Notes Of Gratitude

``In Gratitude always for the amazing miracles that come out of this work I offer you these stories...``
~ Rob



Max was diagnosed with cancer when he was 4 1/2 years old. He has spent much of the last few years VERY sick, his body being ravaged by the cancer. I started working with him 3 months ago in Los Angeles. His latest scans show no cancer at all! Needless to say, his parents are happy beyond measure. When the doctors asked Max and his family how the cancer disappeared, Max said with a huge smile, “Rob and his Angels healed me!” Here is a follow up note his parents sent me. “Thank you for allowing my son to receive Divine Love. He is the healthiest he has been in the last 4 years. From the bottom of my heart, thank you! I know the power of healing him from cancer and he is getting stronger and finally enjoying his life as a kid. Max says “Hello!”


Gayle, on the left, was in an advanced state of Parkinson’s. She required assistance to walk, sit up, and even go to the bathroom. Following several sessions with me and refinement of her diet, she is now able to walk, sit up, and go to the bathroom WITHOUT assistance! ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is possible when you surrender and BELIEVE!!!

“My son and I first watched the HEAL Documentary at the end of January in 2019. We watched it over and over again 3 nights in a row. We resonated with Rob Wergin so we went on his website and started listening to one of his free Calls, and so the journey began with Rob! After doing one of his Call In Series “Divine Light Is Within You Now Are You Healing?” We knew it was time to go see Rob in person. I first saw Rob in August for one session, I was weighing 91 pounds, in extreme pain, hunched over, unable to walk, speak, get out of bed, use the bathroom, dress myself, nor eat without assistance. After one session I could stand up straighter, and began to feel some relief from pain, so I knew I had to continue seeing him. I then saw him October 2nd-5th for 6 sessions back to back, and that’s when the Miracles happened! I started gaining my mobility back! When I went back on November 22nd for 2 sessions I had already gained 10 pounds, I could walk on my own, go to the bathroom, get out of bed, partially dress myself, and speak better. I then went back December 20th-21st for 4 sessions back to back, I had gained another 4 pounds and began to dress myself all on my own. I have more energy, hardly any pain, and on my way to Perfect Health! By the way, I do Rob’s Calls every night. My favorites are the Overwhelm Series, and Renewing and Restoring Your Natural Human Health. Thank you Rob, I Am so grateful! Know, Trust, and Believe, and you will Heal too!”

Parkinson's to Walking and Health
Gayle Parkinson's Journey
    Back in November I worked on a woman with MS who was experiencing profound health challenges. She had been experiencing lots of pain, wasn’t able to sleep well and was taking Oxycontin. During the December Large Group event she shared that she is off all pain medication, her pain is gone and she is sleeping through the night. She was even able to kneel at mass. I was moved to tears! 💜 In November 2019 another woman presented herself with Stage 4 lung cancer and was on oxygen. The very next month during a Large Group Transformation event she shared the cancer and any symptoms are gone. She’s no longer on oxygen and her doctors are mystified. Also, I worked on a woman with a rare un-diagnosed disease. This disease prevented her from moving her arms and turning her head. She experienced massive pain for years. After working with me just one time she demonstrated how she could flap her arms and move them so much that she could hug her boyfriend for the first time in a long time. All her bodily movements are back.