Miracles After Call-In

What a day to hear the Masters speak through you! Thank you Rob!!! My mom was in the hospital in Germany. We didn’t know if she would make it or not. Two days before my brother was hospitalized with a heart attack. My mom was devastated to possibly loose her son before she goes.The next day my brother was released from the hospital. When he got his check-up all looked well. This made my mom so happy that she went into her surgery the next day with complete surrender. She survived her surgery and was expected to be in the ICU for three days. She stabilized after the first day and was moved to continued care unit . I am on my way to Germany to care for her and she is delighted to hold her in my arms soon. Two obvious miracles shortly after our call-In! Rob I thank you so much. I am very grateful! Blessings from Marin County. G.H.

You are an Inspiration!

I awoke this morning and the vertebrae that you had messed around with last night ‘popped’ into place. Thank you for being the conduit…You are such a blessing in this world and you share so much healing with so many people. You are an inspiration and a gift in these tumultuous times. If we lived in different times, you would be uplifted into sainthood. When my gift came through at the age of 19, I shared it a little bit, but it wasn’t time yet for me, I still had ‘human’ experiences that I was interested in pursuing – and I became confused about how I could both be a healer and a human – I fell away from the light. Your gifts have been a profound reminder of my own light and I know that my purpose is to serve and share my healing gift, and I now now that I can do that while living life. You have helped me to see that – to re-member my soul purpose.Thank you. I feel deep affection for you and am grateful that you come to Denver regularly.

Debilitating Depression

I was suffering from debilitating depression since I was 16. (I am now 32.) It got more severe over time. My mother has spoken about it saying things like “I felt my daughter was disappearing into a hole and I couldn’t reach her or prevent her from going deeper into it. I was losing her.” There were times when I couldn’t leave the house, or even my bed. The apathy and sorrow were swallowing me up, and were so painful that my physical heart actually hurt. The mental pain had begun to manifest physically as well. I had everything anyone could ever wish for in my life- family, friends, a great job, a nice home; but I was unable to derive joy from any of these things despite my gratitude for them. My life was black and I had no control over it. I went through years of therapy and several medications. Sometimes the only thing that would relieve my pain was the notion of dying, so I didn’t have to suffer anymore. I also thought that dying would be the answer because I felt like I was burdening the people around me.
I met Rob last year, and had a session with him. I believe that it was a miracle- I had one kind of life before that session, and a completely different one since. It was as if my sadness and pain, which were getting mentally and physically more extreme until the end, had vanished. My father said “it’s like she’s a new person” and my mother said “I have my daughter back.” I am so grateful to have crossed paths with him and continue to see him whenever possible to get worked on. It changed my life or, more accurately, saved it.                      – S.

Gifted and Humble

Rob is incredibly gifted, humble and compassionate. Very sacred and safe. – Omega Participant


Thought you should know that, today, in Yoga my instructor asked us to think about a time in the last year where we felt grounded, whole, happy and inspired. My automatic response was to think about the first time I got off the table at your office. I was inspired, I knew I could do it, I felt magnificent and I was being true to who I am. Minutes later he was asking us again to think of something we were grateful or appreciative of in the last year, again your name and image. I think it is important to convey my thanks again. I can’t wait to see you and I hope you know how deeply you have impacted me and how thankful I am everyday that I met you and had the honor of receiving your work. I can’t wait to see you again. – Jess

Rob… your healings are amazing

I wanted to take this time and reflect on the last few months and the past year.  From August till November of this year was great transformation physically.  Movement of any type was excruciating.  Rob’s group sessions, the channeled messages, the private sessions from Rob, the acupuncture  were a cocktail of miracles I received.  They resulted in a healed body, changed habits and a better me!
Many changes have occurred from Rob’s healings and I wanted to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.  It is so wonderful to feel better than I ever have!  Abundance overflows in my life and I am truly grateful.
Rob… your healings are amazing.  The Divine’s presence in your life is inspiring. I am truly grateful to say I know you, I met you and BELIEVE in your Divine, magical gift of healing. My personal testament…it works, he is magical, and how blessed I am!
May all of you and your families have a blessed holiday and spread the JOY of LOVE!
Thank you, thank you, thank you from the depths of my sou!  With great admiration, gratitude and love.   T.W.

Journey of Chronic Pain to Health

This gentleman experienced over a decade of chronic health issues with multiple diagnosis. After working with Rob over the phone and in person he is “enjoying being alive more easily without so many uncomfortable symptoms.”

Healing and Miracles!

Yesterday was such a powerful day of healing and miracles. It was beautiful to see the collaboration of healing happening. Later on in the evening, I got a new left eye upgrade. WOW. New Clear Vision on many levels. Thank You.

Experienced a Miracle!

