zoom sessions coming, keep the variety. I’m so thrilled, open, and ready for everything. I can’t thank you enough from my heart. It’s the biggest gift I could ever do for myself. This work means the world to me. This work is the top of my list.” -P.P.

Incredibly Grateful

I feel so blessed and am incredibly grateful to have been on this Virtual Large Group. Thank you! I look forward to seeing you again! – C.H.

More powerful

These Zoom sessions are even more powerful than the in person big groups. -E.G.

Working with Rob has been

Working with Rob has been THE most profound spiritual experience of my life. I have been working with healers for 30 YEARS- trying to find just ONE person that could help me- and none had ever come even CLOSE to the levels of healing I have experienced with Rob. This is a whole different level of healing. Over the course of one year of seeing Rob in person, listening to the call series, and now the MOST INCREDIBLE virtual sessions, my life has changed profoundly for the better. I am a much happier person. Situations that used to make me burn with rage are a distant memory- I can remember that I was angry, but am totally detached now from almost every situation that used to tear me apart. I hardly ever visit my chiropractor anymore- I used to go every week- now it might be a few times a year. I have never once been back to my naturopath since I started seeing Rob- I used to go at least once a month. More profound than the physical healing is that I feel joy much more often, I find myself laughing out loud a LOT- I have a much better relationship with my family, so many family dramas have evaporated in to thin air, I am much nicer to my kids because I feel so much better and I have so much more energy for them now, and they are much better for it.
The Virtual Sessions are absolutely a new level of healing. I feel like I have just floored the gas pedal and shot off down the track. I would urge anyone who is pondering the Virtual Sessions to act now! Just do it! They have been the biggest gift the quarantine has given me. Not only can I access the same levels of healing that are offered in person, I feel like the sessions are even stronger than in person. It’s also an incredible gift that I do not have to take a week off, find childcare for my kids, get on a plane, rent a car, book a hotel and then show up- I can do it FROM MY HOUSE!! That is a miracle right there. The Divine Energy stays in the house long after, and my entire family and pets are benefiting greatly as well. DO NOT WAIT to book the Virtual Sessions- they may not be available by the time you decide to act- Just do it! Your life will be the better for it! -M.M

Creates a Positive and Enthusiastic Aura

Rob has become our most talked about and respected topic of conversation among family and close friends. He comes across as a gentle, kind, upbeat soul yet he has a way of communicating that creates a positive and enthusiastic aura that is contagious. My husband was diagnosed with a deadly, unforgivable form of cancer in May of 2019. We planned to attend one of Rob’s healing sessions but due to chemo/radiation treatments and reactions we were unable to attend. We initially started attending the on line call sessions for grace and healing. But out of the life altering changes that Covid caused came Rob’s realignment with his healing and giving commitment to help others. We have to date done multiple virtual sessions and my husband continues to improve daily. Rob’s energy that he emulates through transformation of all things in life are possible with God and Divine intervention is beyond words. From the moment Rob warmly greets each person in the group you can feel the charging energy transferring through him lifting away the layers of illness, self doubt, and the fear of the unknown. God Bless Rob and his support staff for giving my husband the transformation of the Divine Spirit to help him heal and continue to enjoy his life journey. If your leaning towards attending a session, jump in and allow Rob to open your mind to all possibilities. -K.C.

Blanketed in a state of love and calm serenity.

I’m so glad to hear you will continue offering the Global healings.  I’m in awe at how powerful they are. I do your Transmission calls, I did one small group virtual session, and these past 2 Gobal healings. I’ve sobbed, my body twitches, I feel energy in different parts of my body, I’ve felt exhausted and I’ve felt the most beautiful heartfelt love from within. Tonight I felt my soul waving its arms at the beings like “hey, I’m over here! Do you see me?” With 550 people on the call and billions of people on the planet, part of me was wondering how you and they can possibly get to everyone 😉 But I was given the clear message I am seen and loved. It felt amazing. So thank you for your work. I am definitely shifting in all sorts of positive ways and feel blanketed in a state of love and calm serenity. I Probably wouldn’t have traveled to see you in person, so I am grateful for all the virtual access to your beautiful energy and that of the Divine beings. Blessings! – K.M.

Love-filled timeless experience

Thank you so much for the last two sessions — yesterday’s call and this morning’s Zoom healing session. Both times I felt as if I was in heaven — literally. Just a sublime, pure, love-filled, timeless experience. I was able to recently express and release (with a few tears) some ongoing feelings of abandonment, isolation and loneliness. Thank you! -A.P.

Getting back to that feeling of serenity, hope and optimism!

I started working with you in a very small group session that was supposed to be in person in Denver mid-April but was moved to a virtual very small group. I was the one with the white lamp 🙂 After 3 of those virtual healing sessions I was certain that that was where I needed to be then. I was isolated and alone. Fearful and full of self doubt. You helped me start the journey out of that hole, creating a bridge to these wonderful, accepting angels who love unconditionally. The “Free” open session that you had where thousands called into was amazing! I actually “saw” someone waving to me. Then I saw hundreds, and we all waved at each other, then we all waved together like at a football game. I knew I was not alone, and boy were we all happy.
Today I just finished the last of your 3 recent call-in series. Like they said, this is something that is not instantaneous. There are times that the mind takes over and the fear and self doubt overwhelm me, but I am getting better about getting back to that feeling of serenity, hope and optimism. You also taught me to ask for their help when I falter. With their help I have seen (it was always there) what my purpose is and that it is perfect. When I join with you and them in these weekly sessions I am more able to open my mind to these things. It is wonderful and I look forward to them each week.
…These weekly sessions help greatly. I love them and am glad to hear they will continue. I need to be reminded that they are always there and I can ask for what I need any time. I need you to help create that bridge to them. I haven’t been able to do it very well without your help. The happy waving was sooo amazing. My hope is that you will have another of those huge open free calls for the world to feel happy together for a bit during this difficult time of uncertainty and change. With much love and gratitude, -L.V.

