Love, love, love your work!

Love, love, love your work! I have attended the small group sessions, 1440 workshop, and a few call series. The last call series was so powerful, I smelled burning and flames towards the end of

Ambassador of Light

I so appreciate and love you, and your mission. It is the mission of my heart as well, and I find myself telling friends about you often…I want you to know I sense genuine goodness

I found my way back to myself!

What an extraordinary Weekend… What a privilege! I feel so blessed and grateful to have had the opportunity to be apart of it. It moves me just writing this…I found your work a little over

Profound Healing Work

I am so grateful to be able to receive your beautiful and profound healing work. Each session brings me closer to the light. I see, feel and think lighter. I also really appreciate your virtual

Happy I found you!

This was amazing! This was my first time and I didn’t know what to expect. I’m in a different zone. I’m so happy I found you. –C.K.

Blanketed in a state of love and calm serenity.

I’m so glad to hear you will continue offering the Global healings.  I’m in awe at how powerful they are. I do your Transmission calls, I did one small group virtual session, and these past

Hope & Joy

I’d like to send a huge THANK YOU! to you for bringing me “back from the brink”…again. Before the Omega weekend; I had been hanging by a thread and was worried I would ‘self-destruct’ from

Felt things happening

My father has end stage prostate cancer and was given 4 weeks to a month to live 3 weeks ago. You suggested we attend Omega over the weekend and we did. It was amazing and

No pain, no stiffness

When I came to your Global Transmission call I was limping from pain and stiffness in my right hip. It has been in that state for 48 hours. After the healing sessions – no pain

Love & Acceptance

I just experienced the zoom global transformation event. I experienced such a profound feeling of love and acceptance like I have never had before.  Thank you. -A.N.

I Love

I love you all so much. I love my soul family. I love the support. I love the guidance. I love the laughter. I love the journey. I love the emotional healing. I am a

More open and joyful!

I had two sessions this round ( I think my 5 and 6th in total).  After the first one on Friday morning, I had amazing energy, felt more open, joyful and patient.  After my second

Most Wonderful Gift!

Miracles come in so many way with your help. After the virtual, I got a text from my older son who wanted to FaceTime over a cup of coffee this morning before the kids got


Just a quick note to say THANK YOU! Attended Omega retreat this weekend and feel wonderful. So grateful you listened to God, Jesus, Mary and your angels in February 2003. It has been an amazing,


It was just amazing, to see you again and to be part of the healing hour. Truly was uplifted for the whole hour. Its hard to find the words to say how I felt, really

So comforting to feel the healing light

I just wanted to update you after all the work I’ve been doing lately. I did a large group session in Boston in January, then a small group in LA in February. Since I was

Beautiful energy and peace and release

Thank you for this weekend of healing. I felt so much beautiful energy and peace and release. Today I feel the purge, and hear your voice saying “Good!”  With so much appreciation for what you


Thank you for the blessings of connecting us with Ascended Masters. The first session my husband had some cleansing and was challenged to stay present. Last night after the session he turned to me and

Altered State

The Virtual Large Group was incredibly powerful! I had tears streaming down my checks as all of the people who were important in my life processed through my heart. So much forgiveness for all the

Opened by heart

I am in the current Omega retreat with you and wanted to let you know that I had a very powerful experience last night. Deep deep grief and sobs that felt like they reached back


Thank you for starting the virtual small groups which allowed me to experience your healings when time and resources were an issue for me previously. But I do hope that after all these lock downs,

Healing our family unit

Thank you for such a special session.  It was quite a healing for our family unit.  My husband and I are so grateful you have continued these virtual groups.  It allowed our daughter to join

Felt the healing more

The Zoom session tonight was so powerful.  I felt the healing more than any other session so far and I look forward to next week’s call.  Each night when I go to bed I say

Finally waking up!

I have no words to express how grateful I am for these calls (Divine Transmission Calls) and (virtual) sessions. I feel like I have been in a black fog all my life and its finally

Love-filled timeless experience

Thank you so much for the last two sessions — yesterday’s call and this morning’s Zoom healing session. Both times I felt as if I was in heaven — literally. Just a sublime, pure, love-filled,


The healing was amazing, very peaceful and delicious. I feel very calm and relaxed. -D.M.

Many changes

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart as to the powerful work that you do! I have experienced many changes in myself and my body since beginning the work in 2019.

