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Divinely Infused Water

Divinely Infused Water


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$15.00 Shipping & Handling – WE SHIP ONLY TO THE U.S. including AK and HI

Contains the energy of the Divine; Unconditional Love for You and Bliss, and a few drops of Frankincense.

One capful for your bath, your hot tub, or to soak your feet is all that is necessary. The suggested use is every day during your health visits with Rob to adjust and clear your energy body.  YOU MAY ALSO USE THIS BATH AS OFTEN AS YOU WISH TO CLEAR AND RELAX YOUR ENERGY.

Additionally, the energy of the “bath” is perfect to spray around your self to clear your energy, spray around others, or even spray in each room to clear the energy in your home, office, or car.

Rapid healing of cuts, stings, and bruises have been reported by those using the bath for first aid purposes. Simply spray or place a few drops on the affected area. There have been reports of the bath’s use as a relaxant by spraying around your head, or placing a few drops on the top of your spine.

Use your imagination…remember you are bringing the energy and love of the Divine to a specific place and asking for assistance.


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  • $15.00 Shipping & Handling – WE SHIP ONLY TO THE U.S. including AK and HI
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