Bath – Energetically Charged Water 

“I had a painful nerve pinch in my right arm. I used your holy water and an Angel Card over my arm and went to bed. Next morning, my arm was just fine.” -AA



Navigating Your Evolutionary Path & Aiding in the Collective Transition series dates: 9/9, 9/16, and 9/23/2020

Tonight’s call series was incredible!! I’m really excited to participate in this next endeavor. I have been actively involved with your call series since they began and I can’t begin to tell you of all of the positive affects it has had on my life. Thank you so much for all that you do!!! My life has improved Greatly!!! -P.C.


Divine Teachings and Healings Leading us to Freedom series dates: 8/12, 8/19, and 8/26/20

The Divine Transmission Calls are magical teachings and energy work. They are helping my reconnect with my guides and open to things I did years ago. I’m feeling so blessed to see the peace and calm in my life today compared to what it was last year. -B.B.


How to Survive and Change the Energy of These Challenging Times series dates: 7/15, 7/22, and 7/29/20

The Divine Transmission calls a have rocked my World. They keep getting more powerful and I can’t imagine them getting any better but somehow they do. It’s interesting when you know there are things to be released, and even know what some of them are but knowing that or thinking that isn’t enough. The shift and release is in the feeling of these things and that’s what these calls have somehow allowed me to do so I can move them…You bring such a gift to this World and I’m so grateful to have found you and for how deeply your work resonates with me. Thank you, thank you, thank you! -P.Z.


Connecting to Your Original Light & Divine Beings series dates: 6/17, 6/24, and 7/1/2020

“Loving the latest Diving Transmission Calls Rob, new old issues coming to the surface to be released with ease and grace as well as lots of little miracles sprouting up all around. Thank you for making them available to us.” – J.P.


Direct Messages from the Divine God/Goddess series dates: 5/20, 5/27, and 6/3/2020

“Last night’s session was absolutely beautiful. I’m always so touched by your generosity and authenticity. You’re a very special soul.  I went into a place of deep peace and presence and was out of my physical body as a beautiful white essence. The gentleness of it was profound and I’m in a new space of awareness and relaxed acceptance of self which is such a wonderful wonderful gift.” – V.C.

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