Teachings & Healing
from the Masters


These 60-minute sessions offer a deep collection of teachings, processes, and transformative exercises.


  • The Divine speaks through Rob as an instrument of healing and teaching.
  • Receive individual and collective deep healings, and Divine teachings relevant to the current energies of the planet; energies that may challenge you emotionally, physically, or spiritually-such as fear, overwhelm, or discomforts of the body.
  • Receive audio recording within 24 hours of each session. Session recordings must be downloaded to your preferred device within 10 days.
  • Each participant receives personal healing as Rob sees and scans each person.
  • Cameras remain on so that Rob sees you.
  • The group as a collective receives healing.
  • Keeps you current with the changing energy.
  • Entire household including pets, if they choose, is included in the healing.
  • Privacy in your sacred space. You are muted for the entire session.
  • Recordings are as powerful and impactful as the live sessions.
  • Zoom link information is included in your appointment confirmation email.
  • Add admin@robwergin.com to your address book, contact list, and safe sender list so our emails get to your inbox.

Tuesday, July 16, 4pm
Tuesday, July 30, 4pm

Important Things to Know

  • This work addresses all conditions, issues, and diagnoses, whether known or unknown by participants.
  • Individuals are “worked on,” scanned and prepared for intense work prior to and after each session.
  • Each participant’s energy field is continually scanned, and appropriate changes are created to bring forth health and wellness.
  • The group as a collective, and each individual receives healing.
  • All participants receive daily prayer support.
  • Opportunity for shared experiences with soul family.
  • Rob shares his vast knowledge of the Masters direct teachings on many subjects.
  • Your lineage going forward and backward 7 generations are addressed to relieve you and your future generations of recurring issues/challenges.
  • Past life experiences that are incomplete and carried forward from lifetime to lifetime are addressed.
  • Pets of the participant are relieved of emotions held by the human guardian.
  • Around the clock aftercare/customer support via email.
  • Rob does not diagnose or offer other medical advice of any kind. Rob will not disclose, discuss, or diagnose what he sees, what is being released, or the “story” creating the condition.

    For registration questions contact admin@robwergin.com

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Miracles After Call-In

What a day to hear the Masters speak through you! Thank you Rob!!! My mom was in the hospital in Germany. We didn’t know if she would make it or not. Two days before my brother was hospitalized with a heart attack. My mom was devastated to possibly loose her son before she goes.The next day my brother was released from the hospital. When he got his check-up all looked well. This made my mom so happy that she went into her surgery the next day with complete surrender. She survived her surgery and was expected to be in the ICU for three days. She stabilized after the first day and was moved to continued care unit . I am on my way to Germany to care for her and she is delighted to hold her in my arms soon. Two obvious miracles shortly after our call-In! Rob I thank you so much. I am very grateful! Blessings from Marin County. G.H.