Love the Virtual Sessions

I’m holding the energy more and really love the virtual sessions, which I’ve found so powerful. 
Your January healing in LA made me notice that deep dread and anxiety had left my state of being. And I was moved to stop using the bioidentical creams my doc prescribed, along with a small thyroid supplementation.  I felt so good and was shocked that my energy level didn’t drop, but improved. The liver cleanse healing your gave me in early March at Multiversity 1440 shifted things tremendously. I finally broke my 7-year dark chocolate addiction  that I used to manage stress – but had loaded 30 pounds onto my frame and left me feeling awful long-term.  I feel so clear and more open now, and I’ve dropped a few pounds already.
Now my kidneys have come to the forefront, with such amazing fear coursing through me the past couple of weeks of continued virtual small group sessions and calls…I am so grateful to have had your unique support in helping me release the trauma from my former investor’s fraud and abuse that left me in a 10-yr tailspin of victimization, fear, dread, etc…Thank you Rob. -M.D.

Good Mood and Happy

Have been listening to the last call several times. Can not wait for tomorrow night !! Thanks for the small group session at Unity. My knee has not hurt and i just feel so much better in general. More energy, i am in a good mood and happy. Special thanks for the discount. Waiting for Tuesday night. J.B.

Energy is Amazing

Among other things, you have healed me of gluten sensitivity that I’ve had for 10 years! Wow! This new energy is aaammmaaazzzing!  Can’t wait to see you two again. Ever grateful. – H.F.

Experienced a Miracle!

I know that you don’t really like to know what we are struggling with, but I’ve had a miracle and I believe whole-heartedly that it is due to the work I’ve been doing with you since January.
When we met in January, I was suffering with lyme disease for 8.5 years (mostly neuro-lyme) and had recently been told that I had a rare antibody in my blood that was likely set off by the lyme but would mean either Type 1 Diabetes or, far worse, a very rare disease called Stiff Person Syndrome (SPS) that would have rendered me bed-ridden within a year or two and likely unable to interact with the world due to crippling muscle spasms that are set off by sound (a miserable diagnosis for someone who is a musician as I am).  I had begun to develop symptoms of SPS over the past year and was terrified when the marker showed up in my bloodwork last fall.  I turned inward and had started to pull away from family, my husband, my children and my job.  
I was told by a medium that I needed to take a leave of absence from my job and do energy work.  That she didn’t see the SPS but that I was headed in the wrong direction.  I was contacted late one night by the medium when a “being” from the other side – named Tom –  came to her and reinforced that I needed to find help.  I knew that being to be my son’s 4th grade teacher who recently passed and was a remarkable athlete and coach.  I took myself to a hotel in Miami after a business conference, determined to get myself together, and discovered the “Heal” documentary.  And then a week later, I learned you would be in NYC and I made a reservation in one of the groups you added to your schedule.
I felt very much that I had experienced a miracle in my session with you in January.  Before the flow of energy took me over, I distinctly saw the outline of a hand in blue light take mine. I believe that Tom came to me that day through your help to guide me – he was an amazing coach to children in his human lifetime and I chuckled to myself at how he was already making a difference on the other side.  Since that session, I have been working with myself to maintain the positivity and continue the work through your call-in series.  It has been challenging, but I am committed. Your calls and answers to questions have helped me greatly. 
Two weeks ago my doctors did the quarterly blood work to check my progress.  I received those results this morning.  My lyme co-infections are markedly down/almost non-existent, my lyme infection is present but manageable, and THERE IS NO MEASURABLE SIGN OF THE SPS ANTIBODY in my bloodwork.   It is gone.  My doctor said he thought he had the lab report of a different patient when he first saw the results.
Of course, I cried and cried when I got this news today.  I shared it with my husband and he cried with me.  I shared it with my parents and they cried with me.  Being filled with hope instead of fear is life-changing, but knowing that I did the work with you to make it happen is empowering.  
I don’t know how to say thank you in any way that seems appropriate.  This gift of hope is overwhelming and I’m so very grateful for the love and compassion that you helped me to open myself to.  THANK YOU! 
I have much more work to do, and I am so excited to do it! 

Living in a State of Grace

I had been living in a state of grace connected to the Divine, which is something that I worked to attain through purification and study. But once I became ill and lost “everything,” I also stopped my daily practices that kept my connection to the Divine alive and well. This was one of the saddest parts of my illness. Fast forward 12-months and I began to heal myself physically. And while I was elated for that, I was discouraged about how long and difficult it would be to get back to that state of grace and bliss that I had been living in. I thought to myself, “How can I go through this again?” Well, Rob’s weekend immersion at Omega “reset” me, and immediately on Friday night as soon as he began hands on healing, I was brought back to that state of grace, filed with the energy of loving kindness as each person walked towards me to leave the “stage”, and as I watched Rob and his team administer to each person. My bliss just kept getting better through the weekend. My psychic abilities were reawakened, too. I am at a loss for words to explain how it works. One simply must experience it. I am so grateful for the incredible gift that weekend. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. -C.B.

Calm Place

After your Divine Session on that great table under the water fall of foliage, I have gone through many feelings (Mental/Physical) which have finally brought me to a peaceful and calm place. I am in a good space. Thank you.

Rob is the “Pavarotti” of Healers

There are great tenors in the world and then there is Pavarotti. Rob is the “Pavarotti” of healers. Rob is extraordinarily gifted. He is a blessing to this community ( Steamboat Springs). My spine has realigned and all related health issues have been resolved. Like layers of an onion, old patterns have released. I have boundless energy. I am free of any discomfort, and feel radiantly healthy. I feel like a playful, carefree kid again! – R.G.


I Feel Lighter

Before the session on Friday I had tightness in my chest that is now gone, broke my ankle a year ago and was a still having slight pain in my ankle and that now is gone. Emotionally I feel lighter and more centered and a lot less stressed out. 

Joy has been Restored

Hi Rob I want to update you on how it has been going since you worked on me. I was in such a debilitating depression before we met. I have a life history of domestic violence, severe abuse and depression. After your work, the depression I had been feeling for decades, was gone….I mean the perpetual ache in my heart is ……simply gone. Today, I experience full real joy and serenity. I believe that thought patterns, from my formative years, take effort to re-pattern, but the deep feelings of hopelessness, rage and despair are just very simply – no more. I can breathe again. The really amazing thing is that I am off of all psychiatric meds now and I am happy. I go for long walks in nature and sometimes I cry genuine tears of joy at how beautiful Gods creations are. The heaviness in my chest is gone and I am now noticing beauty all around me. I am able to return to doing healing work on others now that my joy has been restored. My negative thoughts are rapidly being replaced with positive ones and I have a renewed sense of belonging. I want to thank you from the bottom of my joyful heart for the healing work you have done for me.- K

Way to Complete Healing

I wanted to thank you deeply for the incredible experience in NY on Saturday. I truly felt like a new person afterwards *and* I had a dramatic decrease in symptoms for 18 hours. I know it will be a bit of a roller coaster on the way to complete healing, but those glimpses into being almost symptom-free are glorious.
You are such a pure channel for the Divine and I love you. 

Happy Life, Healthy Life

This was beautiful, gentle, and I feel really blessed. This is helping me, my children, helping my family line. I’ve released so much physical and emotional pain, deep deep pain. I’m heading towards a happy life, a healthy life. –A.P.

Empowering, Vibrant Moment

Saturday night was an unexpected healing summit and all my sessions were gorgeous. I appreciate to share with you my healing process. On my second day back home, I deeply slept for eleven hours. I have the energetically charged with divine Love and Light card under my pillow. When I woke up, I put my hands on my heart, I breathed and fill it with unconditional Love for myself. Then spontaneous sounds, then singing sound came like ‘ I am regenerating all the cells of my body now, ‘ for quite a while and’ I am healed ‘ and then I saw myself walking easily in the world. It was an empowering, vibrant moment.
I just want to make sure that theses great vibrant moments are supporting the healing process and not interfering in any way. Could you reassure me on that?
During the day, I observed changes in my movements. I am called to walk so I walk behind the wheelchair in the house. I can put weight on my right leg and sometimes lift it. I feel my body is really regenerating.
I am so touched, touched to yield, to abandon myself to the Life Force that was given to me and to TRUST it, trust that I am taking care of.
I have been so scare all my life to be alive and now I am letting all go . . .
Love make me cry, melting frozen emotions that are passing through me, transforming, flowing like a river within, feeding all my being. A part of myself just needs to reassure that is all OK and that the healing is real and another part is so confident that it is happening.
I have been working on my healing for a very long time and I feel this time, with your divine love and light work and mine, finally I am finding back my true power and are healing. AAAAAAAAAlleluia!!!
So many Thank You and Gratitude for all beings of Light and Love. So many Thank You to You and the amazing work that you do

What a Journey

What a journey this is and I am so grateful for finding you and the work I am doing with you.This call-in series is perfect for me now building on all I am doing with you since summer and September (Flat Rock). I have been faced with the same wall you faced in the question of “how much harder do I have to work”? I am jumping through every hoop. Yet, I know I must completely turn and face my physical condition with acceptance and completely unpack the unconscious foundation which I am doing to the best of my ability.  You said it so beautifully last night, and you also gave me a huge gift by sharing the story of the thyroid issues. I drank radioactive iodine 37 years ago, effectively killing my thyroid. But over the past 2 years as I have done more intense work with you and Panache, I now know my thyroid must be rejuvenating itself, which has led to weight loss and being “hyper” active.  I thought it was getting under control. Now I realize after the September experience, more of my own thyroid awakened and the doctor I was seeing for thyroid treatment kept saying it was low, even though I kept saying that I knew intuitively the dose was too high.  I literally started opening a capsule and taking off some of the compounded medicine. I finally got the dose reduced and now have new pills after transferring my thyroid care to an integrative medicine doctor.  I feel so much better.  The story you shared was the Divine giving me a huge affirmation. I am so grateful for your work and I am holding the space that my physical condition and pain are a thing of the past.  I am seeing a foundation of love. Much love. – S.S.

I am Whole

My arthritis is better, but more importantly I am standing in my truth every day and acting from there. It is been a good thing. I feel more in charge of my days and my life. I have more clarity and combined with my regular spiritual practices I am whole. – K.

Happy, Healthy, and Confident

When I started working with Rob I had frequent headaches, stomach aches and an inflammation of the bladder wall. Since I worked with Rob everything has cleared up and I feel much more energetic, happy, and healthy. In addition I’ve noticed I feel more self-confident, compassionate and trusting in the abundance of life. My heart has opened up more, my ability to connect with the Divine has become much easier, and my capacity to receive has expanded. Wow! The transformation was much more that I had hoped for. With love and gratitude. Thank you Rob. – P.D.

Clearer Every Day!

I’m doing great! Pain-free since January. I love the calls to stay involved. Feeling clearer every day.


Simply amazing to experience layer after layer of dis-ease release from the moment Rob’s hands were placed on my shoulders. It was without a doubt remarkable work with remarkable ease and tangible results.
Such a real healing is a rare gift.

Freedom from Back Pain

Listen to this client describe her experience working with Rob Wergin to overcome back pain.

Amazing Healer

Two years ago, my weight was 82 pounds and I was slowly dying. I spent 1 ½ years of intense work with a naturopathic doctor and a Hakomi practitioner, weekly sessions with each, who kept me alive and were helping me to heal. I was making progress, but slowly. The Hakomi practitioner asked if I would be interested in seeing a spiritual healer to speed things up. She recommended Rob Wergin.
Over the course of 5 healings (during a period of approximately two months), I experienced awesome life changes. My jaw muscles loosened and I no longer needed to wear the jaw splint that I had worn day and night for 10 ½ years. Other muscles throughout my body loosened and I could feel my spine straightening. I no longer needed the medication I was on for Fibromyalgia.
But even better were the positive emotional changes. I no longer had the feeling that I had lived with most of my life; the feeling that something was wrong with me. I was always very timid and often felt like others didn’t want me around. Now, social interactions were becoming easier and much more enjoyable. Friends, family, and coworkers were amazed at the changes in me. Life was improving amazingly fast. Best of all, I regained my spirit and my connection to God.
It has been 5 or 6 months since I have had a session with Rob. The healings that Rob did removed emotional blocks that kept me from moving forward with my life. Since the healings, I have made major life changes, including quitting a job that I disliked, and moving toward finding my life’s purpose and fulfilling my dreams. I will always be indebted to Rob for the part he has played in helping me to turn my life around. Rob is an amazing healer. -S.A.

Recharged Spirits

Jerry and I have been married 45 years, and searched well over a decade for help with major health issues he had. Things like brain tumor surgery, 5 by-passes, 6 stent implants, mild stroke, and a second heart surgery for aortic valve replacement. His energy was low, his motivation absent, and he had trouble staying focused. We feel extremely blessed to have been led to a caring healer like Rob! Our first two times were amazing, profound and powerful healing sessions. I saw wonderful changes in Jerry and, even before my own session, felt some in myself. Jerry had more energy during the day, a sparkle back in his eyes, stayed better connected to conversations, and had a happy spirit in his heart. Rob has awesome healing abilities. We have seen him work in healing circles, guided seminars and private sessions. At each and every meeting, we received physical and/or spiritual healing. He has not only healed our bodies, but has helped our spirits feel an appreciation and wonder for the Creator’s world and all the joy, love, and happiness it holds. Since our sessions with Rob, we feel we both have new hearts and recharged spirits! – J & S

Rob of Wonder

Such a joy to see you again and experience the abundance of love and compassion you give to all around you.  Truly I was blessed to be with you for those two days.  Back pain is gone as is the gastroparesis.  I can enjoy food again!  I have increased  energy and am feeling more like my old self.  In fact I had so much energy that I did not sleep at all the following night after seeing you.  So strange—the whole experience kept swirling around and around in my head.  You must feel so much empathy for all those people as we did for each other. There was a closeness and oneness.  Richard Rohr speaks of the oneness often. I love his books. The Divine Dance is his latest.
I carry you in my heart and thank our God for you in my life.  I look forward to our next meeting. I am with you in spirit.

