Opened my Heart

I have never experienced such a truth in love. I am so grateful you have worked on me at the Heal Kongress Rob and opened my heart to feel again. So much love & gratitude to you and the beings. -PL

Unconditional Love

For adjustments big and alignments small, Rob and the Angels tirelessly energize and heal them all. With noble intentions and unconditional love in his heart, Make haste to the Newton Marriott and prove you’re real smart. – MA

Directing Divine Energy

With and the aid of the Angels above, Mother Earth below, Directing Divine Energy, Rob lovingly heals and helps us grow. Armed with noble intentions and love in his heart, The transformations Rob strives for, clearly set him apart. – MA


I just listened to the HEAL Documentary on Netflix. You are wonderful!!! I also cured myself with the power of my mind … and I get there!  I suffered 157 fractures since birth because I osteogenesis imperfecta, and today I’m fine and I run marathons in the World! You inspire me enormously for what you…

Changed My Life

Many interesting things are occurring. The last call was extremely powerful for me. Physically my stomach periodically gurgled for 4 days. It wasn’t upset or anything, just noisy which has never happened. Day 5 it all got eliminated. I assume I had a lot of crap to get rid of. Over the last several months…

New Aliveness

I first heard of you on Monday, less than a week ago, and already you have altered my world! A friend mentioned she worked with you in L.A. and said you seem like the real deal. i got on You Tube that night and watched several of your videos. Just doing that, I felt energy…