Your Work is Unparalleled

Your work is unparalleled. I am so thankful for the opportunity to have experienced your work in the LA area. In addition, the call last night was the most powerful hour of energetic release and understanding that I have ever experienced. If I had one prayer, it is that everyone could go to Asheville Easter weekend and work with you for three days. – Flat Rock Participant

No sign of cancer

I first worked with you in person in September and had just received a cancer diagnosis. I worked again with you in November.  It has been an amazing journey .  Friday I had a PET scan and the results yesterday came back CLEAR – there is no sign of cancer. I am so grateful.  I use the bath water and listen to your playlist all the time! -xooxoxo  -S.G.

Most Powerful Experience

Let me begin by saying that my session with you was by far the most powerful experience I have ever had. I thank my angels and guides for having placed you along my path. Thank you, thank you, thank you. – C.




Most fulfilling Omega event I have ever attended… and I have been to a lot of Omega events…..Thank you Rob. – Omega Participant

Emotional and Physical Healing

Thank you for all you do. I found the session very powerful are even though you thought that it wasn’t going to be such so much of a healing session as a teaching session but I found it to be both.  My love of wanting to know and live in my divinity is quite high and is my highest desire.  I find that the material sense desire is so hypnotic.  I have been using the commands suggested to ask for help from my higher Self. I am learning how to Trust my listening.  I have found a lot of emotional healing and physical healing to be ongoing.  Thank you for this access to Wisdom.

Wish Granted

Rob Wergin can heal physical illness, dis-ease, dis-comfort but his love penetrates to the spirit and he opens to the heart. I am grateful for his teachings and his healing. Rob Wergin showed me how to choose Love, Joy, Abundance, Patience, Grace ….. Wish Granted! -L.R.

Layer After Layer of Dis-ease Release

Simply amazing to experience layer after layer of dis-ease release from the moment Rob’s hands were placed on my shoulders. It was without a doubt an experience of subtle purifying and harmonious energies doing their remarkable work with remarkable ease and tangible results.

Soul Truth

Amazing how much easier life gets when you can get rid of the accumulated density and life your soul truth. Rob so grateful to have you in my life.

Divine Energy Applied

Joe’s story was brought to my attention by one of my best friend’s; he is the brother of one of her three sons. Joe’s life as he knew it shifted in an instant due to life-threatening injuries he sustained when a driver hit him with his vehicle while he was traveling near the road on his bike. He had yet to reach his teens, but was on the approach with a zest for life that his friends and family knew all too well. As it were, to say that these unfortunate circumstances profoundly impacted the family would be an understatement. His parents immediately ensured the families privacy by staying off of social media. I initially would continue to check in with my friend on his condition and with little change I decided to inquire if she would be willing to share a picture of Joe. I immediately thought of Rob and was looking to apply the energy of the Divine via one of the healing cards as provided at his healing events. She obliged ensuring that I didn’t share his photograph. I readily agreed and went about applying the card to Joe’s picture a few hours each day for a about a week or so. I checked in with my friend over a two-week period following the Divine energy application awaiting a favorable and expeditious update. (Later) Joe had indeed came out of his coma and was responding favorably to the doctors and his parents. In excitement, we cheered aloud together in the vehicle!! We are so very grateful for his recovery. He is making his way back each day toward the healthy life that was meant for him along side his family and friends. This is the second miracle I have personally witnessed in association with Rob’s healing work. Much gratitude once again to the magnificent power of the Divine and Rob’s willingness to continue to share his gifts with us! KD

This Guy is Transformational

This guy is transformational! The REAL DEAL! – J.S.

Rob Saved My Life

My daughter sent me information on Rob from a pamphlet she saw. At that time I was in a very bad stage in my life in regards to work, marriage and family. I was ready to end my life. My daughter told me she knew this was unconventional to me, since I was seeing a psychologist and psychiatrist, but thought this would help. My husband and I went to a group session and were unsure about going, but towards the end Rob said there was someone in the room that needed his help. Everyone was looking at each other and then he pointed to me. Now, I am one to get up in front of people and when he pointed to me I wasn’t sure. I went anyway. Up there through Rob I was amazed at what I was doing. My body went through something that is hard to explain. It was like your foot falls asleep and then it tingles when it comes back. I was screaming, and believe me I would never ever do that in front of a bunch of strangers. When he was done I felt like I have never felt before. They said I was glowing! (I haven’t glowed for years.) When I sat down I hugged my husband and he said I felt huge. Since I have had 2 private sessions with Rob and so much bad energy that filled me has been removed and now the energy that I have is all for the good. Rob saved my life! – Darlene

The Soul Knows How to Heal Itself


Rob’s work is honest, profound and joyfully mind boggling. – Sarah


Fantastic Retreat

The retreat at Orcas was fantastic. I believe! There has been an amazing transformation along my lineage. My son, who just months ago would not even talk with my wife, is living at home with a positive attitude and hope. My father, who before I went to Washington could not get out of a wheelchair and could not form a complete thought, is now walking with assistance and cracking jokes, that somewhat make sense. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! – J.F.

Powerful and Insightful

I am most grateful for your work, thank you. I found the session very powerful and insightful. And look forward to Thursday. I have a questioning mind which I am trying to let rest, and I do have questions about my healing process. It’s the duality of the matter. Ask for healing, but don’t seek (grasp) to be healed. Perhaps the I Am statements remove the questioning mind as they are commands, so to speak. When I sat listening and receiving your guidance from the divine entities, my mind worked so hard opening the space to receive, to heal, to be in spirit. I was just being present, following your deep images and just letting be…With deep gratitude and love.


Thank you Rob for giving us access to Agape, Denver and NYC Open Center! It was delicious to be in that energy. I am always amazed at how different the call-in’s are as well. I feel like someone had been doing a Mexican hat dance on me for weeks! But finally came thru the other end. This last call-in had it’s own unique energy. People in my yoga class keep telling me that I look different! I AM different!…As hard as it is sometimes…I want to let go of everything.

Thank you for your connection!

Last night’s session was very powerful for me. Last week was my first encounter with you even though I had heard about you via friends who have been seeing you for awhile. I guess this was my time. Anyway during the “think about all the times you experienced lack in your life” I remembered all the times in my life where I had faced lack and the onslaught of emotions that it brought up burst open and I started wailing. Big big crying session followed but it didn’t last as long as it felt it would! Releasing it to the love of the Divine was simple and very powerful. I’m learning to trust that I’m always surrounded by the beautiful beings. Last night’s session addressed all my challenges and at the same time highlighted that even though it feels like it’s personal and I’m going through my life alone, my problems are shared by most of humanity and in that we are One. And as One we get to release all those emotional baggage that we’ve carried not just for ourselves but for everyone else as well. Afterwards I took a shower and cleaned my chakras too! So good.Thank you for your connection and that which comes through you. 

Complete Recovery…and Fast

Dave is a long time peripheral friend in my circle who recently became gravely ill due to unforeseen circumstances. This is an individual who is “fit” by all verifiable standards. Just a glimpse of his physical health in a nutshell ……he has qualified and run the Boston Marathon 5 times. Not once, not twice in the recent past….5 times! In this day and age, his overall lifestyle and diet choices epitomize the essence of healthy as well. In synopsis, his system was beginning to verifiably fight itself and Dave wasn’t winning. In addition, his blood had acquired an unknown toxin that the medical personnel couldn’t manage to filter nor remedy. It was about a week in, when our mutual friend reached out to me to share his current condition and story. She is aware that I do healing work and although energetically I would add to his energy whatever I could I immediately thought of Rob and looked to apply the energy of the Divine. I placed one of the Divinely charged cards I had acquired from one of Rob’s sessions to Dave’s photo for a period of a few hours over a couple of days and waited it out. It was over the next few days that his condition began to turn around. I knew it had to be a collective process between Dave and the Divine, but I also knew the power of intention and it’s ultimate strength in this time space reality. This was a man who was no longer “present” and come to find out had periodically left his body at different points within his hospital stay. Over that three-day period, after I infused Dave’s being via the Divine energy card; he was on to make not only a complete recovery, but a fast one at that! Even better yet, his shift in condition was inexplicable to the medical personnel who had resided his closest family and connections to the viable reality that he would not be returning to his life as they knew it and was essentially on his deathbed. Ultimately, Dave went on to be discharged from the hospital in a full state of wellness within a five-day period. Miraculous. Sending gratitude! KD

Teachings are Powerful!

I loved the Agape event and the Live stream. Yet, what I enjoyed the most has been the Denver FB Live and your teachings on “less on” and “mor(e) on,” as these teachings are extremely powerful. 

Especially Powerful

I am doing very well after the weekend.  Saturday am was especially powerful for me witnessing others being worked on that related to my issues.  I was able to really cry (bawl as a matter of fact) which I have not done for years.  I immediately felt much lighter and now I am practicing releasing worry and anxiety.  I am very grateful to be reminded how powerful words are in our beliefs, so I am using an old EST technique of putting a big CANCEL stamp or a STOP sign up when I catch myself reverting back. My daughter has been helped immensely by you.  She faithfully listens to your tapes and it was wonderful to be introduced to you by her.   Our collective vibration will usher in the change that is occurring.  One thing we can be certain of is change and it was so reaffirming to hear you say what so many other healers and psychics have been saying for years. We bravely signed up for this lifetime.  Let the light show continue!!   Thank God for your work.  – Omega Participant

Beyond Words

Rob Wergin was beyond words, so much more than I expected. The workshop was well-organized and made people feel welcome and comfortable. My friends and I plan to return to Omega for any other workshop Rob does. – Omega Participant


What a transforming weekend at 1440 the 6th through the 8th of March! The first evening sitting in the Divine Light vibrations filling the room i was reconnected to the Divine. So Grateful!!!!! I noticed afterwards that a tension that had been in my body at the sadness of being seemingly separate from God/Home was gone! Since I have been home my body seems to have this blissfulness taking place in a very spacious body. I recall your many kindnesses, generosity, and love to all of us! Thank you! So glad you choose to stay in the world and heal with the Divine Light! May you be filled with love and joy and enjoy your days! -S.N.

Wonderful Work

Thank you for doing the wonderful work that you do! I just finished watching “Heal” and I am really happy that this beautifully-made film is on Netflix and I am really happy that you are in it! I worked with you over the phone 4 years ago, and I just went through my old emails to realize I never confirmed with you that following our few calls together, my allergies to cats and asthma were gone, for which I have been grateful for ever since. It is time that I share my gratitude with you and not only with people in my life!  I often think about you with love and gratitude, and for the powerful love that you share with those who go to you or connect with you, knowing that this is one of many ways how the healing power of love is spreading on our planet! – A.L.

Extraordinary Weekend & Workshop

Rob Wergin was amazing. This was an extraordinary weekend and workshop. But its not for the fainthearted. This type of approach in assisting people to release and heal can be challenging for some. But if you can stay in the room, then miracles will happen. He is genuine and without ego.

Wonderful Evening

Thank you so much for such a wonderful evening!   When I walked in last night I felt like I could help In some way and mentioned it to her briefly and the next thing you know I’m right up there with you!  Buddy let me tell you, that was a overwhelming experience!!  Funny thing, it was so easy to do because I had energy powering through my body, knees were shaking but I was as solid as a rock.  By the way I was burping all night afterwards LOL!!  Thank you both for the fun, healing and love you bring.  It’s a pleasure to be in your company!

You are an Inspiration!

I awoke this morning and the vertebrae that you had messed around with last night ‘popped’ into place. Thank you for being the conduit…You are such a blessing in this world and you share so much healing with so many people. You are an inspiration and a gift in these tumultuous times. If we lived in different times, you would be uplifted into sainthood. When my gift came through at the age of 19, I shared it a little bit, but it wasn’t time yet for me, I still had ‘human’ experiences that I was interested in pursuing – and I became confused about how I could both be a healer and a human – I fell away from the light. Your gifts have been a profound reminder of my own light and I know that my purpose is to serve and share my healing gift, and I now now that I can do that while living life. You have helped me to see that – to re-member my soul purpose.Thank you. I feel deep affection for you and am grateful that you come to Denver regularly.

Extraordinarily Gifted

Rob Wergin is an extraordinarily gifted healer, and we’re grateful to Omega Institute for making his gifts available in the New York area. Thank you!

Profoundly Grateful

“Heal” is the documentary where I found you. I watched it, and 4 days later I was on the table. And now you’re on Netflix!!  I think you will be needing the larger room in no time.  I am profoundly grateful for your work and that you come to the East.  My being is unwinding and all my cells are vibrating. – S.S. 

Unbelievable Energy and Power

Yowza wow dang man!
I went down and attended a “spiritual supper” with some lovely people in Jamestown, RI this evening – we watched the Agape livestream together.  What an experience for us in the room together.  What unbelievable  energy and power in that session.  Everyone who was at our thing – including two powerful healers- love love loved it.  Wow wow wow.  What a gift to be  part of that. 


Spirit certainly wrapped me in It’s wings Saturday during the Super Small group at Mile High. I felt them working on my eyes (prickly and scratchy). They made themselves known and I smile about that. Another beautiful experience was your question and answer session after the transmissions. Your insightful and humorous takes were delightful and the icing on the cake. LOVED IT! The next morning as I woke up, an old, not so eventful memory floated past me which brought out a deep emotion. Something was moving out of my body. Beautiful! I am so grateful for this healing opportunity. You are an angel in an Earth suit. – A.O.


Rob Wergin is just amazing! This is my second time doing this program and it felt advanced level ! So amazing! -D.T.


This is my 2nd time doing a 3-day call in series, about 2 weeks after seeing Rob at Agape. After agape, I was so encouraged and realized how much I have told the same story over and over. I’ve been doing my best to move forward. This body of mine doesn’t want to comply. Lol. I watched the Agape replay and it always makes me so emotional, especially after seeing the man in glasses’ transformation.
This latest call in series was very interesting. When I listen to it, it helps me move forward.

Really Grateful

Please thank Rob for his generosity in sharing the Boston LIVE tonight. It was awesome. Really grateful to Rob and all the master beings who come through him so lovingly to help us.

Rob is the Real Deal

Rob is the real deal!! I have no words to describe how fantastic my experience was during Rob’s healing sessions! I am grateful for everything he has done!! -Omega Participant

Awesome Experience

Thank you so much for an awesome experience this morning! We are so grateful for the opportunity and are definitely feeling the shifts. We also love the Angel cards, the charged water and divine bath water. – M.M.

You Are Healed

Thursday, I went to my chiropractor (an appointment I had previously scheduled.) I had told her the previous week that I was going to your 3-day Immersion and that I EXPECTED A MIRACULOUS HEALING!  She examined me, we discussed my current condition of NO PAIN, and she said “Wow – you ARE Healed!! I can see a huge difference in your body.  I see no reason for you to come back to see me unless you just want a tune-up!” – J.G.

God’s Light

 Rob Wergin continues to heal and help countless lives. Our family has witnessed and been a part of his healing. Bless you Rob for spreading God’s light to all. – P.D.

Conscious Life

This week’s call was life-changing for me. As you know, I’ve been working with you for several years now to remove the locks and barriers that are standing in the way of me becoming healthy and finding my conscious life partner. Through working with you and the Ascended Masters, I have connected the dots that I believe is the major breakthrough. I had suspected that I had some sort of sexual molestation off and on for many years, and over the past few months culminated in that being affirmed and forgiven. There are no words to describe the experience. The best I can say is RELIEF AND RELEASE. How grateful I am that I was led to you and the Ascended Masters !!! Also, my recovery from the shoulder replacement is going very smoothly and my health is rapidly improving. I trust and know and believe that I will regain my health and my life partner will be along soon. You and the Ascended Masters are very near and dear to my heart and will forever be. – P.W.

Forever Grateful

I have experienced your work in two separate small group sessions, in two large group sessions at Agape, and for about a year on the calls. I have to admit that when I first met you I was terrified. Even though I had watched the Heal documentary before engaging in your work, I was afraid of the unknown – what could happen, what “powers” you possessed, and how I would react. For me overall, working with you has enhanced my inner sight, if you will, as I have been faced with myself and forced to confront all of the accumulated emotional baggage that I have attempted to sweep under the rug for decades. I was faced with the shocking and deeply saddening realization of just how much I have been running from my true self in order to please others. It has been an interesting, intense, and ongoing process, and I am forever grateful for your work. For anyone doubting, you are a true healer. As for fear, the only thing people have to fear, in my opinion, in working with you, is coming closer to being true to themselves and to their divinity within. – J.M.

Bliss Feeling

There aren’t really words to express how grateful I am for what you did for me this weekend… thank you is just the tip of the iceberg… but honestly Rob I’m breathing deeper than I even knew people could breathe… There is more space in my lungs than I think there ever has been but it doesn’t just feel like an asthma release it actually feels like a weight has been lifted that goes beyond just the physical symptoms of asthma, – like I was holding all of this pain in my chest that you helped me let go of. I was tearing up on my way to work today out of, I don’t want to call it happiness because it wasn’t as simple as that, but I imagine it’s the “bliss” feeling you kept referring to this weekend, that I’ve only felt a handful of times when I am able to get into deep deep meditation. It’s the strangest thing, I’m sitting at the same desk I’ve sat at for a year and I feel like the world is a different color than it was went I left on Friday. I could honestly cry right now writing this email (but I have to keep it together in front of my coworkers…)  Anyway, thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you x 1,000,000. Thank you for doing what you do and doing it with such care and consideration – I’m am sure it takes a greater toll on you than you’ll ever express to the people that you help. – Omega Participant

Life is blissful!

You have helped transform my life!
Thank you seems so inadequate, but it is truly heartfelt. With the help of your wonderful gifts I have been able to release the resistance that was seriously restricting my mobility. My energy is up, I sleep better, and my eating habits have changed.
Life is blissful!
Your gifts are truly magnificent and I am grateful to have you in my life. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Forever Changed

Though the first time I saw Rob I could not put into words the profound impact that it had on me, I now have words that come to mind. Though each time is different the lasting effects of peace and well being go far after seeing Rob. You may not know why you need to go, you may think you know why you need to see Rob, either way you will be forever changed.  -RM

Positive Attitude

I went to sleep last night feeling so grateful that I met you. You are such a dear man who gives so much to so many people. Your sincere compassion and positive attitude are a blessing to so many who are going through such challenging times. What a gift it was for me. – B.F.

Blanketed in a state of love and calm serenity.

I’m so glad to hear you will continue offering the Global healings.  I’m in awe at how powerful they are. I do your Transmission calls, I did one small group virtual session, and these past 2 Gobal healings. I’ve sobbed, my body twitches, I feel energy in different parts of my body, I’ve felt exhausted and I’ve felt the most beautiful heartfelt love from within. Tonight I felt my soul waving its arms at the beings like “hey, I’m over here! Do you see me?” With 550 people on the call and billions of people on the planet, part of me was wondering how you and they can possibly get to everyone 😉 But I was given the clear message I am seen and loved. It felt amazing. So thank you for your work. I am definitely shifting in all sorts of positive ways and feel blanketed in a state of love and calm serenity. I Probably wouldn’t have traveled to see you in person, so I am grateful for all the virtual access to your beautiful energy and that of the Divine beings. Blessings! – K.M.

