I went to Rob at first for a knee that had been totally replaced and had become infected and so another 3 surgeries in 5 days. Not pleasant. He helped me with the pain and with the infection. The real treat was what he did for me on an old injury that I had received six years ago when I fell off a roof breaking almost every bone in my body on my right side. I had not been able to walk flat on my right foot in all this time. It was causing trouble with my back and life in general. Rob worked on my ankle once and for the first time in six years I COULD WALK ON MY FOOT FLAT! WOW! What a treat! It was like putting on an old soft comfortable slipper and it felt so right! It is like getting a new lease on life, in my case a new right ankle not to mention the relief that all the infection is gone with the knee. Thank you very much, Rob. – Sally
On Memorial day (May 28, 2012) I had a horse accident in Old Snowmass Village, CO.   I had my left leg in the stirrup and the right leg was to swing over the flanks, and she reared up and took off in a full run.  I don’t remember how long I was being dragged with my left leg in the stirrup and the right leg buckled beneath me. Immediately I knew that my knee was severely injured A.K.A. (Blown).  The swelling started right away and the pain was immense.  Luckily we were still on the road and a motorist came within 5 minutes and was happy to give me a ride.  I Iced, elevated and took aspirin immediately.  Once back home in Vail, I made an appointment with Vail medical Center. They requested a $1,600 MRI to confirm the damage.  The MRI technician  said “Your knee is very angry with you”.  The results of the MRI are as follows:  Class 3 ACL,  Class 3 MCL, Class 3 PLC and torn Miniscus.  Steadman Research Institute insisted on surgery within the week after the sever swelling went down as the ONLY option.  This is where ROB WERGIN comes in.  I wanted do everything in my power NOT to have surgery! Reasons included not wishing to have dead people parts put in my body ( that was exactly what they wanted to do).  Addionally the price tag was $37,000. Two days after the MRI, I had my first appointment  with Rob.  I crutched myself right into his office and wrote down that I wanted to heal from this extreme injury.  I have always known that I have guardian Angels in my life.  He explained that he uses their direct power through him, not as a filter, but as a vehicle to heal all kinds of cancers, injuries of ligiments, liver problems, addictions, you name it.  There was nothing freaky about it for me.  He simply sat me in front of a window that was filled with crystals from all over the world, I looked outside as he gently laid his hands on my shoulders.  Once he got over my lower back area, he had to excuse himself to vomit in the bathroom.  I felt so sorry, but he assured me that he was fine and continued.  From that point it felt as if I there was a stadium of angels just waiting to work on me.  There were little sensations of energy flowing into my whole body and I laid there totally relaxed in faith that they were doing the “Operation” I needed.  Once I awoke, it was as if I had new eyes and all I saw was that even every blade of grass has it’s Angel that bends over and whispers, “GROW, grow!”  I knew deep down inside, but had no way of knowing how to do it with out hurting him.  We looked at each other on the drive back from Rob’s and both knew it was the next step. I took his additional appointments and knew deep in my heart that I would truly heal without western surgery.  As Carl Jung said later in his life when asked about the question of belief, “I don’t believe, I know.”   I knew.  That summer I constantly rode horses and by the fall foliage I was back on my mountain bike with no discomfort or fear.  Opening day at A basin was Oct. 17th,  2012 and I alpined skied and tele skied.  Then went to Hawaii from Oct. 23rd – Nov 11th.  In Hawaii I hiked, Longboarded; scuba-dived.  How’s that for not having surgery on a fully blown knee!  You have to know, not just believe.  Miracles do happen!  I’m living proof and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  – TAW