Happy Life, Healthy Life

This was beautiful, gentle, and I feel really blessed. This is helping me, my children, helping my family line. I’ve released so much physical and emotional pain, deep deep pain. I’m heading towards a happy

Spiritual Adventure

If there was one thing I would tell people new to this work, it would be, “Welcome to the GREATEST spiritual adventure of your life!” This work is like no other. It is your direct

Felt Absolute Peace

I was extremely peaceful yesterday during the session (Global Transformation). Tonight’s phone call (Divine Transmission Call) was absolutely amazing, the best one I have experienced so far!! I got into the present moment and felt


Rob I am so grateful you came into my life. Believe it! I have been working on my spiritual journey since the 1980’s. You have been so instrumental and your work is so profound, so

Overflowing with Love

After the healing and especially after listening to the latest transmission call my heart has been overflowing with love like I’ve never felt before. I feel like the back of my chest is wide open

It’s just so awesome

I know it’s really important work for any soul. They work on all 4 bodies too – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  It’s astounding Divine work. I totally believe in this healing, way more than

A beautiful miracle!

I got in a head-on car accident in 2006 and my back and neck have been out of work ever since then. I was on one of your calls (Divine Transmission Calls) a few weeks ago

Breathe, trust, believe

Tonight has been my 3rd session with you and I just wanted to express how thankful I am for your wonderful gift!  I’m a 40 year old wife and mom of two small children who

Physical Distance is Clearly no Obstacle

There is nothing “mini” about these mini healing sessions. I feel the powerful energies working on me at least a day before each session, and at least a day after. Physical distance is clearly no

Incredibly helpful

I attended the online healing event through Omega Last weekend and it was incredibly helpful, powerful, healing. I am still absorbing the healing effects. I suspect that I will never be the same again! Beautiful

One Good Thing

If there could be one “good” out of this pandemic it is your virtual healing sessions.  Think about all the souls you are reaching over all the world…at the same time.  You could never have

Most transformative experience

I have attended many of your private, public and online events as well as listened to a lot of your calls and tonight has been by far the most transformative experience out of them all.

I am Healed!

(During) the Divine Transmission call not only did I experience incredibly intense vibrating, undulating and various colors again but, my body started uncontrollably jerking. I could have swore I was floating so, I had to

Love & Gratitude

Today I wake with abundance of love and gratitude for you and your work. This light and love is working in me and has changed my life and all that I touch.  My words, my


Thank you for your kindness, joy and your work. Seeing your beautiful faces and hearts, I listen to your work like the it’s the only story I need to know. My life is changed. I

Getting back to that feeling of serenity, hope and optimism!

I started working with you in a very small group session that was supposed to be in person in Denver mid-April but was moved to a virtual very small group. I was the one with

In my Power!

Rob your large group call was Phenomenal! I feel stronger lighter and for once in my lifetimes I am in my Power! Wow so clear and my heart opened so much thanks to you. I

Pain 97% Gone

Thank you for last weekend online healings, and I aM participating in August Tuesday and Wednesday online healings. Here is what has happened for myself, and I am very happy to have this happen: I

Embrace the Future

I have been on a journey with Rob for the past 2 1/2 years and I can honestly say that without this work my life would not be emerging from this time of reckoning with

Improved 1000%!

These healings are totally amazing. I have improved 1000% since I listened to my first call-in and had the opportunity to participate in a large group Divine Transmission. There were over 300 people on the

Lighter and healthier

Your words continue to resonate with me, my body feels lighter and healthier than it has in years. Some body pains I worried about are gone. Food cravings changing and today during a challenging moment

Renewed sense of Spirit

Thank you for the beautiful healing session today. Was surprised by the experience. The initial song engendered so much emotion and I just allowed it to flow through me. As we’re working with multiple generations,

Special treat

Lovely first session of Omega. It was a wonderful way to end the work week. I was surprised at how quickly I fell into such a tranquil state after being at my stressful job…At the

Incredibly Grateful

I feel so blessed and am incredibly grateful to have been on this Virtual Large Group. Thank you! I look forward to seeing you again! – C.H.

Rob’s abilities are not limited by time and space!

The virtual sessions are as powerful if not more focused and intentional as the in-person sessions. I say this having worked with Rob for 2+ years and having attended weekends at Omega, a five-day retreat on

Better than any drug!

