Transformation Events

Grateful beyond measure for finding you in late January through registering for your Agape workshop. Wow! Your Light Bath healing download you so generously sent has changed my life! I listen to it almost daily & signed up for the coming 3 call series. As a long time spiritual traveler & teacher, I’ve been blessed to know my own spirit team for decades and now connecting to you has added a whole new awakening. I was having tons of head pain the last few years as as an empath, & now am feeling the clearing of that density. I feel deeply honored to be living mostly from the heart of conscious joy as the crack in my cosmic ego egg has released the butterfly. Just wanted to say I love you & I’m jumping for joy in knowing you & absorbing & blasting out all the Light I can from the SF Bay into the Souls of humanity. 
I am still a work in progress but you changed my life and healed more than just my physical body. You healed places in my heart and my soul that were so damaged. Because of you I was able to let go. Looking forward to seeing you again next time.
THANK YOU, Rob, for ever-deeper healing experienced this past Sunday at Mile Hi Church in Lakewood, CO. And I love continuing to be a part of your phone call series. The best way I can express my gratitude is to go shine my joy and health everywhere, and that I am doing. You are SO APPRECIATED!
Thank you for the email. I really enjoyed my Small Session on Saturday and attending your Big Event on Sunday.  For the past month I have been listening and participating in the light bath and two of your call series.  The energy in all of these events has been wonderful. 
I have several aches and pains that I am releasing.  I appreciate the reminder that our body is replacing itself at the rate of 500 million new cells each day, and i am greeting these new cells each morning with joy and gratitude.  
I want to live my oneness and I really appreciate this opportunity to work with you and the divine entities of light to release any blocks to this truth and to raise my vibration.   
Thank you for this opportunity.  
Client tells of her journey of constant back pain. She saw the Heal Documentary and sought out Rob Wergin, leading to the realization, “The Soul knows how to heal itself. The challenge is to quiet the mind.”