Deep Impact

This was the most amazing thing I have ever tried in my life. I’ve been working with myself for 35 years, traveled around the world, but this has the most deep impact on me. I’ve always had a problem with my left thigh. Now the pain is gone. Now it’s like I’ve got a new leg. I’m so filled with light now. It was so amazing. I have no idea what has happened but I feel so fantastic, relaxed, and loved. I have to do more of this. -C.M.

Many Shifts and Ah Aa Moments

Just wanted to give feedback about the present 3 call series. I am having extreme ups and downs during this call but also many shifts and ah ha moments. I had what felt to me a major shift yesterday which I think is what I have been trying to unravel all my life. I believe this will be the end of the self sabotage and the auto immune dis-ease patterns. I am still very physically weak but feel optimistic that all is well and I will be also. 
Thank you so much for all you do on our behalf. Love and Blessings. WP

Working with Rob has been

Working with Rob has been THE most profound spiritual experience of my life. I have been working with healers for 30 YEARS- trying to find just ONE person that could help me- and none had ever come even CLOSE to the levels of healing I have experienced with Rob. This is a whole different level of healing. Over the course of one year of seeing Rob in person, listening to the call series, and now the MOST INCREDIBLE virtual sessions, my life has changed profoundly for the better. I am a much happier person. Situations that used to make me burn with rage are a distant memory- I can remember that I was angry, but am totally detached now from almost every situation that used to tear me apart. I hardly ever visit my chiropractor anymore- I used to go every week- now it might be a few times a year. I have never once been back to my naturopath since I started seeing Rob- I used to go at least once a month. More profound than the physical healing is that I feel joy much more often, I find myself laughing out loud a LOT- I have a much better relationship with my family, so many family dramas have evaporated in to thin air, I am much nicer to my kids because I feel so much better and I have so much more energy for them now, and they are much better for it.
The Virtual Sessions are absolutely a new level of healing. I feel like I have just floored the gas pedal and shot off down the track. I would urge anyone who is pondering the Virtual Sessions to act now! Just do it! They have been the biggest gift the quarantine has given me. Not only can I access the same levels of healing that are offered in person, I feel like the sessions are even stronger than in person. It’s also an incredible gift that I do not have to take a week off, find childcare for my kids, get on a plane, rent a car, book a hotel and then show up- I can do it FROM MY HOUSE!! That is a miracle right there. The Divine Energy stays in the house long after, and my entire family and pets are benefiting greatly as well. DO NOT WAIT to book the Virtual Sessions- they may not be available by the time you decide to act- Just do it! Your life will be the better for it! -M.M

Feel Peaceful

Boy am I light…I feel like I must hold myself down. All the negativity is gone. Feel peaceful. Feel emptied. Feel like I am part of everything around me, like I am at a different vibratory rate than I have ever been. I am so grateful. The years of pain in my shoulder are gone. – LP

Rob is a Gifted Healer

I am so grateful that I found Rob Wergin after suffering through arthritis pain for years in both hips. I first met him at the Denver event in a large group setting and then did the small group the next day. I felt like I was energetically rebooted and have felt incredible ever since. The pain and stiffness have almost diminished completely! Even my chiropractor and physical therapist (who I see on a weekly basis) commented on the difference they saw in flexibility and mobility. I highly recommend this gifted healer to anyone suffering any ailment as he has worked on tens of thousands over the years. His passion for healing and his warmth and honesty are remarkable. He is truly amazing and I look forward to seeing him at the 3 day retreat.
Kim Gooding

Grateful is so Inadequate!

I’ve had so many amazing healing experiences since beginning to work with you a little over a year ago, I don’t know where to begin. I’m a little embarrassed that it has taken me this long to write. To refresh your memory, I was at the eclipse event in Asheville – a large woman hobbling around with a cane until the healing work you did with me. I had been seriously injured in a fall 2 years prior – all my groin muscles torn and everything out of whack. The healing that took place at that event was amazing. I have not used the cane since, have been able to walk distances that I was not capable of before, and can stand for long periods of time. (After this injury, hadn’t been able to stand for more than a minute or so without severe pain). I can’t express how grateful I am. This is changed not only my physicality, but my vitality and the way I see myself.
I had an incredible hypnotic dream on Dec. 15 (the last new moon). It was early in the morning, and I was listening to a recording of the final session of the last call series. I drifted a little bit, and ‘saw’ Jesus standing by my window above my bed, radiant light shining through him and also through me. I looked away and looked back, and saw Mary in that same light body. When you talked last night about how the Divine Feminine and Masculine were speaking together, it made sense to me why I saw this. But this is another manifestation of a huge healing for me, because I hadn’t been open to the Jesus energy since I was a teenager. While I had a very personal relationship with Jesus as a young girl, I had pretty much thrown him out with the Christian bathwater as I got older.  I was so amazed by this Presence in my room – and so grateful. Have had more physical healing -release from symptoms I was experiencing – come in as a result of this event.
The most significant healing that has taken place for me in the year and a half or so that I’ve worked with you is a complete freedom from a debilitating depression that I had experienced my whole life. I am truly transformed, and able to follow the path of purpose that I know to be mine. I have shifted to being overridden by grief at the loss of my Beloved a few years ago to a new way of experiencing his presence and love.
To say I am grateful is so inadequate. Listening to the new series last night, I could feel the layers falling away. Am so excited to continue this adventure! Sending much love to you both. Thank you. – Flat Rock Participant

Bliss Feeling

There aren’t really words to express how grateful I am for what you did for me this weekend… thank you is just the tip of the iceberg… but honestly Rob I’m breathing deeper than I even knew people could breathe… There is more space in my lungs than I think there ever has been but it doesn’t just feel like an asthma release it actually feels like a weight has been lifted that goes beyond just the physical symptoms of asthma, – like I was holding all of this pain in my chest that you helped me let go of. I was tearing up on my way to work today out of, I don’t want to call it happiness because it wasn’t as simple as that, but I imagine it’s the “bliss” feeling you kept referring to this weekend, that I’ve only felt a handful of times when I am able to get into deep deep meditation. It’s the strangest thing, I’m sitting at the same desk I’ve sat at for a year and I feel like the world is a different color than it was went I left on Friday. I could honestly cry right now writing this email (but I have to keep it together in front of my coworkers…)  Anyway, thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you x 1,000,000. Thank you for doing what you do and doing it with such care and consideration – I’m am sure it takes a greater toll on you than you’ll ever express to the people that you help. – Omega Participant

Totally Pain-Free

I had been having knee pain off and on for about 10 years – sometimes so bad I could hardly walk. I had a lot of trouble climbing stairs, and couldn’t wear anything but flat shoes without paying a price the next day. I was starting to limit my activities, and recently saw a doctor who suggested I have surgery in both knees. From the minute Rob did my healing session a month ago, my knees have been totally pain-free. Now I can wear heels, and I see dancing in my future! Thank-you, Rob!!! – Beverly

My Life Changed

Many interesting things are occurring. The last call was extremely powerful for me. Physically, my stomach periodically gurgled for 4 days. It wasn’t upset or anything, just noisy (which has never happened). Day 5, it all got eliminated. I assume I had a lot of crap to get rid of. Over the last several months, I have been trying to pay attention to the cues my body sends, which has included increased need for water (as you recommend), lower tolerance for alcohol (one glass of wine only) and my morning caffeine intake of hot tea has to be reduced. 
Spiritually speaking, there has been some interesting happenings as well. I heard one very emphatic message. That has never happened before. My dreams have told me things, so I’m trying to remember them every morning. Last night, I woke up because I felt there was a Being in the room. I sat up and could see the outline of the head, it was sparkling white and blue lights and the energy was tall and masculine. I determined it was all good and not to be feared, so I went back to sleep. Today, I began to second-guess myself. While checking my car for a court file, I found a feather under the passenger car seat. No more second guessing. Oddly, I could remember no dreams. Maybe I was in the Spiritual Hospital?
In short, I have been asking the Divine Beings/Guides to “bring it.” I think they are.
I look so very forward to your calls and I’m trying to do the work. My knee is finally better from last year’s skiing accident. I credit the work we have been doing for the improvement. I can tell that my throat chakra is trying to let something go. I feel stuff coming up. Maybe I need to speak my truth. Maybe it is something else. Whatever the case, I am sure that it will be handled in due time. Patience, however, is not my strong suit. 
Blessings to you my friend! I am signed up for every call. Words cannot effectively express my gratefulness for what you do. I believe it was important for me to meet you in Aspen. You have truly changed my life. – P.R.

Healing is Profound

I want to thank you for the healing you have facilitated in my body, it is profound! My mental clarity has become better every day as well, and the pain in my neck from the skull fracture has drastically lessened. I have not worn my neck brace since our 3rd out of the 7 sessions.  I also thank you for your generosity of affording my wife and mom a session when they drove me to you. My wife, Dee commented that she felt energized after her experience, and my mom said she could feel your touch long after our session in the afternoon.  I had an MRI and CT scan on Sept. 13th and the neurosurgeon appointment this past Sept. 23rd. The doctor asked me if I’ve been wearing my brace regularly and I told her I’d been to you and my neck felt great. I have good range of motion, the pain is much less, and I feel I do not need the brace. She mentioned I looked a lot better and was happy I felt better, but was concerned about my prognosis. Then she saw my scans; the occipital fracture had healed/fused quicker than she expected and she was no longer worried that I wasn’t wearing the neck brace. I told her I had been driving a little and she was fine, but cautioned me to not overdo it, and I didn’t put too much strain on myself. I told her I had Dee to make sure I wasn’t. She released me back to work at the school on the 16th of Oct. with a few restrictions, and I start PT on the 23rd. I’m looking forward to getting back to work (not massaging) in whatever capacity they will let me, and I have you to thank for all this.  After watching your story and having Mike B. tell me he was going to have you work on me, I feel that my quality of life was going to be a little better than before. Thank you so much for what you do and sharing your ability with me. – R.F.

Creates a Positive and Enthusiastic Aura

Rob has become our most talked about and respected topic of conversation among family and close friends. He comes across as a gentle, kind, upbeat soul yet he has a way of communicating that creates a positive and enthusiastic aura that is contagious. My husband was diagnosed with a deadly, unforgivable form of cancer in May of 2019. We planned to attend one of Rob’s healing sessions but due to chemo/radiation treatments and reactions we were unable to attend. We initially started attending the on line call sessions for grace and healing. But out of the life altering changes that Covid caused came Rob’s realignment with his healing and giving commitment to help others. We have to date done multiple virtual sessions and my husband continues to improve daily. Rob’s energy that he emulates through transformation of all things in life are possible with God and Divine intervention is beyond words. From the moment Rob warmly greets each person in the group you can feel the charging energy transferring through him lifting away the layers of illness, self doubt, and the fear of the unknown. God Bless Rob and his support staff for giving my husband the transformation of the Divine Spirit to help him heal and continue to enjoy his life journey. If your leaning towards attending a session, jump in and allow Rob to open your mind to all possibilities. -K.C.

Walking Miracle

I am a walking miracle! This last session did wonders for me beyond description. When I had my massage yesterday, Roberta was absolutely amazed at the difference in my entire body—skin, muscles, bones, the works! My spine had pretty good scoliosis. I saw the x-rays. Well, guess what—my spine is now perfectly straight and I can sure feel the difference. The hip doesn’t hurt, I can move freely and am much more relaxed all over. I am thrilled, of course. I realize that the whole healing is a process that involves more than just the physical body. It has to include the mind and spirit as well for it to work optimally. I can tell that there has been a wonderful release in my entire being— blissful, serene and complete. I feel more loving, patient and grateful for everything in my life. Mahalo nui (thank you to the max) to you and your angelic assistants! – L.C.

Spectacularly Deep

WOW! That was a spectacularly deep call. I felt awful all day, but so much lifted during the call. Deep, deep emotional release. Thank you! – S.P.

