Awesome Work

I had some visual experiences of color and calm.  I loved being in the presence of people having such strong reactions. I believe in the “no separation” – what happens to one of us happens to all. I have a sense of acceptance about my physical issue, no real change.  But, acceptance and calm – not bad things – and I’m grateful for those.  My issue is neurological and I seem to be not worse – another area of gratitude. I’ve been in this place of “there is an absolute cure”, so sometimes disappointment is where I am. But, thank you for giving me the opportunity to be in your presence.  Awesome work. – B.T.

Profound Blessing

I started listening to your calls a year ago and came to see you last Sept in Flat Rock. I want you to know what a profound blessing you have been in my life. Your work and the Sacred Beings presence have changed me. I am no longer the same fearful, insecure woman who had no love for myself. THANK YOU so much!!!!!! – S.S.

Calm Place

After your Divine Session on that great table under the water fall of foliage, I have gone through many feelings (Mental/Physical) which have finally brought me to a peaceful and calm place. I am in a good space. Thank you.

My life has changed profoundly!

I have been lucky to have been working with Rob for about a year. My life has changed profoundly. I feel more and more free every day. I am not caught up in any dramas- even when people are trying very hard to include me! I just have an overwhelming sense that everything is going to work out for my highest good, and I never worry anymore. I didn’t realize that I even HAD anxiety until it went away. What an amazing feeling! Working with Rob is like FINALLY filling the “God Shaped Hole” that nothing else can fill- not just with substances or food, but also shopping, entertainment, being purposely too busy, having dramas, all of it. That is the most incredible feeling! I find myself laughing more, and so many negative people and influences have disappeared, never to return. I was also in one kind or another of physical pain every day for about 15 years- I just figured it would be that way forever. Now my pain is gone, and if I occasionally have a tweak here or there, I throw an angel card on that spot, and it’s all good again.
I have just completed two virtual sessions with Rob from my home in Hawaii. What a gift! Having been to many in-person sessions with Rob this past year, I can strongly attest that the quality and strength of the virtual sessions are absolutely the same, if not more powerful. Being at home with no outward distractions was a great way to go incredibly deep with the work. I am profoundly grateful that Rob has begun to offer these sessions, and I will be “attending” as many as I can! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Rob! – M.M.


 Last night’s transmission was amazing!! It left me spent and peaceful.

Exactly Needed to Happen

We really miss you and everything we experienced!  We are so grateful to have taken the step to come see you.  It really was a huge step for us since we do not travel often.
From Husband: I went into the weekend not expecting much other than to spend time with my wife.  I ended up with a level of healing I didn’t know existed!  I found a new feeling of peace inside, and after leaving, I have a sadness longing for the energy. I loved the new friends we made and spending time with similar minded individuals.  
From Wife: Pulling us up in front of everyone and what you did to me (and us) on Friday night was absolutely terrifying. But it was exactly what needed to happen to me.  I feel like I grew a ton from the experience.  I was also reassured that I am not the only one on the planet who thinks/feels the way I do. I have never met a group of people so kind and generous.  The people in Minnesota are nice, but the people I met that weekend are 10x nicer!   After getting home, I had this feeling of wanting to go back.  I really miss the peace and energy that was there.  I have a hard time going back to work where there is negative energy.  I sell real estate, so I encounter a lot of people and I struggle to keep that peaceful feeling. -M.L./W. L.

A Deep and Beautiful Journey

I am so fortunate that Rob (and of course the oneness/light/divine/goodness – whichever name you choose) has worked on/with me for about a year now. When I look back, I realize how different I feel. I used to live with a loud hum of fear. Now I know that I am a light-filled, love-filled being, who is fully connected to all. On the occasions when I feel fear, it serves as a reminder that I need to deeply remember who I truly am.
Rob often emphasizes the dramatic miracles that occur because he wants to help us open to the endless possibilities. The journey that Rob is facilitating for me wouldn’t be categorized as a dramatic miracle – it is an unfolding that is allowing me to be ever more appreciative of the complexity of this journey we are all on. My conviction is that when you work with Rob, the light gives you exactly what you need. Since I needed to work with fears and emotions, working with Rob has not always been easy. I don’t mean that the way it sounds. Rob is a dear and loving man, who truly cares and wants the best for each of us. What I mean is it isn’t always easy because I need to be willing to experience everything I need to grow.
During my first session, I felt nervous, and then deeply calm, and then perhaps even a little silly. During the next session, I laughed, cried and then went home in the joy of being filled with light.
After the next session, I felt free of fear and spent the next week releasing a fair amount of old grief and sadness.
During the next session, I felt the gentleness, strength and brilliance of love. Afterward, I felt great frustration and fear. I have been at sessions during which I have felt Mother Mary’s presence and her desire for us to know how deeply she loves us. I have been at sessions after which I wanted to skip in the freedom of having released deep blocks that I didn’t even know I had.
At the end of my last session, my body experienced being one with everything and everyone – I want to remember the truth and beauty of that moment forever. I want to encourage everyone to work with Rob because I want everyone to remember the truth and beauty of that moment forever. -S.B.