Love and Devotion

I just want to thank you from my Deepest Heart for hosting the Masters so graciously….And for the Love and Devotion you so sacredly hold for us All..the sessions have made huge shifts in the perspectives of my life…
Know YOU are so appreciated for what you yourself bring to the sessions. Gratefully. – Omega Participant

Deeper and Deeper Journey into Oneness

I find the 3 days immersion workshops an incredible healing opportunity. This is my second time and I have gone deeper and deeper in my journey to Oneness. Rob is capable to bring the Divine Light in the strongest but also most perfect way for each soul. Sarah’s contribution is fundamental to help access your true self. I am forever grateful for the blessings and miracles I see everyday in my life. The more Divine Light I receive, the more I am capable of loving and being loved. Thank you Rob. – Flat Rock Participant

Calm Place

After your Divine Session on that great table under the water fall of foliage, I have gone through many feelings (Mental/Physical) which have finally brought me to a peaceful and calm place. I am in a good space. Thank you.

Most incredible weekend of my life!

Most incredible weekend of my life! The peaceful atmosphere and continuing love and support from Rob – staff and fellow attendees was a huge comfort! I am living my new normal and find peace each and everyday – thank you to all who helped to create this – including all of my angels that I put to work each day! Love to all!! – Flat Rock Participant

Highest Value

Rob Wergin is a truly gifted and transformational teacher and healer. My experience was of the highest value and I am grateful. I highly recommend this workshop and any other venue Rob Wergin offers or promotes. -Omega Participant

Thank you!

Thank you for all that you have been, all that you are and all that you will be my friend💕.

True Healing

I am sharing this email from a friend. I hope this will be helpful to the many people who are in the same position he was in. I have been fooled many times,  by SINCERE healers, psychics and mediums, who I believe meant well. The letter writer below is ALMOST as skeptical of all of them, as I am. I would go to Rob Wergin’s website, read the testimonials, watch the videos and make up your own mind.  Rob Wergin says in one of his videos, that he can open the door for Love and Healing to enter, some people open the door even wider, some people let it close again.
One of the philosophical issues that has stayed with me,since my wife’s death from breast cancer seven years ago, is free will versus destiny. Edgar Cayce was very clear, ” the stars incline, they don’t compel”; that our free will was stronger then any astrological influence,  if we use it. In many readings people would ask if they would get better, and he would tell them to come back in a few months for another reading. He would often say that GOD itself doesn’t know what will happen until we make a decision.  True healing has to take place on a Spiritual, Mental and Physical Level. If you weren’t willing to remember “We are our brothers keeper” and come from a place of Love and Forgiveness, Edgar Cayce would often say, “Best not to begin”.
In one of his readings on suicide, he told a woman she would be meeting someone in the early part of the next year. She committed suicide 3 months later. The best I can come to is we do have SOME control over our future. How much I don’t know. I do know that if you don’t try anything, nothing will change . For all those who are suffering I hope this information is helpful, and may God Bless Us All.     -A.A.

Deeply Changed

There are no words to fully express how this past immersion in Flat Rock has changed my life. I truly feel in my heart I am ready to fly. I am free and stepping into my power and soul’s purpose. I know I am here to write my children’s books and have done that over the past 3 years, but it was surrounded by the fear that kept my creative flow just trickling out. But, it was enough to show me what I was to do when I was able to break out of my cocoon of the past 4 years. You unlocked the lock and I have flung open the lid. Praise God.
I wanted to share 2 specific things with you. Saturday night, you came to me in my sleep state as a vision. You stood behind me and picked me up with your arms under my rib cage, which has been an area of deep constriction at times. NO MORE!!!
Hair loss for the past year has been a concern. I have even taken pictures of how much I lost each time I washed my hair. When I came home yesterday, I took a long shower and I only lost 3 or 4 hairs – miraculous!! I have also noticed that today I am recovering much faster when I have been standing or working in the kitchen.
I also honored what you said about proclaiming the new me. I sat with my husband and calmly recounted the weekend saying simply at first “I am not the same person I was when I left”. I am using the spray today as his own fear is emerging at times, but now I am simply neutral and compassionate. I am sharing this because I want to let you know that I am so deeply changed and now willing to continue this work.  I am still crying soul tears as I was that last time you touched me yesterday. Blessings to you (and your team) I have never felt safer and the group was amazing. Infinite love and gratitude to you. – S.S.

Physical Distance is Clearly no Obstacle

There is nothing “mini” about these mini healing sessions. I feel the powerful energies working on me at least a day before each session, and at least a day after. Physical distance is clearly no obstacle to the Masters! Before the mini sessions, I had a lot of joint pain, especially in my hips, and found it painful to walk up stairs. After only three mini sessions, I was able to hike on mountain trails for three full hours, and had no pain the next day. I feel calmer, happier, more optimistic, and peaceful. The energy between my two children and myself is more loving and tender. Somehow we have drawn even closer. It is such deep and gentle work, and yet so powerful, especially in a group of like-minded people. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with Rob, and to be blessed with this Divine healing light. A wonderful surprise bonus is that I can call on these Beings of Light whenever I need help! – A.P.

Very Grateful

It’s hard to put into words the experience of working with Rob. All I can say transformative, grounding and wonderful. I feel very grateful.

A World of Possibilities

Rob’s special gifts and perceptions are valuable for anyone and everyone I can think of. At a time when so many people are looking for that intangible “something” that is missing in their lives, or have unresolved health issues or are just seeking peace of mind, Rob’s sessions and classes open up a whole new world of possibilities and insights that can bring you in touch with aspects of yourself and life in general that are truly enlightening and amazing. I highly recommend him to everyone! – K.R.


Very Thankful

Words cannot express the gratitude of being able to attend this workshop, and I’m very thankful Omega invited Rob back. I’ve been to many healers and nothing compares to Rob’s gifts and assistance to bring about self-healing. Please invite Rob back as many times as possible because he is the real deal. No ego, just a divine conduit helping us self heal. – Omega Participant

Gift of Divine Light and Healing

I know from experience working with Rob that he is such a gift of divine light and healing. I’ve gone from having a story, to letting go of a story, letting go of physical attachments, to stepping into something that is so spiritual. A level of spiritual healing is the greatest gift ever! Thank you Rob for continuing to share your gift!! – J.O.


This is my second experience with Rob. I love his giving-ness and vulnerability. He is authentic and lays down the truth. I loved having Sarah participate as well. I want to experience her more. The whole team is fantastic.-Flat Rock Participant

Gifted Healer

I just attended your weekend retreat with a friend in Flat Rock and thoroughly enjoyed it! I have been on my own spiritual journey since the 90’s and everything you said was so spot on. You are very gifted and I am so glad I came to witness it. You are an amazing healer, so thank you so much for what you give to the world! I would be more interested in one of the smaller group sessions at some point in the future. -J.B.

Working with Rob has been

Working with Rob has been THE most profound spiritual experience of my life. I have been working with healers for 30 YEARS- trying to find just ONE person that could help me- and none had ever come even CLOSE to the levels of healing I have experienced with Rob. This is a whole different level of healing. Over the course of one year of seeing Rob in person, listening to the call series, and now the MOST INCREDIBLE virtual sessions, my life has changed profoundly for the better. I am a much happier person. Situations that used to make me burn with rage are a distant memory- I can remember that I was angry, but am totally detached now from almost every situation that used to tear me apart. I hardly ever visit my chiropractor anymore- I used to go every week- now it might be a few times a year. I have never once been back to my naturopath since I started seeing Rob- I used to go at least once a month. More profound than the physical healing is that I feel joy much more often, I find myself laughing out loud a LOT- I have a much better relationship with my family, so many family dramas have evaporated in to thin air, I am much nicer to my kids because I feel so much better and I have so much more energy for them now, and they are much better for it.
The Virtual Sessions are absolutely a new level of healing. I feel like I have just floored the gas pedal and shot off down the track. I would urge anyone who is pondering the Virtual Sessions to act now! Just do it! They have been the biggest gift the quarantine has given me. Not only can I access the same levels of healing that are offered in person, I feel like the sessions are even stronger than in person. It’s also an incredible gift that I do not have to take a week off, find childcare for my kids, get on a plane, rent a car, book a hotel and then show up- I can do it FROM MY HOUSE!! That is a miracle right there. The Divine Energy stays in the house long after, and my entire family and pets are benefiting greatly as well. DO NOT WAIT to book the Virtual Sessions- they may not be available by the time you decide to act- Just do it! Your life will be the better for it! -M.M


Phenomenal! Phenomenal! Phenomenal Call last night Rob! You found the key to our heart and soul with pure heavenly bliss and gratitude for you. -P.P.

Getting back to that feeling of serenity, hope and optimism!

I started working with you in a very small group session that was supposed to be in person in Denver mid-April but was moved to a virtual very small group. I was the one with the white lamp 🙂 After 3 of those virtual healing sessions I was certain that that was where I needed to be then. I was isolated and alone. Fearful and full of self doubt. You helped me start the journey out of that hole, creating a bridge to these wonderful, accepting angels who love unconditionally. The “Free” open session that you had where thousands called into was amazing! I actually “saw” someone waving to me. Then I saw hundreds, and we all waved at each other, then we all waved together like at a football game. I knew I was not alone, and boy were we all happy.
Today I just finished the last of your 3 recent call-in series. Like they said, this is something that is not instantaneous. There are times that the mind takes over and the fear and self doubt overwhelm me, but I am getting better about getting back to that feeling of serenity, hope and optimism. You also taught me to ask for their help when I falter. With their help I have seen (it was always there) what my purpose is and that it is perfect. When I join with you and them in these weekly sessions I am more able to open my mind to these things. It is wonderful and I look forward to them each week.
…These weekly sessions help greatly. I love them and am glad to hear they will continue. I need to be reminded that they are always there and I can ask for what I need any time. I need you to help create that bridge to them. I haven’t been able to do it very well without your help. The happy waving was sooo amazing. My hope is that you will have another of those huge open free calls for the world to feel happy together for a bit during this difficult time of uncertainty and change. With much love and gratitude, -L.V.

Deep Happiness

I just wanted to thank you for opening the door to so many miracles in my life, and for being so professional. Even though the things I had gone through in the past were so low you only saw the highest… your eyes gaze up afar to a place we all have within us, you bring us light, you bring us home. I truly feel myself again, I have reached channels I thought were lost, I can again feel the depths of my soul. Everyday was mental anguish heartache and suffering, and now I am a walking each day as my true best self in a state of deep happiness eternal love and bliss. The pain and fear I was holding in my body was keeping me from feeling and thinking and being around anybody, I was reliving negative memories over and over, my organs were creating exhaustingly painful symptoms, people were telling me I was clinically depressed. My pain is gone I am calm and I have each moment to feel. I am healthy ambitious and full of life. Thank you for making my soul shine and smile again. I keep your words with me they bring such powerful wisdom to my path. You made the change that brought me back to life. Everyday is like heaven and I\’m walking on light towards eternity. I looked in so many places for God to help me the way it did through you, I am so glad you were there. You changed my whole existence from suffering to feeling good inside, what a truly remarkable difference you make in the world. I can socialize and communicate again, found my interests alive again going to a message/ press school practicing to be a yoga instructor want to get my masters in English and study teaching and working with young children. My dreams are alive and I am back on my sacred spiritual path I felt I was off. Your energy work actually healed me in such a way it felt like my own mother and father came back to help me, it was so uniquely knowledgeable of me like that perfect creative melody or tune we each carry from the universe my exact one was reflected back to me through your light. I believe you are a being that lives in truth one you can trust which is obviously hard to find. I cannot explain to you how grateful I TRULY AM. Thank you. Thank you Rob Wergin forever. – G.


Thought you should know that, today, in Yoga my instructor asked us to think about a time in the last year where we felt grounded, whole, happy and inspired. My automatic response was to think about the first time I got off the table at your office. I was inspired, I knew I could do it, I felt magnificent and I was being true to who I am. Minutes later he was asking us again to think of something we were grateful or appreciative of in the last year, again your name and image. I think it is important to convey my thanks again. I can’t wait to see you and I hope you know how deeply you have impacted me and how thankful I am everyday that I met you and had the honor of receiving your work. I can’t wait to see you again. – Jess

On Top of the World

I am hoping that anyone who reads this testimony will understand the importance in making the decision to see/experience Rob. He is a very gifted person who can help you improve your life in ways that you never dreamed possible. (It is so easy) Yes, it is true. I flew from Michigan to Colorado in order to visit Rob. Not because I have a lot of time or money, but because I saw a very positive change in a friend of mine who had been seeing him. I booked 3 sessions and by the end of my last visit, I was the happiest person in the whole wide world. Happy, happy, happy. I cannot explain why except that I managed to release a lot of old thoughts and feelings, making room for new positive things to come.Immediately I knew that everyone in my life needed to have a chance to feel the way I did. I was home for 2 weeks and booked another trip so that I could bring my husband and 9 year old daughter with me. Keep in mind this is the only trip my family had ever taken since Disney when my daughter was 3 years old. The trip was phenomenal, my husband was able to release physical blockages allowing him to breathe deeper and look 10 years younger. I personally think he had been experiencing heart issues prior to our trip. (Always tired with a shortness of breathe) My 9 year old daughter was not interested in seeing Rob but reluctantly, decided to sit in on one of my sessions. After that she was begging for more time with Rob. Saying “I love Rob”, “I feel smiley”, “I feel like a baby feels”. We are hoping to have Rob video tape her; she has such genuine and simple thoughts. No matter whether you have big problems or small ones Rob can help you/ help yourself. Every day I continue to grow in a positive direction and my life continues to improve. My 2012 goal is to bring Rob to Michigan so; he can meet with my entire family and closest friends. I cannot wait….. “On top of the world” ” – Stacey



I cannot find the words to express what is in my heart for you (and your staff), and your care and concern. Every weekend has been amazing, but this one reached a pinnacle for me. The healing for all continued to wash through me with each person you individually touched. You have created such a wonderful experience for all who attend and I finally surrendered completely. I, like Dorothy, had to “learn it for myself” and I feel that simplicity of surrender and trust is now firmly implanted in my heart. Whenever you are in Flat Rock, I will be there, and I feel now each session will only enhance my ascension process that was illuminated this weekend. I am also asking the Divine to prepare me in the future to be able to travel to Boston so that I can participate in at least a small group session sometime – if it is meant to be – I am ready to receive it when the time is right. God bless you and I love you to the moon and back. -S.S.

Spiritual Adventure

If there was one thing I would tell people new to this work, it would be, “Welcome to the GREATEST spiritual adventure of your life!” This work is like no other. It is your direct connection to the divine. Listen to the calls and do the Zoom sessions, and your life will be transformed- and the life of your family, friends and all of the lives you touch will be different… and all for the better. Problems that were insurmountable will just fade away, people who cause you the most stress and pain will disappear, and situations that cause extreme anxiety will not show up. Physical symptoms will resolve (so much so that you will forget exactly what was wrong with you in the first place!), which seems impossible, but it’s the truth. It has happened to me and to many other people who are on this same adventure.
If you have read all the books, listened to all the shows and watched every YouTube video, but are still seeking The Answer, I would STRONGLY encourage you not to wait any longer- jump in to this work and see where it takes you. I was that person seeking the divine in every place I could find- thousands and thousands of hours at church, reading every book, listening to every show and watching everything I could get my hands on. Now I don’t seek answers from the outside- the answers are within me. I speak to the Divine on a regular basis, so I don’t need to keep looking everywhere and try everything. I have found It. I would take this summer of major planetary shift and go with it! Grab this chance to heal with both hands! It really can’t get any easier. You are in the safety and comfort of your home, having the most stunning experience of your life. I could cry rivers of tears of gratitude for Rob and his gift of Divine Transformation! – M.M.

Kind and Compassionate

The program and teacher were effective. Rob was kind, compassionate, and appropriate in all interactions. I was skeptical at first, but was affected deeply by the experience. – Omega Participant

Overcome Challenges

Just wanted to say THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart, for all the work and support Rob is giving us every day, especially in these times. Some people are concerned with the covid19 virus and some of us are trying to heal our body from deep rooted illnesses that have surfaced specifically at this time in our lives. I believe, I understand, to a certain degree, what is going on in the world now….and Rob is helping us overcome the challenges, so we can shift our personal level!…All my honor and appreciation to all of you! – D.T.


I have been listening to both of the transmissions in this call series, every night, as usual, before bed (and throughout the night). It’s amazing to feel the difference between the energy received depending on the day. My dreams are literally epic when you start a new series. I feel the dreams are tied into the work that the beings are offering during the call and are helping me move through past experiences and ways of perceiving the world. Thank you so very much for your dedication and continuation on the healing journey, as it continues to keep me spiraling and changing, like all of nature naturally does. – A.F.

Your Work is Unparalleled!

Your work is unparalleled. I am so thankful for the opportunity to have experienced your work in the LA area. In addition, the call last night was the most powerful hour of energetic release and understanding that I have ever experienced. If I had one prayer, it is that everyone could go to Asheville Easter weekend and work with you for three days.

Like a Dream

The experience with Rob Wergin was like a dream. The sessions were cathartic and opened up my heart and soul to joy and the divine. I was reminded of the many blessings in my life despite some painful realities. Rob has confidence and a pragmatic conviction in the divine that leaves me finding myself with nothing to lose and everything to gain. – Omega Participant

Thank you!

Rob, Thank you! I will honor your work and the changes I’ve felt by sharing my experience and the magic of your work with others! – Jess


Down-to-Earth & Approachable

Rob is very down-to-earth and approachable, a perfect bridge between the Spiritual and Physical realms.

Very Powerful

It was a wonderful, powerful weekend…I thought the larger group could detract from the past intimacy of the experience…I was wrong…it was very powerful…more is better…

In my Power!

Rob your large group call was Phenomenal! I feel stronger lighter and for once in my lifetimes I am in my Power! Wow so clear and my heart opened  so much thanks to you. I feel like a new person so alive and so grateful for you .I feel like everything is new and I am so excited to be doing this work with you! I truly am so blessed! These (Virtual Large Group sessions) should continue. A major transformation took place with Magic and Miracles with God’s Blessings! With a heart full of gratitude. Let’s keep going for it! You and your work is absolutely Amazing and I am ready for more! -P.P.

Letting Go, Re-Connection, & Getting Healthy

So my first Rob experience was on the call ins….full body experience. 
Second was in NC, no “physical “ healing but my hatred for my mom disappeared….we became closer than ever afterwards. 
Third was again in NC, I had a dream the next day that she died and I was the only one crying….that day I called her from NC FaceTime…we talked for hours…I promised her I’d quit smoking when I got home and that I would take her shopping once a week so she didn’t have to worry about getting around alone, she had COPD. The first outting was the Wednesday after I got back. 7/4. We had a blast! That evening she was found unconscious and in respiratory arrest…after a week in ICU she passed away. 
I am so grateful to you and the Masters for giving us the opportunity to let go of the past and enjoy, thoroughly, her final months. ❤️
Although I’m sad, I’m not burdened with guilt (the dream) because I had time to change it….

Eternal Gratitude

Rob, I love what you did on the “Heal” documentary, it is superb. I also loved the overlay graphics in the beginning to help explain some of  “God’s Mystery” workings! Thank you from the bottom of my heart and Soul for resurrecting me into a higher state of awareness, restoring my health and bringing my soul in line with its calling. Eternal gratitude to you for answering your calling and bringing God’s grace through you to I and others. – L.C.

