TRANSFORMATIONAL BATH – Energetically Charged Water 


“I had a painful nerve pinch in my right arm. I used your holy water and an Angel Card over my arm and went to bed. Next morning, my arm was just fine.” -AA



Removing Old Beliefs and Reconnecting with Your Ancient Wisdom series dates: 10/13, 10/20, and 10/27/2021


I started working with your team and the Divine beings in Oct 2020, and I’ve experienced so many “micro-miracles” along the way. You’ve brought me a faith that makes sense to me (finally!), and I’m a different person than I was a year ago. Thank you for everything! -L.S.

Creating a Healthy Belief Foundation Weekend Immersion event October 2021


My life has been not the same at all! I’m a completely different person!  I had had quite a bit of pain. And was limited in mobility. This weekend I walked 1.3 miles! The furthest I had walked before that was two blocks and I had to stop a lot during those two blocks. I also today rode my bike hard and fast for 14 miles. Which is the furthest I’ve done in several years.  Pain is gone mobility is here! I also breathe deeply to the depth of my deepest lungs. I was born with asthma and so it was always limited. Now I am completely healed! That is what I keep telling people. I feel completely metamorphized!  My chiropractor says he is so surprised and can’t understand what’s happened.  Everybody says I’m a different person. I am a different person!! Thank you so much to you, to the divine beings, to the guides, to the Angels and Archangels, to God and to everyone who contributed! Thank you thank you thank you! -M.W.

The Cornerstone of Your Healing series dates: 9/15, 9/22, and 9/29/2021


Just got off this most recent transmission call, Rob, and WOW, they continue to be priceless beyond imagining. My whole being is so grateful to be receiving what it has wished for, probably forever. -S.C.


Surrender to Faith Weekend Immersion event September 2021


Your September Immersion Weekend was extraordinary. I would just like to tell people that it takes extra strength and courage for yourself to do this work. It also takes a Leap of Faith and Trust in Believing to do your inner work. However working with Rob makes you feel at ease and that all things are possible even though you may think it’s insurmountable for you.  You can say to yourself, “what do I have to loose.”  If you are in a situation that you feel stuck and not happy with your life or not happy with your life’s direction, you have the power to do something about it. Rob is compassionate, kind and so understanding. He always goes out of his way to help you or your family. I consider myself one of the luckiest  ones in the World  for I have jumped into Life. Then and only t hen do we live life! My world and my life has transformed because of Rob!  With a Heart Full of Gratitude Always. -P.P.


Opportunities to Change Everything in Your Life series dates: 8/18, 8/25, and 9/1/2021


Thank you so much for putting together these healing sessions of the body, mind and spirit! You all helped me get through the last year and a half with my mind and body in a healthy state, ready to tackle this next chapter. THANK YOU!!! – J.G.


Rebirthing Into Infinite Possibilities Weekend Immersion event August 2021


The immersion was intense and great! I’m grateful that I participated, transformed and received miracles. The biggest gift I received from weekend was the satori “aha” moment…knowing my soul was literally kissed by the Creator of all that Is!  Knowing my soul chose this amazing magnificent body and it’s safe to live in it… I was conceived, born as love. I Am Love! I’m sure there is more from weekend but that is the biggy! I feel lighter, freer and more inspired than I felt in long time…have power to create a new life and I have a purpose. -M.B.

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