Vibrations of Ecstasy

I thank the souls that guided me to you Rob. Tears of elation haven’t stopped flowing, the vibrations of ecstasy I have never experienced continue to fill me with equanimity, eyes are seeing as never before, life went HD. I didn’t think I’d be so compelled to write, not wanting to overload IN boxes and…



Thank you SO MUCH for everything you did for me at yesterday’s session at Mile High Church! I have done many healing retreats and experienced numerous treatments, but nothing was quite as profound as what I experienced yesterday! I know my energy and soul are still re-calibrating, but things have already shown up! I’m an…


Beautiful, Powerful

I finally made the time to listen to the last call in the call series. Very beautiful, very powerful. I can still feel you and the Masters working with me and healing me. Thank you. I’m very grateful for this work we are doing deepest love and gratitude to you all. -DD


Thank you for yet another evening of transformation. Saturday night’s session in Boston/Newton was remarkable. I am blessed to have been present. I am writing to acknowledge the time, effort, and very full schedule you keep. We are all the beneficiaries of your work. Grateful for the sacred beings and grateful for you…and your willingness…

Simply Breathtaking

I just wanted to share with you how much I this latest series of calls with the Masters has meant to me. I always had very visceral reactions to our one on one calls, but not usually within the calls with the masters. After listening to the 2nd call numerous times I have a very…


 Rob Wergin saved my life. I will forever be grateful for Omega for hosting him (x2 this year) and I strongly suggest you schedule him more often. He is the real deal, and the healing I have seen and what I have experienced has been MIND BLOWING -Omega Participant

Beyond Words

Rob Wergin was beyond words – so much more than I expected. The workshop was well organized and made people feel welcome and comfortable. I and my friends plan to return to Omega for any other workshop Rob does. -Omega Participant

Like a Dream

The experience with Rob Wergin was like a dream. The sessions were cathartic and opened up my heart and soul to joy and the divine . I was reminded of the many blessings in my life despite some painful realities. Rob has confidence and a pragmatic conviction in the divine that leaves me finding myself…