What a Blessing

I wanted you to know what a blessing it was to see you this past weekend. I was at Omega attending the Byron Katie workshop and came to your group healing event on Saturday night. I did not have any official diagnosis so I didn’t feel entitled to stand up and ask for a personal healing, but I have been suffering with pain in my back/hip and have been having occasional depression/anxiety. I have noticed significant changes in my body and spirit since attending your healing. For the next few days, my body “eliminated” all sorts of awful things, followed by gradual improvements each day in my levels of pain. Today my back pain (due to arthritis and degenerative disks) is gone and my hip pain is minimal. My spirit also feels kind and present, and having access to your words/website has increased my connection to Holy Spirit. I can\’t thank you enough! – Omega Participant

Empowering, Vibrant Moment

Saturday night was an unexpected healing summit and all my sessions were gorgeous. I appreciate to share with you my healing process. On my second day back home, I deeply slept for eleven hours. I have the energetically charged with divine Love and Light card under my pillow. When I woke up, I put my hands on my heart, I breathed and fill it with unconditional Love for myself. Then spontaneous sounds, then singing sound came like ‘ I am regenerating all the cells of my body now, ‘ for quite a while and’ I am healed ‘ and then I saw myself walking easily in the world. It was an empowering, vibrant moment.
I just want to make sure that theses great vibrant moments are supporting the healing process and not interfering in any way. Could you reassure me on that?
During the day, I observed changes in my movements. I am called to walk so I walk behind the wheelchair in the house. I can put weight on my right leg and sometimes lift it. I feel my body is really regenerating.
I am so touched, touched to yield, to abandon myself to the Life Force that was given to me and to TRUST it, trust that I am taking care of.
I have been so scare all my life to be alive and now I am letting all go . . .
Love make me cry, melting frozen emotions that are passing through me, transforming, flowing like a river within, feeding all my being. A part of myself just needs to reassure that is all OK and that the healing is real and another part is so confident that it is happening.
I have been working on my healing for a very long time and I feel this time, with your divine love and light work and mine, finally I am finding back my true power and are healing. AAAAAAAAAlleluia!!!
So many Thank You and Gratitude for all beings of Light and Love. So many Thank You to You and the amazing work that you do


Your work is awakening blasts of eternal consciousness. – J.G.

Strong and Purposeful Energy

I’ve been working with Rob for the past 3 years — doing the call-ins, small group sessions, large groups, and 3 day immersions — and tonight’s call-in had the most powerful energy yet. While listening to the call, on multiple occasions I felt a loving yet extremely strong and purposeful energy pour into my crown and fill my whole body, taking me “offline” (so to speak), and transporting me fully into the light.
I am grateful beyond words for Rob and his work.
Taylor Flynn

You are a True Healer

You and your team have compiled a beautiful video and accompanying text. I have experienced your work in two separate small group sessions, in two large group sessions at Agape, and for about a year on the calls. I have to admit that when I first met you I was terrified. Even though I had watched the Heal documentary before engaging in your work, I was afraid of the unknown – what could happen, what “powers” you possessed, and how I would react. For me overall, working with you has enhanced my inner sight, if you will, as I have been faced with myself and forced to confront all of the accumulated emotional baggage that I have attempted to sweep under the rug for decades. I was faced with the shocking and deeply saddening realization of just how much I have been running from my true self in order to please others. It has been an interesting, intense, and ongoing process, and I am forever grateful for your work. For anyone doubting, you are a true healer. As for fear, the only thing people have to fear, in my opinion, in working with you, is coming closer to being true to themselves and to their divinity within. – J.M.

Profound Blessing

I started listening to your calls a year ago and came to see you last Sept in Flat Rock. I want you to know what a profound blessing you have been in my life. Your work and the Sacred Beings presence have changed me. I am no longer the same fearful, insecure woman who had no love for myself. THANK YOU so much!!!!!! – S.S.

Being a Catalyst

Just wanted to tell you I had an awesome time in Boston.  It was our first time there and the sense of community felt really nice.  It makes me want to drive up from NJ frequently.
3 groups in a row were incredible.  I was so grateful to be laughing myself silly on Saturday afternoon, to feeling like I was supposed to be a grounding energy on Saturday night, to feeling safe enough to just be sobbing on Sunday.
I know I gave you this feedback previously, too, but it really helps to let go more easily when you say something as you are working.  I can definitely tell the difference.  Maybe because it is always encouraging/funny.  Many thanks to you and the Master beings.  I am grateful for your gifts and for being a catalyst. – B.D.


I saw your work on Heal and felt called to reach out to you. I’m at a critical point in my life where many exciting things are on the horizon…and yet I feel there’s trauma that’s inhibiting me from moving forward with more confidence and ease. I live in LA and would love to have a healing with you.

The Challenge is to Quiet the Mind

Client tells of her journey of constant back pain. She saw the Heal Documentary and sought out Rob Wergin, leading to the realization, “The Soul knows how to heal itself. The challenge is to quiet the mind.”

Powerful Work

Rob’s work is astoundingly powerful. Please have him back often. – Omega Participant

Significant Healing

I am a skeptic by nature, and this is only reinforced by my training as an attorney. Nevertheless, the healing process I’ve experienced over the past two years is inexplicable and can’t be understood in a way that can easily be explained.
I started monthly small group sessions with Rob last October in 2017 after being diagnosed with Stage 4  cancer in the summer of 2016. Western medicine wasn’t working. My wife insisted we see the documentary “Heal” and to pursue other healing modalities in addition to the standard Western protocol. I introduced myself to Rob after the film showing and he agreed to work with me and encouraged me to attend a session.
After two small group sessions with Rob, at Christmas time last year, things went downhill.  I now realize that Rob would call this ” the dark days of the soul.” I was in a very bad place and truly didn’t know what was happening to my physical body.  I was unable to walk and had to be admitted to the hospital.
My wife went to my next scheduled session and Rob assured her that he knew what was happening to me, and that it was all going to work out.
Then almost miraculously, significant healing was triggered and I had a breakthrough during this awful time.  Scans were done in the hospital and showed miraculous improvement from just two weeks prior. I understand now that I had to go through that dark, black period to come out the other side, very much healed.  Now a year later, I am back cycling one hundred mile weekends.
Working with Rob has opened my eyes to the spiritual and emotional realms beyond the physical one. That “soul” healing has to take place first before the physical healing occurs.  And I’m not in control of that!  Given that I’m a control freak, this is HUGE for me to understand. I’ve learned to trust that all that happens is as it should be.  Rob has been and will continue to be my anchor of support saying all that happens is for the good. Sure enough, latest scans show very little disease.
Words can’t express my gratitude to Rob and the Divine Beings that surround us. Thank you, thank you for sharing your healing gifts.  Clearly things happen for a reason, and you were meant to do this work at this challenging time in our world. Most of my family and close friends are not even aware of this journey I’ve traveled. But if telling my story can help others, I’ll gladly share and spread the light! – K.R.

I Can Create Anything

Everything you’ve been saying about beliefs and abundance and I’ve been saying to myself but not really getting it NOW MAKES SENSE! I’ve had a story that I am fundamentally broken. And that story has created my reality for my entire life, bringing me into circumstances, “illnesses”, relationships that further prove the story of I am broken. My healing journey has been about fixing the disease, fixing me (broken as I am), which of course creates further brokenness and scarcity and disease. For the first time I can see clearly that story is an illusion and know myself now to be whole and complete and perfect. And from this place I can and will CREATE anything I want for myself HEALTH, BEAUTY, LOVE. ENDLESS ABUNDANCE!!!!!

Feel Electrified

I was transformed and feel that I am blessed by meeting you Rob. I have signed up for the next call series and will attend more events in the future. I attended specifically to help with removing the blocks to the presence of love. Before the event I had been having panic attacks and a dreaded fear. It was even hard to breath. I felt shut down. There were days when I had to fight to be joyful. Just couldn’t get a grip. I saw the movie Heal and I was told I was going to meet you. I immediately got up went to the computer and saw the NC event was literally 5 minutes from my sons house….rest is history. As the days have moved on since the event I feel electrified and feel more spaciousness. I am still dealing with a breast health issue but the constant pain I had throughout my body is gone. When I feel like I am going to slip back into fear I hear your voice say “stop it”. Thank you from my heart. Sarah is a beautiful angel and full of light. I love you both.  I would be remiss if I did not say how everyone on your team are exceptional. -Flat Rock Participant

Pure Joy

AAAHHHHHHH! I can see clearly now that the junk in my trunk is moving out! Your whirlwind tour was the greatest blessing for me. Not only do I feel TONS better, in fact, better than I can ever remember feeling, but my family is also vastly improved. Brighter eyes, calmer energy, more focused and less stagnancy. I don’t know how you do what you do, nor does it matter, I am just SSSSOOOOOOOO grateful to have met you. AND am looking forward to your return. I never realized I was such a wreck until we started peeling away the layers! I now have a permanent grin on my face and it comes from (finally) experiencing pure joy. THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU!!! – Kristen



Saving lives and healing the world

I never imagined I would get to participate in one of your sessions. It’s been a remarkable experience! I feel healing, connection, deep awareness, and calm each time. Thank you for making your gift accessible and affordable during this challenging time. I am so grateful for the work you’re doing and for the messages shared with you. Your medicine is saving lives and healing the world. In heartfelt gratitude. – E.C.

Healing is Profound

I want to thank you for the healing you have facilitated in my body, it is profound! My mental clarity has become better every day as well, and the pain in my neck from the skull fracture has drastically lessened. I have not worn my neck brace since our 3rd out of the 7 sessions.  I also thank you for your generosity of affording my wife and mom a session when they drove me to you. My wife, Dee commented that she felt energized after her experience, and my mom said she could feel your touch long after our session in the afternoon.  I had an MRI and CT scan on Sept. 13th and the neurosurgeon appointment this past Sept. 23rd. The doctor asked me if I’ve been wearing my brace regularly and I told her I’d been to you and my neck felt great. I have good range of motion, the pain is much less, and I feel I do not need the brace. She mentioned I looked a lot better and was happy I felt better, but was concerned about my prognosis. Then she saw my scans; the occipital fracture had healed/fused quicker than she expected and she was no longer worried that I wasn’t wearing the neck brace. I told her I had been driving a little and she was fine, but cautioned me to not overdo it, and I didn’t put too much strain on myself. I told her I had Dee to make sure I wasn’t. She released me back to work at the school on the 16th of Oct. with a few restrictions, and I start PT on the 23rd. I’m looking forward to getting back to work (not massaging) in whatever capacity they will let me, and I have you to thank for all this.  After watching your story and having Mike B. tell me he was going to have you work on me, I feel that my quality of life was going to be a little better than before. Thank you so much for what you do and sharing your ability with me. – R.F.

Immense Gratitude

I completed your last 3-part call series and then was part of your Super Small group in Denver. I wanted to express an immense gratitude and a huge heartfelt thank you for the work you do. I loved being part of the healing that happened and is continuing to unfold. Thank you for shining your light, sharing your gifts and being such a genuine soul. Can’t wait to be a part of your healing sessions again. – M.H.


Having the 2 call-ins and the session so close together, made it a perfect time to be up there alone!  It was miraculously serene.  I felt so calm and connected…like I haven’t felt in a long time.  I was on retreat for the 2nd call-in (luckily someone from the group called me by chance and I was able to get the phone # and the access #…no internet up there).
During the call, I felt centered in the cave of my heart.  My breath was almost not there…as I sat in stillness…listening to you and the Masters….I slid down into the huge pool of crystal clear healing water….and floated like a mermaid among the heart shaped fish.  My heart opened and my consciousness went through the portal.  Is the Universe empty and the Void full?
My body took in the Earth energy as well….and I felt a sense of  “LETTING GO”…like a deep exhalation.  It was cold… one day the Wind wove its magic all day and the next day the Ice Queen sprinkled her glitter all over the ground.      
I AM so very grateful to you and your team of Light Beings and Masters.

So Real!

I couldn’t quite put my experience into words last Sunday afternoon after my time with you. I was truly blown away that I was able to step into/feel a ‘higher’ ‘different’ energy field in your presence. Thank you for facilitating that. It was amazing! My body felt condensed energy at many different levels, and places, both in and around my body. Saying in my head, and surrendering, ‘Just let it go’, helped almost instantly, when I was finally ready, and after I had touched some emotions. I know this ‘other realm’ is always there, it is so clear to me, and perhaps a little fear gets in the way. When I heard a familiar Deva Premal song, I was pulled out of this more energetic moment, and into watching the lyrics, and had to work my way back into that vibration that I had stepped away from. Should I be working hard to do that, to maintain that space, if you will. I have heard you mention that whether or not you “feel” something, healing is occurring always. it was beautiful. So simple, so real, so clear.

Full Color Clarity

Thank you, Rob! As a long time, God-fueled spirit explorer, I want you to know that since I connected with you in Feb. (from Agape), my life has gone from Wizard of Oz black & white to full color clarity as a result of listening and re-listening to the calls regularly!
May you be blessed up a zillion-fold.

Run, Don’t Walk, to Feel his Presence

Rob Wergin is a gifted person who shares his gift with all who go to him for a healing. Run, don’t walk, to feel his presence.

More and More Remarkable

I’ve worked with Rob often. The healing he facilitates, not necessarily just on me, becomes more and more remarkable. -Omega Participant

An Incredible Experience

I have been to many energy healers and no one comes close to Rob Wergin’s healing touch. My life has changed. It is as if he took a vacuum cleaner and sucked out all the issues that had been holding me back. Please have him at Omega every year, and more than once! An incredible experience!! – Omega Participant

Total Love

I’m sitting behind my desk this afternoon trying to feel the obstruction/blockage or whatever it was that was there and had been on the left side of my chest for awhile now. It was bothering me lately again and I was getting concerned. So yesterday I signed on to Agape’s Livestream and totally surrendered and let go of it. Within a short period of time and after my arms–especially the left–began flailing and moving really really fast, it changed!! It was gone!!! It really felt quite a bit different. I was ecstatic about it and jumping for joy on the inside. Then a little bit of doubt set in later one. I noticed that I could still feel it partially although not as much. Fast forward to this morning. I listened, like really listened and tuned into the latest call and towards the end the “whatever it was” was gone! So Thank you. Thank you Masters, Guides and Angels and your legion of helpers. I am in total love, and gratitude.

Lucky to Experience This Work

Rob is amazing! Everyone should be so lucky to experience his work. – Omega Participant

Unbelievable Gift

I came to see you at your Large Group event held in Boston. I‘m the 28 year old woman in a wheelchair who just found out about having Spina Bifida, my spinal cord being tied to my tail bone, and fluid in my spinal cord. I underwent spine surgery almost two months ago and woke up paralyzed. I want to personally thank you for working on me. Every time the pain is intense, I keep telling myself the pain feels good. The sadness and overwhelming emotions I’ve been experiencing are gone. For the last two days, I’ve woken up feeling content with the situation I’m in. I’ve been very tired, but I remembered your three day rule.
You have given me so much hope, and I know I will be walking again. I want to continue to work with you when you are in Boston, and have you a part of this miracle. God has given you an unbelievable gift, and I’m in awe how many people you have and continue to help. -T.C.

Beautiful and Amazing

I watched the live-stream today and thought it was so beautiful and amazing! I felt a release of pain in my body and a peaceful energy come over me. A million thanks! – M.T.


Thank you for starting the virtual small groups which allowed me to experience your healings when time and resources were an issue for me previously. But I do hope that after all these lock downs, that I will be able to meet you in person sometime soon. I truly cherished the love I felt from the Masters during both the Virtual/Call-ins and the knowledge imparted during those Call-ins were so essential to me. Your method in pulling the light….I was so delighted as I do practice kind of the same method as you and is an advocate for this. Using hands, tapping the different energy chakras on the body and visualizing,feeling it as we guide the light inwards. I have also joined in as much as I can your 3 am meditations (3 pm to me in Singapore) , which I find the energy that came through are so strong in both love and light…in fact, I got some very deep helpful insight in of one the sessions….so thank you. It helped anchored me more in my own spiritual path in further understanding of current situation and myself. So, thank you again for the work you have done. -I.L.

Incredible Stuff Happening

Thanks again for the sessions on Saturday and Sunday, they were powerful and I’m so thankful I got to squeeze the extra one in on Sunday. It feels like I was run over by a truck today, but I realize it’s all in the interest of healing I’m sure. Thanks again, some incredible stuff happening, just focusing on staying open. Was a pleasure meeting you. You’re an incredible healer.

Extremely Powerful

The last call-in session was extremely powerful for me…I so appreciate the Masters’ encouraging us to greet them each morning, express our gratitude, and then ask “what do you want me to know or do today?”  I have been doing this each morning, and yesterday I heard, “Stay in connection with us frequently throughout the day.”  I did so and had a magnificent day flowing through tasks large and small….With gratitude for YOU, Rob, in bringing the Masters to us!  Your humility and your humor are such a treat.  And your devotion brings tears to my eyes.

Rob Changed My Life

Rob and his gifts have changed my life. I have worked with many different modalities, healers, diets, etc. to no avail. I have healed and cured issues since working with Rob and incorporated his wisdom and I am forever grateful. Please make sure his workshop is always on at Omega!! -Omega Participant


I don’t think that anyone can explain the magic that occurs in [Rob’s] healing session, but anyone who has ever experienced a true healing knows it and can feel the difference. I specifically asked for my career in real estate to have all the blocks removed so that I could be a clear vessel for my clients. Since [my one session with Rob] a few months ago, I have had more deals in real estate in the last 6 months than I had had in the previous 4 yrs. Action speaks louder than words and Rob [is] a great healer.  Never have I come across anyone who was as down to earth and practical as you are. Thank you for being alive, and thank you for being you.

A Better Story for Myself

This past weekend in Flat Rock was the second time I’ve worked with Rob in person now. (Just so you can put a face/person to the email: I’m the one who asked you on night one about the physical sensations I’ve been feeling in the center of my forehead and you said that my third eye is opening, and who during the healing on day 2 saw my two future children being born. Today, I’m the one who just cried in your arms and you looked at me afterwards, right in the eyes, and said “you are free now.” I’ll never forget that moment. Ever.)
I HAD depression and anxiety my whole life (emphasis on the “had”- that shit is in my past now!) I don’t have it anymore. I don’t claim that story anymore. That was my past and I learned so much from those experiences that has helped me to become a more compassionate and empathetic human being, but I know in my soul now that I am healed.
I’ll be 33 on Thursday, I’ve never been married (yet), never had a long term serious relationship (yet), and have had the experience of being heartbroken more than I would have liked to. I think somewhere along the way I sort of gave up hope that I’d ever have children in this lifetime, although I’ve wanted to be a mother since I was a child myself. And, I have been. I’ve mothered so many children in the past 10 years, from my students in France, to an orphan abandoned in Haiti, to the thousands of pediatric patients and their siblings that I have worked with over the past 9 years as a Child Life Specialist. I’ve watched too many children die, but been there to hold and comfort their mothers, fathers, and siblings during those moments.
But this weekend during the afternoon healing, I got to watch my children being born. I saw myself holding my future daughter in my hospital bed, doting on her and telling her how long I’ve waited to meet her and hold her. At this point my eyes were just pouring tears and I didn’t want the vision I was seeing unfold in my imagination to end. I started to feel sad knowing that the moment eventually would pass, and when I started to grieve that I heard in my thoughts “we have more to show you.” And then i watched my future son being born and my daughter meeting him. It was beautiful and perfect, and thank you so much for facilitating that gift. I can’t wait to meet them one day. I can’t wait to be their mom. I feel so grateful to have had this healing work done now for me (and for them) so that I can be the best mother possible to them. In my vision/imagination, I also saw my two children playing with all the other children I’ve worked with in the hospital over the past decade who have died. I watched them playing together in a beautiful meadow (and my dog, Henry, who is my real-life sidekick/best friend/soulmate and the cutest golden retriever you’ll ever see was there in my vision too, playing with the kids).
I’ve been more thirsty than I’ve been in my entire life this weekend (which I am VERY happy about because that means I’m flushing out a lot), and today I took a solid nap. During my nap, the phrase “learned helplessness” kept coming up in my dreams; just this full understanding that the depression and anxiety I struggled with (again, past tense) for so long was only because I had yet to claim the healing that was always available to me. I recognized in my dream that many humans struggle with this “learned helplessness” and I am truly grateful to have now had the opportunity to create a different, better story for myself. I am whole, perfect, healthy, and healed now.
There is so much I could say about this weekend, about your work, and about how grateful I am to be in this healthy body and have this healthy mind. I know you don’t claim credit for this work, but I do want to thank you for opening yourself up and allowing yourself to be the conduit for these healings. Your vulnerability is courageous and kind.
Thank you again. Peace be with you now and always. -L.F.