I’ve been to your large groups in Boston a few times and this is my first small virtual group. It was really very profound. So thank you! I had a lot of body sensations. The

Comfort to me

Your spirit of total faith showers upon me to stimulate new confidence for a new life through and through. Your explanations, your guidance, your advice, the love and compassion that come through and from you

Mega fantastic!

Mega fantastic first session at Omega! Thank you! Felt super light and deeply energized in my body and soul. -J.G.

More joyous, insightful, and cancer-free!

Over the 10 days since my last small group, there’s been much to integrate…With both the small group and large global virtual sessions, I’ve had one profound and transformative experience after another (understatement!). The last

So Many Cool Things!

So many cool things have happened with my family since I started the Virtual Sessions with Rob! My husband has had major hearing loss over the past ten years or so. I thought he would

Gift to the world

Thank you for an amazing night last night and even more incredible morning!!! The energy is flowing through me…I feel it moving through me today. Thank you, Thank you!!! I am so grateful for the

Belief in the Divine

It keeps getting better and better!! I’m feeling “plugged in” with every call and zoom. The energy is becoming more palatable with each session…..fate or destiny, what do I believe it to be. I bless

Soul changing

!!! I AM A MIRACLE !!! !!! I AM THE TRUTH !!! !!! I AM LOVE !!! !!! I AM LIGHT !!! Consistently working with you for the past several months has been Soul changing.

Powerful Virtual Group

I’ve worked with Rob for 3 years in both his large and small in person groups. Yesterday’s virtual clearing was at least as powerful as those in person groups. I experienced huge emotional releases as

Happier than I’ve ever been!

I’ve been working with you for about two months. I had “invisible” illnesses – early stage breast cancer, chemical sensitivities, back problem, hyper-mobility in my knees (basically, the bones don’t hold together that well), hypothyroidism


Thank you for an incredible (Virtual Omega) weekend! I have never felt so connected to the beings and their healing. I could physically feel them working on different parts of my body and see their


I’ve never had work go as deep as that. I’m changed and I haven’t a clue as to how, I just know I’ve changed. And it’s profound. Thank you so much. Those words don’t begin

Rob makes the world a better place

What do you say to Rob Wergin who has changed your life, your family, your world! In all of my life as a little girl I knew there was more to life than life. I

Energy was beautiful

I attended this weekend’s virtual event and everything you said resonated with me deeply. The energy was beautiful, especially Sunday morning. I feel the healing happening in my body and mind and I appreciate your

State of Bliss

Thanks for a wonderful weekend (Virtual Omega). I first saw you in Heal and knew I wanted to do a class. This weekend was my first and so much more than I expected. I feel

Lively and Joyful

Great session tonight from Omega. Feeling all that light and energy. The Angels and Energy have really changed for me over the last few weeks. I always felt them gathering around me in a very

Life Changing

Since working with Rob, and after each session with Rob, I continue to have life changing shifts. So “my story” is literally withering up and I can feel the shifts and my emotional, spiritual, and

Today’s virtual healing was amazing!

Today’s virtual healing was amazing! It started with being awakened two nights ago and continued this morning feeling healing in my neck and upper back and a clear conviction to totally surrender and connect to

Saving lives and healing the world

I never imagined I would get to participate in one of your sessions. It’s been a remarkable experience! I feel healing, connection, deep awareness, and calm each time. Thank you for making your gift accessible


Wow!  After the Zoom session (my husband) said this was the most powerful healing he had received even in person.  Amazing how well they come across at a distance. -H.K.


I wanted to say a big thank you for a wonderful (Omega) weekend, it was transformational. I just wish it could have been longer, great to be in that energy. -S.N.

Most beautiful feeling

I just wanted to thank you for today’s Zoom Session! It was the most beautiful feeling in the world, so much Divine love, Divine bliss, and total Divine freedom! Words cannot express my appreciation and


I just would like to thank you for your care, your work with and for us. I am very grateful for the healing I received during the Global Transformation event and I have tears of

Great Relief and Joy

Thank you very much for each session with the Divine Energy that you share with us each week. I love you with all of my heart. It gives me great relief and JOY to know

Love the Virtual Sessions

I’m holding the energy more and really love the virtual sessions, which I’ve found so powerful.  Your January healing in LA made me notice that deep dread and anxiety had left my state of being.