Significant Healing

I am a skeptic by nature, and this is only reinforced by my training as an attorney. Nevertheless, the healing process I’ve experienced over the past two years is inexplicable and can’t be understood in a way that can easily be explained.
I started monthly small group sessions with Rob last October in 2017 after being diagnosed with Stage 4  cancer in the summer of 2016. Western medicine wasn’t working. My wife insisted we see the documentary “Heal” and to pursue other healing modalities in addition to the standard Western protocol. I introduced myself to Rob after the film showing and he agreed to work with me and encouraged me to attend a session.
After two small group sessions with Rob, at Christmas time last year, things went downhill.  I now realize that Rob would call this ” the dark days of the soul.” I was in a very bad place and truly didn’t know what was happening to my physical body.  I was unable to walk and had to be admitted to the hospital.
My wife went to my next scheduled session and Rob assured her that he knew what was happening to me, and that it was all going to work out.
Then almost miraculously, significant healing was triggered and I had a breakthrough during this awful time.  Scans were done in the hospital and showed miraculous improvement from just two weeks prior. I understand now that I had to go through that dark, black period to come out the other side, very much healed.  Now a year later, I am back cycling one hundred mile weekends.
Working with Rob has opened my eyes to the spiritual and emotional realms beyond the physical one. That “soul” healing has to take place first before the physical healing occurs.  And I’m not in control of that!  Given that I’m a control freak, this is HUGE for me to understand. I’ve learned to trust that all that happens is as it should be.  Rob has been and will continue to be my anchor of support saying all that happens is for the good. Sure enough, latest scans show very little disease.
Words can’t express my gratitude to Rob and the Divine Beings that surround us. Thank you, thank you for sharing your healing gifts.  Clearly things happen for a reason, and you were meant to do this work at this challenging time in our world. Most of my family and close friends are not even aware of this journey I’ve traveled. But if telling my story can help others, I’ll gladly share and spread the light! – K.R.

Restored Health

In the past three years I’ve gotten Pneumonia three times, the Flu eight times, and all around sick 16 times. Two years ago I was sick for three months strait. Last year I was sick for two months strait and getting worse, that is until I went to see Rob. He turned my health, my ski career, my life the full 180 degrees! Thanks to him I’m 16 years old and 7th in the nation for the amazing sport of Nordic Combined. Now I’m climbing the ladder to be the best in the world. Thank you so much Rob! -Erik


Listen to the remarkable emotional and physical healing this woman received.

God’s Love

The first session I had with Rob was a significant event in my life. I had just completed a 3500 mile car trip. The whole left side of my spine hurt, causing a very tight shoulder. After about 10 minutes of Rob working on me, I felt my spine reposition itself from approximately T-1 through about T-6. It moved from being rotated too far left to being positioned correctly in the center of my back. The pain left the left side of my back and neck after this “alignment”. Through Rob’s work, I allowed myself to receive God’s love into my physical and subtle bodies, and within my consciousness. As I am able to now allow this Love directly from Source, it seems absurd not to get my needs met! – M.


Move Forward in Healing

As I lay on my couch and listened to your voice and breathed and released. As I tapped on my heart space so direct now as 3 weeks ago today I had a bilateral mastectomy without reconstruction and so I lay with my hand upon my heart space so tender, so thin the space between my hand as it lay gently on my heart, beating, gentle tapping too much just yet. I felt so much release and let go as I move forward in healing, in acceptance, in a growing relationship with who I am in my soul, not my body, not my mind. They are a part but my soul is the source….as I move forward I will work to stay in the present, in the now. As I breathed in expanding my chest, my chest that usually hurts, feels painful right now, relaxed and was not. I could really breath in expanding, filling my chest, my lungs and the pain was less, so much less, there was a sense of expansion….of healing. Thank you. -H.H.

So comforting to feel the healing light

I just wanted to update you after all the work I’ve been doing lately. I did a large group session in Boston in January, then a small group in LA in February. Since I was unable to do the Asheville retreat, I have been doing the mini call-ins – I’ve done 4 so far – and the latest series of 3 calls. I’m finding the virtual mini series to be full of light and peace. I look forward to them as an hour of peace and calmness in all the craziness. I find it so comforting to feel the healing light. The phone calls have been extremely powerful. The April 1st and April 8th calls just blew me away. I actually was pretty sick last week after the call – I’m sure getting rid of all kinds of stuff. I am feeling generally better…Thank you so much for all you do. You are truly healing all of us as well as the world. -C.F.

High Vibrational State

Rob, during our session, I experienced a state of absolute bliss that I have never experienced in all my life. This remained with me throughout the day and into the following.
During and following the session, for a good day or two, I could feel my guides and healers working on my forehead, face and throughout my crown. It was very reassuring to know that they cared enough to continue the process even after the conclusion of the show. During the session, I felt them working on parts of my body in which I have had significant discomfort. I have experienced the same feelings during meditations, and am always grateful that they are able to do the work of healing while I remained in a high vibrational state.
I did experience this, as well, while preparing for the session (the day before). I know they are working to clear what I have stored there during this lifetime and perhaps others. I also know this is a process and will require more meditative time and sessions. I am grateful for all that I receive. With gratitude, appreciation and continued blessings for peace and love. -S.A.
Susan Apollon

Fully Cooked!

Workshop was great!  I had several people comment on my raised vibration upon my return.  Also noted during yoga, less tightness in my body than usual and definitely less insulin required for blood sugar!! Heading to Vancouver with panache in a few days- between the two of you, I’ll be fully cooked!! – Omega Participant

Energy Shift

I feel amazing! I am recovering from AML luekemia. I had a bone marrow transplant from an unrelated donor. My body and soul were devastated, I was sick and tired of being sick and tired! After three sessions with Rob I began to feel my energy shift and so did all the people around me. Everyone I see tells me I look like my old self. I feel empowered, confident and happy to put the past few years behind me. I do not have words for how grateful I’m to enjoy the day with energy and no pain. Thank-you, thank-you thank-you. – Debbie


I Have Energy!

The old story, Lupus Nephritis. I am thankful that I have learned so much about about food and health but I now release the “L” word. The NEW Story after seeing you… The first change in me was my breathing. After 10 minutes of seeing you, I could take deep breaths. Not only could I take a real deep breath but my kidneys did not hurt with every breath. That was HUGE for me. I also after the first visit could stand up straight and tall. I felt healthy not bent over and sick. I now do not have to take a 2-3 hour nap each day to survive the day. I HAVE ENERGY! I can keep up with my kids and all their activities. I no longer have nose bleeds or nose sores. I no longer have bleeding gums. I can and want to walk, hike and exercise. I even painted a bathroom all by myself (ceiling included). That means all of my joints and muscles work great! This is a HUGE blessing for me! I no longer sleep sitting up. I can sleep on both sides, my back or my stomach with no racing heart! I hope I have not left anything out. I get so excited about all the things I can now do. The point to all of this is I feel GREAT! Thank you for all that you have done! You are truly a great healer! I am so blessing to know you and to have you work on me!! PS- Thanks for healing my daughter as well! It is great that at her age she no longer wets the bed. Now she gets up and goes to the bathroom by herself in the middle of the night or just sleeps all night peacefully and dry. This will help her self esteem forever! Thank you!  -D.

Complete Remission

I first met you Oct 2017 at the Premier of Heal Documentary in NYC. At the time, my sister had stage 4 Colon Cancer. You gave me a hug to send her, and she signed up for a small group session in Colorado. At that time, she was told by her oncologist to get her EOL affairs in order. She paired your work with experimental immunology treatment In Dec 2017. Within two weeks, her tumors shrunk by half. With in two months they were gone completely. We learned that from you after your second small group session in Boston. It was confirmed by her doctors when she returned home from Boston. She has been in complete remission for more than two years. Thank you for sharing your gift with her. She’s had such a beautiful life since then. All the best. -L.K.

Shoulder and Foot Pain Gone

My shoulder and foot pain is gone. I’m going to start looking younger soon!

Complete Recovery…and Fast

Dave is a long time peripheral friend in my circle who recently became gravely ill due to unforeseen circumstances. This is an individual who is “fit” by all verifiable standards. Just a glimpse of his physical health in a nutshell ……he has qualified and run the Boston Marathon 5 times. Not once, not twice in the recent past….5 times! In this day and age, his overall lifestyle and diet choices epitomize the essence of healthy as well. In synopsis, his system was beginning to verifiably fight itself and Dave wasn’t winning. In addition, his blood had acquired an unknown toxin that the medical personnel couldn’t manage to filter nor remedy. It was about a week in, when our mutual friend reached out to me to share his current condition and story. She is aware that I do healing work and although energetically I would add to his energy whatever I could I immediately thought of Rob and looked to apply the energy of the Divine. I placed one of the Divinely charged cards I had acquired from one of Rob’s sessions to Dave’s photo for a period of a few hours over a couple of days and waited it out. It was over the next few days that his condition began to turn around. I knew it had to be a collective process between Dave and the Divine, but I also knew the power of intention and it’s ultimate strength in this time space reality. This was a man who was no longer “present” and come to find out had periodically left his body at different points within his hospital stay. Over that three-day period, after I infused Dave’s being via the Divine energy card; he was on to make not only a complete recovery, but a fast one at that! Even better yet, his shift in condition was inexplicable to the medical personnel who had resided his closest family and connections to the viable reality that he would not be returning to his life as they knew it and was essentially on his deathbed. Ultimately, Dave went on to be discharged from the hospital in a full state of wellness within a five-day period. Miraculous. Sending gratitude! KD


Since meeting Rob I would like to share the following “miracles” with you. After fighting lymphoma since 1989, I found myself diagnosed with a new cancer, squamous cell carcinoma of the anal canal. I had been in horrendous pain since Jan. 2006 thinking I had hemorrhoids. I met Rob at the very end of May and finally felt relief from all of the burning and itching. Because of my squamous cell diagnosis I was required to have a PET Scan which clearly revealed that I had other problems namely in my shoulder bone. An MRI was recommended at which point I asked Rob to make time to work on my shoulder, and he gladly agreed. The MRI report revealed an abnormality in the bone but it was not clear as to what it was. I was told that more than likely it was the lymphoma recurring in my bone or it could be another kind of necrosis. A follow up bone biopsy was recommended. Again Rob worked on my shoulder. The lengthy report from the bone biopsy simply stated, “No cancer found.” You can only imagine how grateful and relieved I was for Rob’s work. One day I entered for a session with a throbbing toothache and had made a dental appointment for that afternoon. I asked Rob to take some time to work on that issue which he did. The pain immediately ceased. I kept my appt. with the dentist who could find nothing wrong with the tooth. I have not had any pain in that tooth since. My third miracle occurred when the tumor inside the anal canal had grown and was pushing against a bone creating a very painful walk. In one session Rob got that tumor to shrink to half the size and I was no longer in pain. I actually went home and cleaned the house bending down freely to pick things up off of the floor. I heartfully thank Rob and all my angels for assisting me to better health. I look forward to the day when I am totally free of disease and discomfort. – Eileen


Deeply Changed

There are no words to fully express how this past immersion in Flat Rock has changed my life. I truly feel in my heart I am ready to fly. I am free and stepping into my power and soul’s purpose. I know I am here to write my children’s books and have done that over the past 3 years, but it was surrounded by the fear that kept my creative flow just trickling out. But, it was enough to show me what I was to do when I was able to break out of my cocoon of the past 4 years. You unlocked the lock and I have flung open the lid. Praise God.
I wanted to share 2 specific things with you. Saturday night, you came to me in my sleep state as a vision. You stood behind me and picked me up with your arms under my rib cage, which has been an area of deep constriction at times. NO MORE!!!
Hair loss for the past year has been a concern. I have even taken pictures of how much I lost each time I washed my hair. When I came home yesterday, I took a long shower and I only lost 3 or 4 hairs – miraculous!! I have also noticed that today I am recovering much faster when I have been standing or working in the kitchen.
I also honored what you said about proclaiming the new me. I sat with my husband and calmly recounted the weekend saying simply at first “I am not the same person I was when I left”. I am using the spray today as his own fear is emerging at times, but now I am simply neutral and compassionate. I am sharing this because I want to let you know that I am so deeply changed and now willing to continue this work.  I am still crying soul tears as I was that last time you touched me yesterday. Blessings to you (and your team) I have never felt safer and the group was amazing. Infinite love and gratitude to you. – S.S.

Feeling Divine Love

How do I put into words the miracles that have occurred and keep occurring since we started working together? I can say that the cervical pain I had for 15 years is gone. Just before we met, I had spoken to two surgeons who said all I could do was have a spinal fusion and live with limited movement in my neck for the rest of my life and maybe the pain might be less. After 3 sessions with you and several healing circles the pain is gone. It’s that simple and I do not question it. I’m no longer in a fog and eating pain pills. Having said that, there is also the light and love that I feel all the time. The blessing of absolutely knowing and feeling divine love is beyond words for me. My gratitude for the work you do is pretty much beyond measure. Your work is the gift I wished for all my life….and I have it now. I feel the only way I can thank you and the divine is to live in this glow and in my heart; to spread the light no matter what the circumstances are. Thank you. – Anne


You are an Inspiration!

I awoke this morning and the vertebrae that you had messed around with last night ‘popped’ into place. Thank you for being the conduit…You are such a blessing in this world and you share so much healing with so many people. You are an inspiration and a gift in these tumultuous times. If we lived in different times, you would be uplifted into sainthood. When my gift came through at the age of 19, I shared it a little bit, but it wasn’t time yet for me, I still had ‘human’ experiences that I was interested in pursuing – and I became confused about how I could both be a healer and a human – I fell away from the light. Your gifts have been a profound reminder of my own light and I know that my purpose is to serve and share my healing gift, and I now now that I can do that while living life. You have helped me to see that – to re-member my soul purpose.Thank you. I feel deep affection for you and am grateful that you come to Denver regularly.


