Wrapped in a Blanket of Love

I listened to the Transformation calls…I woke up about 5 AM this morning with many thoughts racing through my mind how will I do this I will I do that.  It was stressful so I said to myself I will do this healing light ceremony.  I let the healing life be above me and start to flow through all of my body.  Suddenly I felt totally wrapped in a big beautiful blanket of love and light and all my concerns disappeared I could go back to sleep.  This was so nice and such a great feeling to be wrapped in a beautiful soft blanket of love and Light. So nice. Maybe it will happen to someone else as well.  Many blessings to you and all.

Recent Call-in Series

Removing Limitations, Embracing Change series dates: 3/7, 3/14, and 3/21/2019

"Again, the energy of last evenings call was amazing. This luminous energy filled me, the room, the everything. There were times I was unsure whether my body was still in contact with the chair, or was I floating, part of all that is. At times I was unsure whether I had a body at all. Limitations dissolve, thought dissolves, stories dissolve, all there is is now, all there is was a being-ness of, I AM." -JD

Creating Your Foundation of Health and Wealth in 2019 dates: 1/9, 1/24, and 1/30/2019

"I am extremely grateful. These recordings and the changes in me are deep. I am becoming aware of fears I thought I released in the past and fears I didn’t even know were there. Thank you…I am so grateful to have found you and that you offer your gifts to others." -LD

Grand Round of Healing Series dates: 11/13, 11/20, and 11/27/2018 (with a bonus 4th call)

"Thanks for Calling in the Calvary last night! They really came through. I had an amazing and significant shift in very, very old thinking patterns. The release was deep and awesome and I feel like I’m finally falling together. I do so appreciate your work and your Integrity and am very thankful for the help of all those known and unknown."  -MM

Learning to Remove the Limitations of Your Heart, Your Soul Series dates: 9/26, 10/3, and 10/10/2018

"I felt elated after the call and woke up with incredible feelings of safety and connection. Looking forward to hearing the replay many times." -PZ

Releasing the Energetic Cellular Imprints From Your Bodies Series dates: 8/16, 8/23, and 8/30/2018

"I wanted to first give you my heart-felt thanks for the last 3 day call ins.  The topic of health and healing was exactly what I needed…I am so grateful for the call-ins because it is a way for me to do the work without traveling." -SS

Releasing emotional patterns, habits and attachments and understanding karma: Series dates: 7/5, 7/12, and 7/19/2018

"Tonight's (call) was Absolutely AMAZING! My whole body was filled with Golden Light! I feel a shift occurred that is so profound…Not understood mentally or intellectually; just deeply vibrational." -PL

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