Love your work!

Thank you for the zoom healing. I really enjoyed the powerful and shorter version of the healing. I really enjoyed just BEING! I also found the Q&A portion very helpful as it answered questions that I had as well particularly the question on exercise.  Love your work and hope to meet you one day! – J.T.

Embrace the Future

I have been on a journey with Rob for the past 2 1/2 years and I can honestly say that without this work my life would not be emerging from this time of reckoning with the core wounding from this lifetime.  The Divine brought my life to a halt and then gave me the support and guidance I needed to finally turn inward.  When I heard Rob’s voice, I knew he was a Divine gift.  I have done the call series, Immersions and now the Virtual sessions.  Rob’s commitment and dedication to humanity’s ascension allows the Divine to reach anyone who chooses to participate and not only have I been transformed individually, I am seeing the effects on my sons and husband.  I feel like the Divine opened a door for me but without the work with Rob, I would have let fear and unworthiness close the door.  I have released the fear that has dictated my life for 60 years and I now embrace the future.  This work can be challenging but the courage to surrender and trust that comes with this work makes crossing through that doorway miraculous.  I cannot express fully the gratitude in my heart for the amazing work that I have done and will continue to do with Rob.  The Virtual sessions are in some ways more powerful than the Immersions. – S.S.

Full of love

Thank you so much for having the zoom session (Large Group) last night for such a large group.  It was amazing. The energy during the session was healing and so pure and full of love.  It felt like in Orcas Island Immersion that I attended in person with a large group. Healing and loving. My lower back feels less stiff, restricted and pain free. I know that this session helped me to release all that was necessary.  Today I am peaceful and moving through all that is in a peaceful loving way.  With gratitude. -L.P.


Rob I am so grateful you came into my life. Believe it! I have been working on my spiritual journey since the 1980’s. You have been so instrumental and your work is so profound, so deep to the core issues, it’s Phenomenal! I have done more work with you by transforming than the 40 years of trying to set myself free.  I am committed to clear it all and take it to the next levels of transformation! Let’s Go For It! -P.P.

Finally waking up!

I have no words to express how grateful I am for these calls (Divine Transmission Calls) and (virtual) sessions. I feel like I have been in a black fog all my life and its finally gone. Every call and session is better and more intense then the one before. I never felt a connection to Jesus before, but in the last call when our being came forward and it was him I felt an immediate connection and it hasn’t left. I am truly so thankful that I found you and am finally waking up. Much love and appreciation. -S.S.

Profound Healing Work

I am so grateful to be able to receive your beautiful and profound healing work. Each session brings me closer to the light. I see, feel and think lighter. I also really appreciate your virtual sessions. They are just as powerful as your in person sessions. My pupper Max also really likes the virtual sessions! I can’t wait for my next session. This feeling is addictive. – P.H.

Thank you very much!

I THANK YOU very much!  I have done two Virtual Small group sessions on Zoom, three Call-ins, and two Global Transformation sessions on Zoom.  I have to say my experience with each session was just amazing.  But now I have the opportunity to attend the 3 different types of sessions, I must say I feel the largest amount of energy shifting in the Global sessions! Lots of tears, laughs, cold/hot sensations happened in the Zoom sessions.  The most powerful one to me was the Tuesday Zoom Global session this week. I loved it. I remembered and felt that I am a spirit who is just pure light and I decided to come here to do my work on earth. I knew that in my head but I actually felt it as I looked at the earth from the universe!  I also understood that it’s perfectly natural to sense many entities at the same time and it is OK to ask and connect with any of them as I wish any time! I was able to see things without man-made parts of religions, which freed my heart in a way. Someday I hope to see you in person. Love and light. -T.T.

Beautiful Healing Miracle

I just wanted to reach out to say thank you very much for last nights healing session. I came home with the most intense migraine I’ve had in many years. I have been suffering from migraines most recently due to the mask mandates at work which require me to wear it 8 hours a day. The migraine was so intense last night that I could not function. However, I knew logging into the session would bring some emotional and physical release. Within ten minutes of the healing session, I felt my head begin to tingle. There was a tingly sensation and to be quite honest I passed out completely. I woke up within the last minute when you were saying the goodbyes and I felt like I had slept a solid week. I felt so rested and to my complete surprise, my migraine was completely gone! My migraines generally last me several days, keeping me up all night and frustrated into the next day. Had I not participated in last nights session, it is very likely I would still be dealing with the migraine today. 
I can’t thank you enough! This was such a beautiful healing miracle! I called my mother to tell her about my experience and she had mentioned that my father also joined her at home in the healing session as well. He entered too with a migraine and half way through, looked at my mother and said his migraine was completely gone. He’s the type of guy that’s less of a believer in energy healing, so when he attests to something, you know its beyond true. My dad is also very grateful to have received the healing from last nights session. Thank you so much! For all that you do. You are an earth angel. And I am very grateful to have been given the opportunity to be blessed by your amazing work. -J.V.