I have had the pleasure of attending two of your group healings in Boston in the past month. I left both times feeling great, different both times, but lighter and more able to feel the room made for the light and love to come in. The question I have is this: If I am currently and told indefinitely under treatment, and also seeking out other healing modalities, how do I not tell my story? I do not define myself by the illness I have, but have to engage in the story when I am at the doctors or go for another therapy somewhere. Or, when the people that love and care for me ask me how I am doing. Or, question what is going on with my treatment. I want to do this healing thing right, and I am concerned that for as long as I engage in these conversations, I will be clouding my ability to heal. The other question I have is how do you recommend integrating your healing with the Catholic religion? I am open to so much, but do not want to be doing something that may hinder one or the other. Does that make sense? Thank you for doing what you do. Thank you for making a difference in my emotional and physical well-being and bringing your gift to heal to the world. It is truly what our world needs, especially now! – S.M.

Welcome Angels

My mother-in-law suggested that I contact Rob to help with a problem I’d been dealing with and how grateful I am that she did. In the brief period of time I’ve been working with Rob and all of the angels and specialists so eager to help, I have experienced many blessings. The vertigo I had been experiencing for years is completely gone, a lump on my jawbone was reduced to nothing but scar tissue, and most wonderfully, hepatitis c was completely eliminated from my husband’s liver. For this I am truly grateful, but more importantly I love and desire the feeling of warmth, joy, satisfaction, safety, comfort, and perfect love I feel when Rob and his angels are tending to me. It brings me peace to know that I can also welcome angels at all times. My sincerest gratitude for your loving work. -Barbe

Spiritual Adventure

If there was one thing I would tell people new to this work, it would be, “Welcome to the GREATEST spiritual adventure of your life!” This work is like no other. It is your direct connection to the divine. Listen to the calls and do the Zoom sessions, and your life will be transformed- and the life of your family, friends and all of the lives you touch will be different… and all for the better. Problems that were insurmountable will just fade away, people who cause you the most stress and pain will disappear, and situations that cause extreme anxiety will not show up. Physical symptoms will resolve (so much so that you will forget exactly what was wrong with you in the first place!), which seems impossible, but it’s the truth. It has happened to me and to many other people who are on this same adventure.
If you have read all the books, listened to all the shows and watched every YouTube video, but are still seeking The Answer, I would STRONGLY encourage you not to wait any longer- jump in to this work and see where it takes you. I was that person seeking the divine in every place I could find- thousands and thousands of hours at church, reading every book, listening to every show and watching everything I could get my hands on. Now I don’t seek answers from the outside- the answers are within me. I speak to the Divine on a regular basis, so I don’t need to keep looking everywhere and try everything. I have found It. I would take this summer of major planetary shift and go with it! Grab this chance to heal with both hands! It really can’t get any easier. You are in the safety and comfort of your home, having the most stunning experience of your life. I could cry rivers of tears of gratitude for Rob and his gift of Divine Transformation! – M.M.

Eyesight Much Improved

I had a very uplifting time at the session last weekend. My eyesight was much improved and I didn’t feel like I was 100 years old walking around. Also, and this is the main reason I came, I wanted to get my spirituality and positive attitude back. I have been put through the ringer the last 3 years and wanted to feel like my old self again. Thanks for being you and really helping. I am going to continue my journey with you all and will show up at the next transformation call. 🙂 – T.G.

In Gratitude

I’ve been wanting to reach out to you since we first met at the Los Angeles session a few weeks ago, but my life is beyond crazy right now. The healing felt like a miracle healing for me. I know you saw my energy shift, and it felt like and still feels like a a toxic heavy weight that was clamped on my chest was lifted. While lying on the floor, I felt decimated, wondered how I could possibly drive home, and thought I would have to have someone come get me. Slowly, I felt the life start to pulsate back into my body until I felt joyous and more alive than I’ve felt in years. I still do feel that way. Maybe not joyous, but in gratitude. My 3 year-old son has leukemia, and the past week is really not doing well, but I am able to stay in gratitude, for him and for my life. I stay positive, which would have been very difficult for me to do before. I have also noticed a huge shift in my CFS. The past few years I have been mostly housebound and every day has been hard, where I felt like I’m dragging the day behind me just trying to get through it. We moved houses 10 days ago, and it went from being something I was terrified of because of my illness, to something I really embraced and was able to skip through with a day of rest in between. I am so so grateful and look forward to the call tomorrow.  – E.G.

Gushing with Gratitude

I am compelled to write this to you because of all you have done for me. My life has changed immensely since working with you. I am gushing with gratitude to you for the miracles I have experienced since my first visit with you. The best way I can describe the difference is that you “unplugged” me, and my life has continued to soar ever since. I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am to you. Rob, I cannot thank you enough. I am humbled by having met you and by having had the privilege of you touching my life so deeply. You have taught me a level of unconditional love that I didn’t know existed. I continue to do the exercises you taught me, the meditations, and the sea salt baths, and my life has become the most peaceful it has ever been. I have accomplished more than I ever dreamed of, and it has all occurred with deep love for myself and those I’ve had the pleasure to come in contact with. How can I ever possibly thank you for opening my world up to such amazing love? For, I feel that’s the main difference in my life. It’s the love you exude and the love you have opened my heart to feel on a regular basis now. My soul soars because it’s been unleashed. Thank you, thank you, thank you. These words are not enough, but know that not a day goes by that you are not in my thoughts and prayers. I send you love and light regularly. You are an amazing being, and I thank God for bringing you into my life. I am so incredibly blessed because I’ve met you. I love you dearly. – J.S.

I Have my Life Back

Listen to this woman’s journey healing Lyme Disease.

All the Darkness is Gone

Wings wrapped around me, I feel the Angels and Guides. My body felt like it split apart and all the blackness and darkness left. All the darkness since I was a little girl is GONE! I feel lighter, no bloating and the pain is gone. The whole experience was amazing! -K.W.

Emotional and Physical Healing

Thank you for all you do. I found the session very powerful are even though you thought that it wasn’t going to be such so much of a healing session as a teaching session but I found it to be both.  My love of wanting to know and live in my divinity is quite high and is my highest desire.  I find that the material sense desire is so hypnotic.  I have been using the commands suggested to ask for help from my higher Self. I am learning how to Trust my listening.  I have found a lot of emotional healing and physical healing to be ongoing.  Thank you for this access to Wisdom.


On September 27,2016 I called in and was worked on by Rob for prostate problems. The previous night I had to get up 9 times to pee. After the phone call I got up only once and have had no problems since. Wow!👍😀 R.C.

I am Healthy

I mean wow. During the call I was having deep transmutation of past challenges into Divine Light. I was taken back to when I was seven – I was in my body – and before the doctor was telling me the diagnosis I was given this infusion of gold healing light. There were many energy beings in the room with me (including you). I felt this infusion come from within me, out of my cells, into my organs/bones all and expand out into my energy bodies. This light was creating protection for me to not take on the diagnosis. I am free. I am healthy… – S.J.

Divine Energy Applied

Joe’s story was brought to my attention by one of my best friend’s; he is the brother of one of her three sons. Joe’s life as he knew it shifted in an instant due to life-threatening injuries he sustained when a driver hit him with his vehicle while he was traveling near the road on his bike. He had yet to reach his teens, but was on the approach with a zest for life that his friends and family knew all too well. As it were, to say that these unfortunate circumstances profoundly impacted the family would be an understatement. His parents immediately ensured the families privacy by staying off of social media. I initially would continue to check in with my friend on his condition and with little change I decided to inquire if she would be willing to share a picture of Joe. I immediately thought of Rob and was looking to apply the energy of the Divine via one of the healing cards as provided at his healing events. She obliged ensuring that I didn’t share his photograph. I readily agreed and went about applying the card to Joe’s picture a few hours each day for a about a week or so. I checked in with my friend over a two-week period following the Divine energy application awaiting a favorable and expeditious update. (Later) Joe had indeed came out of his coma and was responding favorably to the doctors and his parents. In excitement, we cheered aloud together in the vehicle!! We are so very grateful for his recovery. He is making his way back each day toward the healthy life that was meant for him along side his family and friends. This is the second miracle I have personally witnessed in association with Rob’s healing work. Much gratitude once again to the magnificent power of the Divine and Rob’s willingness to continue to share his gifts with us! KD

Colon Cancer to Gratitude

I have been living with stage 4 colon cancer for 8 years. In the last two years it had slowly progressed to my lungs and back again in my liver. This winter I began to lose weight dramatically. This spring I entered a trial testing the use of two drugs. I continued to lose weight and because to suffer from severe edema in my legs and abdomen (ascites). I had terrible back pain, caused my the cancer pressing on a nerve, that kept me up all night and eventually on pain meds 24 hours a day. I had pain in my legs and was too exhausted to walk from the house to the car on most days. At the end of June I dropped out of the trial because it was clearly doing damage and I was getting too weak. My entire family and I believed I was dying. My oncologist said there weren’t any options readily available other than infusions of herbatux every 2-3 weeks to hopefully slow the progression down. We talked to our three kids about my steady decline and that it was very likely I would die much sooner than anyone thought.
At this time my father was introduced to Rob through a series of interesting events. He called me and felt like Rob was the real deal. My father is a skeptic and perhaps the only person who could have persuaded me at that time to go. Rob happened to be offering sessions near enough to me in two weeks. The night before my first session with Rob I put out a Facebook video asking for help, prayers and love. The first day I wore thigh high compression tights to hold back the edema as much as possible. The second day I had another session. In that time I noticed I had no edema. It has not come back. My abdomen slowly has been getting smaller. I am not on pain meds for my back and my energy and health has steadily been getting better and better. I have made four videos for my Facebook community to keep them informed. In the last one you can clearly see what a tremendous change has happened. I don’t know what is going on and try not to analyze it. All I know is I feel incredibly grateful for this new life I am living today. -LLPT

I Have my Life and my Health Back!

I worked with Rob for several months. I’m so grateful to know the depth of healing and joy that Rob’s work provides. I have my life back. I have my health back!

Awesome Work

I had some visual experiences of color and calm.  I loved being in the presence of people having such strong reactions. I believe in the “no separation” – what happens to one of us happens to all. I have a sense of acceptance about my physical issue, no real change.  But, acceptance and calm – not bad things – and I’m grateful for those.  My issue is neurological and I seem to be not worse – another area of gratitude. I’ve been in this place of “there is an absolute cure”, so sometimes disappointment is where I am. But, thank you for giving me the opportunity to be in your presence.  Awesome work. – B.T.

Angel Card

I had a painful nerve pinch on my right arm. I used your holy water and an Angel Card over my arm and went to bed. Next morning, my arm was just fine. -A.A.

Deep Healing

I just wanted to share with you that after the last call last week my body no longer needed thyroid medication that I have been taking for hypothyroidism for 20 years. I confirmed this with applied kinesiology and pendulum testing. Thank you as always for using your Gift and to the Masters for deep healing.
With much Love and Gratitude. -D.M.

Life Changing Weekend

Today, a close friend asked me about my constant smile and the clearly perceptible glow around me. Of course, I proceeded to share my experience of last weekend’s Immersion. I said, “life changing,” “transformative,” “reborn,” but really that’s only the surface. 20 years ago, I had a life-changing accident that left me with chronic, daily pain (my story). I didn’t realize that on that day, I had given away my power and surrendered to my diagnosis. Last weekend, I regained my life force. I am beyond GRATEFUL. Thank you for opening the path, your authenticity and loving spirit. You are so right: this bliss is addictive! So, I’ll be seeing you soon. With much love and appreciation. -M.B.

Life is Blissful

You have helped me transform my life! Thank you seems so inadequate, but it is truly heart felt. With the help of your wonderful gifts I have been able to release the resistance that was seriously restricting my mobility. My energy is up, I sleep better, and my eating habits have changed. Life is blissful. Your gifts are truly magnificent and I am grateful to have you in my life. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! – Carol

Appreciate the Opportunity

Thank you for the email. I really enjoyed my Small Session on Saturday and attending your big event on Sunday.  For the past month, I have been listening and participating in the light bath and two of your call series.  The energy in all of these events has been wonderful. 
I have several aches and pains that I am releasing. I appreciate the reminder that our body is replacing itself at the rate of 500 million new cells each day, and i am greeting these new cells each morning with joy and gratitude.  
I want to live my oneness and I really appreciate this opportunity to work with you and the divine entities of light to release any blocks to this truth and to raise my vibration.   
Thank you for this opportunity. -R.E.  

From Broken Back to Pain Free

This gentleman broke his back in June 2016. He couldn’t walk and was in a lot of pain. After attending a Rob Wergin Transformation event he is pain free. “This is really different to not hurt right now.”


After my first virtual small group ever…WOW. Here’s a summary:
1. Up until 4 am that night, body did NOT want to sleep. NOT jittery or anxious–just–AWAKE.
2. HUGE boost in energy
3. MASSIVE feeling of space and openness in my throat (and I would NOT have said that area was constricted, LOL! #oops :))
4. MASSIVE feeling of space and lightness in my belly YAY (this part I would have said yes, holding some things)
5. A mighty boost in All Is Well, and Knowing the Blessed Beings that work with me/us are always. always here.
6. I have been SO hungry, LOL!! Trying to allow lots more food–
Oh my goodness I want to do one of these a WEEK, LOL!!! GREAT goal  for manifesting abundance! Mighty Blessings and Gratitude. K.G.