More powerful

These Zoom sessions are even more powerful than the in person big groups. -E.G.

Faith, compassion, simplicity

I can’t thank you enough for the opportunity to release and surrender to the Divine. My body has been tingling all weekend and I’ve been highly emotional you’ve given me so many no bullshit resources

Completely Open

I cannot put the love I have in my heart into words that will do justice to the experience I had this weekend. I have attended four in-person Immersions in Flat Rock and I have


I would like to thank you so much for the (Virtual Group) you had on the 26th. It was my first time at one of these and it was awesome to say the least. The

Beautiful Healing Miracle

I just wanted to reach out to say thank you very much for last nights healing session. I came home with the most intense migraine I’ve had in many years. I have been suffering from migraines

More Relaxed

Thank you for these amazing virtual sessions. I find them to be just as powerful as in person if not more! I am connecting with my own spirit more and experiencing joy that I had

Significant Pain Reduction

I have been enjoying everything this weekend. I wanted to let you know that after today’s session significant pain reduction for my right of my neck and in my legs to allow me to walk

Working with Rob has been

Working with Rob has been THE most profound spiritual experience of my life. I have been working with healers for 30 YEARS- trying to find just ONE person that could help me- and none had

Biggest Gift

“I’m so grateful! Keep the Zoom sessions coming, keep the variety. I’m so thrilled, open, and ready for everything. I can’t thank you enough from my heart. It’s the biggest gift I could ever do

Powerful and Energizing

After two in person session, many zoom session, and Divine Transmission Calls I’ve been a part of, the energy tonight was different. More powerful and energizing while creating a sense of much needed calm.  I know,


Thank you for all your work. What I felt last week (Virtual Session) was so strong and so deep, as I have rarely worked before, not even to mention the short amount of time. I


Thank you SO much for your tenacity, patience, humor, non-judgement, and love, as we integrate all the Divine, Sacred Beings’ teachings!  I know this year would have been so much more difficult, emotionally, physically, &

Beautiful Experience

Thank you so much for the session tonight. I stood in the stillness and silence and had this beautiful experience of the Masters overhead beaming down their healing energy to me and then afterwards felt

Love your work!

Thank you for the zoom healing. I really enjoyed the powerful and shorter version of the healing. I really enjoyed just BEING! I also found the Q&A portion very helpful as it answered questions that

Pain is gone

Thank you for being a conduit for tonight’s healing session (Global Transformation). I just woke up. I wasn’t even sleepy but I was knocked out. I feel so much lighter. This is the 4th session

What a gift!

What a gift! These zoom sessions have a lot going for them and they are every bit as powerful if not more so than in person events. I loved hearing your story….thank you so much


I attended your amazing Omega sponsored Zoom this weekend. I started thinking about what I would say in my note of gratitude to you, and then decided to simply write from the heart since that


It was spectacular in every way. What an amazing event. You really created a sacred space in which deep healing occurred.  Thank you so much! Having attended Omega live, this was so much better.  Other than

My healing journey

I first want to say I am so grateful for all that you do!  I thought it was time to write you an email and let you know how my experience has been.  I guess

Just as Powerful

Stay in high vibration right now ! The sessions are just as powerful from a distance as they are in person, and you can do it in your home. All is well, and you are

My life has changed profoundly!

I have been lucky to have been working with Rob for about a year. My life has changed profoundly. I feel more and more free every day. I am not caught up in any dramas-

Good CT scan!

I had a CT scan. I am so excited to report no new nodules, some of the nodules are gone and the others remained the same with no growth and the consolidation is gone!!!!  Yay!!!!! 

Life changing

I feel alive again. I look forward to the sessions, they have been life changing! – A.G.

Saving thousands of dollars

I cleaned out my pantry last week- it was mostly expired supplements. It dawned on me- as I threw away thousands of dollars of expired pills- that I haven’t taken any of the massive amounts

Grateful and Enthusiastic

This week I’ve participated in 5 sessions and I sense that I discovered a new and better ways of feeling, listening, relating and sleeping. That’s amazing. As you know, I enrolled in the sessions “for”

Experienced major healing

I am enjoying Rob’s weekend (Virtual Omega) of healing and transformation. I have already experienced major healing, in that a condition that I was told I suffered from, which had me hunched over at age

Beautiful energy and messages

Thank you Rob for bringing in the beautiful energy and messages. As my relationship unravelled (for my highest good, so I welcomed it), I began to see many of my other relationships unravel too. You


That was the most fun I’ve had in awhile!! Retracing and revisiting of lots of stuff!! It was the good stuff. That music was awesome as it took me back to many other healing events

Life Changing

Just a short note to thank you for the incredibly beautiful weekend of healing. For a number of years I have been aware that behind my symptoms the real causes were hiding. I asked for

More alive!

