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"Rob Wergin’s immense capacity for love, coupled with his extraordinary healing abilities, transforms the hearts, minds, bodies and affairs of those in his presence."

~ Michael Bernard Beckwith,
Founder & Spiritual Director of Agape International Spiritual Center

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The power of this work can TRANSFORM!
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Wow! After the Zoom session (my husband) said this was the most powerful healing he had received even in person. Amazing how well they come across at a distance. -H.K.


Thank you Rob you gave my husband so much hope and positivity with his ALS. -K.H.


Rob Wergin is the most amazing teacher. So filled with wisdom, healing gifts and one of the best workshops I have ever attended in my lifetime. -Weekend Immersion Participant


“Then almost miraculously, significant healing was triggered and I had a breakthrough during this awful time. Scans were done in the hospital and showed miraculous improvement from just two weeks prior. ” -K.H.


Thank you for an amazing immersion weekend!! I am certain that several miracles occurred for me personally…the energy was so powerful and exquisite! I feel that my energy was completely purified. My heart, soul, body and mind all feel absolutely pure. Thank you thank you thank you!! I am grateful I am grateful I am grateful! -P.F.

Max was diagnosed with cancer when he was 4 1/2 years old. He has spent much of the last few years VERY sick, his body being ravaged by the cancer. I started working with him 3 months ago in Los Angeles. His latest scans show no cancer at all! Needless to say, his parents are happy beyond measure. When the doctors asked Max and his family how the cancer disappeared, Max said with a huge smile, “Rob and his Angels healed me!” This work humbles me and touches me deeply! I’m so grateful to share these special Notes of Gratitude. Max’s story and the others here inspired me and remind me that when one opens up and surrenders, trust, and believes, all things are possible. Even the impossible!

This woman found Rob Wergin, from HEAL, and Reversed Parkinson’s – Now she’s walking on the Beach!

Gayle, on the left, was in an advanced state of Parkinson’s. She required assistance to walk, sit up, and even go to the bathroom. Following several sessions with me and refinement of her diet, she is now able to walk, sit up, and go to the bathroom WITHOUT assistance! ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is possible when you surrender and BELIEVE!!!


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