Rob Wergin

Surrogate Group Sessions

Your Healing Opportunities Await!

"I am filled with such gratitude to be taking part in this collective energy work and that in itself is something to celebrate. This connection is palpable, healing! I know, trust and believe" ~S.L.

The Divine energy that Rob brings to a Surrogate session is focused on the recipient’s greatest challenge. This energy is highly concentrated and is focused on giving the recipient an infusion of energy that is specific to what is needed. The others in the surrogate group share in the energy.
  • Surrogate Groups can have up to 12 participants. No sharing registrations.
  • Each person will be called to be a surrogate 2 times.
  • Each person will have a brief opportunity to share.
  • Surrogate work is not intended for those who are just starting to work with Rob. Rob asks that you join in other healing sessions prior to seeking attendance in a Surrogate group.

Email to be added to the waiting list.


  • For the BEST possible outcome, Rob recommends your BEGIN with minimum of 4-6 sessions to achieve your health goals.
  • You may use various combinations of appointments to complete your 4-6 sessions. They may include Small Groups, Surrogate Group, Global Transformation events, Divine Transmission Calls, and  Weekend Healing Immersions.
  • Please know that these are your initial sessions and more may be necessary.
  • We suggest you complete the initial sessions in the shortest time frame as possible.
  • Responsibility rests with you. It is imperative to have clear intentions, believe in your wellness goals and be committed to your intended outcome in all health sessions. It has taken many years to create the conditions in your body, and these cannot be completely removed in 1 or 2 health sessions. Therefore, a MINIMUM of 4-6 sessions, as outlined above,  ARE STRONGLY SUGGESTED to achieve your goals.
  • Refrain from alcohol or recreational drugs for at least 24 hours.
  • Do not schedule additional energy work, go to the gym or perform other athletic events for at least 3 days following your health sessions. Your body needs time to adjust, acclimate, and heal. Read ALL information we have provided here.
  • Please add to your address book, contact list, or safe sender list so our emails get to your inbox.
  • The DAY BEFORE YOUR GROUP SESSION you will receive a ZOOM link so that you may join the group via video conference. Zoom is a web-based video conferencing tool for PC and Mac.
  • Zoom is free and easy to use.

Completely Open

I cannot put the love I have in my heart into words that will do justice to the experience I had this weekend. I have attended four in-person Immersions in Flat Rock and I have been wondering why this virtual Immersion was even more intense and deep. I realized that in Flat Rock I am safe but still in the presence of people expressing their individual experiences. I realized I stayed a bit guarded where as in my own home, I was completely open. I am so grateful to be able to do even more and more with you. Love and gratitude. ~ S.S.