Year of Power
Bring someone into the circle. I ask the Earth Mother and all of the beings experiencing less than love to join us in this sacred circle. Please close your eyes and breathe slowly and deeply: Let go of all expectations. We all have Angels around us who are ready and willing to help us… Tonight we will call them in with music and our voices, and send them our gratitude for the work we will do together this evening. With your hearts filled with gratitude, Invite your Angels and guides…(READ MORE)
The Message of Truth
It is true that there is severe fear, lack, panic and worry on your planet. However these energies have been activated at this time in order for these old energies to be transmuted and dissolved… It is also true that there is much energetic movement of the opposite, the loving energies of joy, unconditional love, and abundance. The loving energies are anchored in your planet’s energy field and are more powerful than the energies of panic, worry, lack and fear. These energies are NOT…(READ MORE)