Wow!  After the Zoom session (my husband) said this was the most powerful healing he had received even in person.  Amazing how well they come across at a distance. -H.K.

Overflowing with Love

After the healing and especially after listening to the latest transmission call my heart has been overflowing with love like I’ve never felt before. I feel like the back of my chest is wide open now ( while there used to be a visceral constriction before) and there’s this wide open energetic flow ( as if the Center of consciousness has dropped from my head to my heart). I am able to see clearly that I am not this body/mind organism but consciousness itself flowing through this biological body and that my happiness is not dependent on the content of life but rather is intact stemming from a pure, original me beyond space and time and an extension of God. What a gift you were given Rob. Thank you God. -D.B.

More Relaxed

Thank you for these amazing virtual sessions. I find them to be just as powerful as in person if not more! I am connecting with my own spirit more and experiencing joy that I had forgotten I even had in me! I’m more relaxed about life in general and the small stuff is not getting to me so much. -G.F.

Today’s virtual healing was amazing!

Today’s virtual healing was amazing! It started with being awakened two nights ago and continued this morning feeling healing in my neck and upper back and a clear conviction to totally surrender and connect to God— to stop avoidance tactics even though I didn’t know what I was avoiding. Then, during the session, my mind went to memories of past energetic connections helping unknown animals in the wild and two different experiences of sensing specific emergency needs of two friends. I tried to let go and let my mind go blank during the session but these memories kept going. Years ago these experiences had left me feeling I was in over my head, so I called out to God to end any more energetic connections like these. During today’s session I heard the words,”It’s okay to be yourself. You are safe.” After the session the experience that ended tragically kept looping; you guided me through clearing and a knot that had been in my back left and I am free!! This freedom from the past and freedom to be myself will last forever and I claim that now with gratitude. It is so powerful how the healing that began two nights before continued throughout the Zoom session. The only thing lacking in the Zoom sessions is a hug, so here’s my HUGE virtual hug sending you love and gratitude! -S.C.

Love the Virtual Sessions

I’m holding the energy more and really love the virtual sessions, which I’ve found so powerful. 
Your January healing in LA made me notice that deep dread and anxiety had left my state of being. And I was moved to stop using the bioidentical creams my doc prescribed, along with a small thyroid supplementation.  I felt so good and was shocked that my energy level didn’t drop, but improved. The liver cleanse healing your gave me in early March at Multiversity 1440 shifted things tremendously. I finally broke my 7-year dark chocolate addiction  that I used to manage stress – but had loaded 30 pounds onto my frame and left me feeling awful long-term.  I feel so clear and more open now, and I’ve dropped a few pounds already.
Now my kidneys have come to the forefront, with such amazing fear coursing through me the past couple of weeks of continued virtual small group sessions and calls…I am so grateful to have had your unique support in helping me release the trauma from my former investor’s fraud and abuse that left me in a 10-yr tailspin of victimization, fear, dread, etc…Thank you Rob. -M.D.

My life has changed profoundly!

I have been lucky to have been working with Rob for about a year. My life has changed profoundly. I feel more and more free every day. I am not caught up in any dramas- even when people are trying very hard to include me! I just have an overwhelming sense that everything is going to work out for my highest good, and I never worry anymore. I didn’t realize that I even HAD anxiety until it went away. What an amazing feeling! Working with Rob is like FINALLY filling the “God Shaped Hole” that nothing else can fill- not just with substances or food, but also shopping, entertainment, being purposely too busy, having dramas, all of it. That is the most incredible feeling! I find myself laughing more, and so many negative people and influences have disappeared, never to return. I was also in one kind or another of physical pain every day for about 15 years- I just figured it would be that way forever. Now my pain is gone, and if I occasionally have a tweak here or there, I throw an angel card on that spot, and it’s all good again.
I have just completed two virtual sessions with Rob from my home in Hawaii. What a gift! Having been to many in-person sessions with Rob this past year, I can strongly attest that the quality and strength of the virtual sessions are absolutely the same, if not more powerful. Being at home with no outward distractions was a great way to go incredibly deep with the work. I am profoundly grateful that Rob has begun to offer these sessions, and I will be “attending” as many as I can! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Rob! – M.M.

Physical Distance is Clearly no Obstacle

There is nothing “mini” about these mini healing sessions. I feel the powerful energies working on me at least a day before each session, and at least a day after. Physical distance is clearly no obstacle to the Masters! Before the mini sessions, I had a lot of joint pain, especially in my hips, and found it painful to walk up stairs. After only three mini sessions, I was able to hike on mountain trails for three full hours, and had no pain the next day. I feel calmer, happier, more optimistic, and peaceful. The energy between my two children and myself is more loving and tender. Somehow we have drawn even closer. It is such deep and gentle work, and yet so powerful, especially in a group of like-minded people. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with Rob, and to be blessed with this Divine healing light. A wonderful surprise bonus is that I can call on these Beings of Light whenever I need help! – A.P.

Rob’s abilities are not limited by time and space!

The virtual sessions are as powerful if not more focused and intentional as the in-person sessions. I say this having worked with Rob for 2+ years and having attended weekends at Omega, a five-day retreat on Orcas and multiple small-group sessions in LA and New York. The truth is that Rob’s abilities are not limited by time and space. I have felt the energy come into focus with me as if Rob is at my side. I have received incredible healing energy through this virtual connection. The most amazing thing is that I am in my own home and the healing energy stays with me for longer. I highly recommend for everyone who has worked with Rob to take a virtual session. It is loving, wonderful and Rob is there to talk and check in on how I’m doing. -S.J.