You Are Healed

Thursday, I went to my chiropractor (an appointment I had previously scheduled.) I had told her the previous week that I was going to your 3-day Immersion and that I EXPECTED A MIRACULOUS HEALING!  She examined me, we discussed my current condition of NO PAIN, and she said “Wow – you ARE Healed!! I can see a huge difference in your body.  I see no reason for you to come back to see me unless you just want a tune-up!” – J.G.

No more pain!

Since our last session, I have had ZERO erythromelalgia flares in my feet which is AWESOME!  I have been able to walk without wrapping my feet in wet, cold paper towels to prevent those nasty flares; put my feet into my warm bath water; and even be in a cold hospital room in sandals for more than two hours without having a re-warming flare!   There is no pain involved anymore.  I am feeling so good and so happy! Thank you so much!    – M.

Number 1 Fan

I’ve always thought I was quite well put together and enjoyed living a productive and happy life. Then I was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. My world stopped spinning and I went into “victim” mode, I was there for 3 ½ years relying on western medicine to take care of me. When a good friend gave me your name and number I thought what the heck I’ll give you a call. You responded immediately saying you had a cancellation and could see me the next day. This surprised me, it was sooner than I was prepared for but you told me it was a sign and that I should take the appointment. I had never followed a sign before. I remember vividly walking into you office in March of 2010 with my oxygen tank in tow. I told you I had stage IV lung cancer and your first words to me were “that’s enough, you don’t own the disease and don’t indentify with it anymore!” That was huge for me, immediately an enormous weight was lifted from my shoulders. 30 minutes into our first session I could have floated off the exam table. Never before had I felt such lightness and so free of disease. You have much compassion to share and this was my first time experiencing the enormous healing power of love. I felt I was glowing – everywhere I went people commented on how wonderful I looked. We covered much ground in those incredible first sessions together, often I would go home and my body was so eager to get rid of the disease that I would spend hours, if not days, vomiting and dry heaving. It was tough at times but I was so happy because through it all I could feel my lungs clearing. Then there was the time I came in your office having just spent a number of days in the hospital surrounded by western doctors and their defeatist attitudes. That time you told me “it’s up to you Melanie, if you decide to spend your time in this world or the spiritual world, remember the doctors are entitled to their opinions but they don’t know what’s best for you”. Again you cleared me out, you ignited the light in me, you filled me with a calming sense of peace and happiness and you turned my life around. You have given me life; you have started me on a spiritual journey that excites me everyday. I can’t imagine how I thought my life use to be fulfilling, because now it is incredible! I thank you for devoting your life to healing, for caring and for being you, I thank my friend for giving me your name and I thank lung cancer for opening my eyes to this beautiful spiritual world we all live in (goodbye oxygen tank). I’m living here for a long time Rob so if you ever need me just call. Another number 1 fan. – M.

Chronic Fatigue

I thought I was over the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which plagued me since 1982 because I was somewhat functional for the past 15 years and just did the best I could. However, I came to a crossroads in October of 2008. A terrible cold turned into walking pneumonia. Antibiotics helped about 50%. Over the years I had grown so accustomed to the chronic sinusitis, sore throat, earaches, low energy, and poor digestion that I kept going with this new bout of dis-ease, even started working out again in spite of the achiness and pain, thinking I would get my lymphatic system to kick out the remnants of pneumonia that made me un-functional. After about a week of forcing myself (as I was accustomed) to do some light walking and exercise, I just couldn’t get up and going one day. Even my doctor said to blow everything off and just rest, so I did. Three months later nothing changed. I thought “This is it. I’m 56 and just going to rot here until I die.” The idea wasn’t what I wanted, I just felt I had no choice but to submit. I was tired of taking 800mg Ibuprofen day and night for back and knee pain, acyclovir for herpes, boniva for osteopenia, and ambien which I considered a Godsend after having almost total insomnia from 1982 until I started taking it in 2002. In an effort to give my body what it “needed,” I also took about $600/month worth of supplements. Top it off with the added expense of foods to circumvent a wheat allergy, and the constant acupuncture, massage therapy, and chiropractic, and you’ve got more bills than a herd of ducks! At this juncture of seeing no way out of this horrible lifestyle of constant vigilance and expense, someone handed Rob’s brochure to me. After three appointments, I found myself travelling to take some intense classes for business, and making plans for more travel and continuing education. I now have lots of energy to accomplish everything I believe I was put here to do. I am almost completely pain-free and can sit without pain or bristling for hours on end. I don’t have to “pretend” to feel happy or okay. My mind is sharper and my goals clear. I no longer ruminate over the past or fear the future, but simply enjoy the present. I haven’t felt this good since I was a kid! Hah! I don’t even procrastinate anymore–I wrote the testimonial! Rob, thanks for all you do to make the world a better place! – MC

Everything Changed When I Saw Heal

Pure Joy

AAAHHHHHHH! I can see clearly now that the junk in my trunk is moving out! Your whirlwind tour was the greatest blessing for me. Not only do I feel TONS better, in fact, better than I can ever remember feeling, but my family is also vastly improved. Brighter eyes, calmer energy, more focused and less stagnancy. I don’t know how you do what you do, nor does it matter, I am just SSSSOOOOOOOO grateful to have met you. AND am looking forward to your return. I never realized I was such a wreck until we started peeling away the layers! I now have a permanent grin on my face and it comes from (finally) experiencing pure joy. THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU!!! – Kristen



It Feels so Good to Heal

I was inspired to go to Agape this afternoon to share time with the healer, Rob Wergin. I was walking out of the bookstore and the Rev was walking through the hallway and my first instinct was to hug him and say “good to see you” and he responded, with truthfulness, “good to see you TOO”!
The Sanctuary was almost full and  ready to hear this healer. I followed his every instruction, to surrender and to stop telling my story. He began to work with individuals on the stage and it appears as if he was healing each and every one of them from their painful disease, as well as the congregants. I began to cry. At first I thought it was empathy, but then I realized it was my own soul healing. I opened myself up to spirit, spirit inside, to determine what did I have to heal. They shared exactly what it was through my 2 hours of releasing tears.
I realized that I have been feeling unworthy to live longer than my sister did. I am now on this planet 13 years longer than my sister. Because of this guilt for living longer, I have accepted her illness. Tomorrow, when I go to the doctor, I will receive my results of the MRI. I am now reaching out to my angel, Sister Silvia, who can now love me, as she had always wanted to love me when she was in the flesh. I am now healed to accept her love.
At the end of the event, Rev Michael was signing divine cards, that Rob gave out, and I whispered to him, from the back, thank you for brining this healer to us. He stopped what he was signing, looked me in the eyes, and said “you are welcome, SWEETIE.”
Oh beloveds,  it feels so good to heal.

Rob Wergin is the Real Deal

Rob is the real deal. Over a decade ago, I went to him with herniated discs in my neck (the doctor wanted to put a steel rod in my neck), bone spurs on my spine, and an opiate addiction. All gone! I’m so grateful to him every day and feel the beautiful energy of divine connection in my healthy body and mind! He is a blessing. – A.S.

Standing in Awe

Wellllllllllll, that was quite a weekend at Omega. I thought I was going to witness a freak show, but instead I starred in it. Can’t help but wonder what the f*** was pulled from the depths of my being and released from me, but it was CRAZY and GOOD. The joy that filled me in those next days really did cause my face to hurt from smiling so much. When I returned home, I tucked an Angel card in my soft knee brace, and the knee that two doctors have offered to replace for me felt NOTICEABLY better and continues to. For three nights, my tailbone hurt so badly that I could barely sleep, but my knee (with the Angel card) didn’t hurt AT ALL! ! My husband complained for two days that his back hurt, so I asked him to carry an Angel card in his pocket. HE LAUGHED OUT LOUD, but he did it, and COINCIDENTALLY (he would say), his back didn’t hurt all day.
I am different than before, more relaxed, more content, totally trusting what appears crazy to others, and wanting more. I am still somewhat dazed by, more like ‘standing in awe of’, the whole experience because I have RELEASED the need to make any kind of sense of what happened and is still happening. I am NO LONGER CONFUSED!!! I know I will stay connected and can’t thank you enough for answering the call to do the game-changing work that you do, exhausting though it must be. I would love to bring my daughters to an immersion in the future, and I suspect I will see you all again in person. Sending buckets and buckets of unconditional love and bliss in your direction! Your crazy, still-dazed-but-no-longer-confused friend from Omega. – S.N.

So Many Cool Things!

So many cool things have happened with my family since I started the Virtual Sessions with Rob! My husband has had major hearing loss over the past ten years or so. I thought he would need a hearing aid in the next couple of years. In about four Virtual Sessions with Rob, his hearing has improved dramatically! He can hear a whisper from across the room, when before, a shout was all he could hear. I am floored!
Another cool thing that has happened since I started doing the Virtual Sessions- my 11 year old daughter has FINALLY been cured of a very uncomfortable problem- the inability to burp, which caused her a lot of intestinal pain for the last 11 years, since she was paralyzed from botulism as an infant. She is completely thrilled that she is no longer in pain and can have full function back. This is after taking her to healers for 11 years to no avail. In just a few short sessions from home, her pain is GONE! The huge smile on her face says it all! THANK YOU, Rob, for providing the Virtual Sessions! I would not be able to take her out of school and travel to see you, so I am profoundly grateful she could be healed from so far away! -M.M.

True Healing

I am sharing this email from a friend. I hope this will be helpful to the many people who are in the same position he was in. I have been fooled many times,  by SINCERE healers, psychics and mediums, who I believe meant well. The letter writer below is ALMOST as skeptical of all of them, as I am. I would go to Rob Wergin’s website, read the testimonials, watch the videos and make up your own mind.  Rob Wergin says in one of his videos, that he can open the door for Love and Healing to enter, some people open the door even wider, some people let it close again.
One of the philosophical issues that has stayed with me,since my wife’s death from breast cancer seven years ago, is free will versus destiny. Edgar Cayce was very clear, ” the stars incline, they don’t compel”; that our free will was stronger then any astrological influence,  if we use it. In many readings people would ask if they would get better, and he would tell them to come back in a few months for another reading. He would often say that GOD itself doesn’t know what will happen until we make a decision.  True healing has to take place on a Spiritual, Mental and Physical Level. If you weren’t willing to remember “We are our brothers keeper” and come from a place of Love and Forgiveness, Edgar Cayce would often say, “Best not to begin”.
In one of his readings on suicide, he told a woman she would be meeting someone in the early part of the next year. She committed suicide 3 months later. The best I can come to is we do have SOME control over our future. How much I don’t know. I do know that if you don’t try anything, nothing will change . For all those who are suffering I hope this information is helpful, and may God Bless Us All.     -A.A.

Healed in More Ways than One

I want to thank you so much for the work that you do. I was healed in more ways than one at Omega this past weekend. I still feel the emotional release from stuff I had held onto regarding my parents. That release through my angel guide was truly a rebirth!
I have swelling in my left ankle ever since my flight from Berkeley to Omega last Thursday. I have a sense it is something that I’m holding onto. I put my “holy water” on it each day and ask the masters to help me release whatever it is. 
At the same time that I feel the glow of rebirth, I continue to release a lot of emotion. – Omega Participant

Huge Win!

I’ve had a great week since our session. I definitely felt a different sense of one-ness and connection and assuredness that I would heal after our session. That feeling subsided a little as the week went on, but I have noticed a change in my breathing discomfort — one of my most upsetting symptoms. Leading up to the healing, I was very very sick, struggling the breathe — and at the session itself that continued. Shortliy thereafter, it lifted and has been much improved ever since. This is a huge win…I think I very much needed the emotional release and surrender of your work. I am looking forward to more benefits — although I also feel some fear that more won’t come. I know that is just my brain living in the past, not the future. 

Beautiful Weekend

A note of gratitude for the beautiful weekend of resurrection and transformation in Flat Rock.  I am truly grateful for the experience, the guidance, the container of safety and support, and the amazing healing that was shared.  Thanks to each of you for bringing these things forward.  The energy, guides, and higher emotions remain intensely present.  
I feel a deep transformation.  I am thrilled to not only be able to say that from a “head” place but from my “heart” space.  I am feeling these emotions on a deep level within my body and feel like blockages to these emotions were released this past weekend. I am very excited to be moving forward in accepting and living out my divinity/my divine purpose.  Thank you, thank you, thank you. So grateful. – Flat Rock Participant

Body is Perfect

I knew last night’s call would be powerful, but was not quite ready for the magnitude of the work. I could not sleep last night as if it was the first night after the Immersions in Flat Rock. I feel like I am releasing so much fear. After the call, I had a strange “ping” of electrical activity in my back left sacrum/hip. Normally, I would have gone to the fear place of the pain, but this time I became an observer and heard it was a direct result of the releasing from the call. Today, the area is fine. I truly believe that today is a new “Birth-day” for me. The work was that intense and profound.  So, 4/18/19 is my Re-birth-day!!!! Thank you again for following your calling and helping so many. I believe my body may finally shift from the sympathetic to the parasympathetic and all of the healing work I am doing will actually return my physical body to health and strength. “My body is perfect and I am grateful!” – S.S.

Mind blowing!

Settling in after the mind blowing time at Omega.  Wanted to share some cool observations.  During the Sunday morning session when you put your hands on me my neck adjusted in three places.  I thought it was very cool as I had forgotten it was out.  On my drive home to Boston I noticed the ringing in my ears was gone and my vision had cleared.  As I observed my neck I could feel the masters working on my hyoid bone (a small bone that is in the front of the neck that is involved in swallowing and is free floating only attached by muscle).  That bone had been displaced for quite awhile.  I touched my neck and it was back in place.  Been trying to do that for years.  I can swallow without feeling like I’m choking !  What a relief. Thank you for your sense of humor.  It helps us to lighten up and let go! 