Be Optimum Self

I attended the healing service at Mile Hi Church and am rather new at the idea of transformation. You asked us to pay attention over the next three days to what was different.
I felt peace leaving your session and a sense of trust. But, the one remarkable thing that may not seem remarkable is this: I live in the mountains and occasionally a field mouse will enter. For whatever reason, I panic, but even more so when I find them dead, which is maybe once a year or so. Oddly, I don’t have the same reaction to chipmunks or spiders or other mountain things. Anyway, I was folding clothes and thought a sock had fallen under the couch. I reached under the ottoman and pulled out a dead mouse (small). It had not been dead for long I don’t think. Even though I stepped away, I did not have the fear or the disdain for this creature. It’s a small thing, but I feel compelled that you should know.
Also, I’ve been trying to sell a house I have in Padre Island since my husband passed over three years ago. I wrote the address on the angel card and the amount I thought was fair and carried it around. I got a signed contract last week.
My life, I believe, is a very blessed and positive life and I’ve been able to make sense of the journey. BUT, I think we all have fears and desires, and maybe those of us who would describe ourselves as “well adjusted” need guidance more than we realize to be our optimum self. Thank you for listening. – T.S.

I Finally Have Peace

For the first time in a very long time, I can just sit and feel the beauty that surrounds me. I can sit and let it fill me up and just enjoy the moment. Peace. That’s what I finally have. Peace.  –  Sandy

Letting Go, Re-Connection, & Getting Healthy

So my first Rob experience was on the call ins….full body experience. 
Second was in NC, no “physical “ healing but my hatred for my mom disappeared….we became closer than ever afterwards. 
Third was again in NC, I had a dream the next day that she died and I was the only one crying….that day I called her from NC FaceTime…we talked for hours…I promised her I’d quit smoking when I got home and that I would take her shopping once a week so she didn’t have to worry about getting around alone, she had COPD. The first outting was the Wednesday after I got back. 7/4. We had a blast! That evening she was found unconscious and in respiratory arrest…after a week in ICU she passed away. 
I am so grateful to you and the Masters for giving us the opportunity to let go of the past and enjoy, thoroughly, her final months. ❤️
Although I’m sad, I’m not burdened with guilt (the dream) because I had time to change it….

Getting back to that feeling of serenity, hope and optimism!

I started working with you in a very small group session that was supposed to be in person in Denver mid-April but was moved to a virtual very small group. I was the one with the white lamp 🙂 After 3 of those virtual healing sessions I was certain that that was where I needed to be then. I was isolated and alone. Fearful and full of self doubt. You helped me start the journey out of that hole, creating a bridge to these wonderful, accepting angels who love unconditionally. The “Free” open session that you had where thousands called into was amazing! I actually “saw” someone waving to me. Then I saw hundreds, and we all waved at each other, then we all waved together like at a football game. I knew I was not alone, and boy were we all happy.
Today I just finished the last of your 3 recent call-in series. Like they said, this is something that is not instantaneous. There are times that the mind takes over and the fear and self doubt overwhelm me, but I am getting better about getting back to that feeling of serenity, hope and optimism. You also taught me to ask for their help when I falter. With their help I have seen (it was always there) what my purpose is and that it is perfect. When I join with you and them in these weekly sessions I am more able to open my mind to these things. It is wonderful and I look forward to them each week.
…These weekly sessions help greatly. I love them and am glad to hear they will continue. I need to be reminded that they are always there and I can ask for what I need any time. I need you to help create that bridge to them. I haven’t been able to do it very well without your help. The happy waving was sooo amazing. My hope is that you will have another of those huge open free calls for the world to feel happy together for a bit during this difficult time of uncertainty and change. With much love and gratitude, -L.V.