I know that you don’t really like to know what we are struggling with, but I’ve had a miracle and I believe whole-heartedly that it is due to the work I’ve been doing with you since January.
When we met in January, I was suffering with lyme disease for 8.5 years (mostly neuro-lyme) and had recently been told that I had a rare antibody in my blood that was likely set off by the lyme but would mean either Type 1 Diabetes or, far worse, a very rare disease called Stiff Person Syndrome (SPS) that would have rendered me bed-ridden within a year or two and likely unable to interact with the world due to crippling muscle spasms that are set off by sound (a miserable diagnosis for someone who is a musician as I am).  I had begun to develop symptoms of SPS over the past year and was terrified when the marker showed up in my bloodwork last fall.  I turned inward and had started to pull away from family, my husband, my children and my job.  
I was told by a medium that I needed to take a leave of absence from my job and do energy work.  That she didn’t see the SPS but that I was headed in the wrong direction.  I was contacted late one night by the medium when a “being” from the other side – named Tom –  came to her and reinforced that I needed to find help.  I knew that being to be my son’s 4th grade teacher who recently passed and was a remarkable athlete and coach.  I took myself to a hotel in Miami after a business conference, determined to get myself together, and discovered the “Heal” documentary.  And then a week later, I learned you would be in NYC and I made a reservation in one of the groups you added to your schedule.
I felt very much that I had experienced a miracle in my session with you in January.  Before the flow of energy took me over, I distinctly saw the outline of a hand in blue light take mine. I believe that Tom came to me that day through your help to guide me – he was an amazing coach to children in his human lifetime and I chuckled to myself at how he was already making a difference on the other side.  Since that session, I have been working with myself to maintain the positivity and continue the work through your call-in series.  It has been challenging, but I am committed. Your calls and answers to questions have helped me greatly. 
Two weeks ago my doctors did the quarterly blood work to check my progress.  I received those results this morning.  My lyme co-infections are markedly down/almost non-existent, my lyme infection is present but manageable, and THERE IS NO MEASURABLE SIGN OF THE SPS ANTIBODY in my bloodwork.   It is gone.  My doctor said he thought he had the lab report of a different patient when he first saw the results.
Of course, I cried and cried when I got this news today.  I shared it with my husband and he cried with me.  I shared it with my parents and they cried with me.  Being filled with hope instead of fear is life-changing, but knowing that I did the work with you to make it happen is empowering.  
I don’t know how to say thank you in any way that seems appropriate.  This gift of hope is overwhelming and I’m so very grateful for the love and compassion that you helped me to open myself to.  THANK YOU! 
I have much more work to do, and I am so excited to do it! 

Nothing Short of Amazing

WOW! Words do not do justice to the miracles experienced this weekend at Omega. The synchronicities, physical, mental and emotional transformations were nothing short of amazing.  What an amazingly powerful immersion retreat we had this weekend. I have been to every one of Rob’s Omega retreats, this is number five, and each one becomes more special and magical as we release our density. Thank you Rob for changing my life for the better in every way. Lots of gratitude and love to you! -L.K.

Walking Again

Not Only Transformative, It Is A Miracle

Thank you both for the phenomenal events this weekend!!  Starting with the magnificent “super small group” session I had on Friday morning.  Wow!  I was completely wiped out for the rest of the day on Friday and all day Saturday.  But the moment that I walked into the hotel Saturday evening for the event, I felt the energy surging within me and around me and was “rebalanced” and energized during the night’s event.  It was just amazing.  I have released any and all attachments to any sorts of “outcomes” from this work that I have been doing with you, Rob.  But what I DO know is that the most profound and magnificent shifts have and will continue to evolve and occur with me and for my life’s trajectory.  It is not only transformative, it is a miracle.  I feel like the “roots” of anything that are not of love in my mind/body/spirit and soul have been lifted and released.  And in place of any and all densities released, my body/mind/spirit/soul have been filled with the most brilliant, and for me, pink divine light. It is so beautiful. And I continue to observe and rejoice with amazement as each day unfolds.
Also, a huge thank you from my very skeptical husband and daughter!!  Thank you for the work you did with them as “surrogates” on Saturday night.  My husband has had the most amazing and unexpected experience from the evening event.  He is an avid kite surfer and got up at 5:00 AM the morning after being a surrogate and had the most incredible kiting session ever.  He described it as all of his senses being completely opened and anew as he went about his kiting day. The ocean for him has always been sacred and holy and “his church,” but he said this was much deeper and more powerfully divine than anything he has ever experienced. His text to me before he drove home from his kiting day: “I feel so divine.  I feel it…”  He describes his energy as surging, he feels amazing, and feels that all stress and anxiety that had been gripping him has lifted. And most beautifully, I can see that he is glowing.   Interestingly, I have been seeing you, Rob, since April- each time you have come to the Boston area. I have been listening to your calls. And…I have been feeling huge shifts and releases and wonderful things happening. Yet, I have been doing so “quietly” and have not particularly been sharing this experience with my husband. Not that he wouldn’t be supportive, but my assuming that he would not “get it.” Well, when he returned from his kiting day and really understood by experience the work that comes through you, he wanted to know everything about my experiences from the work I have been doing with you. And… he has recognized over these past months since April that I have steadily been getting better and better and better! Enough so to allow me to join my family for the first time in 4 years for a summer vacation! That is testimony to how my health is being transformed, is transformed. And what I know for sure it that my spirit and my soul and my body have released so very much. This is the most magnificent part of the work for me. I feel lighter, more loving (and “loving” has always been part of me anyway, but now it is even deeper and more expansive), more receptive, more joyful… I could go on and on. And I don’t need to “figure it out.” It just is. I accept. I love. I am so grateful.
So, lots of love! Cheers to transformation continuing and joy and bliss blooming EVERYWHERE!! -GD (MA)


