Finally Healed

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November 28, 2017
In 2009, I was diagnosed with Leukemia and have spent nearly a decade fighting to eradicate my disease. I had two bone marrow transplants, t-cell therapy, full body radiation, and more chemotherapy than anyone needs in ten lifetimes. I felt stuck in a cycle I could not break away from, always fearful it would return.
On October 28, 2017 that all changed.
I attended the Heal documentary’s first screening in NYC after seeing Anthony William, Medical Medium, mention it on his Instagram. My wife has been following Anthony for years and had been dreaming of getting a consult with him. As many are, I was reluctant to change my lifestyle. That all changed after I relapsed in August of this year, and was facing my 4th battle with Leukemia. Once the relapse happened, it was the push that I needed to finally make the changes Anthony describes in his books, and commit fully to his 28-day healing cleanse and heavy metal detox.  
Our lives changed after seeing Heal. The documentary was so incredible, we went back into NYC and saw it again the very next night. Heal truly inspired me. It changed my perspective and awareness about my thoughts and the influence they can have. I felt empowered knowing I now had complete control over my own health.
After the first screening, some of the people in the film were there for a Q & A session. I was fortunate to meet with Rob Wergin, the “Divine Conduit.” I told Rob my story and without hesitation, he performed his miraculous work on me that night. Afterwards he asked if I would return the next night at the same time. Of course, the next night I was there.
After my experience with Rob, and what I learned from the film, I left that night feeling a sense of freedom. I knew I was finally healed. I started implementing what I learned and am motivated to adopt a more holistic mind, body, spirit approach to life.
Today is November 27th, 2017, and I am cancer free. My last P.E.T. scan, two weeks after watching Heal, came back perfectly clear. I am 100% healthy, grateful, and any health challenges I had are now in the past.
First and foremost, I owe all of this to God for guiding me on this path, and for introducing me to the tools that we need to actually heal. Thank you Rob for your graciousness, compassion, and gift of health. I am forever grateful to Kelly Noonan and the whole team for producing this film. Our lives are forever changed for the better. K.N.