Phenomenal Occurrence

It was indeed our fine fortune to be introduced to Rob Wergin earlier this year.  Clearly, to be granted this privileged experience, we must have done something right in a past life, sometime in the last seven generations, as Rob might say.  Our friends Sandra and her son James had gone to see Rob in January, describing their…


Nothing Short of Amazing

WOW! Words do not do justice to the miracles experienced this weekend at Omega. The synchronicities, physical, mental and emotional transformations were nothing short of amazing.  What an amazingly powerful immersion retreat we had this weekend. I have been to every one of Rob’s Omega retreats, this is number five, and each one becomes more…


Heart Opening

Wow!!! What a powerful experience at Rob’s small group event today. Rob is such a kind and loving being. Just being in his presence is heart opening. This group experience was out of the world. – PA

I had been living in

I had been living in a state of Grace connected to the Divine, which is something that I worked to attain through purification and study. But once I became ill and lost “everything,” I also stopped my daily practices that kept my connection to the Divine alive and well. This was one of the saddest…

My Heart is Very Full

It’s quite hard to put into words how I’ve been feeling and what feels different.  I know at my core that many many layers have been stripped away and that I feel much more calm, alert, alive, centered, and confident.  I also feel much more connected to God/the Divine.  My heart is very full and…

Deep Gratitude

It’s our pleasure and privilege to spread the good word, as well as listen to your interviews, distribute Angel Cards, listen and re-listen to the Call Series and the Healing Messages From the Masters. For all you do, our deep Gratitude goes out to you! -MA

Opened my Heart

I have never experienced such a truth in love. I am so grateful you have worked on me at the Heal Kongress Rob and opened my heart to feel again. So much love & gratitude to you and the beings. -PL

Unconditional Love

For adjustments big and alignments small, Rob and the Angels tirelessly energize and heal them all. With noble intentions and unconditional love in his heart, Make haste to the Newton Marriott and prove you’re real smart. – MA

Directing Divine Energy

With and the aid of the Angels above, Mother Earth below, Directing Divine Energy, Rob lovingly heals and helps us grow. Armed with noble intentions and love in his heart, The transformations Rob strives for, clearly set him apart. – MA