Lord Have Mercy! Your free healing session the other night was Very powerful. BUT the Replay was unbelievably, DNA-shaking, MORE powerful! I consciously released Depths and Eons of past lives and present memories! I worked deeply with many current life relationships of living and crossed over family members and and was completely aware of their Presences working in and on me!!! So much work had been done that I almost felt like I wouldn’t make it after such intensity or that I would be in good shape if I did cross over that night… LOL!… But I survived it… I am also a Channeler, so this is not new to me at all but, Rob, your group of Higher Beings are Extraordinary in their Power to move mountains and recreate them, if you want them to. Thank you for your own surrendering in bringing them to us… and for doing just such a wonderful job doing that! We love you and look forward to this Wednesday night\’s session. Be So Blessed and Happy. -S.S.

Over the top

Thank you for today’s over the top, humble-izing, eye opening wide, session…best ever! We are truly grateful for all you are and how forthright giving you are. Have a blessed…relaxing day, love and friendship. -J. & K. C

Standing in Awe

Wellllllllllll, that was quite a weekend at Omega. I thought I was going to witness a freak show, but instead I starred in it. Can’t help but wonder what the f*** was pulled from the depths of my being and released from me, but it was CRAZY and GOOD. The joy that filled me in those next days really did cause my face to hurt from smiling so much. When I returned home, I tucked an Angel card in my soft knee brace, and the knee that two doctors have offered to replace for me felt NOTICEABLY better and continues to. For three nights, my tailbone hurt so badly that I could barely sleep, but my knee (with the Angel card) didn’t hurt AT ALL! ! My husband complained for two days that his back hurt, so I asked him to carry an Angel card in his pocket. HE LAUGHED OUT LOUD, but he did it, and COINCIDENTALLY (he would say), his back didn’t hurt all day.
I am different than before, more relaxed, more content, totally trusting what appears crazy to others, and wanting more. I am still somewhat dazed by, more like ‘standing in awe of’, the whole experience because I have RELEASED the need to make any kind of sense of what happened and is still happening. I am NO LONGER CONFUSED!!! I know I will stay connected and can’t thank you enough for answering the call to do the game-changing work that you do, exhausting though it must be. I would love to bring my daughters to an immersion in the future, and I suspect I will see you all again in person. Sending buckets and buckets of unconditional love and bliss in your direction! Your crazy, still-dazed-but-no-longer-confused friend from Omega. – S.N.

Positive Shift

Yes, I indeed felt the intensity of your work. This morning in meditation I could actually “see” what I describe as black ooze leaving my body. Also, over the weekend I started a heavy menstruation cycle after months without one. Today I have definitely noticed what I can best describe as a positive shift, and I am grateful for your help. I still feel there is a great deal left to clear. I have been keeping with the calls, and this evening when re-listening to last Thursday’s very intense call I finally felt myself surrender. In the group session in Santa Monica when you touched me at the front of the room, I could feel a strong resistance on my part and there was some part of me that I could hear saying “no” as if I still wanted to hold on to the pain, anger, and hurt from this lifetime and many others. I also have the feeling that I will need to sign up for another group session.
In all sincerity, I really cannot thank you enough for your continued assistance beyond the Hall Center session. It is as if the huge weight on my shoulders is not as heavy as it once was.

Overflowing with Love

After the healing and especially after listening to the latest transmission call my heart has been overflowing with love like I’ve never felt before. I feel like the back of my chest is wide open now ( while there used to be a visceral constriction before) and there’s this wide open energetic flow ( as if the Center of consciousness has dropped from my head to my heart). I am able to see clearly that I am not this body/mind organism but consciousness itself flowing through this biological body and that my happiness is not dependent on the content of life but rather is intact stemming from a pure, original me beyond space and time and an extension of God. What a gift you were given Rob. Thank you God. -D.B.

Gifted and Humble

Rob is incredibly gifted, humble and compassionate. Very sacred and safe. – Omega Participant

Way to Complete Healing

I wanted to thank you deeply for the incredible experience in NY on Saturday. I truly felt like a new person afterwards *and* I had a dramatic decrease in symptoms for 18 hours. I know it will be a bit of a roller coaster on the way to complete healing, but those glimpses into being almost symptom-free are glorious.
You are such a pure channel for the Divine and I love you. 

Rob Saved My Life

Rob actually saved my life! I had tried everything. I was desperate for anything that would make a difference. Rob asked me, “Are you really ready to be done with your pain?” I experienced a powerful release of energy from my body. The pain was gone, my flexibility back. 1 1/2 year later I feel better than ever! Thank you Rob for changing my life!

Gift of a Lifetime

Having listened to the last session of resurrection call ins and having been lucky enough to have attended two recent small group sessions in NYC, I have truly been struck by meteorites on many levels! These opportunities have brought me teachings and experiences that I have waited for my whole life- funny you or your spirit guides mentioned those exact words which is how I had crystalized this experience —before even hearing you state those words during the call in.  So much of this experience has been that for me-you/your guides say what has been buried inside of me for so long.  I have had these thoughts, revelations, information, feelings, awareness  in my head, heart and body for about 40 years and by working with you, they have just been made real, accelerated and formulated with the utmost clarity. After the last small group, I processed this idea of how I just needed to be disciplined with training my mind, being, heart and breath.  For full realization of my potential, It could take a long time and progress could be slow or not—that did not matter.  What mattered is that I do it—no matter what. There is no more time for me to waste, or wonder, or be uncertain or confused. That does not exist anymore for me. Now, I really know.  It was through your presence, my healings, the divine energy present in the room and healings for others in the room that I could experience divine energy experientially.  This physical experience of the energy is something that my mind can easily hold onto and trust.  Your gift has diminished the doubt and fear and increased my aspirations with strength, fortitude and courage to move forward to increased light, love and compassion. I know it energetically,with my third eye, my crown chakra, my heart, my abdomen and am now eternally devoted to heart focused and heart centered breath to create new energy patterns that shed light on the darkness and allow the darkness to dissipate for NEW higher frequency in space and of vibration.  I am grateful for every second of receiving your teachings and clarity to celebrate this journey and stay focused on the divine light filled energy field I am choosing to create. Thank you for this—-Training and practice allow me to let go of the stories, their vibrations, limitations and boundaries, so I can freely surrender to accept and receive what I truly deserve to be able to share with others and the planet! Deep gratitude for you having given me a gift of this lifetime.

A Beautiful State

I just want to thank you for the “smack downs” yesterday at Mile Hi Church. I was knocked out and in a beautiful state and place. Today, I am releasing all the fear and sadness, and my mom is sick from all the emotions. We are very grateful for all your love and devotion to us. We ask God to keep you safe and with us for a long time. Lots of love and blessings to you. – E.V.

Experience Was Phenomenal

Rob was amazing! The energetic experience was phenomenal and Rob created an environment of love and care in which profound transformation could take place. – Omega Participant

Rob is the Real Deal!

Did three in-person sessions with Rob in early February (Boston)…Attended a ‘Large Group Session,’ followed by a ‘Small Group Session’ the next morning, and a ‘Super Small Group’ session in the afternoon. Truly a remarkable experience….I am going to the Flat Rock immersion weekend also. My body’s reaction was unexpected and sort of felt like an ‘exorcism’ the first time I had ‘hands on’ healing by Rob. In my opinion, Rob is the ‘real deal,’ and his events are worth exploring, if you have health challenges and/or pain in the body. – Flat Rock Participant

Debilitating Depression

I was suffering from debilitating depression since I was 16. (I am now 32.) It got more severe over time. My mother has spoken about it saying things like “I felt my daughter was disappearing into a hole and I couldn’t reach her or prevent her from going deeper into it. I was losing her.” There were times when I couldn’t leave the house, or even my bed. The apathy and sorrow were swallowing me up, and were so painful that my physical heart actually hurt. The mental pain had begun to manifest physically as well. I had everything anyone could ever wish for in my life- family, friends, a great job, a nice home; but I was unable to derive joy from any of these things despite my gratitude for them. My life was black and I had no control over it. I went through years of therapy and several medications. Sometimes the only thing that would relieve my pain was the notion of dying, so I didn’t have to suffer anymore. I also thought that dying would be the answer because I felt like I was burdening the people around me.
I met Rob last year, and had a session with him. I believe that it was a miracle- I had one kind of life before that session, and a completely different one since. It was as if my sadness and pain, which were getting mentally and physically more extreme until the end, had vanished. My father said “it’s like she’s a new person” and my mother said “I have my daughter back.” I am so grateful to have crossed paths with him and continue to see him whenever possible to get worked on. It changed my life or, more accurately, saved it.                      – S.

Phenomenal Experience

Great teacher, great program overall phenomenal experience! I will definitely be coming back for future programs! – Omega Participant


I just listened to the HEAL Documentary on Netflix – you are wonderful!!! I also cured myself with the power of my mind. I suffered 157 fractures since birth because of  osteogenesis imperfecta. Today I’m fine and  run marathons around the world! You inspire me enormously for what you do to help people heal themselves. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! – J.B.

Rob is Simply Amazing

Rob is the best! Simply amazing! He is the real deal. I have been to other spiritual workshops at Omega for years and he is my favorite! This last workshop is the fourth time I have seen him at Omega and would not miss it! I have already marked the May 2019 date of his workshop in my calendar. – Omega Participant


The live stream event was fantastic. It was so great to be a part of it from the comfort of my home on a Sunday morning in Melbourne, Australia. I did a bit of screaming as I went along and now feel amazing, positive and perfect. I’d been running my story too often this last month, no wonder I felt like crap…Thank you. 

Physical Healing Happening

The current series “Continue on your Healing Journey” is most profound for me! I was in the car driving when I called in on the first call and then was able to listen to the replay once or twice more. I have felt so much better and feel the physical healing happening finally. I have been giving thanks for my healing for quite a while now and believe it is so, but the physical healing seems slow. But I have had a break through. The messages from the masters moved me greatly. I did like that they said they would like to be talked to out loud. I do that all the time not realizing it seems to be preferred. Thank you Rob so much for channeling these wonderful spirits. I can’t wait for this week’s call. I am so grateful I found you and your website.

Experienced a Miracle!

I know that you don’t really like to know what we are struggling with, but I’ve had a miracle and I believe whole-heartedly that it is due to the work I’ve been doing with you since January.
When we met in January, I was suffering with lyme disease for 8.5 years (mostly neuro-lyme) and had recently been told that I had a rare antibody in my blood that was likely set off by the lyme but would mean either Type 1 Diabetes or, far worse, a very rare disease called Stiff Person Syndrome (SPS) that would have rendered me bed-ridden within a year or two and likely unable to interact with the world due to crippling muscle spasms that are set off by sound (a miserable diagnosis for someone who is a musician as I am).  I had begun to develop symptoms of SPS over the past year and was terrified when the marker showed up in my bloodwork last fall.  I turned inward and had started to pull away from family, my husband, my children and my job.  
I was told by a medium that I needed to take a leave of absence from my job and do energy work.  That she didn’t see the SPS but that I was headed in the wrong direction.  I was contacted late one night by the medium when a “being” from the other side – named Tom –  came to her and reinforced that I needed to find help.  I knew that being to be my son’s 4th grade teacher who recently passed and was a remarkable athlete and coach.  I took myself to a hotel in Miami after a business conference, determined to get myself together, and discovered the “Heal” documentary.  And then a week later, I learned you would be in NYC and I made a reservation in one of the groups you added to your schedule.
I felt very much that I had experienced a miracle in my session with you in January.  Before the flow of energy took me over, I distinctly saw the outline of a hand in blue light take mine. I believe that Tom came to me that day through your help to guide me – he was an amazing coach to children in his human lifetime and I chuckled to myself at how he was already making a difference on the other side.  Since that session, I have been working with myself to maintain the positivity and continue the work through your call-in series.  It has been challenging, but I am committed. Your calls and answers to questions have helped me greatly. 
Two weeks ago my doctors did the quarterly blood work to check my progress.  I received those results this morning.  My lyme co-infections are markedly down/almost non-existent, my lyme infection is present but manageable, and THERE IS NO MEASURABLE SIGN OF THE SPS ANTIBODY in my bloodwork.   It is gone.  My doctor said he thought he had the lab report of a different patient when he first saw the results.
Of course, I cried and cried when I got this news today.  I shared it with my husband and he cried with me.  I shared it with my parents and they cried with me.  Being filled with hope instead of fear is life-changing, but knowing that I did the work with you to make it happen is empowering.  
I don’t know how to say thank you in any way that seems appropriate.  This gift of hope is overwhelming and I’m so very grateful for the love and compassion that you helped me to open myself to.  THANK YOU! 
I have much more work to do, and I am so excited to do it! 

Fabulous Retreat

This was a fabulous retreat and experience. Rob Wergin is wonderful and the real deal. Omega should keep bringing him back. He’s selfless and caring, and his staff are as well. – Omega Participant


Rob that is so comforting.


THANK YOU, Rob, for ever-deeper healing experienced this past Sunday at Mile Hi Church in Lakewood, CO. And I love continuing to be a part of your phone call series. The best way I can express my gratitude is to go shine my joy and health everywhere, and that I am doing. You are SO APPRECIATED!

Blessing and Freedom

What a call it was yesterday. Super powerful and full of so much deep deep love and guidance. I had a lot of releases yesterday – awareness that a part of me felt deep sadness that those who did “wrong” to me in my life, didn’t get any justice. They all just charmed their way out of it. My parents, my brother, the doctor who abused me, the swami who touched me, the cranio-sacral practitioner who molested me, the violent boyfriend, my ex-husband who had an affair (please know what this is deep in the unconscious and that in the conscious I know I asked them all to play their roles out of love for me). I opened up to feeling the rage I was scared to feel in case I turned into my dad, brother etc. (that’s still happening and moving). Opening up to blending back in to harmony with and allowing my feminine side to come back – blocked out because of belief that she was weak, dark, dangerous, like a frizzled old witch and totally not welcomed here. She is now!  I’m coming together and it feels like the greatest gift in the world. Crying with gratitude. So grateful for this opportunity and that I’m taking it and that I’m surrounded by such grace and support.  Thank you Rob – still completely open to going as deep as necessary. I understand and see the gift and blessing and freedom in every single experience and am grateful for all of them and not afraid.  As I clear, so the world is clearing and that’s what makes all of this so important. -V.C.

I Feel Lighter

Before the session on Friday I had tightness in my chest that is now gone, broke my ankle a year ago and was a still having slight pain in my ankle and that now is gone. Emotionally I feel lighter and more centered and a lot less stressed out. 

Gift of My Life

Please receive my deepest gratitude Rob Wergin..I started listening to your calls last July from Ecuador .. the first four calls thru the new and full moons, 08.08 Lions Gate and the August Eclipse that passed over the US. I am so grateful for the gifts of Light that you channel .. My experience of your transmissions now occurs in the physical dimension. I prepare, command, invite, ask, sense, feel and see Light Beings all around me. The knowing of this process as a profound opportunity to cleanse lifetimes of vibrational densities that accumulated on my soul IS the Gift of My Life. I Command all Aspects that do not belong to me to return to the light, i ask for and receive assistance, commonly as a physical sensation and i am continuing to let go of all past story and identification with mental constructs. I glimpse One-Ness.. I process Divinity.. I Am Ready to let go. Thank You Thank You Thank You.

The Genuine Article

I just got back home after attending my first Immersion session in Flat Rock, NC. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I feel much much better than I have for long long time 🙂 Rob is thoroughly “The Genuine Article”.
I am amazed how humble Rob is, yet he channels and gives so much positive energy to others. I am proud to have met him and attend one of his sessions. Rob somehow knew the location of my back pain, which I did not publicize to anyone. I had a pain in my upper back which, by the time I drove home, had gone away. I confidently followed his instructions by giving in to the pain and asking for the Divine light to make me healthy and happy and be grateful for it. His special talent has made me accept the idea that, with his help, we can heal ourselves. We only need to openly believe and trust in Rob’s preaching! Just surrender to your pain and ask the Divine light for help, proclaim that you have been healed, and that you are grateful 🙂 – M.G.

Everything Changed When I Saw Heal

Unconditional Love

For adjustments big and alignments small, Rob and the Angels tirelessly energize and heal them all; with noble intentions and unconditional love in his heart. Make haste to the Newton Marriott and prove you’re real smart. – M.A.

Gift from God

Rob Wergin has an extraordinary gift.  When he was “asked” if he would share it with the world and he said yes, that gift became what he so willingly gave to me and many others who have been touched by his work.  The first thing that Rob would say is that his gift was from God and his work is from “his team.”  That’s when I knew I was in the right place for healing.  I can’t thank Rob enough for his willingness to step into being that person that God made him and to devote his life to other’s well-being.  But I can thank God for giving him the ability to listen and perform the healing he shares with the world. Rob…you rock!

Deep Gratitude

I want to express my deep gratitude for the grace that your healing work has brought to my life.
At one of the New York Open Center events, I was overcome by the feeling of being held in the embrace of unconditional Love. I felt like a small child in the arms of a mother. The strength of that unconditional Love brought with it a level of peacefulness that I have never experienced before. With the embrace of Divine Love, I was able to surrender into the expansiveness of joy, the joy that is the Divine inheritance of us all. Your work has released a song in my heart that has longed to be sung.
I am ever grateful for your tremendous generosity and your tireless efforts to bring Love and Light to so many.

Most Amazing and Unusual Experiences

It was one of the most amazing and unusual experiences I have ever had!! Rob is an incredible human being and I am thrilled to have been in his presence. The class was terrific and I would love to do it again as soon as I can. I am now listening to him on podcasts and YouTube just to continue the journey!! The room the class was held in was perfect as it was away from the rest of the campus, so we could all “do our thing” without disturbing others or creating a ruckus!! – Omega Participant

You’re Amazing

I just wanted to say thank you so much for last weekend, it was great to finally meet you in New York in the lovely flower district…you’re amazing! So happy I finally got to experience it for myself! So far the call series has also been extremely powerful. I have had a rough yet amazing past two years of my life being a thyroid cancer survivor, opening up a restaurant in a couple of months and been dealing with a relationship that I believe to be the one…Having seen you and another energy healer, it has been quite a spiritual journey. I’m excited to see how my life unfolds. The divine love and light I have felt in the past few weeks has been truly amazing. I believe it can only get better. I felt upset that I didn’t get to say much more last Sunday because I was essentially so caught up in feeling. But again, thank you so much. 

Mind Blowing Experience

Rob Wergin saved my life. I will forever be grateful to Omega for hosting him twice this year, and I strongly suggest you schedule him more often. He is the real deal, and the healing I have seen and what I have experienced has been MIND BLOWING. – Omega Participant


I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. God really does speak through you. I was listening to you last night and felt like God was holding and nurturing me. Sooooo beautiful. – G.D.

I am Healed!

(During) the Divine Transmission call not only did I experience incredibly intense vibrating, undulating and various colors again but, my body started uncontrollably jerking. I could have swore I was floating so, I had to open my eyes to see. My body was on the couch but, the rest of me was floating. I can’t accurately describe it to you because, it was so intense and amazing. Then a teal/turquoise color appeared that pulled me into the most amazing space; I knew at that moment I was healed. I started shaking/crying uncontrollably; I am so weak and shaky since the sessions end.  I now know, I don’t know how I know, but, I  know I AM HEALED. I AM HEALED. From everything! Spiritually, emotionally and physically. I AM HEALED. Tears of gratitude have been falling for the past hour. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your gift with all of us. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. ️ I don’t know how yet but, whenever clarity comes to me, I want to share this unconditional love with everyone. In love and gratitude. -M.B.