Extraordinary Healing Weekend

I am so appreciative for your guidance in this extraordinary healing weekend. I have to say this is one of the most, if not the most powerful experiences I have participated in. Nearly two weeks out, I am feeling what I consider real and lasting effects. I am grateful for this opportunity and being able to witness the good work that touched the people there. My own healing was focused on grief work as you were quick to point out. I do feel that I am better off having addressed some of this, more so since much of it was done on a spiritual level. The physical benefits are apparent as my neck and back are less painful, and I can tell that some physical changes are occurring that I can only describe as being more or better aligned. My GI tract and skin tone are also improved. My skin feels cool and smooth. Maybe this has something to do with drinking the water you provided and using the infused bath water. I am drinking more water these days and love how I am feeling. We will come back to another weekend at some point. It was fantastic! Thank you so much. – B.W.

Doctor Says Cancer is Gone

Doctor reports the cancer gone. All scans and tests are clear and clean.

Saving thousands of dollars

I cleaned out my pantry last week- it was mostly expired supplements. It dawned on me- as I threw away thousands of dollars of expired pills- that I haven’t taken any of the massive amounts of supplements I used to take to get me through the day… I didn’t need to take them anymore since I started working with Rob! OMG! I also realized I had not been to the naturopath, doctor, or bodywork people I used to see on a weekly or monthly basis since I started working with Rob. It’s really not about the money, but I realized that, even though I was spending money on Rob, I was saving thousands and thousands of dollars on every kind of appointment and pill I could get my hands on just to try to feel better. For that, I am extremely grateful! -M.M.


Maile McLaughlin

Must Believe

I was at a group in LA and spoke of my miraculous recovery with my double vision. I went to the doctor Friday. He said in 40 years of practice he has never seen a recovery like mine. In 6 weeks I accomplished more healing than he generally sees in a year. He said ALL my deviation readings were at ZERO! My worst reading was the left gaze at 25, and it resolved to ZERO as did all the other readings. He was ecstatic! I told him about the work and he was very open. He said there is much power in the universe and we just must believe. It was beautiful. I want to thank you so much for bringing in the energy and making all this possible. I can’t wait till our session. Sending you all the LOVE of the universe with immense gratitude and respect. – T.M.

Walking Like a Kid Again

Wooooo Hooooooo!  Hallelujah!! 
I knew during the conference that I was releasing a LOT of stuff, and the pain kept coming and going. Yesterday, I left the conference at 10:30 am because I felt like SHIT.  I felt VERY heavy, exhausted and could barely walk.  I struggled with wanting to stay and finish the conference, but I just wanted to go home and go to bed, which I did. I slept for hours.
Today, I woke up and I AM FREE OF ALL PAIN!!!  It is another miracle for me!  GONE IS THE PAIN OF fibromyalgia pain radiating throughout my body, arthritis in my knees, neck and shoulder pain, and low back pain = ALL GONE!!  And I KNOW Rob and the Angels removed a LOT of other shit from my body!
I am walking like I am a kid again, I can turn my head with greater range of motion, and I can bend over and touch my toes and move ALL my body freely again with NO PAIN!
I am alternating between tears of joy and laughter because I am sooooooooooooooooo THANKFUL AND HAPPY!!
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU  ROB and ALL THE ANGELS AND BEINGS WHO HELPED ME WITH THIS!!   I WAS zapped by God Friday night!! Thanks for all you both give in the service of others.  I LOVE YOU!! – J.G.

Got My Life BacK

I seem to have this constant flow of bright light and energy enveloping me constantly. In fact though I am tired physically sometimes I go to lie down for a bit and find it impossible to actually sleep! It is as if I am excited and my entire body is happy and excited all the time. I continue to use the positive healing practices every day. I have been so physically active! I took an aerobics class yesterday that would have normally kicked my butt and found it was not nearly enough exercise; I had to go downstairs to the gym for more! YEAH! I love it! Indeed I feel like I got my life back.. everything is cleared up and it will all be nothing short of a miracle! Now with my new self I am beginning a new life….. Peace and Love.  – Rosemary

Healing Transformed

For the first time in more than two years, your healing transformed my night time into peaceful sleep. No leg cramps to disrupt me through the night. Deeply grateful for your healing hands. – K.G.

Finally Pregnant

I was not able to become pregnant even though many attempts were made. On my first visit with Rob, he explained to me why energetically I was not able to conceive and how he would correct the energy. In only 3 weeks, after 3 treatments I became pregnant, and am so grateful! Our new family sends you lots of gratitude! November 2008. -Sherri


The Soul Knows How to Heal Itself

The pain was bad, bad, bad. That’s when I decided I was not going to have the doctors tell me what to do and what’s wrong with my body. There has to be some other answer.
That’s when I watched Heal the documentary. It was truly amazing. I don’t have words to fully express. Although there are so many heals in that documentary, Rob just spoke to me. I just resonated with him. Me and my husband felt this was the answer. I really do believe what he [Rob] says, “The Soul knows how to heal itself. The challenge is to quiet the mind.”

No Cancer, Yes Health & Vibrancy!

After an extensive hospitalization, I was given a diagnosis of declining lung and lymph system function due to radiation treatment damage over 40 years ago. Upon discharge, I was faced with the specter of having fluid drained from the pleura around my lungs about twice a week, and needed to use a walker with wheels. Because it was scar tissue damage, my functioning was expected to decline further as time progressed. Then, I had a PT scan that showed “lit up” tissue in my throat at the back of my tongue, and 2 lymph glands in my neck. I had a biopsy which the doctors were pretty sure would show one of 2 kinds of cancer. Before I was given the results of my biopsy, I attended a large group meeting of Rob’s in Boston. Rob worked with me up front. After he worked with me, my body felt vibrantly alive and strong. He told the group that healing could literally change the body’s cells. I asked him if the cells that had already been removed from my body and were being biopsied could change. Well, I believe that is what happened! The result report of the biopsy kept being put off, because the pathologists couldn’t figure out what they were seeing and not seeing. Finally, they were able to tell me that there was definitely no cancer, and that they had found a virus. My Ear, Nose and throat doctor who had performed the biopsy was so surprised at the lack of cancer, that he suggested I have another biopsy before too long, just to make sure. Well, I’m sure already. Not only don’t I have cancer, but I haven’t had to have my pleural fluid drained since that evening 3 weeks ago. It is no longer building up around my lungs. My appetite has returned. I’m not experiencing the GI tract distresses that ravaged my body. I’m still quite thin, but totally confident that I’m on my way to being even stronger than I was before this illness started in April. Everyone notices my vibrancy and that I AM BACK! -JL

Feel Electrified

I was transformed and feel that I am blessed by meeting you Rob. I have signed up for the next call series and will attend more events in the future. I attended specifically to help with removing the blocks to the presence of love. Before the event I had been having panic attacks and a dreaded fear. It was even hard to breath. I felt shut down. There were days when I had to fight to be joyful. Just couldn’t get a grip. I saw the movie Heal and I was told I was going to meet you. I immediately got up went to the computer and saw the NC event was literally 5 minutes from my sons house….rest is history. As the days have moved on since the event I feel electrified and feel more spaciousness. I am still dealing with a breast health issue but the constant pain I had throughout my body is gone. When I feel like I am going to slip back into fear I hear your voice say “stop it”. Thank you from my heart. Sarah is a beautiful angel and full of light. I love you both.  I would be remiss if I did not say how everyone on your team are exceptional. -Flat Rock Participant

Something Beautiful is Happening.

I recently attended your group call in series and I must thank you from the bottom of my heart. They were extremely powerful, I have never felt anything like it before and I am still experiencing the heat and energy as I sit here writing this. I am from Australia, diagnosed with ALS 7 years ago. That’s when I started on my spiritual journey. I have tried so many healing modalities, seen a lot of healers but have never felt anything like I feeling now, something beautiful is happening I just know it.

Blessed and Blissed

I received the call-in healing last week and wanted to give you some feedback.  My severe arthritis has reduced by 50-60% and I am feeling much better within myself.  Much grief and heartache shifted, though I know I have lots more to release.  I AM much calmer today. Your healing that lasted 1 hour, still kept going for another hour afterwards.  It was blessed and blissed for 2 whole wonderful, amazing hours.  Thank you, I AM very grateful. -H.L.

Gifted Conduit

I’ve had a Baker’s cyst on the back of my right knee for about 3 years, and my doctor keeps pushing to have it removed. The problem is, recovering from a surgery right where the knee bends is excruciating; thus my putting it off. After working with Rob via the healing calls, my Baker’s cyst is gone. Thank you Rob for being the gifted conduit through which we all heal. See you in Denver on that Sunday! -MC

Disease Remission

Rob’s healing gift has changed the lives of my entire family. A year ago, my 8 year old son was diagnosed with uveitis. Uveitis is a degenerative disease of the eye wherein white blood cells cause swelling of the optic nerve and retina. It is the body’s response to an auto-immune disease elsewhere in the body. As the condition worsens, vision decreases. Left untreated, blindness can occur. Uveitis is very rare in children, and never occurring in both eyes (he of course had both eyes affected). There is no cure, but there is a treatment…steroid shots in the eyes Fearing Western medicine’s invasive solution, Providence intervened (as usual). Explaining my situation to a friend, I was encouraged to seek out Rob Wergin. In speaking with Rob on the phone, he immediately knew where to concentrate his efforts. We began seeing Rob once a week. After 2 months of treatment, we returned to the specialist to discover (as expected) that our Son’s uveitis was in complete remission and that he could now see 20/25 with glasses. Previously the best he could see was 20/40 with glasses. Rob takes no credit for our Son’s and our family’s healing. I know this to be a true statement. He may not be doing any of the actual healing, but he is one heck of a facilitator…and that is a truly uncommon gift! If you trust in the process, Rob can “facilitate” a miracle for you too.  – Chris

Conscious Life

This week’s call was life-changing for me. As you know, I’ve been working with you for several years now to remove the locks and barriers that are standing in the way of me becoming healthy and finding my conscious life partner. Through working with you and the Ascended Masters, I have connected the dots that I believe is the major breakthrough. I had suspected that I had some sort of sexual molestation off and on for many years, and over the past few months culminated in that being affirmed and forgiven. There are no words to describe the experience. The best I can say is RELIEF AND RELEASE. How grateful I am that I was led to you and the Ascended Masters !!! Also, my recovery from the shoulder replacement is going very smoothly and my health is rapidly improving. I trust and know and believe that I will regain my health and my life partner will be along soon. You and the Ascended Masters are very near and dear to my heart and will forever be. – P.W.

Surrounded by the Light and Beings

I would like to share my experience that I had last night. I had a knee replacement on December 3rd and it was very painful. I also have a heart condition that is hereditary and a blood clot on my right leg, but it’s by my ankle and has not been removed. I have been listening to your messages, and last night listened to your call. It was amazing! I was surrounded by the light and beings. When I woke up this morning, my walker was in the bathroom. I had no idea how I went back to bed without the walker. Today, I also had physical therapy and for the first time was able to walk without the walker, and my blood pressure is almost back to normal.
Thank you for your guiding light and love, and I continue my journey on this earth with your messages. – C.S.

Simply Clarity

HI Rob, I feel very well in body, mind, and spirit. The pain I had been experiencing in my pelvis is gone:) The confusion and cloudiness of mind and heart is gone, replaced with a simple clarity. I am aware of a greater ability not to go to places of negativity, resting in the present with ease. It feels like ancient trauma, and old blockages are gone. Thank you and Mahalo!!! I’m looking forward to more visits with you. I hope that your trip back to Colorado went well and your plans to be in Hawaii go smoothly. Thank you again for coming to the big island and sharing your wisdom and gifts. Aloha and Namaste. – L.

No Longer Hopeless

My husband’s story starts 15 months ago. For months prior, he was feeling so sick and sore in his bones and muscles, he could barely walk or dress himself. There were times when I had to assist him in tying his shoes or putting on his coat. His mind had grown troubled and dark. He was losing his desire to continue onward. It was a dark place for both of us. He had been to so many ’traditional’ doctors, and all they could say was, ‘His blood work is fine. We don’t know what’s wrong with him.’ We were left feeling hopeless and in despair.
The first time Ted and I went to a community transformation event, we didn’t know what to expect. Ted volunteered to be a surrogate and went to the front for Rob to work on him. Ted was ready. He was exhausted and feeling hopeless about any recovery. As Rob started to work on Ted, we suddenly realized we were witnessing a transformational and pivotal experience. Before our eyes, we could see Ted change from weak and sick, to a healthy and vibrant person.
When Rob finished working on Ted, he jumped up from the chair, did a deep knee bend and said “I feel GREAT!” Practically everyone that witnessed Ted’s healing seemed shocked and surprised, including myself. And yet, there was my husband, with life back in his eyes and doing a deep knee bend that was impossible for him to do 10 minutes earlier. He was smiling and laughing – expressions I had not seen in months.
Being a little unsure about the process, I wondered, ‘Is this real? Will this really last?’ That night of transformation was over 15 months ago, and not only has Ted remained pain free, he has blossomed in ways I never thought possible. His mind is clearing of negative thoughts. He is peaceful, grounded, attentive, happy and back to who I knew him to be when I married him 22 years ago. Working with Rob has truly given my husband his life back. He has given us the chance to create a new future, one that seemed impossible just a few short months earlier.