Love & Acceptance

I just experienced the zoom global transformation event. I experienced such a profound feeling of love and acceptance like I have never had before.  Thank you. -A.N.

More open and joyful!

I had two sessions this round ( I think my 5 and 6th in total).  After the first one on Friday morning, I had amazing energy, felt more open, joyful and patient.  After my second one, on Saturday, I took it really easy and felt heavy, irritable, with fullness in my head…My partner who was not on the zoom and is in the house is feeling less depressed and more energy and upbeat today.  He said, “I feel different today”.  So, stuff is moving. -D.K.


Thank you for starting the virtual small groups which allowed me to experience your healings when time and resources were an issue for me previously. But I do hope that after all these lock downs, that I will be able to meet you in person sometime soon. I truly cherished the love I felt from the Masters during both the Virtual/Call-ins and the knowledge imparted during those Call-ins were so essential to me. Your method in pulling the light….I was so delighted as I do practice kind of the same method as you and is an advocate for this. Using hands, tapping the different energy chakras on the body and visualizing,feeling it as we guide the light inwards. I have also joined in as much as I can your 3 am meditations (3 pm to me in Singapore) , which I find the energy that came through are so strong in both love and light…in fact, I got some very deep helpful insight in of one the sessions….so thank you. It helped anchored me more in my own spiritual path in further understanding of current situation and myself. So, thank you again for the work you have done. -I.L.

Improved 1000%!

These healings are totally amazing. I have improved 1000% since I listened to my first call-in and had the opportunity to participate in a large group Divine Transmission. There were over 300 people on the line for this virtual session, but the energy was stronger than ever – for me it was profound. Thank you so much Rob and your team. I Love You. -H.L.

Powerful Virtual Group

I’ve worked with Rob for 3 years in both his large and small in person groups. Yesterday’s virtual clearing was at least as powerful as those in person groups. I experienced huge emotional releases as I felt the energy very palpably moving through me.  Right after the session I felt extraordinarily clear and light and joyful. The following morning I woke up I was able to move with more ease and balance which is very much appreciated as I experience a movement disorder at the moment. I highly recommend taking the opportunity you have now to work with him from your home anywhere in the world. Thank you again, Rob! You are a true blessing to all of us. Love you! -S.P.

Happy I found you!

This was amazing! This was my first time and I didn’t know what to expect. I’m in a different zone. I’m so happy I found you. –C.K.

Amazing self-care

Thanks so much for sending the angel cards. That’s so kind. I was waiting for an email assuming I would print them off then had a lovely surprise in the mail. So touched by your kindness!!
I am loving the global healing sessions.  Such amazing self care. I always feel so blissful and peaceful and positive and it helps with my physical issues as well. It’s an affordable opportunity to work with Rob. I sense so much during the sessions.  I have had some beautiful Divine elementals showing up regularly and this week had a beautiful encounter with Shiva and a tiger associated with him.-M.P.

More Empowered

There’s a lot of stuff that I’ve worked on and cleared. With each session I feel like I come to a better understanding that I am creating this (illness). I’ve never thought of myself as the author, the sole author of my story. Now I’m seeing that you are shepherding us there. Every time I have an exposure to you and your teachings I feel like I become more empowered and more understanding of just how much of this (crap) was of my own creating. I’m grateful for you, this has really been beautiful. -C.J.

Most beautiful feeling

I just wanted to thank you for today’s Zoom Session! It was the most beautiful feeling in the world, so much Divine love, Divine bliss, and total Divine freedom! Words cannot express my appreciation and gratitude for you and your amazing work! I have worked over 40 years on this and working with you is a God given gift in this amount of time we have been together. I owe it all to you and just to let you know God knew you were the one to do this magnificent healing work!  I am finely free! My 7 generations back are free. All my lifetimes are healed and free. The next generations will also be healed and set free thanks to you! Rob you make the world a better world because you are in it! God Bless You! -P.P.

Happy Life, Healthy Life

This was beautiful, gentle, and I feel really blessed. This is helping me, my children, helping my family line. I’ve released so much physical and emotional pain, deep deep pain. I’m heading towards a happy life, a healthy life. –A.P.

Just as Powerful

Stay in high vibration right now ! The sessions are just as powerful from a distance as they are in person, and you can do it in your home. All is well, and you are loved. -J.M.

Belief in the Divine

It keeps getting better and better!! I’m feeling “plugged in” with every call and zoom. The energy is becoming more paletteable with each session…..fate or destiny, what do I believe it to be. I bless my colon cancer teaching as it brought me to this wonderful sense of gratitude and belief in the Divine…I like the zoom calls! I think I’m picking up everyone’s collective energy, as well as the guides. Thanks again for all you do!! I feel like I’m coming home!  -B.W.


In my Power!

Rob your large group call was Phenomenal! I feel stronger lighter and for once in my lifetimes I am in my Power! Wow so clear and my heart opened so much thanks to you. I feel like a new person so alive and so grateful for you. I feel like everything is new and I am so excited to be doing this work with you! I truly am so blessed! These (Virtual Large Group sessions) should continue. A major transformation took place with Magic and Miracles with God’s Blessings! With a heart full of gratitude. Let’s keep going for it! You and your work is absolutely Amazing and I am ready for more! -P.P.