Positive Shift

Yes, I indeed felt the intensity of your work. This morning in meditation I could actually “see” what I describe as black ooze leaving my body. Also, over the weekend I started a heavy menstruation cycle after months without one. Today I have definitely noticed what I can best describe as a positive shift, and I am grateful for your help. I still feel there is a great deal left to clear. I have been keeping with the calls, and this evening when re-listening to last Thursday’s very intense call I finally felt myself surrender. In the group session in Santa Monica when you touched me at the front of the room, I could feel a strong resistance on my part and there was some part of me that I could hear saying “no” as if I still wanted to hold on to the pain, anger, and hurt from this lifetime and many others. I also have the feeling that I will need to sign up for another group session.
In all sincerity, I really cannot thank you enough for your continued assistance beyond the Hall Center session. It is as if the huge weight on my shoulders is not as heavy as it once was.

Treat for the Soul

I just wanted to thank you both for the awesome workshop in Orcas Island. What a treat for the soul and you both rocked. Since I got home, I had a cold for two weeks and my energy was down. I just knew that I was detoxing and trusted that it was OK and rested. Thanks so much for telling us about the detoxing possibility so we don’t create stories that doesn’t align with our healing.
Here are my breakthroughs:
  1. It was healing, fun and relaxing.
  2. After the cold, my energy is back.
  3. At the workshop, Jesus came to me as you touched me with your healing hands and said “Go back to your healing work. Recreate your group”. Hallelujah, it’s happening.
  4. My son is dealing with depression still. However, I am no longer depressed with him. I have compassion. It’s hard to see a 19 year-old on his bed, not attending school or working. I changed my mind about the situation. It isn’t my drama anymore. It’s his time to go through this and I trust God’s will. I keep praying for him to see the light. My love for him is much bigger than my own drama about this situation.
Life is GOOD and I really thank you. God bless you both and keep playing the Angel. We need more love and light. Please hug your staff and your awesome Army of Angels. – A.F.

Conscious Life

This week’s call was life-changing for me. As you know, I’ve been working with you for several years now to remove the locks and barriers that are standing in the way of me becoming healthy and finding my conscious life partner. Through working with you and the Ascended Masters, I have connected the dots that I believe is the major breakthrough. I had suspected that I had some sort of sexual molestation off and on for many years, and over the past few months culminated in that being affirmed and forgiven. There are no words to describe the experience. The best I can say is RELIEF AND RELEASE. How grateful I am that I was led to you and the Ascended Masters !!! Also, my recovery from the shoulder replacement is going very smoothly and my health is rapidly improving. I trust and know and believe that I will regain my health and my life partner will be along soon. You and the Ascended Masters are very near and dear to my heart and will forever be. – P.W.

Opening Into Grace

Yesterday was the big changer. As I walked early in the morning, I realized that I was allowing myself to go into the subtle ‘victim’. “How come I can’t do this?” “Nothing I’m doing is working.” “I can’t release this.” etc. etc. Then my focus came onto feminine archetypes. Not one in particular, just an opening to all of the magnificent variety of the feminine. And then I made a conscious decision to get out of the victim and be empowered in harmony with the left side experience. Feeling absolutely everything, everything. Physically more than anything else and not trying to search for the reason. Opening to complete acceptance of how it feels in every moment and feeling how it feels, exactly how it feels, not trying to adjust, change, just feel and in feeling, finding the power in that energy, in that feeling, in that experience. There’s a lot of power, pure potential and it’s a beautiful frequency of life and living and more than I can imagine right now.  As I woke up this morning, just as I was moving to get out of bed, I felt a veil, a very thin, delicate, transparent sheet of peace float down on top of me. I’m so grateful. I can feel the change happening. Opening into more softness, gentleness with myself and the moment. So the muscles are still tense but I know that it doesn’t matter anymore. They will release and it’s all part of the loving experience. Rob, I’m so grateful for your love, your support, your guidance and your innate generosity. I’m forever grateful to the masters, light beings, angels etc. etc. And to the divine for offering me this opportunity and opening into grace. Embodiment. -V.C.

Forever Changed

Though the first time I saw Rob I could not put into words the profound impact that it had on me, I now have words that come to mind. Though each time is different the lasting effects of peace and well being go far after seeing Rob. You may not know why you need to go, you may think you know why you need to see Rob, either way you will be forever changed.  -RM

Healing Transformed

For the first time in more than two years, your healing transformed my night time into peaceful sleep. No leg cramps to disrupt me through the night. Deeply grateful for your healing hands. – K.G.

