I just wanted to share with you how much I this latest series of calls with the Masters has meant to me. I always had very visceral reactions to our one on one calls, but not usually within the calls with the masters. After listening to the 2nd call numerous times I have a very clear experience where they were working within my pelvic region, and either stimulating/removing/dissolving an oval shaped either mass or normal aspect of my anatomy (not sure). I have no need to question or understand it but if there is some clarity around it that may help me contribute to what they were doing, I would be most appreciative. Today’s call was simply breathtaking. so powerful and felt more interactive – as though I was able to contribute by my focus and breathing. I am still integrating the incredible messages that came through you…the incredible surge in the power of the silent pauses is truly accessing another realm of your ability to transmit. My one question for the masters would be this…is it possible to get a bit of a weather report in terms of where we are headed? It is not vital – I am all in with the utmost trust and love I can express, so it was just more of a curiosity. I am in a space of a bit of a time out, needing a lot of rest, not much motivation or access to creativity, and struggling with breaking some of the patterns that I know need to go. It is surprising to experience the dichotomy of dedication and commitment with really tenaciously holding on to these limitations (sugar, not wanting to move my body, wanting foods that I don\’t react well to, etc.). Accepting all that is with all my heart – I was just wondering if they could offer some glimpse of what lies on the other side of integrating what we are doing now. I would appreciate the encouragement. 

I can not thank you enough for all that you have offered us through these transmissions. I am so truly grateful…With so much love and gratitude for everything. -KA