My story, it’s absolutely incredible because I’ve been extremely ill for ten years — life and death illness– and a lung problem where I need oxygen and have been to the ER 42 times. Actually my family doctor recommended Rob. In September of last year I started doing sessions, and I could not believe the difference in my breathing, my energy level, how I felt in general. I kept doing sessions and the more I did, the stronger I became…I’ve been off my oxygen now for a good month — that I’ve been on for a good part of ten years. My energy level — I can’t believe the difference. My body has been totally cleared of not just the physical stuff, but a lot of emotional stuff that was buried that I probably don’t even know what it was, but I know that a good part of illnesses are emotional…He’s been able to release all of that, especially the last few times. I’m just so optimistic. I’ve come to death so many times I lost it, the confidence. Now I’ve started this and I’m just really, really hopeful. I’ve got a new grandson now, and I’ve been able to do all kinds of stuff with him, stuff I haven’t been able to do for a long, long time, just doing stuff around the house.  -Tracy


Significant Healing

I am a skeptic by nature, and this is only reinforced by my training as an attorney. Nevertheless, the healing process I’ve experienced over the past two years is inexplicable and can’t be understood in a way that can easily be explained.
I started monthly small group sessions with Rob last October in 2017 after being diagnosed with Stage 4  cancer in the summer of 2016. Western medicine wasn’t working. My wife insisted we see the documentary “Heal” and to pursue other healing modalities in addition to the standard Western protocol. I introduced myself to Rob after the film showing and he agreed to work with me and encouraged me to attend a session.
After two small group sessions with Rob, at Christmas time last year, things went downhill.  I now realize that Rob would call this ” the dark days of the soul.” I was in a very bad place and truly didn’t know what was happening to my physical body.  I was unable to walk and had to be admitted to the hospital.
My wife went to my next scheduled session and Rob assured her that he knew what was happening to me, and that it was all going to work out.
Then almost miraculously, significant healing was triggered and I had a breakthrough during this awful time.  Scans were done in the hospital and showed miraculous improvement from just two weeks prior. I understand now that I had to go through that dark, black period to come out the other side, very much healed.  Now a year later, I am back cycling one hundred mile weekends.
Working with Rob has opened my eyes to the spiritual and emotional realms beyond the physical one. That “soul” healing has to take place first before the physical healing occurs.  And I’m not in control of that!  Given that I’m a control freak, this is HUGE for me to understand. I’ve learned to trust that all that happens is as it should be.  Rob has been and will continue to be my anchor of support saying all that happens is for the good. Sure enough, latest scans show very little disease.
Words can’t express my gratitude to Rob and the Divine Beings that surround us. Thank you, thank you for sharing your healing gifts.  Clearly things happen for a reason, and you were meant to do this work at this challenging time in our world. Most of my family and close friends are not even aware of this journey I’ve traveled. But if telling my story can help others, I’ll gladly share and spread the light! – K.R.


I loved the call last week and a good reminder to keep Breathing into your heart for all the miracles.

Kindness and Patience

I’d like to thank you for all the positive changes I’ve experienced after my two sessions with you. This was my list of complaints before contacting you: 1) severe pain in kidney area. which first started 25 years ago and got increasingly worse over the years 2) loss of appetite; weight loss; starting over a year ago 3) pinched nerve in neck; which I’d had for 20 years 4) shortness of breath….I couldn’t walk up one flight of stairs without feeling weak and exhausted 5) squeezing in the throat area 6) poor circulation/neuropathy 7) pain in hips after sitting long periods Everyone of the above symptoms have either completely disappeared or improved dramatically. There were many additional surprises from my sessions. Especially the one about our cat Stevie who had passed — His showing up to you, Rob; and the message he gave was very special and uplifting. Thank you for your kindness and the patience with which you assisted me in changing my outlook on life. – Jim


You Are Healed

Thursday, I went to my chiropractor (an appointment I had previously scheduled.) I had told her the previous week that I was going to your 3-day Immersion and that I EXPECTED A MIRACULOUS HEALING!  She examined me, we discussed my current condition of NO PAIN, and she said “Wow – you ARE Healed!! I can see a huge difference in your body.  I see no reason for you to come back to see me unless you just want a tune-up!” – J.G.

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