I Feel Great

A friend of my told me that it would be really good for me to see Rob. I was not sure my I need to go. I did not have anything major wrong with me. Now that I have had 3 appointments with Rob. I had know idea how bad I felt until now that I feel so good. I feel peaceful and clean like all the bad energy is gone. I do not react to thing in the same way I used to. Everything just seems easier to handle. My head feels clearer and I feel like I stand in my own body stronger than before. I am eating better than before and want lots of healthy foods more than unhealthy. I am feeling like my eye sight is brighter. I am seeing lots of animals. I am really enjoying music more than before and I did not turn on the TV for over a week as I did not want to have any bad news in my life. Mostly I feel like all the unhealthy habits and way of thinking is gone. I truly feel like a different person than before. My mind used to race with thoughts and fears. I do not have that any more. My hormones are so different and I used to have lots of facial hair that is about half as much as before. My skin has changed too. It is more clear and clean. Over all I just feel like Rob gave me the push I needed to feel the best I can. I am a new different person than I was before. I feel great! I think everyone should see Rob to manage your life better. I have had so many people asking me what I am doing to look so different. Rob is a little Angle and has helped me have a different life. I am so thankful that I am able to have Rob in my life to make everything better and more fun. – Amy

Bliss Feeling

There aren’t really words to express how grateful I am for what you did for me this weekend… thank you is just the tip of the iceberg… but honestly Rob I’m breathing deeper than I even knew people could breathe… There is more space in my lungs than I think there ever has been but it doesn’t just feel like an asthma release it actually feels like a weight has been lifted that goes beyond just the physical symptoms of asthma, – like I was holding all of this pain in my chest that you helped me let go of. I was tearing up on my way to work today out of, I don’t want to call it happiness because it wasn’t as simple as that, but I imagine it’s the “bliss” feeling you kept referring to this weekend, that I’ve only felt a handful of times when I am able to get into deep deep meditation. It’s the strangest thing, I’m sitting at the same desk I’ve sat at for a year and I feel like the world is a different color than it was went I left on Friday. I could honestly cry right now writing this email (but I have to keep it together in front of my coworkers…)  Anyway, thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you x 1,000,000. Thank you for doing what you do and doing it with such care and consideration – I’m am sure it takes a greater toll on you than you’ll ever express to the people that you help. – Omega Participant


I attended (via Livestream) your last two Energy healing sessions at Agape. During both sessions I experienced immediate and profound changes in my energy. During the Agape session a few months ago I went into a deep trance-like state at the start of the event and with each beautiful person you worked with….I am healing my own energy as well as that of family generations and lives before me. My mother passed away in August of last year. It was such a gift that you held yesterday’s session at Agape (my healing place) on Mother’s Day. I watched the livestream yesterday from Mother’s house (where I currently live). I was sitting in front of a portrait of my mother with my back to the portrait to symbolize that she was watching the Livestream with me and together she and I were healing, reconnecting to our true, purest energy. Thank you for choosing to be at Agape yesterday of all weekends ~ my first Mother’s Day since my mom transitioned. Through your work and the services earlier in the day I was able to remain awake, present and honor my gratitude and my sadness, my tears and my deep love for my mother, and my yearning to understand and let go of the emotions, habits and experiences that no longer serve me. With love and gratitude.


Having the 2 call-ins and the session so close together, made it a perfect time to be up there alone!  It was miraculously serene.  I felt so calm and connected…like I haven’t felt in a long time.  I was on retreat for the 2nd call-in (luckily someone from the group called me by chance and I was able to get the phone # and the access #…no internet up there).
During the call, I felt centered in the cave of my heart.  My breath was almost not there…as I sat in stillness…listening to you and the Masters….I slid down into the huge pool of crystal clear healing water….and floated like a mermaid among the heart shaped fish.  My heart opened and my consciousness went through the portal.  Is the Universe empty and the Void full?
My body took in the Earth energy as well….and I felt a sense of  “LETTING GO”…like a deep exhalation.  It was cold… one day the Wind wove its magic all day and the next day the Ice Queen sprinkled her glitter all over the ground.      
I AM so very grateful to you and your team of Light Beings and Masters.

From Nightmares to Peace

Nightmares and flashbacks have gone away. I sleep peaceful and wake up relaxed and rested.

Generosity and Diligence

Though I thanked you last night, I just wanted to take time this morning to express my gratitude for your generosity and diligence. The service you have undertaken commands much time and travel, taking you from home and personal activities. The benefit to all is health, wealth, and wisdom. Thank You, Greathearted Soul. I was once told that  ‘Life Is An Inside Job.’ You reiterate this reality. And with everyday I become more aware. May you, your family, relatives, and ancestors experience Peace beyond understanding.

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