Rob is the Real Deal!

Did three in-person sessions with Rob in early February (Boston)…Attended a ‘Large Group Session,’ followed by a ‘Small Group Session’ the next morning, and a ‘Super Small Group’ session in the afternoon. Truly a remarkable experience….I am going to the Flat Rock immersion weekend also. My body’s reaction was unexpected and sort of felt like an ‘exorcism’ the first time I had ‘hands on’ healing by Rob. In my opinion, Rob is the ‘real deal,’ and his events are worth exploring, if you have health challenges and/or pain in the body. – Flat Rock Participant

Lung Cancer is now Gone!

Doctor says lung cancer is gone in my friend. Gifted her with Rob’s energetically charged Divine Light & Love card.

What I Needed

I wanted to first give you my heart-felt thanks for the last 3-day call-ins.  The topic of health and healing was exactly what I needed. I am so grateful for the call-ins because it is a way for me to do the work without traveling. -S.S.

I am Healed!

Here’s a story of a young woman who experienced healing from rheumatoid arthritis and inflammation.


After over a year of healing with you, I am still bladder cancer-free!   I thank you for everything. May God bless you in all that you do and those who are blessed to know your healing.  -R.

Completely Shocked

My pre-teen daughter had basically stalled out on growing – she only grew a couple of inches in two years, no matter what we tried with nutrition, body work, anything we could think of doing. After she started joining in on my Virtual Sessions, she has grown three inches in three months! I am completely shocked. She is starting to catch up to her friends. We were really worried before, and now we are so relieved. She loves the Virtual Sessions, because they are at home, she feels safe, and she can be next to me- what an incredible experience for her and for me. THANK YOU to Rob for running the Virtual Sessions – and for letting the whole family join in for free – what an awesome experience it has been for all of us! – M.M.


I would like to thank you so much for the (Virtual Group) you had on the 26th. It was my first time at one of these and it was awesome to say the least. The next morning I woke up with clear eyesight and no floaters. All other symptoms were lessened. It was a very moving experience. I am so grateful! -M.E.

On Top of the World

I am hoping that anyone who reads this testimony will understand the importance in making the decision to see/experience Rob. He is a very gifted person who can help you improve your life in ways that you never dreamed possible. (It is so easy) Yes, it is true. I flew from Michigan to Colorado in order to visit Rob. Not because I have a lot of time or money, but because I saw a very positive change in a friend of mine who had been seeing him. I booked 3 sessions and by the end of my last visit, I was the happiest person in the whole wide world. Happy, happy, happy. I cannot explain why except that I managed to release a lot of old thoughts and feelings, making room for new positive things to come.Immediately I knew that everyone in my life needed to have a chance to feel the way I did. I was home for 2 weeks and booked another trip so that I could bring my husband and 9 year old daughter with me. Keep in mind this is the only trip my family had ever taken since Disney when my daughter was 3 years old. The trip was phenomenal, my husband was able to release physical blockages allowing him to breathe deeper and look 10 years younger. I personally think he had been experiencing heart issues prior to our trip. (Always tired with a shortness of breathe) My 9 year old daughter was not interested in seeing Rob but reluctantly, decided to sit in on one of my sessions. After that she was begging for more time with Rob. Saying “I love Rob”, “I feel smiley”, “I feel like a baby feels”. We are hoping to have Rob video tape her; she has such genuine and simple thoughts. No matter whether you have big problems or small ones Rob can help you/ help yourself. Every day I continue to grow in a positive direction and my life continues to improve. My 2012 goal is to bring Rob to Michigan so; he can meet with my entire family and closest friends. I cannot wait….. “On top of the world” ” – Stacey


Detox & Detachment Process

“Diet Coke” – April 30th healing session in Boston area I have had a diet coke or two, daily for over 20 years…..some people drink coffee ..for me Diet Coke was it! That was my caffeine and my fix. Detoxing from the chemicals of that concoction was on the forefront since it was hindering me from elevating my healing abilities. I facilitate energy healing as well as offer intuitive work on a daily basis. I had attended a couple of Rob’s sessions in the recent past (introduced by my friend Bethany), but this time I set the intention and asked for assistance with the detox/detachment process in relation to my dependency on my diet coke. For the next three days, I went through which felt comparable to flu like symptoms and aside from being bed ridden due to the level of physical weakness the fruit of that session were nothing short of miraculous. To set the stage……I preferred my daily diet coke to food …..that being said I entered into my fourth day feeling more myself yet strangely detached from my affinity for diet coke. I thought to myself is this for real …..could it have activated within my system this quickly?! Between the agreement with my Higher Self and the Divine, I am now completely free of that once compelling pull to consume my daily dose of soda. Thank you to Rob, all souls present that night and the last, but not least the Divine for working through each of them to assist me in the detox process. Going strong into August 2017. -KD

Rob Saved My Life

My daughter sent me information on Rob from a pamphlet she saw. At that time I was in a very bad stage in my life in regards to work, marriage and family. I was ready to end my life. My daughter told me she knew this was unconventional to me, since I was seeing a psychologist and psychiatrist, but thought this would help. My husband and I went to a group session and were unsure about going, but towards the end Rob said there was someone in the room that needed his help. Everyone was looking at each other and then he pointed to me. Now, I am one to get up in front of people and when he pointed to me I wasn’t sure. I went anyway. Up there through Rob I was amazed at what I was doing. My body went through something that is hard to explain. It was like your foot falls asleep and then it tingles when it comes back. I was screaming, and believe me I would never ever do that in front of a bunch of strangers. When he was done I felt like I have never felt before. They said I was glowing! (I haven’t glowed for years.) When I sat down I hugged my husband and he said I felt huge. Since I have had 2 private sessions with Rob and so much bad energy that filled me has been removed and now the energy that I have is all for the good. Rob saved my life! – Darlene

This is Something Unique

For the first time in 6 months I have no pain in my knee.   It is a very special connection with Rob,  a unique experience.

A Miracle Occurred

On March 24th, 2016 at 5:30 am, I slipped on black ice at the bus depot in Conifer, CO and landed on the back of my head. There had been a blizzard the day before and the city crews failed to treat the road for passengers that morning. It was still dark and someone picked me up out of the road, sat me on the bench, waited until I came to, then left on the next bus. I was alone and could not think straight at all. I knew I had fallen, panicked and thought I may have dropped the keys to my car in the road. I then went back out into the road of black ice and began searching for my keys. A voice told me that my keys were in my pocket and I walked back to my car and drove home to Bailey on snow and ice-packed roads. I knew enough to put it into 4 wheel drive and use my flashers, and thru the grace of GOD made it home safe. When I got home, I had severe head pain and called for help. I was admitted into the hospital in ICU that morning. I had a subarachnoid hemorrhage, which is bleeding on the brain in 3 places. After 3 days in ICU, the bleeding stopped. Thank GOD I survived!! I had to sleep for 6 months for my brain to heal. I was TOTALLY BLESSED to be alive!!
My best friend Zoe Kelly referred me to Rob Wergin. After 6 months, even though I was happy to be alive, I suffered from not being able to smell or taste and she believed he could heal me. I am a spiritual person and have total faith in GOD. I am familiar with channeling as I have myself been blessed with channeling and definitely wanted to give him a try. September of 2016, I attended his bi-monthly healing held in Denver at the Mile High Church and also participated and continue to participate in his 3 CALL-IN SERIES HEALINGS by phone.
Just recently, a miracle occurred. My doctor had told me several times while I was undergoing treatment that I would never regain the ability to smell or taste anything. He said that this was a typical response for my type of injury. He said that it was not operable as it was the size of a pin head and that I would just have to deal with it. Every once in a while I could smell a skunk or gasoline, but just as fast as it came in, it was gone and it was never consistent. Its awful to lose your ability to smell and taste, especially, food. I could not even smell the ocean or freshly cut grass. I continued to pray I would get well and immersed myself into all of the healings possible that I could receive from Spirit through Rob Wergin.
The ENERGY is INCREDIBLE and I have been an extremely good student, following everything I could. I believe GOD totally uses Rob as a vessel for healing both mentally and physically. On Sunday, June 17th, 2018, I attended Rob’s session at Mile Hi Church. I left afterwards to grab a bite at Applebee’s Restaurant, walked into the restaurant and my sinuses worked!!!!! I was engulfed with the ability to smell everything again. It was as if a light switch had been turned on!!! It completely caught me off guard and I immediately started crying!!! I could not help it!!! Thankfully, Zoe was with me and completely understood everything I had been through and that she had witnessed a true miracle!!! We celebrated and it was the best meal I have had in my life!!!!
Please note also that I purchased the CD “HEAL” which features Rob, and it was also beneficial to me. THANK YOU ROB!!! AND THANK YOU JESUS THANK YOU LORD!!!! 🙂
P.S. This is the first time Rob has heard my testimony. He doesn’t know me from Jack and very rarely gives me any eye contact but I love him to pieces!!!!! Thank you sooooooo much ROB for allowing GOD to work through you to heal us!!!! GOD BLESS YOU!!! 🙂 – P.C.

Body Restored

I went to Rob at first for a knee that had been totally replaced and had become infected and so another 3 surgeries in 5 days. Not pleasant. He helped me with the pain and with the infection. The real treat was what he did for me on an old injury that I had received six years ago when I fell off a roof breaking almost every bone in my body on my right side. I had not been able to walk flat on my right foot in all this time. It was causing trouble with my back and life in general. Rob worked on my ankle once and for the first time in six years I COULD WALK ON MY FOOT FLAT! WOW! What a treat! It was like putting on an old soft comfortable slipper and it felt so right! It is like getting a new lease on life, in my case a new right ankle not to mention the relief that all the infection is gone with the knee. Thank you very much, Rob. – Sally


My story, it’s absolutely incredible because I’ve been extremely ill for ten years — life and death illness– and a lung problem where I need oxygen and have been to the ER 42 times. Actually my family doctor recommended Rob. In September of last year I started doing sessions, and I could not believe the difference in my breathing, my energy level, how I felt in general. I kept doing sessions and the more I did, the stronger I became…I’ve been off my oxygen now for a good month — that I’ve been on for a good part of ten years. My energy level — I can’t believe the difference. My body has been totally cleared of not just the physical stuff, but a lot of emotional stuff that was buried that I probably don’t even know what it was, but I know that a good part of illnesses are emotional…He’s been able to release all of that, especially the last few times. I’m just so optimistic. I’ve come to death so many times I lost it, the confidence. Now I’ve started this and I’m just really, really hopeful. I’ve got a new grandson now, and I’ve been able to do all kinds of stuff with him, stuff I haven’t been able to do for a long, long time, just doing stuff around the house.  -Tracy



Thought you should know that, today, in Yoga my instructor asked us to think about a time in the last year where we felt grounded, whole, happy and inspired. My automatic response was to think about the first time I got off the table at your office. I was inspired, I knew I could do it, I felt magnificent and I was being true to who I am. Minutes later he was asking us again to think of something we were grateful or appreciative of in the last year, again your name and image. I think it is important to convey my thanks again. I can’t wait to see you and I hope you know how deeply you have impacted me and how thankful I am everyday that I met you and had the honor of receiving your work. I can’t wait to see you again. – Jess

I am a New Person

My whole life had been ruled by fear! As far back as my memory goes I has been so crippled by the fear, depression, anxiety, and a huge fear of abandonment. After my first visit with Rob the panic attacks stopped! My sleeping pattern changed and I no longer woke up in the middle of the night with anxiety and panic. This was my first holiday without the burden of stress and depression. I am a new person, one that I don’t even know but one that I really love. The world is open to me now and no longer am I controlled by the “what ifs” or the great fear of stepping out of my safe place. The world is my safe place now and I can now travel and dare to grow! It has been and amazing journey and I have only seen Rob 2 times. I can’t wait for my next visit and what lies ahead for me. Thank you Rob! You are my angel! I am is blessed to have your guidance and your healing hands. – Kathy

The Soul Knows How to Heal Itself

I Want to Give My Thanks

I want to give my thanks to Rob. I was literally healed from years of suffering unbelievable pain. I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis and I would more often than not be home bound from the pain. I had been to several doctors, healers, naturopaths and nothing completely removed that cycle of pain. I was told it would just be something that I would have to accept. I became depressed and lost some of my joy. Rob and I worked both on phone sessions and in person after the first session this pain began leave my body and by the time he was done it was gone… pain free. That along with his compassion and humility assisted the healing of my mind and spirit that had gotten used to living with pain. I am forever grateful that Rob is on this planet assisting and healing. From a grateful client in South Dakota. -L.B.

Symptoms Disappeared or Improved

I’d like to thank you for all the positive changes I’ve experienced after my two sessions with you. This was my list of complaints before contacting you: 1) severe pain in kidney area which first started 25 years ago and got increasingly worse over the years; 2) loss of appetite and weight loss starting over a year ago; 3) pinched nerve in neck which I’d had for 20 years; 4) shortness of breath: I couldn’t walk up one flight of stairs without feeling weak and exhausted; 5) squeezing in the throat area; 6) poor circulation/neuropathy; [and] 7) pain in my hips after sitting for long periods. Every one of the above symptoms have either completely disappeared, or improved dramatically. Thank you for your kindness and the patience with which you assisted me in changing my outlook on life.