True Believer

It was a great experience. I’m a true believer now. You’re real! – S.T.

Comfort of Home

I love that I get to be in the comfort of my own home with the virtual sessions. -N.W.

Felt the healing more

The Zoom session tonight was so powerful.  I felt the healing more than any other session so far and I look forward to next week’s call.  Each night when I go to bed I say a prayer of thanks for you and the divine beings who work through you and ask my soul to join you at 3 AM.  It is working!  I am opening up and accepting this beautiful healing more with each session (my corporate America brain is being rewired!) Much love. -K.L.

Love, love, love your work!

Love, love, love your work! I have attended the small group sessions, 1440 workshop, and a few call series. The last call series was so powerful, I smelled burning and flames towards the end of the last call, and sensed the old darkness energy is turning into ashes. I had mini virtual group session with you on Thursday. I woke up that morning and smelled strong vanilla, not sure what it presented, but something good! So was the mini session, it was great, so much light, I felt that I was pulled to another realm. And I am still feeling it today. Hope it continues. Thank thank you so much, your work helps so many people. I am so grateful that I am one of these and hope to spread the light. Much love! -S.X.

I am Healed!

(During) the Divine Transmission call not only did I experience incredibly intense vibrating, undulating and various colors again but, my body started uncontrollably jerking. I could have swore I was floating so, I had to open my eyes to see. My body was on the couch but, the rest of me was floating. I can’t accurately describe it to you because, it was so intense and amazing. Then a teal/turquoise color appeared that pulled me into the most amazing space; I knew at that moment I was healed. I started shaking/crying uncontrollably; I am so weak and shaky since the sessions end.  I now know, I don’t know how I know, but, I  know I AM HEALED. I AM HEALED. From everything! Spiritually, emotionally and physically. I AM HEALED. Tears of gratitude have been falling for the past hour. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your gift with all of us. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. ️ I don’t know how yet but, whenever clarity comes to me, I want to share this unconditional love with everyone. In love and gratitude. -M.B.


The virtual sessions are even more powerful than the in-person sessions. I have laughed, cried and screamed during these at-home sessions because I feel safe enough to do so. Rob’s sessions have created an opportunity for true surrender, and for that I am grateful. -J.M.

A beautiful miracle!

I got in a head-on car accident in 2006 and my back and neck have been out of work ever since then. I was on one of your calls (Divine Transmission Calls) a few weeks ago after (my friend) told me about you and felt amazing! I followed that up with your call the following Tuesday (Global Transformation event) and have been listening to one of your free calls every night as I go to bed. I set the intention of healing my back and getting rid of the headaches after realizing one hip was almost an inch higher than the other. In the past two weeks I have managed to straighten my whole body out with the assistance of you all your and my cosmic cooperators!  This is truly a beautiful miracle and I am so grateful!!  You helped heal a 14 year old problem!  Thank you!  Thank you, thank you! Wholeheartedly, Cherish Did I say thank you?  ; ) Thank you so so so so much!  Talk about transformation!!! – K.N.

So comforting to feel the healing light

I just wanted to update you after all the work I’ve been doing lately. I did a large group session in Boston in January, then a small group in LA in February. Since I was unable to do the Asheville retreat, I have been doing the mini call-ins – I’ve done 4 so far – and the latest series of 3 calls. I’m finding the virtual mini series to be full of light and peace. I look forward to them as an hour of peace and calmness in all the craziness. I find it so comforting to feel the healing light. The phone calls have been extremely powerful. The April 1st and April 8th calls just blew me away. I actually was pretty sick last week after the call – I’m sure getting rid of all kinds of stuff. I am feeling generally better…Thank you so much for all you do. You are truly healing all of us as well as the world. -C.F.

Felt Absolute Peace

I was extremely peaceful yesterday during the session (Global Transformation). Tonight’s phone call (Divine Transmission Call) was absolutely amazing, the best one I have experienced so far!! I got into the present moment and felt absolutely peace Thank you for your continued support to all of us. In gratitude. -A.N.

Most Wonderful Gift!

Miracles come in so many way with your help. After the virtual, I got a text from my older son who wanted to FaceTime over a cup of coffee this morning before the kids got up. Without having to share details, I will simply say he has begun his inward journey and we shared so much about his dad (we divorced when he was 6) he is now 38 and a father of 3. All that you shared about lineage work came pouring out to share. We talked for an hour and it was the most wonderful gift for me and affirmation of the work I have done with you . It gave me hope that my miracle with my physical body is close and I am so grateful for strength and health of my body. Much love and gratitude. -S.S.


I would like to thank you so much for the (Virtual Group) you had on the 26th. It was my first time at one of these and it was awesome to say the least. The next morning I woke up with clear eyesight and no floaters. All other symptoms were lessened. It was a very moving experience. I am so grateful! -M.E.

Deep Impact

This was the most amazing thing I have ever tried in my life. I’ve been working with myself for 35 years, traveled around the world, but this has the most deep impact on me. I’ve always had a problem with my left thigh. Now the pain is gone. Now it’s like I’ve got a new leg. I’m so filled with light now. It was so amazing. I have no idea what has happened but I feel so fantastic, relaxed, and loved. I have to do more of this. -C.M.

