Spiritual Coaching

With Davon Embler RScP, Emeritus

``In service to the human Spirit.`` ~ Davon


I am a licensed Science of Mind Practitioner trained in the art, science, and skill of affirmative prayer, also known as Spiritual Mind Treatment.

With the use of affirmative prayer, spiritual coaching, mindfulness tools, and other personal development skills, together we can affect change in your life.

I have over 30 years experience working with Spiritual Mind Treatment and personal development. I believe that changing your thinking does indeed change your life. Sometimes we are too close to our own situations, making us unable to see clearly. Or, perhaps we lack the experience needed to see alternate possibilities or we get stuck with making changes.

As a practitioner, I can help to facilitate healing or correct a condition, and with affirmative prayer, help you create what you want to manifest and change those things that are not working for you. The goal is to aid you in making your desired changes, and that is to have an amazing life full of health, happiness, and abundance.

The number of sessions necessary is dependent on your commitment to this work and what you wish to achieve.

Once you register I will contact you to schedule your session.

Fee: $90 – 45 min session on Zoom

What to Expect

  • Help you gain clarity in creating the outcomes you wish to have.
  • Support your healing journey by offering Spiritual Mind Treatment (affirmative prayer).
  • Assist you in developing practices that contribute to your 51%.
  • Offer tools that help to incorporate mindfulness in your life.
  • Provide recorded prayers for use in your daily practices.
  • Contact me at davon@robwergin.com with questions.

“As our faith in our ability to use positivity and gratitude grows stronger, our capacity to bring good into our lives develops, creating lives without limitations.“ -Davon