Deepened my Faith

Your teaching has profoundly enriched my spiritual life and for that I will always be grateful. You and the Masters who participate in my daily meditations have deepened my faith in the spiritual realm and in my confidence as a healer. Thank you for your beautiful work.

Richer & Amazing

My small group session was great. Each time I work with you I find richer avenues of my soul to explore. And the large group Event on Sunday was amazing. So much healing energy in one place. I am so grateful!

Good Work

Watching your healing session on Heal made me weep! You, sir, are doing good work if it can move a person to tears. – P.L.

Profound Effect

I first want to thank you for all you do.  Last year and the beginning of 2019 have been the most challenging of my life for multiple reasons.  There have been times when I didn’t think I could continue going on; I was in the darkest place I’ve ever been.  Thankfully, I recently had a powerful forgiveness experience I can only attribute to divine intervention.  During last night’s call-in session, I was in immense gratitude for you and the Masters throughout the call.  It was very powerful, resulting in pure joy and happiness at the end.  While my physical circumstances continue to be a struggle, these emotional and spiritual experiences are allowing me to have a different perspective and see a bigger picture that is full of gratitude and forgiveness.  I’m tearing up just writing about it.  Please know you and your work are having a profound effect, and I am so very grateful. – M.G.

Heart Opening

Wow!!! What a powerful experience at Rob’s small group event today. Rob is such a kind and loving being. Just being in his presence is heart opening. This group experience was out of the world. -P.A.


When Rob speaks, his wisdom can shift a person’s suffering into peace. His healing abilities can help you shift from pain to new freedom in your body. – J.

Love the Virtual Sessions

I’m holding the energy more and really love the virtual sessions, which I’ve found so powerful. 
Your January healing in LA made me notice that deep dread and anxiety had left my state of being. And I was moved to stop using the bioidentical creams my doc prescribed, along with a small thyroid supplementation.  I felt so good and was shocked that my energy level didn’t drop, but improved. The liver cleanse healing your gave me in early March at Multiversity 1440 shifted things tremendously. I finally broke my 7-year dark chocolate addiction  that I used to manage stress – but had loaded 30 pounds onto my frame and left me feeling awful long-term.  I feel so clear and more open now, and I’ve dropped a few pounds already.
Now my kidneys have come to the forefront, with such amazing fear coursing through me the past couple of weeks of continued virtual small group sessions and calls…I am so grateful to have had your unique support in helping me release the trauma from my former investor’s fraud and abuse that left me in a 10-yr tailspin of victimization, fear, dread, etc…Thank you Rob. -M.D.

Healing and Miracles!

Yesterday was such a powerful day of healing and miracles. It was beautiful to see the collaboration of healing happening. Later on in the evening, I got a new left eye upgrade. WOW. New Clear Vision on many levels. Thank You.

More Balanced

My experience in this last session was more subtle, more on an energetic level than a physical level. I feel better, I have less symptoms and/or discomfort than few months ago. In other words because I am more balanced in my body, healing is now accruing at a mind/spirit state. I don’t know how this works but as long as it works, this is all that matters. Thank you for doing what you are doing but please take good care of yourself….We, I need you. With all my gratitude.

Healed in Mind Body and Spirit

Thank you for the healing blessings received today at Mile Hi! I’m feeling great and empowered and healed in mind, body and spirit. Want you to know how much you are loved and appreciated for sharing your gifts. You are an important part of our healing ministry here and to the world. We hope you feel at home here with all of us to come back often. Keep shining your light! – C.C.

Remarkable Work

Thank you for yet another evening of transformation. Saturday night’s session in Boston/Newton was remarkable. I am blessed to have been present. I am writing to acknowledge the time, effort, and very full schedule you keep. We are all the beneficiaries of your work. Grateful for the sacred beings and grateful for you, and your willingness to spend so much of your time assisting them in transforming our world, our lives, our infinity. Much love, many blessings, and deep gratitude. – P.B.

Worked a Complete Miracle

The surgeon told my husband his PSA was rising significantly, indicating his cancer was getting worse. When the surgeon said he must have radiation immediately, I said no! Rob saw my husband 4-5 times and his PSA went to zero. Rob has worked a complete miracle. I think Rob was what actually got the cancer out of him. – G.A.

My Life Changed

Many interesting things are occurring. The last call was extremely powerful for me. Physically, my stomach periodically gurgled for 4 days. It wasn’t upset or anything, just noisy (which has never happened). Day 5, it all got eliminated. I assume I had a lot of crap to get rid of. Over the last several months, I have been trying to pay attention to the cues my body sends, which has included increased need for water (as you recommend), lower tolerance for alcohol (one glass of wine only) and my morning caffeine intake of hot tea has to be reduced. 
Spiritually speaking, there has been some interesting happenings as well. I heard one very emphatic message. That has never happened before. My dreams have told me things, so I’m trying to remember them every morning. Last night, I woke up because I felt there was a Being in the room. I sat up and could see the outline of the head, it was sparkling white and blue lights and the energy was tall and masculine. I determined it was all good and not to be feared, so I went back to sleep. Today, I began to second-guess myself. While checking my car for a court file, I found a feather under the passenger car seat. No more second guessing. Oddly, I could remember no dreams. Maybe I was in the Spiritual Hospital?
In short, I have been asking the Divine Beings/Guides to “bring it.” I think they are.
I look so very forward to your calls and I’m trying to do the work. My knee is finally better from last year’s skiing accident. I credit the work we have been doing for the improvement. I can tell that my throat chakra is trying to let something go. I feel stuff coming up. Maybe I need to speak my truth. Maybe it is something else. Whatever the case, I am sure that it will be handled in due time. Patience, however, is not my strong suit. 
Blessings to you my friend! I am signed up for every call. Words cannot effectively express my gratefulness for what you do. I believe it was important for me to meet you in Aspen. You have truly changed my life. – P.R.

The Soul Knows How to Heal Itself

The pain was bad, bad, bad. That’s when I decided I was not going to have the doctors tell me what to do and what’s wrong with my body. There has to be some other answer.
That’s when I watched Heal the documentary. It was truly amazing. I don’t have words to fully express. Although there are so many heals in that documentary, Rob just spoke to me. I just resonated with him. Me and my husband felt this was the answer. I really do believe what he [Rob] says, “The Soul knows how to heal itself. The challenge is to quiet the mind.”

It was amazing!!

I loved the small group session!!  It was amazing!! Like I said when I got to the front for my healing after I laid down you put your hands on my right side and did your “magic” there.  Suddenly I felt a burst of energy like you popped a zit!!  I have felt WONDERFUL since I left the session. You also mentioned how I would “light up” and attract people with that light.  It was so true!  I had people over to our home for a dinner party, and one man that previously had issues with was so nice to me! Thanks for what you do!  Cannot wait to come again!

Vessel for Light

Thanks for all you do as a vessel for Light. The last transmission was extremely powerful. – J.G.

Most Gifted Healers Around

By all accounts, Rob is one of THE most gifted healers around — and we can personally attest that he has one of the biggest hearts….

Amazingly Prosperous

The Monday following the Sunday session, I had an amazingly prosperous day at my commission-only retail sales position. I am most certain my customers sensed the healing vibrations radiating from my body. Any time I get “off course” during the work day, I stop and recall the healing event to recenter myself. Thank you for your work! -C.S.


Thank you for the work you did and do.  Years ago, in a yoga-teacher training, I was taught the definition of happiness:  “Selfless service to others, that is, “seva.”  To that I explicitly add, “…with joy,” though I believe it was implicit.  More important, for me the definition has become more lifestyle that definition . Booyaa!  More to the point, it seems to me that you both serve with joy.  BOOYAA to you two, too!

Light to this Planet

Thank you for all the work you are doing to bring light to this planet and to all those lucky enough to have found your work!!! I feel so good from the session .. slept for two days in that great energy.  SO GRATEFUL!!!

Skilled Healer

Wergin is a gifted and skilled healer. His power, humanity and wisdom, invites us to really sink into possibility, and we then realize our own greatness. – M.


Superb Ability

Rob Wergin has a superb ability to teach. He connects with individuals and the group, even through extremely challenging conversations. It is wonderful to be in his presence. – Omega Participant

Able To Let Go

I am still a work in progress, but you changed my life and healed more than just my physical body. You healed places in my heart and my soul that were so damaged. Because of you, I was able to let go. Looking forward to seeing you again next time. -A.L.

Happy Life, Healthy Life

This was beautiful, gentle, and I feel really blessed. This is helping me, my children, helping my family line. I’ve released so much physical and emotional pain, deep deep pain. I’m heading towards a happy life, a healthy life. –A.P.

Beyond Grateful

Thank you so much for the incredible experience of time spent healing and expanding with you. I am awed by the generosity of your gift and efforts, and I am beyond grateful.
In the days that followed, I was in a daze, almost what I imagine Valium to be. I went into the session asking for the strength to be my best self in life and forego elements that challenge that. I felt strong and impervious to it all as I integrated back into a light-filled day and went about life. I could tell I was vibrating at the highest frequency I’ve known, and it was beautifully intoxicating.
If I could end all my weeks this way, if we all could, I’m certain the world would be the place we all know and hope it can be. – V.L.

Blessed in Esslingen

 I am truly blessed to have met you, to be able to have had a session in Esslingen (Germany) with you, and happy to have the call with you.  – A.K.

Comfortable and Welcomed

Rob made everyone, all ages and concerns feel comfortable and welcomed.

Rob is the “Pavarotti” of Healers

There are great tenors in the world and then there is Pavarotti. Rob is the “Pavarotti” of healers. Rob is extraordinarily gifted. He is a blessing to this community ( Steamboat Springs). My spine has realigned and all related health issues have been resolved. Like layers of an onion, old patterns have released. I have boundless energy. I am free of any discomfort, and feel radiantly healthy. I feel like a playful, carefree kid again! – R.G.


Intuitive and Knowledgeable

Was an excellent experience! Rob was very intuitive and knowledgeable and was always a great guide during the entire process. -Omega Participant

Magnitude of Transformation

Rob’s work is deeply transformative. After only one session, I experienced a new level of clarity and profound sense of my true self. A glance in the mirror revealed a shining being I had never seen before – confirmed real by the comments of my friends and colleagues who could hardly believe the magnitude of transformation. I highly recommend working with Rob Wergin!

Less Alone

I can’t thank you enough for the Angel Cards…I am So Deeply Deeply Grateful for your Energy, Care and for Hearing me. Made me feel less Alone in the prison of my room. Blessings..

Love, Wisdom, Kindness

Rob is filled with love and wisdom and kindness. He exudes and shares and walks a path that only one of pure love and compassion can. So grateful for his presence, teachings and gifts. Thank you for hosting him. – Omega Participant

Immense Capacity for Love

Rob Wergin’s immense capacity for love, couple with his extraordinary healing abilities, transforms the hearts, minds, bodies and affairs of those in his presence. 
            – Michael Bernard Beckwith

Magnitude of Help

I wanted to express to you my deepest gratitude, and love, for the work you do, for our mankind! I understand and feel the light and transformation that you facilitate, via who you are! I hope you are aware of the magnitude of help you bring to each of us, and this Planet. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you! Just wanted you to know that…..With honor and love. – D.T.

Disease Remission

Rob’s healing gift has changed the lives of my entire family. A year ago, my 8 year old son was diagnosed with uveitis. Uveitis is a degenerative disease of the eye wherein white blood cells cause swelling of the optic nerve and retina. It is the body’s response to an auto-immune disease elsewhere in the body. As the condition worsens, vision decreases. Left untreated, blindness can occur. Uveitis is very rare in children, and never occurring in both eyes (he of course had both eyes affected). There is no cure, but there is a treatment…steroid shots in the eyes Fearing Western medicine’s invasive solution, Providence intervened (as usual). Explaining my situation to a friend, I was encouraged to seek out Rob Wergin. In speaking with Rob on the phone, he immediately knew where to concentrate his efforts. We began seeing Rob once a week. After 2 months of treatment, we returned to the specialist to discover (as expected) that our Son’s uveitis was in complete remission and that he could now see 20/25 with glasses. Previously the best he could see was 20/40 with glasses. Rob takes no credit for our Son’s and our family’s healing. I know this to be a true statement. He may not be doing any of the actual healing, but he is one heck of a facilitator…and that is a truly uncommon gift! If you trust in the process, Rob can “facilitate” a miracle for you too.  – Chris

Magic of Rob

Blessed are those who can be in Denver, or anywhere to feel the magic of Rob!

What a Blessing

Rob, what a blessing for us that you’ve said YES to this work! Tonight‘s transmission was soooo gently powerful, and I was in a very receiving place for this one. Now it feels like I embody open-heart breath-flow — like I AM that. It’s such a bigness, dissolving all past smallness — even the very idea of smallness seems foreign.

Simply Amazing

Simply amazing to experience layer after layer of dis-ease release from the moment Rob’s hands were placed on my shoulders. It was a without-doubt experience of subtle purifying and harmonious energies doing their remarkable work with remarkable ease and tangible results. Such a real healing is a rare gift.  Yet the better part of the evening was the close relationship with Consciousness itself that was engendered from the more physical layers of the healing.  Yes, the mind was fully relaxed and, with the body also at ease, relationship with Reality was effortlessly present.  – WM

Experienced Oneness

I wanted to thank you so much for a powerful and exquisitely beautiful experience in Santa Monica last week.  Three of the four healing sessions were absolutely transcendent. I experienced Oneness, being part of a vast group of healers for whom “boots on the ground” (being physically present among people) was essential, and then I experienced being a vessel in which suffering was transmuted through Christ Consciousness. It was amazing!  Then, the fourth session evoked a deeply rooted sadness in relation to love and longing and relationship and so on. It was profound. From Saturday night through this morning, it was a pretty rugged release process. I listened to your most recent call series, took transformational bags, and finally literally taped Angel cards to my heart and solar plexus. This morning, it finally lifted, and I feel different. I feel more in myself and whole somehow. My spiritual counseling work with clients this week has been up-leveled enormously. Thank you so much for this powerful experience, Rob. Thank you, too, for the beautiful humility and gratitude you show for the work as well. I am so impressed by the model you provide, and I am so grateful for your presence. I am sending so much love and appreciation. – B.D.

My Heart is Very Full

It’s quite hard to put into words how I’ve been feeling and what feels different.  I know at my core that many, many layers have been stripped away and that I feel much more calm, alert, alive, centered, and confident.  I also feel much more connected to God/the Divine.  My heart is very full and I am very grateful. – M.B.


I enjoyed your session so very much and feel like it was so cleansing and renewing. While I was in turmoil inside, your gentle touch was very assuring. And Rob, I could actually feel you flinging out the old “bad” as it rose to the surface. I still feel great since I have been home.  – L.

I actually feel so good!

I’m not really sure what happened but I do know that the heaviness of my ancestors are not with me anymore. Last night I slept for the first time in so long and today I actually feel so good. I know all this is a process but I truly want to thank you for this ceremony and the DIVINE channel that you are holding! I am so grateful.

Best Workshop

Rob Wergin is the most amazing teacher. So filled with wisdom, healing gifts and one of the best workshops I have ever attended in my lifetime. -Omega Participant

Feel More Juice in My Body

I just wanted to thank you so much for the work you are doing, in general for such an unbelievable amount of people…but especially for the changes and healing you triggered in me. Since those two sessions with you my mood is elevated, I am clearer…I simply feel more juice in my body and mind feel so much lighter. What is most fun for me is how your guides taught me this feeling of my perfect light body, tickling sensation and energies flowing even in areas of my body that were “black holes of awareness” before (like my left flank, chest and left side of my head…whenever I meditated into those areas before, my ego came up with the most adventurous and very creative ideas to distract me from going deeper into those very dark and dense body parts). Since your sessions, I can feel so much light and helpings hands around me and I can ask for help to fill up those dense areas, instead of “fighting” them. Its just so much fun to work on my resistances with that extra help…you already cleared so much in me and cant wait for a few more sessions with you. – D.K.

Vessel of Light and Healing

This past weekend was the 3rd time being at Flat Rock.  I was there at Easter and June as well, each bringing unique experiences.  Since the June Immersion, I have felt like I have been in a vortex of opportunities to let go of old patterns.  It’s been a trip! Some have been met with fear and resistance. I have struggled quite a bit.  It seemed as soon as one would disappear, another would come along.  I am more aware of them being patterns now and realize many are coming up for the last time (hopefully).  I looked forward to this past weekend as a reset button.  I found myself craving the light energy.  I felt far away from it.
I approached the weekend of being connected to the Divine, being open to healing for my highest good, and being in gratitude.  Over and over, I had to move from my thinking mind to Surrender, Love and Gratitude.  Your visual of the talking hand as the talking mind has been super helpful, especially as my mind went to doubting my experience, my healing and my worthiness.  
Saturday night, I had this experience that I voiced/proclaimed/owned as a REUNION.  What I saw and felt during the session was my body/spirit expanding.  It grew as tall as the room and much larger around.  I saw myself as this big beautiful blue and white light being which I recognized as my divine self.  It felt like she sprang forth, grew, and as she did I reconnected to my divine self, aligning with her power.  This visual from Spirit is quite humorous to me as I have had “issues” with body image, body size (too big, too tall, overweight, unattractive).  This image was huge and beautiful in every way!!  What I got from Spirit was the physical manifestations of my weight/health challenges have been part of my Soul’s desire to be larger.  As I allow my Soul, my divine self to be in her power, the physical body will return to a healthy weight, a smaller version.  I felt Spirit moving me to own my POWER, my VOICE, my WORTHINESS, my GIFTED-NESS.  It was a beautiful spiritual experience for me and set the groundwork for the rest of the weekend.
During the healing sessions, I felt physical sensations from pain, warmth, moving hands, ease in my lower back, abdominal area, liver and chest.  I felt I was being worked on while Rob was working on others in the room.  It didn’t seem to matter if he was touching me or was across the room.  I kept gratitude and surrender as my mantra during the sessions.  On Saturday while laying down during the extended healing session, I felt as if I left my body for a period of time.  Along with the physical healing that I know that took place, another emotional piece came in for me.  I had turned to lay on my side and cover my head to keep my focus on me. There was something about the cocoon that was created that was intimate, purely focused on me and my breathing.  A deeper connection to myself arose and these feelings of self-love began to flow!  It was the extraordinary compassionate, tender, loving feelings being imprinted into my being.  Another REUNION of the divine me!
I woke up Monday morning after the 2nd night of little sleep with a headache.  YAY!  As it continued through the morning session, I thanked it for being a visible symbol of stuff being released in my body.  I continued to feel my body being worked on during the session while Rob worked on others.  The headache increased during the next 24 hours, as well as feeling like I had a fever with hot and cold feelings in body.  I have been voicing gratitude for the deep physical healing that has happened as these physical symptoms are not typical from me. 
Rob, it seems as if this weekend was about reuniting with the divine within me, owning that and letting go of the physical manifestations of me being separated from my power for a very long time.  I am grateful to you, for your willingness to be the vessel of light and healing.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Again, many thanks to you and your entire team.  Much love and eternal gratitude. – P.K.

