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March Virtual Healing Package
8 + hours

  • Masterclass: Witness and participate in the energy of group healing. Experience your own miracles through Divine energetic transmissions.
  • 2 Teachings & Healing from the Masters: 60 minutes to be immersed in profound wisdom and transformative healing energies.
  • 2 Worldwide Healing Circles – newly expanded to 90 minutes: Join a community of like-minded individuals in a powerful, collective healing experience.

Receive all healing sessions for $162


 (valued at $234)


Valued at $90
Teachings and Healing from the Masters x 2

Valued at $36 each
Worldwide Healing Circle x 2 – newly expanded to 90 minute session

Valued at $36 each
Total Value $234
Save $72

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Covers a variety of life-changing healing and teaching topics. Anchor yourself in a state of unconditional love, health, and bliss.  (recording available)

  • Each participant must register. Please do not share registrations.


These are TWO 60-minute sessions where the Divine speaks through Rob an an instrument of healing and teaching. Includes meditations, processes, exercises, deep healing, and relevant message to the current energy. (recording available)


These are TWO 90-minute sessions to immerse yourself in unconditional love flowing through Rob, a clear and sacred instrument of Divine healing love, compassion, and bliss. The intention is to link people from all over the world in an energetic circle of healing. (recording available)

Important Things to Know

  • This work addresses all conditions, issues, and diagnoses, whether known or unknown by participants.
  • Individuals are “worked on,” scanned and prepared for intense work prior to and after each session.
  • Each participant’s energy field is continually scanned, and appropriate changes are created to bring forth health and wellness.
  • The group as a collective, and each individual receives healing.
  • All participants receive daily prayer support.
  • Opportunity for shared experiences with soul family.
  • Rob shares his vast knowledge of the Masters direct teachings on many subjects.
  • Your lineage going forward and backward 7 generations are addressed to relieve you and your future generations of recurring issues/challenges.
  • Past life experiences that are incomplete and carried forward from lifetime to lifetime are addressed.
  • Pets of the participant are relieved of emotions held by the human guardian.
  • Around the clock aftercare/customer support via email.
  • Rob does not diagnose or offer other medical advice of any kind. Rob will not disclose, discuss, or diagnose what he sees, what is being released, or the “story” creating the condition.

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Just a quick note to say THANK YOU! Attended Weekend Immersion retreat this weekend and feel wonderful. So grateful you listened to God, Jesus, Mary and your angels in February 2003. It has been an amazing, wonderful, glorious and healing weekend. Thank you, thank you and thank you. So many wonderful take-a-ways to use and remember for further healing. I was blinded by the light this morning (with my eyes closed – it just made me smile) and saw such beautiful colors of violet and green swirling around all weekend. Bless you! ~ R.G.