My Dear Friends
First, let me say how deeply grateful I am to each one of you for supporting my life’s work the past 15 years.  I am humbled to see how my work has expanded from a small mountain town to a worldwide stage.
The documentary Heal has had a profound affect on my visibility, and has intensified my focus to creating ways to reach as many people as possible.
Thus, I must discontinue the one on one telephone sessions beginning January 1, 2018.  Working with one soul at a time is not the mission I was given.  Working on many souls at a time now is critical.
 Going forward into 2018 there will be more options to work with me. Including and not limited to:
  • Three-day Immersion Weekend Events. Five weekends have been scheduled, additional dates in development.
  • Group Tele-Sessions  (Call-ins) will be more frequent, and will allow more people, at less cost, to receive the healing transmissions.
  • Small Group availability will be increased by adding additional days in Boston and New York.  New locations will also be added.
  • Large Group Transformation Events will be monthly in New York City, as well as continuing in Boston and Denver.  New locations are under consideration.


In loving gratitude,
Rob Wergin