Gushing with Gratitude

I am compelled to write this to you because of all you have done for me. My life has changed immensely since working with you. I am gushing with gratitude to you for the miracles I have experienced since my first visit with you. The best way I can describe the difference is that you “unplugged” me, and my life has continued to soar ever since. I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am to you. Rob, I cannot thank you enough. I am humbled by having met you and by having had the privilege of you touching my life so deeply. You have taught me a level of unconditional love that I didn’t know existed. I continue to do the exercises you taught me, the meditations, and the sea salt baths, and my life has become the most peaceful it has ever been. I have accomplished more than I ever dreamed of, and it has all occurred with deep love for myself and those I’ve had the pleasure to come in contact with. How can I ever possibly thank you for opening my world up to such amazing love? For, I feel that’s the main difference in my life. It’s the love you exude and the love you have opened my heart to feel on a regular basis now. My soul soars because it’s been unleashed. Thank you, thank you, thank you. These words are not enough, but know that not a day goes by that you are not in my thoughts and prayers. I send you love and light regularly. You are an amazing being, and I thank God for bringing you into my life. I am so incredibly blessed because I’ve met you. I love you dearly. – J.S.

Immediate Results

Rob’s services have far surpassed my expectations and he is so kind and friendly. I have seen immediate results. I could not be happier.  -M

Divinity Over Dis-Ease

Thank you times a zillion for the new call series for 8/16! The last series continues to be the deepest soul cleanser this side of Mars! Been listening since February & live-streamed 2 Agape workshops. Your work is AWAKENING blasts of eternal consciousness. Thanks for the (Hay House) Heal special series – WOWIE ZOWIE! – bought it. Divinity over Dis-Ease. Yee Haw! – D.D.

Kind, Funny and Effective

Incredibly kind, funny and effective. Rob is the real deal and almost every word he spoke reinforced his messages of deep love, divine energy and absolute knowing that healing is possible. – Omega Participant

Humbling to Witness

Thank you for everything you’re doing and continue to do. 
I listened to the call two days after it was live and it was beautiful intense. I had a big release that evening and huge the next day without even having listened to it and little bits of releasing whilst I listened at two different times afterwards. 
It was absolutely perfect – releasing tears from the deepest place – not connected to anything, simply purging. The tears flowed on and off during one entire afternoon. As I listened, the part that ignited the release was the vision of the white light going down below my neck into my chest connected to grief and betrayal and the feminine energy moving in. Quite stunning…
I sometimes forget to ask for help so your call gave me that message for which I’m deeply grateful. As I remember more and more that I’m serving god in the form of others, I’m able to keep my ‘stuff’ out of the way whilst their ‘stuff’ comes up and stay detached and in the presence of service and then mine releases whilst I walk or am in the garden. 
We’re so held in divine energy and grace and it’s an honour and so humbling to witness. 
I wanted you to know how valuable your work is and to thank you from my heart and soul. 

Incredibly Grateful

I feel so blessed and am incredibly grateful to have been on this Virtual Large Group. Thank you! I look forward to seeing you again! – C.H.

Real Deal

Rob is the real deal. Omega should bring him back regularly.


Blessed to be with Rob. – M.R.

Phenomenal Occurrence

It was indeed our fine fortune to be introduced to Rob Wergin earlier this year.  Clearly, to be granted this privileged experience, we must have done something right in a past life, sometime in the last seven generations, as Rob might say.  Our friends had gone to see Rob in January, describing their memorable experience in a very positive light.  They also shared Rob’s Divine Infused Angel Cards with us.  Our friend explained that the cards were infused with the vibration of Divine Light, Divine Unconditional love and bliss and could be used under food, water, or wherever we wanted Divine Energy to be present.  I immediately looked up the website and we swiftly registered for the “Removing Limitation, Embracing Change” call-in series, which we’ve since listened to numerous times.  The icing on the cake came on Saturday, February 2nd when we excitedly made our way to the Newton Marriott to attend our first ‘Event of Transformation’.  
Rob encouraged the 100 or so people attending this event to simply “let go” and trust that Divine energy was available for our individual support, the highest good, deep peace and healing.  That evening, each person in the Lexington Room experienced a brief hands-on healing, and for me, the Divine and loving blissful energy was highly palpable from start-to-finish.  To our delight, as the session began, Rob explained that even as he was working on others, everyone in attendance would receive a highly personalized energetic healing infusion.  Needless to say, we returned home after that event feeling joyful and peaceful and were highly motivated to register for the next smaller group session in April.  That unique Saturday night experience validated what our friend had described, and we began listening regularly to Rob’s Call-In Series, which were equally uplifting and seemingly beneficial.
We attended a number of subsequent smaller group sessions, with the last one taking place this past Friday morning.  Massage tables were set up in the Lexington Room and each participant enjoyed a number of ‘hands-on’ opportunities to be worked on.  As before, the intensified energy was highly discernible to me, and I experienced it most intensely in my head and face.  The third time that Rob came round to work on me, he focused on my chest, upper torso and head, yet I distinctly also felt two hands kneading and holding my feet.  I was surprised and assumed that it was one of Rob’s assistants helping to intensify my healing experience.  I wondered about it, but left the Marriott that Friday morning feeling thoroughly peaceful and fully satisfied.  However, I decided to publicly inquire about my experience the previous morning during the question and answer session in last night’s “Event of Transformation”.  To my deep amazement, Rob replied that no one else had touched my body.  Naturally, I’m viewing this as nothing short of a Rob Wergin miracle, further validating my experience and Rob’s sincere expression of loving Divine energy as well as his noble, Herculean efforts to help others.  We like to spread the good word and share our experience of positive experiences, meetings with remarkable people, places and things with others.  I’ve promptly written this account to share this phenomenal occurrence and my/our personal experience with inspiring Divine Healing Beings with others who may also benefit.  -M.A.

Open My Heart

I have never experienced such a truth in love. I am so grateful you have worked on me at the Heal Kongress, Rob and opened my heart to feel again. So much love & gratitude to you and the beings. – P.L.

Deep Gratitude to You

It’s our pleasure and privilege to spread the good word, as well as listen to your interviews, distribute Angel Cards, and listen and re-listen to the call series and the Healing Messages from the Masters. For all you do, our deep gratitude goes out to you! – M.A.

Living in a State of Grace

I had been living in a state of grace connected to the Divine, which is something that I worked to attain through purification and study. But once I became ill and lost “everything,” I also stopped my daily practices that kept my connection to the Divine alive and well. This was one of the saddest parts of my illness. Fast forward 12-months and I began to heal myself physically. And while I was elated for that, I was discouraged about how long and difficult it would be to get back to that state of grace and bliss that I had been living in. I thought to myself, “How can I go through this again?” Well, Rob’s weekend immersion at Omega “reset” me, and immediately on Friday night as soon as he began hands on healing, I was brought back to that state of grace, filed with the energy of loving kindness as each person walked towards me to leave the “stage”, and as I watched Rob and his team administer to each person. My bliss just kept getting better through the weekend. My psychic abilities were reawakened, too. I am at a loss for words to explain how it works. One simply must experience it. I am so grateful for the incredible gift that weekend. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. -C.B.


I’ve been struggling to understand why I’m so full of joy one minute and in the pit of disparate the next. I listened to your call, again, and wept as you reassured me, again. I’m very glad you do what you do. 

Complete Remission

I first met you Oct 2017 at the Premier of Heal Documentary in NYC. At the time, my sister had stage 4 Colon Cancer. You gave me a hug to send her, and she signed up for a small group session in Colorado. At that time, she was told by her oncologist to get her EOL affairs in order. She paired your work with experimental immunology treatment In Dec 2017. Within two weeks, her tumors shrunk by half. With in two months they were gone completely. We learned that from you after your second small group session in Boston. It was confirmed by her doctors when she returned home from Boston. She has been in complete remission for more than two years. Thank you for sharing your gift with her. She’s had such a beautiful life since then. All the best. -L.K.


Rob I am so grateful you came into my life. Believe it! I have been working on my spiritual journey since the 1980’s. You have been so instrumental and your work is so profound, so deep to the core issues, it’s Phenomenal! I have done more work with you by transforming than the 40 years of trying to set myself free.  I am committed to clear it all and take it to the next levels of transformation! Let’s Go For It! -P.P.

Rob’s Wisdom

The energy of tonight’s transmission was very powerful. I understand that I am writing this soon after the call, though I feel passionate to express this to you and not wait like my mind told me. It feels like your authentic voice is coming through clearly, not only the wisdom coming through you from the other realms, but Rob’s voice. Witnessing your growth gives me guidance and inspiration to keep changing, and releasing limiting beliefs, and again releasing those parts that want to cling to old ways and old limitation.  I look forward to listening to tonight’s transmission again this evening, and for the next few nights or perhaps weeks, and then again months from now. I continue to listen to the transmissions daily. I cycle through all of the calls from the past few years. Thank you, Rob. Truly, you are doing so much work for all of us and I am glad you remind us to be an active participant in our healing. – A.F.

Gift of Joy

Thanks for the laughter Rob! You gave me the gift of joy. Great night sharing the healing energy with all my friends and others. Feeling free and grateful. – P.C.


Thank you Rob for the long distance energy work you’re doing with me – your gift of healing is so powerful yet gentle and you so generously give of yourself and your time. Thank you for reminding me of my own beauty and healing. – Nisha


Wish I Found You Years Ago

Thank you for the beautiful Angel cards you sent me. I have had an incredible experience healing since the calls the past 2 weeks with very bold dreams which included music (like a movie soundtrack) and processing very old emotions in my sleep. I wish I had found you years ago… my loved ones who have passed on to the Next World from illness gave me a sign they are thankful to you as well for my added health and extra joy and extra spring in my step. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your gifts. -N.C.

Clearing of Stuck Energy

I really enjoyed the healing I went to a few weeks ago. It was very intense for me and I felt a lot of movement and clearing of stuck energy. And my healing journey continues… Thank you for all you do!

Rob Wergin is the Real Deal

Rob is the real deal. Over a decade ago, I went to him with herniated discs in my neck (the doctor wanted to put a steel rod in my neck), bone spurs on my spine, and an opiate addiction. All gone! I’m so grateful to him every day and feel the beautiful energy of divine connection in my healthy body and mind! He is a blessing. – A.S.

Loving Environment

I so enjoyed my experience in the Saturday morning session in Newton.  I felt held by the loving environment.  I was moved physically and emotionally by you and your work.  I felt a lot of release in the few days following.  I am happy to now have registered for my second session on the 9/15 morning session.  Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world.

Warm and Welcoming

It was SO lovely to get to share such a special weekend with you and Rob (& Sarah!) down in Asheville!  Thank you again for all you do to make each one of Rob’s events we’ve attended so warm and welcoming. – Flat Rock Participant

Saving thousands of dollars

I cleaned out my pantry last week- it was mostly expired supplements. It dawned on me- as I threw away thousands of dollars of expired pills- that I haven’t taken any of the massive amounts of supplements I used to take to get me through the day… I didn’t need to take them anymore since I started working with Rob! OMG! I also realized I had not been to the naturopath, doctor, or bodywork people I used to see on a weekly or monthly basis since I started working with Rob. It’s really not about the money, but I realized that, even though I was spending money on Rob, I was saving thousands and thousands of dollars on every kind of appointment and pill I could get my hands on just to try to feel better. For that, I am extremely grateful! -M.M.


Maile McLaughlin

Rob is a treasure!

Rob is a treasure! Have him back as often as possible.

Symptoms Disappeared or Improved

I’d like to thank you for all the positive changes I’ve experienced after my two sessions with you. This was my list of complaints before contacting you: 1) severe pain in kidney area which first started 25 years ago and got increasingly worse over the years; 2) loss of appetite and weight loss starting over a year ago; 3) pinched nerve in neck which I’d had for 20 years; 4) shortness of breath: I couldn’t walk up one flight of stairs without feeling weak and exhausted; 5) squeezing in the throat area; 6) poor circulation/neuropathy; [and] 7) pain in my hips after sitting for long periods. Every one of the above symptoms have either completely disappeared, or improved dramatically. Thank you for your kindness and the patience with which you assisted me in changing my outlook on life.

It Feels so Good to Heal

I was inspired to go to Agape this afternoon to share time with the healer, Rob Wergin. I was walking out of the bookstore and the Rev was walking through the hallway and my first instinct was to hug him and say “good to see you” and he responded, with truthfulness, “good to see you TOO”!
The Sanctuary was almost full and  ready to hear this healer. I followed his every instruction, to surrender and to stop telling my story. He began to work with individuals on the stage and it appears as if he was healing each and every one of them from their painful disease, as well as the congregants. I began to cry. At first I thought it was empathy, but then I realized it was my own soul healing. I opened myself up to spirit, spirit inside, to determine what did I have to heal. They shared exactly what it was through my 2 hours of releasing tears.
I realized that I have been feeling unworthy to live longer than my sister did. I am now on this planet 13 years longer than my sister. Because of this guilt for living longer, I have accepted her illness. Tomorrow, when I go to the doctor, I will receive my results of the MRI. I am now reaching out to my angel, Sister Silvia, who can now love me, as she had always wanted to love me when she was in the flesh. I am now healed to accept her love.
At the end of the event, Rev Michael was signing divine cards, that Rob gave out, and I whispered to him, from the back, thank you for brining this healer to us. He stopped what he was signing, looked me in the eyes, and said “you are welcome, SWEETIE.”
Oh beloveds,  it feels so good to heal.

Drastically Improved

Thank you Rob, your work has changed my life in many ways. The quality of my relationships with family, and really everyone I encounter in life, have drastically improved. This work has helped raise my vibration and move through dense energy that was holding me back. I have never experienced such powerful energy on a call series before. I am honored to have been led to you and this work. – J.G.

Creates a Positive and Enthusiastic Aura

Rob has become our most talked about and respected topic of conversation among family and close friends. He comes across as a gentle, kind, upbeat soul yet he has a way of communicating that creates a positive and enthusiastic aura that is contagious. My husband was diagnosed with a deadly, unforgivable form of cancer in May of 2019. We planned to attend one of Rob’s healing sessions but due to chemo/radiation treatments and reactions we were unable to attend. We initially started attending the on line call sessions for grace and healing. But out of the life altering changes that Covid caused came Rob’s realignment with his healing and giving commitment to help others. We have to date done multiple virtual sessions and my husband continues to improve daily. Rob’s energy that he emulates through transformation of all things in life are possible with God and Divine intervention is beyond words. From the moment Rob warmly greets each person in the group you can feel the charging energy transferring through him lifting away the layers of illness, self doubt, and the fear of the unknown. God Bless Rob and his support staff for giving my husband the transformation of the Divine Spirit to help him heal and continue to enjoy his life journey. If your leaning towards attending a session, jump in and allow Rob to open your mind to all possibilities. -K.C.

Feel Whole and Alive

How was my session?  Very good!! Sat Feb 3, 2018 was my 3rd Small Group session. As usual I was wiped out for a few days. I guess I have a lot of junk/crap to release. And deep grief from the loss of my 2 sons to suicide. Attending your sessions is a big decision for me. I live on social security in Federal housing. I have to believe in/need something very much to spend this much money. I believe slowly I am improving but it’s a rocky, lonely, sad process. However, when I am with you I feel whole and alive. I’m going to take your advice, order some Call-Ins and stay in the energy more.

Walking Like a Kid Again

Wooooo Hooooooo!  Hallelujah!! 
I knew during the conference that I was releasing a LOT of stuff, and the pain kept coming and going. Yesterday, I left the conference at 10:30 am because I felt like SHIT.  I felt VERY heavy, exhausted and could barely walk.  I struggled with wanting to stay and finish the conference, but I just wanted to go home and go to bed, which I did. I slept for hours.
Today, I woke up and I AM FREE OF ALL PAIN!!!  It is another miracle for me!  GONE IS THE PAIN OF fibromyalgia pain radiating throughout my body, arthritis in my knees, neck and shoulder pain, and low back pain = ALL GONE!!  And I KNOW Rob and the Angels removed a LOT of other shit from my body!
I am walking like I am a kid again, I can turn my head with greater range of motion, and I can bend over and touch my toes and move ALL my body freely again with NO PAIN!
I am alternating between tears of joy and laughter because I am sooooooooooooooooo THANKFUL AND HAPPY!!
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU  ROB and ALL THE ANGELS AND BEINGS WHO HELPED ME WITH THIS!!   I WAS zapped by God Friday night!! Thanks for all you both give in the service of others.  I LOVE YOU!! – J.G.


I had a really incredible experience yesterday at mile hi. I felt really connected to the divine in a way I haven’t since doing medicine ceremonies in Mexico. It was really beautiful and I finally surrendered fully to the work. 

Powerful Live Experiences

I learned about Rob from the amazing movie documentary, Heal. I’ve had the privilege of receiving healing sitting in his workshops held at Agape International Spiritual Center. The live experiences were just as powerful as the live-streams. In his presence, when I open and let go, I feel I become so light and free. He is divinely gifted as a conduit of healing for God. Love and appreciate him so much. – C.J.

Soul-Level Healing

I signed up for your workshop at Omega in May based on a gut feeling that I needed to be there, and with no real agenda other than to recharge myself and sit in the presence of divine energy. Immediately after the retreat I signed up for your Journey into Oneness calls. 
I’m very happy to report that since Omega, I haven’t had a migraine headache. Just as importantly, with every week that passes I feel an increasing degree of divine assistance in my own craniosacral therapy practice. I’ve always been aware of various beings or guides showing up and working through me, but in the course of listening and re-listening to your calls, I feel as if a veritable “divine pipeline” has opened up in my treatment room. The calls have in some sense given me permission to call on divine assistance to help others rather than to simply welcome such assistance whenever it shows up. 
Thank you for the deep, soul-level healing that you’re bringing to the world. I look forward to more calls and in-person events. – Omega Participant

In Gratitude

I’ve been wanting to reach out to you since we first met at the Los Angeles session a few weeks ago, but my life is beyond crazy right now. The healing felt like a miracle healing for me. I know you saw my energy shift, and it felt like and still feels like a a toxic heavy weight that was clamped on my chest was lifted. While lying on the floor, I felt decimated, wondered how I could possibly drive home, and thought I would have to have someone come get me. Slowly, I felt the life start to pulsate back into my body until I felt joyous and more alive than I’ve felt in years. I still do feel that way. Maybe not joyous, but in gratitude. My 3 year-old son has leukemia, and the past week is really not doing well, but I am able to stay in gratitude, for him and for my life. I stay positive, which would have been very difficult for me to do before. I have also noticed a huge shift in my CFS. The past few years I have been mostly housebound and every day has been hard, where I felt like I’m dragging the day behind me just trying to get through it. We moved houses 10 days ago, and it went from being something I was terrified of because of my illness, to something I really embraced and was able to skip through with a day of rest in between. I am so so grateful and look forward to the call tomorrow.  – E.G.

Awesome Work

I had some visual experiences of color and calm.  I loved being in the presence of people having such strong reactions. I believe in the “no separation” – what happens to one of us happens to all. I have a sense of acceptance about my physical issue, no real change.  But, acceptance and calm – not bad things – and I’m grateful for those.  My issue is neurological and I seem to be not worse – another area of gratitude. I’ve been in this place of “there is an absolute cure”, so sometimes disappointment is where I am. But, thank you for giving me the opportunity to be in your presence.  Awesome work. – B.T.

I Want to Give My Thanks

I want to give my thanks to Rob. I was literally healed from years of suffering unbelievable pain. I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis and I would more often than not be home bound from the pain. I had been to several doctors, healers, naturopaths and nothing completely removed that cycle of pain. I was told it would just be something that I would have to accept. I became depressed and lost some of my joy. Rob and I worked both on phone sessions and in person after the first session this pain began leave my body and by the time he was done it was gone… pain free. That along with his compassion and humility assisted the healing of my mind and spirit that had gotten used to living with pain. I am forever grateful that Rob is on this planet assisting and healing. From a grateful client in South Dakota. -L.B.