My small group session was great. Each time I work with you I find richer avenues of my soul to explore. And the large group Event on Sunday was amazing. So much healing energy in one place. I am so grateful!
I had a really incredible experience yesterday at mile hi. I felt really connected to the divine in a way I haven’t since doing medicine ceremonies in Mexico. It was really beautiful and I finally surrendered fully to the work. 
I awoke this morning and the vertebrae that you had messed around with last night ‘popped’ into place. Thank you for being the conduit…You are such a blessing in this world and you share so much healing with so many people. You are an inspiration and a gift in these tumultuous times. If we lived in different times, you would be uplifted into sainthood. When my gift came through at the age of 19, I shared it a little bit, but it wasn’t time yet for me, I still had ‘human’ experiences that I was interested in pursuing – and I became confused about how I could both be a healer and a human – I fell away from the light. Your gifts have been a profound reminder of my own light and I know that my purpose is to serve and share my healing gift, and I now now that I can do that while living life. You have helped me to see that – to re-member my soul purpose.Thank you. I feel deep affection for you and am grateful that you come to Denver regularly.
Simply amazing to experience layer after layer of dis-ease release from the moment Rob’s hands were placed on my shoulders. It was without a doubt an experience of subtle purifying and harmonious energies doing their remarkable work with remarkable ease and tangible results.
Wow, Wow, Wow, Wow, Wow! The session at Agape blew me away with Joy, Love, Healing, and Gratitude.
I was watching the Live Stream in our living room at home with my husband who is a fan as well. At one point I looked over at his chair and we were both crying because we were so moved by the work Rob was doing with the gentleman wearing the glasses in the first round of people. It was healing tears of Joy for us as well as him.
This was truly a Divine treat and so happy to be a part of this, your calls and many pieces of the Journey together.
I attended [Rob’s] healing service at Mile Hi Church. [Afterwards] I felt peace and a sense of trust. My life is very blessed, but we all have fears and desires, and maybe those of us who would describe ourselves as “well-adjusted” need guidance more than we realize to be our optimum self.
Blessed are those who can be in Denver, or anywhere to feel the magic of Rob!
Did three in-person sessions with Rob in early February (Boston)…Attended a ‘Large Group Session,’ followed by a ‘Small Group Session’ the next morning, and a ‘Super Small Group’ session in the afternoon. Truly a remarkable experience….I am going to the Flat Rock immersion weekend also. My body’s reaction was unexpected and sort of felt like an ‘exorcism’ the first time I had ‘hands on’ healing by Rob. In my opinion, Rob is the ‘real deal,’ and his events are worth exploring, if you have health challenges and/or pain in the body.
I attended the healing session given at Agape as a live-streamer and have had amazing “after effects” that display during my meditation practice and especially following watching the first part of the live-stream. My deepest gratitude to be on a vibrational frequency with Rev. Michael and you for this overwhelming gratitude. 
Yesterday was such a powerful day of healing and miracles. It was beautiful to see the collaboration of healing happening. Later on in the evening, I got a new left eye upgrade. WOW. New Clear Vision on many levels. Thank You.
Thank you for a powerful event and for all that you do to bring healing love and light to so many, me included.
Thank you for bringing your gift, love and wisdom to Agape, Rob! That was such an amazing experience. I definitely felt the healings as if they were my own, which of course they were. What a release! Another thing I noticed when I left Agape was how enhanced my senses of taste and smell were, as if I’d just done a several day juice-cleanse.
I really enjoyed the healing I went to a few weeks ago. It was very intense for me and I felt a lot of movement and clearing of stuck energy. And my healing journey continues… Thank you for all you do!
I watched the live stream today and thought it was so beautiful and amazing! I felt a release of pain in my body and a peaceful energy come over me. A million thanks!
Yowza wow dang man!
I went down and attended a “spiritual supper” with some lovely people in Jamestown, RI this evening – we watched the Agape livestream together.  What an experience for us in the room together.  What unbelievable  energy and power in that session.  Everyone who was at our thing – including two powerful healers- love love loved it.  Wow wow wow.  What a gift to be  part of that. 
I was inspired to go to Agape this afternoon to share time with the healer, Rob Wergin. I was walking out of the bookstore and the Rev was walking through the hallway and my first instinct was to hug him and say “good to see you” and he responded, with truthfulness, “good to see you TOO”!
The Sanctuary was almost full and  ready to hear this healer. I followed his every instruction, to surrender and to stop telling my story. He began to work with individuals on the stage and it appears as if he was healing each and every one of them from their painful disease, as well as the congregants. I began to cry. At first I thought it was empathy, but then I realized it was my own soul healing. I opened myself up to spirit, spirit inside, to determine what did I have to heal. They shared exactly what it was through my 2 hours of releasing tears.
I realized that I have been feeling unworthy to live longer than my sister did. I am now on this planet 13 years longer than my sister. Because of this guilt for living longer, I have accepted her illness. Tomorrow, when I go to the doctor, I will receive my results of the MRI. I am now reaching out to my angel, Sister Silvia, who can now love me, as she had always wanted to love me when she was in the flesh. I am now healed to accept her love.
At the end of the event, Rev Michael was signing divine cards, that Rob gave out, and I whispered to him, from the back, thank you for brining this healer to us. He stopped what he was signing, looked me in the eyes, and said “you are welcome, SWEETIE.”
Oh beloveds,  it feels so good to heal.
How was my session?  Very good!! Sat Feb 3, 2018 was my 3rd Small Group session. As usual I was wiped out for a few days. I guess I have a lot of junk/crap to release. And deep grief from the loss of my 2 sons to suicide.
Attending your sessions is a big decision for me. I live on social security in Federal housing. I have to believe in/need something very much to spend this much money.
I believe slowly I am improving but it’s a rocky, lonely, sad process. However, when I am with you and Jane I feel whole and alive. I’m going to take your advice, order some Call-Ins and stay in the energy more.
I had some visual experiences of color and calm.  I loved being in the presence of people having such strong reactions. I believe in the “no separation”……..what happens to one of us happens to all . I have a sense of acceptance about my physical issue… real change.  But acceptance and calm ……….not bad things…………… and I’m grateful for those.  My issue is neurological and I seem to be….not worse….another area of gratitude. I’ve been in this place of…….there is an absolute cure, so sometimes disappointment is where I am. But thank you for giving me the opportunity to be in your presence.  Awesome work.
Thank you so much for such a wonderful evening!  I couldn’t believe that Jane picked me out to assist you on stage lol.   When I walked in last night I felt like I could help In some way and mentioned it to her briefly and the next thing you know I’m right up there with you!  Buddy let me tell you, that was a overwhelming experience!!  Funny thing, it was so easy to do because I had energy powering through my body, knees were shaking but I was as solid as a rock.  By the way I was burping all night afterwards LOL!! 
Thank you both for the fun, healing and love you bring.  It’s a pleasure to be in your company!
I have been doing the calls and I want to let you know what has been happening for me. I have found the calls pretty amazing! Sometimes I come out of them euphoric and sometimes I find I am rather weak and dizzy. I am especially light headed with this last call. I have been tired and requiring 8 or even 9 hours sleep and I find I have to cut down on my workouts. I also broke out in a rash on my arms and have had some lower back pain. I am assuming all of this is my body releasing the junk I have been holding on to. I am actually very healthy so I have not been trying to address any particular physical disease but I know there is room for improvement and I would like to become even stronger and healthier. My main issue has been around abundance. I seem to do a dance with it, sometimes it flows and sometimes I cut off the supply and it doesn’t flow very much. I am just coming out of a time where something awful happened and I blocked the flow of abundance. I know it was not the other person but me that blocked the flow and I want to release that negative energy. 
I first saw you at a seminar with Panache and hope to see you the next time you come to Boston. Thank you for all your help. Thank you for being such a glorious light and an amazing channel for Divine Love to flow through.  
Peace, love & light!  – JL
Blessed to attend ! Transformations are always so UNIQUE! Each one VERY SPECIAL in it’s own way! The sacred space created by Rob and the Masters gives me a feeling of PEACE, LOVE, HOME. Thank you!  -EB
I worked with Rob for several months. I’m so grateful to know the depth of healing and joy that Rob’s work provides. I have my life back. I have my health back!

