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Angelic Healing Emblem

Angelic Healing Emblem


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The development of the Angelic Healing Emblem began 20 years ago. Early in my healing days, people would ask, “Do I have angels around me? What do they look like?” I would answer their questions, “Yes, you always have Angels around you!” and describe how Angels appeared to me. By coincidence, I met a young female artist at a fair, painting metaphysical images. I asked her to paint what I then described to her. The result was the powerful Angel image I have embraced as part of my healing work. As time passed. I was guided to share the powerful healing energy emanating from the artwork and created what I now refer to as “Angel Cards.” 100’s of thousands have been given away over the past 20 years. The Angel Cards are powerfully charged with Angelic energy, and many uses have been discovered for them. Healing, relaxation, clarity, protection and more. In 2005, I was gifted a technique to change the frequency of water to match the frequency of Divine love and light, or “Divinely Infused Water.”

At first, the Divinely Infused Water was used as a healing/relaxing bath additive, then became a spray to use into bath water, spray around the body or space to clear energy, spray on the body for healing or relaxation, and many other uses as desired. I’ve often dreamed of how to create an emblem that could be super charged, placed on the body, on clothing or in the shoe. The Angelic Healing Emblem is the result of my dreams. The emblem contains the Divine energy of the Angel card, combined with the high frequency of the Divinely Infused Water, and further accelerated by the addition of ancient minerals.

Each emblem is created individually, by hand, with Divine blessings and intention. The emblem may be removed from the card and adhered to the body with the non-toxic, ecofriendly adhesive to relieve symptoms or physical challenges or placed in the shoe under the ball of the LEFT foot for overall balance and well-being. The emblem may also be placed over the physical heart for emotional challenges, or anywhere on the body using your intuition.

The adhesive typically holds up to 3 days on the body, Once the adhesive dissolves, the energy continues. Simple tape may be used to place the emblem where you wish.

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