Feel Whole and Alive

How was my session?  Very good!! Sat Feb 3, 2018 was my 3rd Small Group session. As usual I was wiped out for a few days. I guess I have a lot of junk/crap to release. And deep grief from the loss of my 2 sons to suicide. Attending your sessions is a big decision for me. I live on social security in Federal housing. I have to believe in/need something very much to spend this much money. I believe slowly I am improving but it’s a rocky, lonely, sad process. However, when I am with you I feel whole and alive. I’m going to take your advice, order some Call-Ins and stay in the energy more.

True Healing

I am sharing this email from a friend. I hope this will be helpful to the many people who are in the same position he was in. I have been fooled many times,  by SINCERE healers, psychics and mediums, who I believe meant well. The letter writer below is ALMOST as skeptical of all of them, as I am. I would go to Rob Wergin’s website, read the testimonials, watch the videos and make up your own mind.  Rob Wergin says in one of his videos, that he can open the door for Love and Healing to enter, some people open the door even wider, some people let it close again.
One of the philosophical issues that has stayed with me,since my wife’s death from breast cancer seven years ago, is free will versus destiny. Edgar Cayce was very clear, ” the stars incline, they don’t compel”; that our free will was stronger then any astrological influence,  if we use it. In many readings people would ask if they would get better, and he would tell them to come back in a few months for another reading. He would often say that GOD itself doesn’t know what will happen until we make a decision.  True healing has to take place on a Spiritual, Mental and Physical Level. If you weren’t willing to remember “We are our brothers keeper” and come from a place of Love and Forgiveness, Edgar Cayce would often say, “Best not to begin”.
In one of his readings on suicide, he told a woman she would be meeting someone in the early part of the next year. She committed suicide 3 months later. The best I can come to is we do have SOME control over our future. How much I don’t know. I do know that if you don’t try anything, nothing will change . For all those who are suffering I hope this information is helpful, and may God Bless Us All.     -A.A.

My life has been transformed

My life has been transformed after attending Rob’s first event at the Center for Spiritual Living in Asheville during January 2016. I was carrying a lot of sadness and emotional traumas, the most recent being last years death of my boyfriend. I felt the weight of this burden being lifted off my shoulders and from my heart. My friends and family has noticed my evolution in becoming more light and joy. I have probably attended about 15 in person events besides two telephone calls with Rob. While being in the audience I gained spiritual, emotional and physical benefits with feeling so relaxed and at peace. I felt stuff leaving my body as I sank farther into my chair while nourishing my soul. I have been a surrogate and also recently attended the small group session. After the small group session my heart is dancing with joy which parallels my desire to be able to dance again! As for my physical body it has been in a state of evolution with decreased lower back, knee, foot and elbow pain besides increased energy. I am so deeply grateful for Rob’s healing transformative work to the world! With much deep gratitude and joy, L.S.

I’m Happy

I know you have to hear this all the time, but I feel like a completely different person in a subtle, almost indefinable way. I’m happy! The weight of indescribable sorrow and worry that I carried is gone.  – D.


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