The Omega weekend it was extraordinary! I feel so much more alive and energized! -M.G.

Reunited with myself

Thank you for an amazing weekend! A miracle did occur. I was reunited with “myself” — reconnected with the essence of who I was as a child, as one and in harmony with God and

Super Powerful

I really can’t find words to tell you how grateful I am for all your super powerful and intense work on this 3 days. For me it has been one of the most deep and

Off the Charts

It is the 3rd weekend event I am doing with you – and it was the strongest by far. I have loved all of your weekend immersions (and also the zoom-calls) and found all of

Medical Mystery

I’m a recent attendee on the Tuesday calls since May when my 88 year old mom was sent home from the hospital with hospice. Hospice calls her the “medical mystery”! 1. She fell out of

True Believer

It was a great experience. I’m a true believer now. You’re real! – S.T.

Got my mojo back!

I want to thank you for another incredibly powerful Zoom session today. During this session I had a really vivid image of a white tiger. This was very surprising as I normally don’t see any

Blood markers came back negative

I started these sessions end of May after attending a free healing session in April. Today I wanted to let you know that a good portion of my blood markers came back negative yesterday for

Peace & Calm

The Divine Transmission Calls and the zoom sessions (Global Transformation events) are magical teachings and energy work. They are helping my reconnect with my guides and open to things I did years ago. I’m feeling

Warmth of Love

I had an experience last night unlike any in my life and felt the warmth of love and energy enter my body through the nape of my neck…I’ve never felt anything like last night and

Beyond my greatest expectations

Thank you for the amazing immersion weekend! It was the most epic transformational experience I’ve had in 40+ years of attending personal growth retreats! It went beyond my greatest expectations! The healing energy and support

Over the top

Thank you for today’s over the top, humble-izing, eye opening wide, session…best ever! We are truly grateful for all you are and how forthright giving you are. Have a blessed…relaxing day, love and friendship. -J.

Amazing energy in the replay

I have just watched the replay and can vouch for the amazing energy, which was very intense during the whole replay and still is. The energies are just as intense as when I do your

Full of love

Thank you so much for having the zoom session (Large Group) last night for such a large group.  It was amazing. The energy during the session was healing and so pure and full of love.

Spiritually Moving

I attended the session today for the first time and found it very informative and spiritually moving. – P.H.

I never want to be without this!

Thank you for all you do, Rob. I feel like I’ve found the home and family I’ve sought for all my life. There is a love and comfort here at your sessions that I never

See my beautiful soul

I am listening every day to the last calls I have purchased and I feel peace and quiet. I keep asking for more, I am ready and whenever I ask I feel my old self


I just had to email today to tell you how wonderful and powerful were the six calls I signed up for in June.  I’m so appreciative of the help I had to move beyond grief

Optimism is back, my soul is healed!

While I didn’t come to Rob’s healing sessions with a big medical diagnosis, I knew I was heading there for sure from two decades of chronic stress impossible to avoid. Despite decades of yoga and

Creates a Positive and Enthusiastic Aura

Rob has become our most talked about and respected topic of conversation among family and close friends. He comes across as a gentle, kind, upbeat soul yet he has a way of communicating that creates


I just want to say THANK YOU for what you do and who you bring to us. Participating in the calls and the Zoom sessions has helped me so much, and I know – deeply

Life Preserver

I’ve been doing the Global Transformations and some Wednesday 7pm calls (Divine Transmission Series). I want to thank you for helping me keep sane during these crazy times. I listen to the your music on

Comfort of Home

I love that I get to be in the comfort of my own home with the virtual sessions. -N.W.


Thank you, Omega, your team and the beings for an amazing weekend I can really feel the changes…!!!!!!!!! I am really excited about my new life! -L.M.

Completely Shocked

My pre-teen daughter had basically stalled out on growing – she only grew a couple of inches in two years, no matter what we tried with nutrition, body work, anything we could think of doing.