Completely Shocked

My pre-teen daughter had basically stalled out on growing – she only grew a couple of inches in two years, no matter what we tried with nutrition, body work, anything we could think of doing. After she started joining in on my Virtual Sessions, she has grown three inches in three months! I am completely shocked. She is starting to catch up to her friends. We were really worried before, and now we are so relieved. She loves the Virtual Sessions, because they are at home, she feels safe, and she can be next to me- what an incredible experience for her and for me. THANK YOU to Rob for running the Virtual Sessions – and for letting the whole family join in for free – what an awesome experience it has been for all of us! – M.M.

See my beautiful soul

For the past 5 days it has been a real purge… let me tell you!  I have had all the symptoms and manifestations you can imagine, flu like symptoms, weakness, I am suuuuuuuper tired, my ovaries hurt, I could feel movement or motion inside my breasts and I have not been like this for a very long time, but I am calm and know this is the final healing process. But what is the most interesting part, is the turmoil inside. I have thought I went through a great deal of self work, but some things have come up and hit me even harder.  Which is wonderful, because I know the big cleanse is here and I am healthy and free of fear. My heart opened up even more and I am sure this will continue. Through the turmoil, I have used all the tools I have learned over the past 2 years – breath work, meditation etc. but most of all faith. Faith in me, faith in the Divine beings, Creator and magic :-). Today, we went to church with my husband. We do not belong to any church, neither religion, we do not go to sermons, but we heard of this great female priest and wanted to hear hear speak. As soon as I walked through the door of the church, I cried. I cried through the whole mass…Not of self pity or fear or anger, but of peace and love. I was listening to the call this morning prior to going and I could feel the presence of Divine Masters in the quiet church, it was palpable. I am listening every day to the last calls I have purchased and I feel peace and quiet. I keep asking for more, I am ready and whenever I ask I feel my old self leaving and taking all the bad stuff away…I feel all my effort, self work, believe in healing without conventional medicine is finally showing the results. I was not ready for you (ready for my new self :-)) before, I am ready now. I know I am healthy and these connections with the Masters through you were the final touch to help me see my beautiful soul and my purpose in life, loud and clear. Amazing, simply amazing. Thank you from the bottom of my healed heart. Love and hugs from Prague! -S.C.

Calm, peaceful, clearer

Many thanks for the healing experience today.  Wanted to let you know that I could feel waves of energy strongly throughout the session… in many different areas of my body and even once I thought Kenn was touching my leg and I reached for his hand and it wasn’t there, but there was something that I felt physically touching me.  Towards the very end of the session, this beautiful purple and gold energy radiated wave after wave of energy into my third eye.  Feeling the vibration now as I type.  Still in a bit of lala land…my body feels calm, peaceful and clearer.  Thanks so much for your work!  -P.K.


I just had to email today to tell you how wonderful and powerful were the six calls I signed up for in June.  I’m so appreciative of the help I had to move beyond grief I had been feeling since April that wasn’t going away and it was so comforting to receive help each week from the Masters on Tuesday (Global Transformation event) and Wednesday (Divine Transmission Call).  I also signed up for one small group session which I’m sure added to it.  Each day that passes a little bit more of my usual uplifted self shines through and gives me such hope for a full return to myself. Thank you for the wonderful work you do in bringing forth the Masters and their healing help.  I am one grateful woman for what I received! – M.M.

More joyous, insightful, and cancer-free!

Over the 10 days since my last small group, there’s been much to integrate…With both the small group and large global virtual sessions, I’ve had one profound and transformative experience after another (understatement!). The last round was another level of ascension. As clichéd as it may sound, I felt a distinct warming love, actually seeing the beings surrounding me. It was truly overwhelming and I could sense my mind interfering–how is this possible over a zoom session? Am I imagining all this?–attempting to interrupt the intense connection, but I kept letting go.Recently, I’ve had another round of wellness tests and THERE IS NO CANCER in my body. None. Beyond grateful. And since the Virtual Small group, I know I am dealing with the neurological disease confronting my body in a significantly different way. During the session, a message was loud and clear: TAKE BACK MY POWER. With chronic pain, it is easy for me to allow the agony to dominate my thoughts, my actions, my being. Now, I immediately ask the beings for help and comfort. I will beat this condition and I WILL BE PAIN-FREE. I am definitely on the way. When I first started working with you and the beings, I was frustrated not seeing instant results, a miraculous recovery as some have reported. As I’ve heard many times now, comparing and assessing only thwarts my progression. I can emphatically say I am so much more joyous and insightful (and cancer-free!) since meeting you and beginning this journey in October of 2018. Words can’t express the swell of gratitude for all you do. I am so looking forward to the day we’ll be in the same room and I’ll give you a bear hug! Love and light. -M.B.

Warmth of Love

I had an experience last night unlike any in my life and felt the warmth of love and energy enter my body through the nape of my neck…I’ve never felt anything like last night and you’ve given me new hope to improve and heal!! – D.H.

Healing our family unit

Thank you for such a special session.  It was quite a healing for our family unit.  My husband and I are so grateful you have continued these virtual groups.  It allowed our daughter to join us which was so special since, as you may recall, she was estranged from us for five years.  Thank you, thank you, thank you! I miss your wonderful hugs, but am so grateful these virtual sessions allow us to be with you and your healing energy. I love you and am so grateful for you and your healing work. – L.B.

Optimism is back, my soul is healed!