I attended the healing service at Mile Hi Church and am rather new at the idea of transformation. You asked us to pay attention over the next three days of what was different. I felt peace leaving your session and a sense of trust but the one remarkable thing that may not seem remarkable is this. I live in the mountains and occasionally a field mouse will enter. For whatever reason, I panic but even more so when I find them dead – which is maybe once a year or so. Oddly, I don’t have the same reaction to chipmunks or spiders or other mountain things. Anyway, I was folding clothes and thought a sock had fallen under the couch. I reached under the ottoman and pulled out a dead mouse (small). It had not been dead for long I don’t think. Even though I stepped away, I did not have the fear or the disdain for this creature. It a small thing but I feel compelled that you should know. Also, I’ve been trying to sell a house I have in Padre Island since my husband passed over three years ago. I wrote the address on the angel card and the amount I thought was fair and carried it around. I got a signed contract last week. My life, I believe, is a very blessed and positive life and I\’ve been able to make sense of the journey BUT I think we all have fears and desires and maybe those of us who would describe ourselves as “well adjusted” need guidance more than we realize to be our optimum self. Thank you for listening.                 – T.S.
Rob actually saved my life! I had tried everything. I was desperate for anything that would make a difference. Rob asked me, “Are you really ready to be done with your pain?” I experienced a powerful release of energy from my body. The pain was gone, my flexibility back. 1 1/2 year later I feel better than ever! Thank you Rob for changing my life!

I attend to Rob’s event with no expectation, but definitely it was one of the best healing events I have been! I woke up today (day after ) feeling different, for sure some thing has changed. I’m an empath and I have been struggling how to control the energy that comes thru my body and release it. Yesterday I felt Rob helped me to let go all these energies that doesn’t belong to me that I carry on from others. I feel very different today! Thank you Rob!!!! Hope see you again!   -M.P.
My husband’s story starts 15 months ago. For months prior, he was feeling so sick and sore in his bones and muscles, he could barely walk or dress himself. There were times when I had to assist him in tying his shoes, or putting on his coat. His mind had grown troubled and dark. He was losing his desire to continue onward. It was a dark place for both of us. He had been to so many ’traditional’ doctors, and all they could say was, ‘His blood work is fine. We don’t know what’s wrong with him.’ We were left feeling hopeless and in despair.


