Telephone Sessions

New Clients

Please make three appointments to begin, whether by phone or in person. Ideally, you will schedule two appointments within the same week and the third appointment within a week of the second appointment.

Different types of appointments can be combined. You can have your first appointment over the phone, your second in small group, and participate in a 3-Call Series.  Or, you can have two in small group sessions, followed by participation in a 3-Call Series. Any other combination works! It’s important that you keep yourself in the Energy. Depending on Rob’s schedule, you may need to schedule a few weeks out.

All Clients

It is ideal to schedule your first two phone appointments in the same week, with a third scheduled early in the following week. If you are able to attend a Live event and are interested in participating in small group events, it is ideal to schedule two Small or Super Small Groups during an event weekend. After participation in your two groups, Rob requests that you schedule a follow-up phone session or register online for his 3-Call Series.

PLEASE NOTE: If scheduling a phone session, it is important to know Rob will call you at the appointed time.

Each phone session is 20 minutes and costs $135.

To schedule your telephone session: Please call 720-502-7908

Information for New Clients

Greetings and Blessings! (pdf)

After Your Health Sessions (pdf)