Incredible Light

This guy is the real deal. At this time the world needs two things:clarity on the corona virus and a message that healing and light can shine through us even in these dark times. Rob channels incredible light and energy and healing at a time when the world needs it the most. Keep channeling your great work Rob! – J.S.

Very Grateful

Thank you so much for all your love and care to help me in my releasing. 
My experience since this last phone call series especially the call on March 29 – the first call, I found myself giving myself a lot of self love, self forgiveness and compassion for the first time probably since I was a little girl and all I kept thinking and saying to myself is why have I forsaken myself. Since that first call I have felt so much compassion and love for myself and I am more aware of how I think and speak of myself – to myself……I almost feel sorry for myself since I had been so awful to myself with self talk and especially body image since I have gained 40 lbs.  in the past several years and have not yet released this extra weight. I have been more careful and grateful for myself and my body that I am healthy and very grateful that the feeling of inflammation I had in the past is gone. 
I also noticed and I am very aware that other people’s shit or craziness just doesn’t affect me like it did in the past. I used to be able to have so much feeling when other people would be cruel and mean, yet, now I know it is Not my stuff. I try to avoid all of these people and places as I focus on my self care and healing. That is why I am so grateful I have this work from home job. YEAH!…
I love you both so much and I am very grateful for all you do to help us heal. I am so excited for Omega and I am ready to let go of even more stuff. Be well and God Bless you Both

Unique and Extraordinary

I have been fortunate to be able to experience the work of some extremely gifted energy healers in the United States, and Rob Wergin is one of the two most powerful I have ever encountered.  Since my first minute of hands-on time with Rob in a large-group setting, I could tell his energy was unique and extraordinary. This was confirmed by my participation in my first super-small-group setting, where the experience was one of feeling multiple hands working on me over the course of two hours – even after Rob had stepped away from my table and was across the room.  The same phenomena occurred at home during Rob’s call series.  I have perceived increasing ‘lightness’ in my mind, body, and spirit after every in-person or telephone session with Rob, and have discovered that thoughts no longer interrupt my daily meditations.  Having just attended my first three-day intensive, I was very moved by the in-person testimonials of those who credited Rob with curing their various ailments — including leukemia.  I perceive the energy Rob Wergin transmits as pure love and bliss, leading this former skeptic to be open to the idea that its source is indeed Divine. – Flat Rock Participant

Directing Divine Energy

With the aid of the Angels above and Mother Earth below Directing Divine Energy, Rob lovingly heals and helps us grow. Armed with noble intentions and love in his heart, the transformations Rob strives for clearly set him apart. – M.A.

Our family has been blessed

Our family has been blessed to know Rob for a number of years. He is truly a gifted healer but remains a gracious and humble man. He has worked on our daughter, my husband, myself and numerous friends. I have witnessed his gift. He changes lives and will say that he is just the vessel, that the Divine Light comes through him. We are so glad that he is able to reach so many people now. He is a remarkable man and we are blessed to know him and call him a friend. Thank you, Rob, we are forever grateful for you. L.D.

No Cancer, Yes Health & Vibrancy!

After an extensive hospitalization, I was given a diagnosis of declining lung and lymph system function due to radiation treatment damage over 40 years ago. Upon discharge, I was faced with the specter of having fluid drained from the pleura around my lungs about twice a week, and needed to use a walker with wheels. Because it was scar tissue damage, my functioning was expected to decline further as time progressed. Then, I had a PT scan that showed “lit up” tissue in my throat at the back of my tongue, and 2 lymph glands in my neck. I had a biopsy which the doctors were pretty sure would show one of 2 kinds of cancer. Before I was given the results of my biopsy, I attended a large group meeting of Rob’s in Boston. Rob worked with me up front. After he worked with me, my body felt vibrantly alive and strong. He told the group that healing could literally change the body’s cells. I asked him if the cells that had already been removed from my body and were being biopsied could change. Well, I believe that is what happened! The result report of the biopsy kept being put off, because the pathologists couldn’t figure out what they were seeing and not seeing. Finally, they were able to tell me that there was definitely no cancer, and that they had found a virus. My Ear, Nose and throat doctor who had performed the biopsy was so surprised at the lack of cancer, that he suggested I have another biopsy before too long, just to make sure. Well, I’m sure already. Not only don’t I have cancer, but I haven’t had to have my pleural fluid drained since that evening 3 weeks ago. It is no longer building up around my lungs. My appetite has returned. I’m not experiencing the GI tract distresses that ravaged my body. I’m still quite thin, but totally confident that I’m on my way to being even stronger than I was before this illness started in April. Everyone notices my vibrancy and that I AM BACK! -JL

Wellspring of Energy

First, thank you so much for creating such a beautiful and supportive atmosphere in the room where we gathered.
Last year, I took Ellen Tadd’s meditation class and several people in it talked about working with you and how powerful it was for them. I didn’t know what to expect, but was open.
Timing is everything. I’ve recently left a job that was highly dysfunctional, which forced the issue of me starting my own business—something I’ve wanted to do for a while but wasn’t feeling brave enough to do. My point is, this year has been about facing obstacles, clearing fear, making change, and  trusting more than I have ever allowed myself to do. My work with Ellen has supported that.
I approached my session with you in this spirit. While I don’t have any major medical issues, I have been hypothyroid since I was ten. I had no expectations about this being reversed, and still don’t. I’m not clear on what the “parameters” are for what’s possible. I mostly came to the session open to any emotional/mental/spiritual/soul healing that it’s time for me to experience, for a clearing of obstacles and blockages that may be holding me back from being my best self and playing whatever role I’m meant to in this world.
I’m so grateful for whatever you (and Spirit) did. For a couple of days, I was incredibly thirsty and, frankly, pooped frequently. Clearly, I was clearing in that arena. I hike in the woods  every day with my dog and for some reason, I’ve had the strong desire to run. I feel a wellspring of energy. I feel lighter, quite literally. I have often felt a heaviness and stiffness on my right side and that appears to be going, going, gone.
So while I know that some report mind-blowing shifts, mine are more subtle but no less profound. I’m so grateful to be exposed to your work and look forward to having more sessions with you for further healing. I thank you both from the bottom of my heart.  

Happy I found you!

This was amazing! This was my first time and I didn’t know what to expect. I’m in a different zone. I’m so happy I found you. –C.K.

Deep Continuous Transformation

I specially want to thank you for the service that you are providing for so many people. I receive so much in all the sessions from you, subtle shift, deep continuous transformation where I feel more and more myself without all the junk. Thank you Rob and may you receive all the benefits as well.

Nothing Short of Amazing

WOW! Words do not do justice to the miracles experienced this weekend at Omega. The synchronicities, physical, mental and emotional transformations were nothing short of amazing.  What an amazingly powerful immersion retreat we had this weekend. I have been to every one of Rob’s Omega retreats, this is number five, and each one becomes more special and magical as we release our density. Thank you Rob for changing my life for the better in every way. Lots of gratitude and love to you! -L.K.

A Deep and Beautiful Journey

I am so fortunate that Rob (and of course the oneness/light/divine/goodness – whichever name you choose) has worked on/with me for about a year now. When I look back, I realize how different I feel. I used to live with a loud hum of fear. Now I know that I am a light-filled, love-filled being, who is fully connected to all. On the occasions when I feel fear, it serves as a reminder that I need to deeply remember who I truly am.
Rob often emphasizes the dramatic miracles that occur because he wants to help us open to the endless possibilities. The journey that Rob is facilitating for me wouldn’t be categorized as a dramatic miracle – it is an unfolding that is allowing me to be ever more appreciative of the complexity of this journey we are all on. My conviction is that when you work with Rob, the light gives you exactly what you need. Since I needed to work with fears and emotions, working with Rob has not always been easy. I don’t mean that the way it sounds. Rob is a dear and loving man, who truly cares and wants the best for each of us. What I mean is it isn’t always easy because I need to be willing to experience everything I need to grow.
During my first session, I felt nervous, and then deeply calm, and then perhaps even a little silly. During the next session, I laughed, cried and then went home in the joy of being filled with light.
After the next session, I felt free of fear and spent the next week releasing a fair amount of old grief and sadness.
During the next session, I felt the gentleness, strength and brilliance of love. Afterward, I felt great frustration and fear. I have been at sessions during which I have felt Mother Mary’s presence and her desire for us to know how deeply she loves us. I have been at sessions after which I wanted to skip in the freedom of having released deep blocks that I didn’t even know I had.
At the end of my last session, my body experienced being one with everything and everyone – I want to remember the truth and beauty of that moment forever. I want to encourage everyone to work with Rob because I want everyone to remember the truth and beauty of that moment forever. -S.B.

You’re the Man!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…you’re the man! Love your wisdom, and thank you for sharing.

Supportive Experience

Thank you for the follow-up email. I am glad you reached out, so I can thank you again for the moving experience last Monday. The time spent with you and the group contained the most blissful 2 hours of my life. Thank you for the loving and supportive experience. It was almost a little bit beyond words. I was walking on a cloud for the rest of the day! In my mind I wander back to those mental images and feelings since then. I can’t wait to go there again!!! 🙂

High Vibrational State

Rob, during our session, I experienced a state of absolute bliss that I have never experienced in all my life. This remained with me throughout the day and into the following.
During and following the session, for a good day or two, I could feel my guides and healers working on my forehead, face and throughout my crown. It was very reassuring to know that they cared enough to continue the process even after the conclusion of the show. During the session, I felt them working on parts of my body in which I have had significant discomfort. I have experienced the same feelings during meditations, and am always grateful that they are able to do the work of healing while I remained in a high vibrational state.
I did experience this, as well, while preparing for the session (the day before). I know they are working to clear what I have stored there during this lifetime and perhaps others. I also know this is a process and will require more meditative time and sessions. I am grateful for all that I receive. With gratitude, appreciation and continued blessings for peace and love. -S.A.
Susan Apollon

True Believer

It was a great experience. I’m a true believer now. You’re real! – S.T.

Embrace the Future

I have been on a journey with Rob for the past 2 1/2 years and I can honestly say that without this work my life would not be emerging from this time of reckoning with the core wounding from this lifetime.  The Divine brought my life to a halt and then gave me the support and guidance I needed to finally turn inward.  When I heard Rob’s voice, I knew he was a Divine gift.  I have done the call series, Immersions and now the Virtual sessions.  Rob’s commitment and dedication to humanity’s ascension allows the Divine to reach anyone who chooses to participate and not only have I been transformed individually, I am seeing the effects on my sons and husband.  I feel like the Divine opened a door for me but without the work with Rob, I would have let fear and unworthiness close the door.  I have released the fear that has dictated my life for 60 years and I now embrace the future.  This work can be challenging but the courage to surrender and trust that comes with this work makes crossing through that doorway miraculous.  I cannot express fully the gratitude in my heart for the amazing work that I have done and will continue to do with Rob.  The Virtual sessions are in some ways more powerful than the Immersions. – S.S.

Wow, Wow, Wow, Wow, Wow!

Wow, Wow, Wow, Wow, Wow! The session at Agape blew me away with Joy, Love, Healing, and Gratitude.
I was watching the Live Stream in our living room at home with my husband who is a fan as well. At one point I looked over at his chair and we were both crying because we were so moved by the work Rob was doing with the gentleman wearing the glasses in the first round of people. It was healing tears of Joy for us as well as him.
This was truly a Divine treat and so happy to be a part of this, your calls and many pieces of the Journey together.

Souls of humanity

Grateful beyond measure for finding you in late January through registering for your Agape workshop. Wow! Your Light Bath healing download you so generously sent has changed my life! I listen to it almost daily & signed up for the coming 3 call series. As a long time spiritual traveler & teacher, I’ve been blessed to know my own spirit team for decades and now connecting to you has added a whole new awakening. I was having tons of head pain the last few years as as an empath, & now am feeling the clearing of that density. I feel deeply honored to be living mostly from the heart of conscious joy as the crack in my cosmic ego egg has released the butterfly. Just wanted to say I love you & I’m jumping for joy in knowing you & absorbing & blasting out all the Light I can from the SF Bay into the Souls of humanity. 

Powerful Event!

Thank you for a powerful event and for all that you do to bring healing love and light to so many, me included.

Comforting Presence

Rob’s healing work is gentle yet profound and his compassion and sincerity make his a comforting presence. – Ben



Generosity and Diligence

Though I thanked you last night, I just wanted to take time this morning to express my gratitude for your generosity and diligence. The service you have undertaken commands much time and travel, taking you from home and personal activities. The benefit to all is health, wealth, and wisdom. Thank You, Greathearted Soul. I was once told that  ‘Life Is An Inside Job.’ You reiterate this reality. And with everyday I become more aware. May you, your family, relatives, and ancestors experience Peace beyond understanding.

Beautiful Weekend

A note of gratitude for the beautiful weekend of resurrection and transformation in Flat Rock.  I am truly grateful for the experience, the guidance, the container of safety and support, and the amazing healing that was shared.  Thanks to each of you for bringing these things forward.  The energy, guides, and higher emotions remain intensely present.  
I feel a deep transformation.  I am thrilled to not only be able to say that from a “head” place but from my “heart” space.  I am feeling these emotions on a deep level within my body and feel like blockages to these emotions were released this past weekend. I am very excited to be moving forward in accepting and living out my divinity/my divine purpose.  Thank you, thank you, thank you. So grateful. – Flat Rock Participant

Beyond Lucky

Rob is a wonderful, spiritual being. Working with him saved my life. The Divine energy he brings is powerful and completely healing. We are beyond lucky to have him on this earth. I am eternally grateful. Thank you! – S.G.


Rob’s work is deeply transformative. After only one session, I experienced a new level of clarity and profound sense of my true self. A glance in the mirror revealed a shining being I had never seen before – confirmed real by the comments of my friends and colleagues who could hardly believe the magnitude of transformation. I highly recommend working with Rob Wergin!  – H.


Feels Wonderful

Another great transformation phone call series. You are a gift to humanity, and to this human. Feeling empowered from the last three Wed. night phone calls. There is a lightness to my being that feels wonderful. -E.P.

Loved Live Stream

I just loved LOVED the live-stream at Agape and watched it over and over and picked up more nuances and beauty, and miraculous healing going on with your humor and burps and getting around all the obstacles of the so-called “separation”.


Simply amazing to experience layer after layer of dis-ease release from the moment Rob’s hands were placed on my shoulders. It was without a doubt remarkable work with remarkable ease and tangible results.
Such a real healing is a rare gift.

Changed my Life

I am still a work in progress but you changed my life and healed more than just my physical body. You healed places in my heart and my soul that were so damaged. Because of you I was able to let go. Looking forward to seeing you again next time.

Bask in the Glow

The inner and outer light in you shines so brightly. I appreciate that Bob and I have the opportunity to bask in that glow any time we look at your social media, or listen to your phone calls, or attend your group healings. Thank you for being there for us all. – J.L.

Change Your Life

 A session with Rob can change your life, for the better!!


Thank you Rob and all the Beings of Light who work with all of us in the Call-in Series. The sensations during the calls, plus the ongoing healings for me have been profound. I AM grateful, I AM honored and I AM blessed. Thank you for your ongoing commitment to us all. Your service is filled with Love. As I AM in Australia, I love the Call-In Series, so I AM asking that it be continued if at all possible. I realize that you have made a massive commitment to us all and pray that it is still possible to continue these sessions. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I Love You. And I AM Grateful. – H.L.

Do Yourself a Favor

Do yourself a favor and make an appointment (or take a healing class) with Rob! Seeing Rob has been one of the most important things I’ve ever done for myself. Rob Wergin is a wise, gentle man for healing. Rob Wergin helped me realize that I had the power to heal myself.”

Let go of the Stories

Having listened to the last session of resurrection call ins and having been lucky enough to have attended two recent small group sessions in NYC, I have truly been struck by meteorites on many levels! These opportunities have brought me teachings and experiences that I have waited for my whole life- funny you or your spirit guides mentioned those exact words which is how I had crystalized this experience —before even hearing you state those words during the call in.  So much of this experience has been that for me-you/your guides say what has been buried inside of me for so long.  I have had these thoughts, revelations, information, feelings, awareness  in my head, heart and body for about 40 years and by working with you, they have just been made real, accelerated and formulated with the utmost clarity. After the last small group, I processed this idea of how I just needed to be disciplined with training my mind, being, heart and breath.  For full realization of my potential, It could take a long time and progress could be slow or not—that did not matter.  What mattered is that I do it—no matter what. There is no more time for me to waste, or wonder, or be uncertain or confused. That does not exist anymore for me. Now, I really know.  It was through your presence, my healings, the divine energy present in the room and healings for others in the room that I could experience divine energy experientially.  This physical experience of the energy is something that my mind can easily hold onto and trust.  Your gift has diminished the doubt and fear and increased my aspirations with strength, fortitude and courage to move forward to increased light, love and compassion. I know it energetically,with my third eye, my crown chakra, my heart, my abdomen and am now eternally devoted to heart focused and heart centered breath to create new energy patterns that shed light on the darkness and allow the darkness to dissipate for NEW higher frequency in space and of vibration.  I am grateful for every second of receiving your teachings and clarity to celebrate this journey and stay focused on the divine light filled energy field I am choosing to create.
Thank you for this—-Training and practice allow me to let go of the stories, their vibrations, limitations and boundaries, so I can freely surrender to accept and receive what I truly deserve to be able to share with others and the 🌍 planet! Deep gratitude for you having given me a gift of this lifetime.

A Miracle Occurred

On March 24th, 2016 at 5:30 am, I slipped on black ice at the bus depot in Conifer, CO and landed on the back of my head. There had been a blizzard the day before and the city crews failed to treat the road for passengers that morning. It was still dark and someone picked me up out of the road, sat me on the bench, waited until I came to, then left on the next bus. I was alone and could not think straight at all. I knew I had fallen, panicked and thought I may have dropped the keys to my car in the road. I then went back out into the road of black ice and began searching for my keys. A voice told me that my keys were in my pocket and I walked back to my car and drove home to Bailey on snow and ice-packed roads. I knew enough to put it into 4 wheel drive and use my flashers, and thru the grace of GOD made it home safe. When I got home, I had severe head pain and called for help. I was admitted into the hospital in ICU that morning. I had a subarachnoid hemorrhage, which is bleeding on the brain in 3 places. After 3 days in ICU, the bleeding stopped. Thank GOD I survived!! I had to sleep for 6 months for my brain to heal. I was TOTALLY BLESSED to be alive!!
My best friend Zoe Kelly referred me to Rob Wergin. After 6 months, even though I was happy to be alive, I suffered from not being able to smell or taste and she believed he could heal me. I am a spiritual person and have total faith in GOD. I am familiar with channeling as I have myself been blessed with channeling and definitely wanted to give him a try. September of 2016, I attended his bi-monthly healing held in Denver at the Mile High Church and also participated and continue to participate in his 3 CALL-IN SERIES HEALINGS by phone.
Just recently, a miracle occurred. My doctor had told me several times while I was undergoing treatment that I would never regain the ability to smell or taste anything. He said that this was a typical response for my type of injury. He said that it was not operable as it was the size of a pin head and that I would just have to deal with it. Every once in a while I could smell a skunk or gasoline, but just as fast as it came in, it was gone and it was never consistent. Its awful to lose your ability to smell and taste, especially, food. I could not even smell the ocean or freshly cut grass. I continued to pray I would get well and immersed myself into all of the healings possible that I could receive from Spirit through Rob Wergin.
The ENERGY is INCREDIBLE and I have been an extremely good student, following everything I could. I believe GOD totally uses Rob as a vessel for healing both mentally and physically. On Sunday, June 17th, 2018, I attended Rob’s session at Mile Hi Church. I left afterwards to grab a bite at Applebee’s Restaurant, walked into the restaurant and my sinuses worked!!!!! I was engulfed with the ability to smell everything again. It was as if a light switch had been turned on!!! It completely caught me off guard and I immediately started crying!!! I could not help it!!! Thankfully, Zoe was with me and completely understood everything I had been through and that she had witnessed a true miracle!!! We celebrated and it was the best meal I have had in my life!!!!
Please note also that I purchased the CD “HEAL” which features Rob, and it was also beneficial to me. THANK YOU ROB!!! AND THANK YOU JESUS THANK YOU LORD!!!! 🙂
P.S. This is the first time Rob has heard my testimony. He doesn’t know me from Jack and very rarely gives me any eye contact but I love him to pieces!!!!! Thank you sooooooo much ROB for allowing GOD to work through you to heal us!!!! GOD BLESS YOU!!! 🙂 – P.C.