The first time Ted and I went to a community transformation event, we didn’t know what to expect. Ted volunteered to be a surrogate and went to the front for Rob to work on him. Ted was ready – he was exhausted and feeling hopeless about any recovery. As Rob started to work on Ted, we suddenly realized we were witnessing a transformational and pivotal experience. Before our eyes, we could see Ted change from weak and sick, to a healthy and vibrant person.
When Rob finished working on Ted, he jumped up from the chair, did a deep knee bend and said, “I feel GREAT!” Practically everyone that witnessed Ted’s healing seemed shocked and surprised, including myself. And yet, there was my husband, with life back in his eyes and doing a deep knee bend that was impossible for him to do 10 minutes earlier. He was smiling and laughing – expressions I had not seen in months.
Being a little unsure about the process, I wondered, ‘Is this real? Will this really last?’ That night of transformation was over 15 months ago, and not only has Ted remained pain free, he has blossomed in ways I never thought possible. His mind is clearing of negative thoughts. He’s peaceful, grounded, attentive, happy and back to who I knew him to be when I married him 22 years ago. Working with Rob has truly given my husband his life back. He has given us the chance to create a new future, one that seemed impossible just a few short months earlier.                      -Nancy
Thank you both for the phenomenal events this weekend!!  Starting with the magnificent “super small group” session I had on Friday morning.  Wow!  I was completely wiped out for the rest of the day on Friday and all day Saturday.  But the moment that I walked into the hotel Saturday evening for the event, I felt the energy surging within me and around me and was “rebalanced” and energized during the night’s event.  It was just amazing.  I have released any and all attachments to any sorts of “outcomes” from this work that I have been doing with you, Rob.  But what I DO know is that the most profound and magnificent shifts have and will continue to evolve and occur with me and for my life’s trajectory.  It is not only transformative, it is a miracle.  I feel like the “roots” of anything that are not of love in my mind/body/spirit and soul have been lifted and released.  And in place of any and all densities released, my body/mind/spirit/soul have been filled with the most brilliant, and for me, pink divine light. It is so beautiful. And I continue to observe and rejoice with amazement as each day unfolds.
Also, a huge thank you from my very skeptical husband and daughter!!  Thank you for the work you did with them as “surrogates” on Saturday night.  My husband has had the most amazing and unexpected experience from the evening event.  He is an avid kite surfer and got up at 5:00 AM the morning after being a surrogate and had the most incredible kiting session ever.  He described it as all of his senses being completely opened and anew as he went about his kiting day. The ocean for him has always been sacred and holy and “his church,” but he said this was much deeper and more powerfully divine than anything he has ever experienced. His text to me before he drove home from his kiting day: “I feel so divine.  I feel it…”  He describes his energy as surging, he feels amazing, and feels that all stress and anxiety that had been gripping him has lifted. And most beautifully, I can see that he is glowing.   Interestingly, I have been seeing you, Rob, since April- each time you have come to the Boston area. I have been listening to your calls. And…I have been feeling huge shifts and releases and wonderful things happening. Yet, I have been doing so “quietly” and have not particularly been sharing this experience with my husband. Not that he wouldn’t be supportive, but my assuming that he would not “get it.” Well, when he returned from his kiting day and really understood by experience the work that comes through you, he wanted to know everything about my experiences from the work I have been doing with you. And… he has recognized over these past months since April that I have steadily been getting better and better and better! Enough so to allow me to join my family for the first time in 4 years for a summer vacation! That is testimony to how my health is being transformed, is transformed. And what I know for sure it that my spirit and my soul and my body have released so very much. This is the most magnificent part of the work for me. I feel lighter, more loving (and “loving” has always been part of me anyway, but now it is even deeper and more expansive), more receptive, more joyful… I could go on and on. And I don’t need to “figure it out.” It just is. I accept. I love. I am so grateful.
So, lots of love always to both you and Jane.  You guys are an incredible team.  Cheers to transformation continuing and joy and bliss blooming EVERYWHERE!! -GD (MA)
This gentleman broke his back in June 2016. He couldn’t walk and was in a lot of pain. After attending a Rob Wergin Transformation event he is pain free. “This is really different to not hurt right now.”

Doctor says lung cancer is gone in my friend. Gifted her with Rob’s energetically charged Divine Light & Love card.

For the first time in 6 months I have no pain in my knee.   It is a very special connection with Rob,  a unique experience.

My shoulder and foot pain is gone. I’m going to start looking younger soon!

Nightmares and flashbacks have gone away. I sleep peaceful and wake up relaxed and rested.