Stage 4b to miracle!

Went to the oncologist today and all of my blood work was perfect and my (cancer number) CA 125 number was 18- under 30 is normal. From Feb to now – stage 4b to miracle!

Deep Impact

This was the most amazing thing I have ever tried in my life. I’ve been working with myself for 35 years, traveled around the world, but this has the most deep impact on me. I’ve

I feel different!

I just wanted to say how grateful I am to have found you! I signed up to your newsletter after watching the HEAL documentary and when the invitation came through for the March immersion weekend

Calm, peaceful, clearer

Many thanks for the healing experience today.  Wanted to let you know that I could feel waves of energy strongly throughout the session… in many different areas of my body and even once I thought


I just have to express my gratitude and my CONTINUED AMAZEMENT at how transformative these healing sessions can be.  With absolutely NO WORK on my part AT ALL (LOVE THAT!), I went from tense and

Doctor said cancer is leaving

I attended 5 zoom sessions (Global Transformation events) with Faith, Trust, and Resolve that I would be fine! Scan was great! The invasive tumor is gone and the lesions on my liver have shrunk significantly.

I was free.

I felt an amazing feeling last night (Virtual Large group) for a handful of seconds during the healing, the last/first and worst of my symptoms stopped. It was the internal buzzing/vibrating that goes from my

Getting better and better

It’s been an incredible journey since we got to attend these zoom sessions. Thank you for allowing us to be part of this. There is not a single day, I don’t feel change, healing from

Thank you very much!

I THANK YOU very much!  I have done two Virtual Small group sessions on Zoom, three Call-ins, and two Global Transformation sessions on Zoom.  I have to say my experience with each session was just

Life has Changed

I wanted to say a huge thank you to you and everyone involved in this weekend’s immersion. This was my second immersion and I just so love the energy that I have been immersing myself


I’ve had the gift of working with you consistently since Dec 2019 in person in Boston. This (Virtual Weekend Immersion) was my first multi-day work. Omg, it was extra-ordinary and yes, I will use it

Lots of bliss, light, & joy

The opening evening tonight was just incredible. I think I am opening and clearing more, but I also think the energies are coming in stronger. I felt very strong Jesus and Mary energy, as well

More Empowered

There’s a lot of stuff that I’ve worked on and cleared. With each session I feel like I come to a better understanding that I am creating this (illness). I’ve never thought of myself as

Loved every minute!

This weekend (Virtual Omega) was amazing!! I loved every minute!! I know I am already reacting to things/situations differently and I can’t wait to see what else will unfolds! -L.N.

Truly Amazing!

I AM very grateful for these sessions (Global Transformation Events).  My body is so much better now than when I first started these and the Call-in Series. Tuesday’s session had me held very firmly in

Felt so happy

I listen to Divine Transmission Calls today and went on Global Transformation event on Tuesday. My whole body was tingling and I felt so happy !! I’m so happy that my Divine ones have lead

Amazing self-care

Thanks so much for sending the angel cards. That’s so kind. I was waiting for an email assuming I would print them off then had a lovely surprise in the mail. So touched by your

Kindness & Goodness

Today’s (Global Transformation) event was totally love-filled for me and free-flowing the whole time (not one bit of zoning out today, only presence). My mind was noticeably more than ever before able to feel habit


The virtual sessions are even more powerful than the in-person sessions. I have laughed, cried and screamed during these at-home sessions because I feel safe enough to do so. Rob’s sessions have created an opportunity

Forever grateful!!!

I can’t even put into words how amazing these sessions are, I feel my soul healing eternally on a deep level and I am forever grateful!!!  Biggest of hugs! -D.D.

Feel More Juice in My Body

I just wanted to thank you so much for the work you are doing, in general for such an unbelievable amount of people…but especially for the changes and healing you triggered in me. Since those


I started doing your healing sessions in May online and the Call In series. Tonight was the deepest I’ve ever gone I felt like my hands were floating up in the air out of my


Last Wednesday at the dentist I kept thinking and replaying the angel song from KD Lang and a mantra for Archangel Gabriel. at the end of the session the dentist said, something amazing happened and

Most powerful experiences!

Thank you so much for such a beautiful weekend, one of the nicest, calmest, easiest and most powerful experiences I have had on my healing journey. Sending you love and gratitude from me, my seven