While I didn’t come to Rob’s healing sessions with a big medical diagnosis, I knew I was heading there for sure, from the nearly two decades of chronic stress that life conditions made it impossible for me to avoid. And I was under severe financial distress due to fraud, multiplied by divorce, the real estate crisis, recession, etc.  Despite years of yoga and meditation practices that had always relieved the stress and kept me healthy, there just weren’t enough hours in the day to clear all the incoming load, and the complications of aging and its biochemical changes were adding to the challenges. My previously excellent health was steadily declining, and being replaced with digestive concerns, low energy, chronic back pain, weight gain, and a creeping anxiety and sadness. I discovered HEAL and immediately resonated with Rob’s work. I had been fortunate to have studied with several excellent healers in yoga, rolfing, zero balancings, and meditation, but had been seeking a new teacher/healer for 9 years since I moved to the west coast. I truly cannot put words to the healing I’ve experienced. The first session put me into bliss immediately and my stress dropped overall in the following weeks. My physical body experienced deep realignment so I no longer needed the prescriptions my doctors had ordered. I’m actually walking differently now as energy is moving through my root and lower chakras in a way it never did before, and my personality and life are changing with it. I feel more whole, confident, calm, and content. I’m sleeping deeply whereas before I was up regularly for hours at night, and always exhausted during the day. I naturally stopped craving daily chocolate and sweets (haven’t touched in months), stopped any alcohol consumption, and started craving healthier foods. But the most amazing part is how I didn’t realize I was waking up with so much fear and dread — but now that it’s noticeably gone, I am shocked I had survived like that for so long. This work has literally erased negative karma I’d been struggling for decades to shift. The work can access subconscious levels that our ego and brain make it difficult to reach, and now old habits of fear and worry are gone! There is ease now in my days, with my business, in interactions with other people. The sessions bring in so much bliss and love and the Zooms have been such a blessing in allowing me to connect more often to this flow of love, so I am reminded and able to maintain this state through some still very challenging business dealings and often 18 to 20 hour days. My optimism is back, my heart has re-blossomed, my soul is healed, and I am so very grateful to have successfully overcome several challenges in my life that I might not have been able to without Rob’s amazing support. We are so privileged to have access to this rare opportunity to connect to health and love and remain peaceful, despite being surrounded by so much anxiety and fear on the planet at this time. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. -M.D.

Breathe, trust, believe

Tonight has been my 3rd session with you and I just wanted to express how thankful I am for your wonderful gift!  I’m a 40 year old wife and mom of two small children who need me desperately and Jan 2019 I was diagnosed with als … I don’t even tell anyone because I don’t believe it but my symptoms say otherwise…it effected my speech and upper body mobility. I been doing everything I can to heal because no doctor can tell me I can’t heal. I know the human body can heal. You have changed my thoughts to completely positive and I hear you in my head …breath…trust…believe. The Divine is the ultimate healer. I am surrendering completely because I am ready to heal completely and move on with my life.  Please don’t stop the Global Transformation events on Tuesday or Wednesday (Divine Transmission Calls) they are wonderful and if you can send extra healing energy my way, I’ll take it!!! – L.L.


Thank you for all your work. What I felt last week (Virtual Session) was so strong and so deep, as I have rarely worked before, not even to mention the short amount of time. I could feel the love and care in my room and body, my head being clear and such a calmness!! – D.K.

Over the top

Thank you for today’s over the top, humble-izing, eye opening wide, session…best ever! We are truly grateful for all you are and how forthright giving you are. Have a blessed…relaxing day, love and friendship. -J. & K. C

Got my mojo back!

I want to thank you for another incredibly powerful Zoom session today. During this session I had a really vivid image of a white tiger. This was very surprising as I normally don’t see any images at all. I looked up the significance of this image and found that white tigers are renowned for their fearlessness and power, as well as representing spiritual awakening. And if a tiger enters your life, it is said that new passion and power will stir inside you. I was born in the Chinese Year of the Tiger, so it was really significant that I was blessed with this image. I must also tell you that after doing these Zoom sessions, I am thrilled that I got my Mojo back and am experiencing a re-blossoming of my relationship with my husband. I am forever grateful for all that you do and for the opportunity to participate in these amazing sessions. I feel that my personal growth has been exponential with the combination of the call series and the virtual sessions. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! – S.L.


I just want to say THANK YOU for what you do and who you bring to us. Participating in the calls and the Zoom sessions has helped me so much, and I know – deeply -that they will continue to assist my evolution to 5D. I always feel like I’ve been “blissed” after a session with you – whether its a call or Zoom! I have been in a spiritual “coma” for the last bunch of years and only fully woke up again due to this lock down and starting to question what ELSE is going on. I think I lost hope that the ascension was really going to happen. I originally woke up to this about 25 years ago and was so excited about the possibilities for a number of years. Then I guess life just wore me down. I am excited to say, that I now feel the hope and I am excited by what is coming! With much LOVE and GRATITUDE!! – M.B.

So Many Cool Things!

