I had been living in a state of Grace connected to the Divine, which is something that I worked to attain through purification and study. But once I became ill and lost “everything,” I also stopped my daily practices that kept my connection to the Divine alive and well. This was one of the saddest parts of my illness. Fast forward 12-months and I began to heal myself physically. And while I was elated for that, I was discouraged about how long and difficult it would be to get back to that state of Grace and Bliss that I had been living in. I thought to myself, “How can I go through this again?” Well Rob’s weekend immersion at Omega “reset” me, and immediately on Friday night as soon as he began hands on healing I was brought back to that state of Grace, filed with the energy of loving kindness as each person walked towards me to leave the “stage” and as I watched Rob and his team administer to each person. And my Bliss just kept getting better through the weekend. My psychic abilities were reawakened, too. I am at a loss for words to explain how it works. One simply must experience it. I am so grateful for this incredible gift this weekend. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. – CB