Rob is a Gifted Healer

I am so grateful that I found Rob Wergin after suffering through arthritis pain for years in both hips. I first met him at the Denver event in a large group setting and then did the small group the next day. I felt like I was energetically rebooted and have felt incredible ever since. The pain and stiffness have almost diminished completely! Even my chiropractor and physical therapist (who I see on a weekly basis) commented on the difference they saw in flexibility and mobility. I highly recommend this gifted healer to anyone suffering any ailment as he has worked on tens of thousands over the years. His passion for healing and his warmth and honesty are remarkable. He is truly amazing and I look forward to seeing him at the 3 day retreat.
Kim Gooding

Richness and Gratitude

I was in today’s small group. At the beginning of the session, I felt something I haven’t felt before, an overwhelming fullness, richness and gratitude of divine love. Wow! And, thank you for giving me a new ‘antenna’ today for new psychic receptors.
I am on this series of calls for the first time. What took me so long to sign up?? I listened to the replay this evening and I actually felt the release of blockages and inflow of a warm light. I love these calls. – G.R.

Changed my Life

Rob and Sarah have truly changed my life. They are such a blessing to me and I will be loving them forever. – Flat Rock Participant

Rock Star

Rob Wergin is a Rock Star!!! Love him and the work he does. A gift to so many!!! – Omega Participant

I Am Health!

Thank you so much for your kind email and expansive work! I’m very grateful that I’ve connected with you thru Agape/MBB and now listening to your other calls/sessions. Along with the divine wisdom & light, I deeply appreciate the wonderful humor & joy you shine…I’m graced with many full clearings & serenity in the daytime, so the positive commands, welcoming 500 million new cells and “I AM health” statements are connecting in my soul. I have expanded into greater levels of awakening but still seem to be “taking on” the great energy shifts of the masses unconsciously.  I’m opening to finding the full balance and bridge to be a light worker who flows seamlessly through it all. Thank you, Rob for your strength, courage, joy & availability! 

Tremendous Gratitude

I especially want to express tremendous gratitude and love to you and the Masters for. I’ve recognized that there were still subconscious blocks within and was indeed frustrated, confused, anxious and discouraged in a very huge way.  There was a part of me that knew in my heart and soul all was well. I felt like I was starting over again with the same old  health patterns and with a new relationship that in some ways feels “OFF” and in other ways has most all of attributes I dreamed of except for the shared reality of our spiritual realities.  I am standing in my truth and am committed to continuing my spiritual path and know and trust and believe that all will be revealed in Divine Timing.  I stopped all of my medicines this morning after that powerful session last night, except one that I was give guidance to continue.  I had a very strong trust in what was said last night and felt that I for sure was one of those who was still “seeking”. I’m ready.  The faith in you and the Masters have been carrying me for a long time and for all of it I am overwhelmed with Grace and so much Unconditional Love. Please know that you and the Masters are forever in my heart and soul. -W.P.

Emotional Healing

I would be reluctant to tell this to a human being, but since Rob had said that the divine beings respond, I feel more comfortable answering this email openly. I have always believed that if I could only touch the hem of Jesus’ garment, I would be physically healed. After seeing the Heal documentary, I thought for sure, Rob was Jesus’ representation on earth, and if only I could touch him, or he could touch me, all would be well. However, that has not been the case. Although, being touched by Rob is otherworldly and even indescribable in its beauty, after my second small group session, I feel as I have been in a washing machine, and so much “dirt” has been brought forth including many negative emotions have made themselves known as well as just how much is not working in my life. Of these, the most upsetting is the realization of the very difficult relationship I have with my mother and how much I have been shaped internally by her treatment of me, and the even deeper, more underlying issue of feeling abandoned by God on this very difficult journey and feeling worthless for being ill and still needing my parents’ financial assistance, which makes things so very difficult for all involved. To make a long story short, if I could ask the divine beings for help, it would be for emotional healing, a reconnection to God and healing of my relationship with Him, a clear path forward to make the necessary changes in my life, an understanding of why I am even here on earth, what work I came here to do, and some insight as how to come to terms with my childhood and my mother so that I am no longer a victim of her unconsciousness, and so that I, in turn, do not hurt her in any way, consciously or unconsciously, as a result of my resentment, which I would like help releasing. I also realize how my estranged relationship with my alcoholic father gnaws at me… I no longer wish to be a puppet pulled by my parents’ strings, nor do I wish to remain stuck in my metaphorical childhood bedroom trying to be the “good” girl contorting myself to seek my parents’ elusive approval. I wish for peace within and without and help reconnecting to who I really am.
With all of that said, a lot has come up, and I do not in any way, mean to sound ungrateful, so I would like to thank Rob and the divine beings for all that they do on behalf of myself and on behalf of all those whose lives they touch. It truly is remarkable work.

Truly Gifted Healer

I have been doing transformational and spiritual work now since the age of about eleven. During that time I have been blessed with several wonderful and profound experiences. The gifts I have had recently from Rob have no equal, he is in a class of his own. I would place him in the rare category of one of this planet’s truly gifted healers. – C.


Tonight Was Absolutely Amazing

Tonight was absolutely AMAZING! My whole body was filled with Golden Light! I felt a shift occur that is so profound, not understood mentally or intellectually; just deeply vibrational.
I think of you often, feeling your fatigue at times; so much traveling, etc.etc.
Thank you from my deepest heart for doing this very blessed work. -T.A.

My life has changed profoundly!

I have been lucky to have been working with Rob for about a year. My life has changed profoundly. I feel more and more free every day. I am not caught up in any dramas- even when people are trying very hard to include me! I just have an overwhelming sense that everything is going to work out for my highest good, and I never worry anymore. I didn’t realize that I even HAD anxiety until it went away. What an amazing feeling! Working with Rob is like FINALLY filling the “God Shaped Hole” that nothing else can fill- not just with substances or food, but also shopping, entertainment, being purposely too busy, having dramas, all of it. That is the most incredible feeling! I find myself laughing more, and so many negative people and influences have disappeared, never to return. I was also in one kind or another of physical pain every day for about 15 years- I just figured it would be that way forever. Now my pain is gone, and if I occasionally have a tweak here or there, I throw an angel card on that spot, and it’s all good again.
I have just completed two virtual sessions with Rob from my home in Hawaii. What a gift! Having been to many in-person sessions with Rob this past year, I can strongly attest that the quality and strength of the virtual sessions are absolutely the same, if not more powerful. Being at home with no outward distractions was a great way to go incredibly deep with the work. I am profoundly grateful that Rob has begun to offer these sessions, and I will be “attending” as many as I can! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Rob! – M.M.

Healing our family unit

Thank you for such a special session.  It was quite a healing for our family unit.  My husband and I are so grateful you have continued these virtual groups.  It allowed our daughter to join us which was so special since, as you may recall, she was estranged from us for five years.  Thank you, thank you, thank you! I miss your wonderful hugs, but am so grateful these virtual sessions allow us to be with you and your healing energy. I love you and am so grateful for you and your healing work. – L.B.

More Empowered

There’s a lot of stuff that I’ve worked on and cleared. With each session I feel like I come to a better understanding that I am creating this (illness). I’ve never thought of myself as the author, the sole author of my story. Now I’m seeing that you are shepherding us there. Every time I have an exposure to you and your teachings I feel like I become more empowered and more understanding of just how much of this (crap) was of my own creating. I’m grateful for you, this has really been beautiful. -C.J.

Opening Into Grace

Yesterday was the big changer. As I walked early in the morning, I realized that I was allowing myself to go into the subtle ‘victim’. “How come I can’t do this?” “Nothing I’m doing is working.” “I can’t release this.” etc. etc. Then my focus came onto feminine archetypes. Not one in particular, just an opening to all of the magnificent variety of the feminine. And then I made a conscious decision to get out of the victim and be empowered in harmony with the left side experience. Feeling absolutely everything, everything. Physically more than anything else and not trying to search for the reason. Opening to complete acceptance of how it feels in every moment and feeling how it feels, exactly how it feels, not trying to adjust, change, just feel and in feeling, finding the power in that energy, in that feeling, in that experience. There’s a lot of power, pure potential and it’s a beautiful frequency of life and living and more than I can imagine right now.  As I woke up this morning, just as I was moving to get out of bed, I felt a veil, a very thin, delicate, transparent sheet of peace float down on top of me. I’m so grateful. I can feel the change happening. Opening into more softness, gentleness with myself and the moment. So the muscles are still tense but I know that it doesn’t matter anymore. They will release and it’s all part of the loving experience. Rob, I’m so grateful for your love, your support, your guidance and your innate generosity. I’m forever grateful to the masters, light beings, angels etc. etc. And to the divine for offering me this opportunity and opening into grace. Embodiment. -V.C.

New Aliveness

I first heard of you on Monday, less than a week ago, and already you have altered my world! A friend mentioned she worked with you in L.A. and said you seem like the real deal. I got on YouTube that night and watched several of your videos. Just doing that, I felt energy flow through my body, just by watching YouTube.
On Tuesday night, I watched Heal and watched more of your videos the next morning. I awoke feeling my legs twitching, and I knew it was energy flowing through me from your work. On Thursday morning, I felt called to check out your website, and when I saw you were starting a new 3-week phone-in class, I signed up.
I was diagnosed with FSH (facioscapulohumeral) muscular dystrophy at the age of 13, and as I begin my 55th year, I am as close to losing my ability to walk as I’ve ever been. It’s been frightening. I’ve done meditation, am a fan of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work, and have trained in an energy medicine called Intuition Medicine. All of these things have been beneficial, and I believe they’ve gotten me to the place where I am very receptive to your work.
On Thursday, during the class, I felt my solar plexus open up and release. After a few minutes, I felt hollow inside and a bit nauseous. Then, I experienced a flow of energy that I can only describe as smooth. I’ve felt energy before, but this was the smoothest I’ve ever felt – like a creek that is flowing in an easy, natural way at exactly the speed and level needed. This 3rd chakra opening then allowed energy to fill and awaken my lower body and legs.
I felt the love and support of the guides who came to assist me and they are still very much around me. I know they worked on me in the spiritual hospital and every night since, and they wake me up each morning with a meaningful song lyric in my head.  The first morning it was John Lennon’s “War is over if you want it. War is over now.” The next day it was “Maybe it’s time to let the old ways die” from A Star is Born. I feel a new aliveness in my legs, particularly when I first wake up. 
As if this wasn’t enough, something has shifted dramatically in my gait. Two friends have already commented that I am walking differently, and I can feel that an old compensatory pattern in my hips and legs is shifting. I’m a bit wobbly because it’s new, but I know it’s for the better. I feel so much more grounded and connected to my lower body.
So, this is week #1 !! 🙂  I can hardly wait to continue the class and to open up more to the Divine Light and masters that you have helped me access. You are an amazing human being and teacher, and I am so glad to have been introduced to your work. I’m all in! Thank you so much for all you do. – K.M.

Amazing Breakthrough

Thank you for an amazing breakthrough weekend! So much is shifting. On Sunday, when my body wouldn’t stop moving, I wasn’t sure what to do. When the Masters advised me to jump and shake, I thought about how Kim Eng (Tolle’s partner) supports the strategy of shaking to release the pain in the body. I resisted, but finally got up and did that until I was exhausted.
The other morning while listening to the recall from Thursday, I realized that this must be what native groups are doing when they do ceremonial dances. They’re not just honoring the Gods and calling in the Divine energy, they are clearing the emotional body through movement and vibration – chanting and drumming.
I did an online trauma release course last year with Irene Lyon a few times. Her focus is Somatic Experiencing and some other techniques. They’re good, but didn’t go far enough. Last night Annie told me about David Bercelli’s Trauma Release Exercises (TRE). I have ordered his DVD and books. I think they may be perfect for me now.
Synchronicities: The other night I pulled a medicine card. As I was pulling it, I was thinking about the Masters’ advice to constantly breathe into the heart center. I pulled the Dolphin card – reversed. Uh oh! It means:
1. You are forgetting to breathe. (They tell you how.)
2. Many signals are carried through universal tides or waves, and you may be failing to use your sonar… need to realign yourself with the natural rhythms within your body. Then it is necessary to use the dolphin breath to connect to universal awarenesses and signals.
OK – got it! My love and gratitude for the gift of your caring service. -S.G.


I Live-streamed and felt the energy. Thank you Rob for that extraordinary evening…slept great and woke up giving thanks for my wonderful 500 million new vibrating cells!

Spiritual CPR

I attended the Saturday evening session in Newton last month as my dear friend invited me.  Your hands are like X-Large defibrillator paddles! I ‘saw’/felt the energy released as you treated some attendees.  (My friend) shared that I nodded in YES, when you ‘treated’ me. I’ve been in Nursing since 1978-energy medicine since 1990s. Healing happens! I listened to your interview story online.  I am grateful you are passionate about your mission here on our Earth. I appreciate your transparency.  I’ll be in the audience again tomorrow-bringing more friends.  There’s much more to share as result of receiving Source last month. Spiritual CPR-Cellular Pulse Reprogramming. Walk in Joy! -C.N.


Thank you for all your great work that you are doing for all of us on Earth. You are a gift.
I continue to listen to the tapes every night, and now will be watching your documentary as well. What magic to behold with Great Transformation. You are AWESOME! – P.P.

What a Release!

Thank you for bringing your gift, love and wisdom to Agape, Rob! That was such an amazing experience. I definitely felt the healings as if they were my own, which of course they were. What a release! Another thing I noticed when I left Agape was how enhanced my senses of taste and smell were, as if I’d just done a several day juice-cleanse.

Changed my life!

The Immersion changed my life. Experienced an Energy shift in September as life flowed through me. Sarah’s explanation to view life as a movie, while staying in my heart space, changed the outlook on life. It brought joy and laughter, tears, release…all in all beautiful experiences of surrender and joy. You are both a blessing to this world. Infinite gratitude for the gift of love you both bring to all who come. -M.B.

I Have my Life and my Health Back!

I worked with Rob for several months. I’m so grateful to know the depth of healing and joy that Rob’s work provides. I have my life back. I have my health back!

Tremendous Change

These calls and the Agape stream have been amazing for me. With the help of the heavenly host I am experiencing little miracles on the regular. It’s a bit ridiculous actually, and I love it! I feel the light working in and through me, physically and otherwise…I do occasionally get frustrated in my day to day, but I am really taking this last call to heart, and asking for help in trusting the process, and surrendering to the divine light, in its full spectrum. I am directing all new cells to tune in to the river of light, and allow for miracles on behalf of all. I feel tremendous change taking place in my life, and in the world. I have long known that my gifts would be some kind of shock to the world, and of significant value. I for one encourage the masters to BRING IT ON.  I AM READY.

Freedom from Back Pain

Listen to this client describe her experience working with Rob Wergin to overcome back pain.


Life changing and transformational! Rob, Sarah and their team were all incredible. – Omega Participant

Saved My Life

Rob is a wonderful, spiritual being. Working with him saved my life. The divine energy he brings is powerful and completely healing. We are beyond lucky to have him on this earth. I am eternally grateful. Thank you Rob. – L.M.

Sense of Trust

I attended [Rob’s] healing service at Mile Hi Church. [Afterwards] I felt peace and a sense of trust. My life is very blessed, but we all have fears and desires, and maybe those of us who would describe ourselves as “well-adjusted” need guidance more than we realize to be our optimum self.

Rob of Wonder

Such a joy to see you again and experience the abundance of love and compassion you give to all around you.  Truly I was blessed to be with you for those two days.  Back pain is gone as is the gastroparesis.  I can enjoy food again!  I have increased  energy and am feeling more like my old self.  In fact I had so much energy that I did not sleep at all the following night after seeing you.  So strange—the whole experience kept swirling around and around in my head.  You must feel so much empathy for all those people as we did for each other. There was a closeness and oneness.  Richard Rohr speaks of the oneness often. I love his books. The Divine Dance is his latest.
I carry you in my heart and thank our God for you in my life.  I look forward to our next meeting. I am with you in spirit.

Mind Blower

What an amazing weekend in Flat Rock, it was a mind-blower.  I was blocked on the forgiveness prayer and was finally, finally, finally able to forgive and release Jon.  I thought I had forgiven him in the past, but there was still a seething anger that is now gone. That exercise brought up so much hurt and shame that was like an earthquake in my soul.
I feel like my 22 year-old self – carefree, playful, and open-hearted.  It’s like I’ve been looking around for that version of myself, and finally found her. Yay!
Sunday was equally amazing.  The only thing missing was Lazarus! I’ve tried to describe it to people, but fail to capture the electricity and activity of that room. The woman who could hardly walk and didn’t want to live in her body anymore was crushing.There are no words to describe what happened in the room when she strolled down and back the main aisle.  Sadness turned to joy and triumph.  I was so fortunate to bear witness to her healing and to show my still skeptical (though quickly-shrinking) part of myself that this is happening for me too.
The coup-de-grace was my friend with Stage IV cancer and two children at home.  I was in that experience with her. I felt every sob, the overwhelming grief.  Bearing witness to her healing was a critically important moment for me.  It was as though the universe was holding a mirror up to me to see her healing and to know all to well where she was.  I had the opportunity to speak with her afterwards to offer her support.  The last thing I said to her was “You are stronger than you know.”  As I was walking away, I realized that is what the Divine was saying to me, and what the Divine has been saying to me all along.  It was a deeply healing moment.  I think the Divine must be tired of clobbering me over the head with messages.  I finally got them.
One final note:  I am seeing an alternative doctor who is giving me off-label drugs and supplements to help in the eradication of cancer from my body.  Just got off the phone with her. She looked at my August scans and labs.  Scans are clear and the labs are promising.  The only elevated marker is actually an indicator of inflammation and not cancer.  So, no one is saying I’m cancer-free, but no one can say that there’s cancer in any area of my body.  So, I’ll go ahead and declare it for myself: I am cancer-free!  I am cancer-free!  I am cancer-free!!  Woohooooooo!
God bless you!  Thank you to the Divine, to you, and your team for the work that you do. I am so very grateful. I can’t stop the joy tears.  
See you at Omega in March or May, whenever it is! – C.J.

My entire life I felt crazy!

My entire life I felt miserable, lost and thinking I was a crazy person. When I met Rob in an open event in NYC the moment my eyes saw him I said to myself “This man will change my life.” The truth is …. He did !!! I’m so grateful he exists. He just asked me if I want let go all the garbage I was carrying with me and I said YES, I’m ready.  In one session I was totally changed and I’m a new human now. Actually I feel like a human now. There’ll be never enough thank you!  – M.P.

Healing Love

Thank you for a powerful event and for all that you do to bring healing love and light to so many, me included.

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