So many cool things have happened with my family since I started the Virtual Sessions with Rob! My husband has had major hearing loss over the past ten years or so. I thought he would need a hearing aid in the next couple of years. In about four Virtual Sessions with Rob, his hearing has improved dramatically! He can hear a whisper from across the room, when before, a shout was all he could hear. I am floored!
Another cool thing that has happened since I started doing the Virtual Sessions- my 11 year old daughter has FINALLY been cured of a very uncomfortable problem- the inability to burp, which caused her a lot of intestinal pain for the last 11 years, since she was paralyzed from botulism as an infant. She is completely thrilled that she is no longer in pain and can have full function back. This is after taking her to healers for 11 years to no avail. In just a few short sessions from home, her pain is GONE! The huge smile on her face says it all! THANK YOU, Rob, for providing the Virtual Sessions! I would not be able to take her out of school and travel to see you, so I am profoundly grateful she could be healed from so far away! -M.M.

Saving thousands of dollars

I cleaned out my pantry last week- it was mostly expired supplements. It dawned on me- as I threw away thousands of dollars of expired pills- that I haven’t taken any of the massive amounts of supplements I used to take to get me through the day… I didn’t need to take them anymore since I started working with Rob! OMG! I also realized I had not been to the naturopath, doctor, or bodywork people I used to see on a weekly or monthly basis since I started working with Rob. It’s really not about the money, but I realized that, even though I was spending money on Rob, I was saving thousands and thousands of dollars on every kind of appointment and pill I could get my hands on just to try to feel better. For that, I am extremely grateful! -M.M.


Truly Amazing!

I AM very grateful for these sessions (Global Transformation Events).  My body is so much better now than when I first started these and the Call-in Series. Tuesday’s session had me held very firmly in the Light, as my entire body was worked on.  At the very beginning when I asked my Spirit Guides, Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters of the Highest Order, Guardians of the Light and my Beloved Benevolent Galactic Light families, you started playing “Calling All Angels” just as I intended to be totally healed and surrendered to the healing.  I bawled my eyes out and it felt so good. I couldn’t move most of the time as it was that intense.  It was truly amazing and I kept asking for more, if that was for my highest and greatest good.  I surrendered to the Light and was not disappointed.  The whole time Rob was on the call, I was being intensely healed, which lasted for another 30+ minutes after the session finished.  These sessions are by far more intense and seem to work much deeper than the calls., but I love them both as they are both healing me. I AM Grateful.  I AM Grateful.  I AM Grateful. Thank you so very much from my heart to yours. Love and Light to you Always. -H.L.

Saving lives and healing the world

I never imagined I would get to participate in one of your sessions. It’s been a remarkable experience! I feel healing, connection, deep awareness, and calm each time. Thank you for making your gift accessible and affordable during this challenging time. I am so grateful for the work you’re doing and for the messages shared with you. Your medicine is saving lives and healing the world. In heartfelt gratitude. – E.C.

Feel More Juice in My Body

I just wanted to thank you so much for the work you are doing, in general for such an unbelievable amount of people…but especially for the changes and healing you triggered in me. Since those two sessions with you my mood is elevated, I am clearer…I simply feel more juice in my body and mind feel so much lighter. What is most fun for me is how your guides taught me this feeling of my perfect light body, tickling sensation and energies flowing even in areas of my body that were “black holes of awareness” before (like my left flank, chest and left side of my head…whenever I meditated into those areas before, my ego came up with the most adventurous and very creative ideas to distract me from going deeper into those very dark and dense body parts). Since your sessions, I can feel so much light and helpings hands around me and I can ask for help to fill up those dense areas, instead of “fighting” them. Its just so much fun to work on my resistances with that extra help…you already cleared so much in me and cant wait for a few more sessions with you. – D.K.

I was free.

I felt an amazing feeling last night (Virtual Large group) for a handful of seconds during the healing, the last/first and worst of my symptoms stopped. It was the internal buzzing/vibrating that goes from my head to my little toe stopped.  It was like someone hit the switch off…a  super heavy blanket lifted off of me and I was free … I know its possible. -B.K.

Spiritual Adventure

If there was one thing I would tell people new to this work, it would be, “Welcome to the GREATEST spiritual adventure of your life!” This work is like no other. It is your direct connection to the divine. Listen to the calls and do the Zoom sessions, and your life will be transformed- and the life of your family, friends and all of the lives you touch will be different… and all for the better. Problems that were insurmountable will just fade away, people who cause you the most stress and pain will disappear, and situations that cause extreme anxiety will not show up. Physical symptoms will resolve (so much so that you will forget exactly what was wrong with you in the first place!), which seems impossible, but it’s the truth. It has happened to me and to many other people who are on this same adventure.
If you have read all the books, listened to all the shows and watched every YouTube video, but are still seeking The Answer, I would STRONGLY encourage you not to wait any longer- jump in to this work and see where it takes you. I was that person seeking the divine in every place I could find- thousands and thousands of hours at church, reading every book, listening to every show and watching everything I could get my hands on. Now I don’t seek answers from the outside- the answers are within me. I speak to the Divine on a regular basis, so I don’t need to keep looking everywhere and try everything. I have found It. I would take this summer of major planetary shift and go with it! Grab this chance to heal with both hands! It really can’t get any easier. You are in the safety and comfort of your home, having the most stunning experience of your life. I could cry rivers of tears of gratitude for Rob and his gift of Divine Transformation! – M.M.

Spiritually Moving

I attended the session today for the first time and found it very informative and spiritually moving. – P.H.

Life changing

I feel alive again. I look forward to the sessions, they have been life changing! – A.G.

Felt so happy

I listen to Divine Transmission Calls today and went on Global Transformation event on Tuesday. My whole body was tingling and I felt so happy !! I’m so happy that my Divine ones have lead me through this path!! Thank you. -C.C.

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