Deep Happiness

I just wanted to thank you for opening the door to so many miracles in my life, and for being so professional. Even though the things I had gone through in the past were so low you only saw the highest… your eyes gaze up afar to a place we all have within us, you bring us light, you bring us home. I truly feel myself again, I have reached channels I thought were lost, I can again feel the depths of my soul. Everyday was mental anguish heartache and suffering, and now I am a walking each day as my true best self in a state of deep happiness eternal love and bliss. The pain and fear I was holding in my body was keeping me from feeling and thinking and being around anybody, I was reliving negative memories over and over, my organs were creating exhaustingly painful symptoms, people were telling me I was clinically depressed. My pain is gone I am calm and I have each moment to feel. I am healthy ambitious and full of life. Thank you for making my soul shine and smile again. I keep your words with me they bring such powerful wisdom to my path. You made the change that brought me back to life. Everyday is like heaven and I\’m walking on light towards eternity. I looked in so many places for God to help me the way it did through you, I am so glad you were there. You changed my whole existence from suffering to feeling good inside, what a truly remarkable difference you make in the world. I can socialize and communicate again, found my interests alive again going to a message/ press school practicing to be a yoga instructor want to get my masters in English and study teaching and working with young children. My dreams are alive and I am back on my sacred spiritual path I felt I was off. Your energy work actually healed me in such a way it felt like my own mother and father came back to help me, it was so uniquely knowledgeable of me like that perfect creative melody or tune we each carry from the universe my exact one was reflected back to me through your light. I believe you are a being that lives in truth one you can trust which is obviously hard to find. I cannot explain to you how grateful I TRULY AM. Thank you. Thank you Rob Wergin forever. – G.

Embrace the Future

I have been on a journey with Rob for the past 2 1/2 years and I can honestly say that without this work my life would not be emerging from this time of reckoning with the core wounding from this lifetime.  The Divine brought my life to a halt and then gave me the support and guidance I needed to finally turn inward.  When I heard Rob’s voice, I knew he was a Divine gift.  I have done the call series, Immersions and now the Virtual sessions.  Rob’s commitment and dedication to humanity’s ascension allows the Divine to reach anyone who chooses to participate and not only have I been transformed individually, I am seeing the effects on my sons and husband.  I feel like the Divine opened a door for me but without the work with Rob, I would have let fear and unworthiness close the door.  I have released the fear that has dictated my life for 60 years and I now embrace the future.  This work can be challenging but the courage to surrender and trust that comes with this work makes crossing through that doorway miraculous.  I cannot express fully the gratitude in my heart for the amazing work that I have done and will continue to do with Rob.  The Virtual sessions are in some ways more powerful than the Immersions. – S.S.

Soul-Level Healing

I signed up for your workshop at Omega in May based on a gut feeling that I needed to be there, and with no real agenda other than to recharge myself and sit in the presence of divine energy. Immediately after the retreat I signed up for your Journey into Oneness calls. 
I’m very happy to report that since Omega, I haven’t had a migraine headache. Just as importantly, with every week that passes I feel an increasing degree of divine assistance in my own craniosacral therapy practice. I’ve always been aware of various beings or guides showing up and working through me, but in the course of listening and re-listening to your calls, I feel as if a veritable “divine pipeline” has opened up in my treatment room. The calls have in some sense given me permission to call on divine assistance to help others rather than to simply welcome such assistance whenever it shows up. 
Thank you for the deep, soul-level healing that you’re bringing to the world. I look forward to more calls and in-person events. – Omega Participant

Bouncing off the Walls!

I was in Denver Sunday and attended your show. It was Great Thank you!!!! I had been having sinus headaches every morning for about 10 days and I woke up this morning feeling Great!!! I also have arthritis in my right foot and have had not pain today!! I feel like a light house. I am just beaming with positive energy and am soo happy!!! I’m bouncing off the walls!!!! Ha!!! Ha!!! Thank you for all you do!!!! You’re definitely a blessing!!!! ENJOY!!! -P.C.


The broadcast last night was so powerful for me. I realized I am so ready to get out in the world again that I have been pushing myself too hard to heal after this 4 1/2 year journey with pain and decline. I felt the residual fear of not healing and getting strong again leaving, and I am so grateful. The manifestation of this time of release has been mainly in my rib cage. Last night, the location of bones as a storage area of resistance and density was mentioned. Could that be why my rib cage is so unstable and painful the past 4 years? I will listen to the session again, but my heartfelt thanks goes out to you. I will continue surrendering to the Divine and opening to the clearing by my guides and angels.  I will ask for patience, patience and more patience as the healing unfolds. Much love and gratitude. – S.S.

Euphoric State of Bliss

I must say that integrating back in to reality has been something that I haven’t wanted to do, but know I must and am doing so slowly to maintain this euphoric state of bliss. I am still processing so much healing since you both helped me to finally break down that thick heavy wall of protection I have had around me for so many years that was keeping me numb. I am finally letting go of all the pain, anger, fear and resentment from the childhood trauma I experienced. It has been very painful at times, but I embrace the pain with the Divine love and light within me. The worst pain is in my jaw, abdomen and left hip. 
 All the tension from the impact site of my head trauma/brain injury is clearing beautifully! I wake in the morning with clarity now rather than heavy brain fog and welcome my new healthy cells with Divine love. I am beginning to be able to bring words forward to express myself, my short-term memory is getting stronger, I can write words clearly again, my sense of smell is coming back, and my eyes feel stronger! I have spent the last 18 years of my life thinking that the effects of the brain trauma were permanent and it was just the way I was going to live the rest of my life since that’s what was told to me by my doctors. What a pleasant surprise to prove them wrong! Thank you, thank you, thank you.          
Aside from my wedding day, my experience with both of you on Orcas Island has been the most incredible experience of my life! The love I felt from everyone who was there was magical. It was such an experience to see 67 strangers come together to help one another heal. I witnessed such miracles of healing! My life has truly been transformed in such a beautiful, loving way.
Sarah, your words of “you have to give up everything” has been on my mind as I’m getting ready to start my new spiritual path, and then I was given clarity to it. I didn’t truly realize it, but I was willing to give up everything when I came to the retreat to heal myself. The beauty is my husband is going to be following me on my new path and we have fallen crazy in love all over again. I will always and forever be grateful to the both of you for your love and support during those five magical days on Orcas Island! – N.W.

Getting so Much

I’m getting so much out of the call-ins and live streaming events!  My health issues are in a state of flux – and thanks to the words of the Master Beings I now understand that I can’t judge my progress based on symptoms.  
I’m so grateful for the work you do!  

I am Healed!

(During) the Divine Transmission call not only did I experience incredibly intense vibrating, undulating and various colors again but, my body started uncontrollably jerking. I could have swore I was floating so, I had to open my eyes to see. My body was on the couch but, the rest of me was floating. I can’t accurately describe it to you because, it was so intense and amazing. Then a teal/turquoise color appeared that pulled me into the most amazing space; I knew at that moment I was healed. I started shaking/crying uncontrollably; I am so weak and shaky since the sessions end.  I now know, I don’t know how I know, but, I  know I AM HEALED. I AM HEALED. From everything! Spiritually, emotionally and physically. I AM HEALED. Tears of gratitude have been falling for the past hour. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your gift with all of us. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. ️ I don’t know how yet but, whenever clarity comes to me, I want to share this unconditional love with everyone. In love and gratitude. -M.B.

Pain is Gone

After years of knee pain, the pain has been gone since the very first healing. Something quite positive is going on. I immediately signed up to come back in October. -Omega Participant

Tremendous Gratitude

I especially want to express tremendous gratitude and love to you and the Masters for. I’ve recognized that there were still subconscious blocks within and was indeed frustrated, confused, anxious and discouraged in a very huge way.  There was a part of me that knew in my heart and soul all was well. I felt like I was starting over again with the same old  health patterns and with a new relationship that in some ways feels “OFF” and in other ways has most all of attributes I dreamed of except for the shared reality of our spiritual realities.  I am standing in my truth and am committed to continuing my spiritual path and know and trust and believe that all will be revealed in Divine Timing.  I stopped all of my medicines this morning after that powerful session last night, except one that I was give guidance to continue.  I had a very strong trust in what was said last night and felt that I for sure was one of those who was still “seeking”. I’m ready.  The faith in you and the Masters have been carrying me for a long time and for all of it I am overwhelmed with Grace and so much Unconditional Love. Please know that you and the Masters are forever in my heart and soul. -W.P.

Journey of Chronic Pain to Health

This gentleman experienced over a decade of chronic health issues with multiple diagnosis. After working with Rob over the phone and in person he is “enjoying being alive more easily without so many uncomfortable symptoms.”

Rob… your healings are amazing

I wanted to take this time and reflect on the last few months and the past year.  From August till November of this year was great transformation physically.  Movement of any type was excruciating.  Rob’s group sessions, the channeled messages, the private sessions from Rob, the acupuncture  were a cocktail of miracles I received.  They resulted in a healed body, changed habits and a better me!
Many changes have occurred from Rob’s healings and I wanted to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.  It is so wonderful to feel better than I ever have!  Abundance overflows in my life and I am truly grateful.
Rob… your healings are amazing.  The Divine’s presence in your life is inspiring. I am truly grateful to say I know you, I met you and BELIEVE in your Divine, magical gift of healing. My personal testament…it works, he is magical, and how blessed I am!
May all of you and your families have a blessed holiday and spread the JOY of LOVE!
Thank you, thank you, thank you from the depths of my sou!  With great admiration, gratitude and love.   T.W.

Healing and Miracles!

Yesterday was such a powerful day of healing and miracles. It was beautiful to see the collaboration of healing happening. Later on in the evening, I got a new left eye upgrade. WOW. New Clear Vision on many levels. Thank You.

Letting Go, Re-Connection, & Getting Healthy

So my first Rob experience was on the call ins….full body experience. 
Second was in NC, no “physical “ healing but my hatred for my mom disappeared….we became closer than ever afterwards. 
Third was again in NC, I had a dream the next day that she died and I was the only one crying….that day I called her from NC FaceTime…we talked for hours…I promised her I’d quit smoking when I got home and that I would take her shopping once a week so she didn’t have to worry about getting around alone, she had COPD. The first outting was the Wednesday after I got back. 7/4. We had a blast! That evening she was found unconscious and in respiratory arrest…after a week in ICU she passed away. 
I am so grateful to you and the Masters for giving us the opportunity to let go of the past and enjoy, thoroughly, her final months. ❤️
Although I’m sad, I’m not burdened with guilt (the dream) because I had time to change it….

Amazing and Transformative

Thank you for the amazing and transformative week on Orcas Island!  The spiritual and healing journey you and your team provided since my first session in May has been immeasurable.  Personal and life shifts began way before the first session in preparation for what was and is to be.  The healing distinctions from the retreat are the following:  On Tuesday, September 24th, my jaw felt as though I went through a corrective surgery, painful and healing from the residual effects of a previous surgery 18 years ago.  The prior trauma of 6 bone grafts harvested from hip to jaw and 10 implants to rebuild my facial structure was immense.  The relief and release happened by Wednesday evening and felt the work was complete.  By Friday morning, the emotion that surfaced was forgiveness.  I forgave the 2 doctors that dishonored their oath to “Do No Harm.”  One of them is with the angels and the other is without a license to harm anyone else.  As a result of what happened, I have been on a spiritual, emotional and physical quest to heal.  For the past 18 years, my journey has been impact-full and enlightening through surgical, environmental, nutritional, psychological, spiritual, kinesiological, chiropractic and acupuncture modalities.  From the abundance of procedures throughout the years and continually seeking a cure-all, I am keenly aware the need lies within my spiritual and emotional realm.  
Where I stand now with healing, there are residual lymphatic issues with left side of stomach, splenic flexure area, lower jaw and nerve damage to left thigh from hip grafts. My energy level is low, yet mainly at peace.  Challenging to be in public as I feel energetic heaviness from people.  Throughout the past 2 weeks, I have felt joy from sharing with family and friends which resulted in clearing their density.  Additionally, making energetic changes in my home is having a positive impact.  I remain in gratitude for continually clearing density that reveals more of my true self. I am eternally gratefully to you and your team for raising my consciousness and providing the exact healing and transformation and continuing whole and complete health and wellness.   With love, light and gratitude. – R.K.


I am in radiant physical, mental and emotional health and I am grateful!


On Memorial Day (May 28, 2012) I had a horse accident in Old Snowmass Village, CO. I had my left leg in the stirrup and the right leg was to swing over the flanks, but she reared up and took off in a full run. I don’t remember how long I was being dragged with my left leg in the stirrup and the right leg buckled beneath me. Immediately I knew that my knee was severely injured (A.K.A. “Blown”). The swelling started right away and the pain was immense. Luckily, we were still on the road and a motorist came within 5 minutes and was happy to give me a ride.  I Iced, elevated and took aspirin immediately.
Once back home in Vail, I made an appointment with Vail Medical Center. They requested a $1,600 MRI to confirm the damage.  The MRI technician  said “your knee is very angry with you”. The results of the MRI are as follows: Class 3 ACL, Class 3 MCL, Class 3 PLC and torn meniscus. Steadman Research Institute insisted on surgery within the week after the severe swelling went down as the ONLY option.
This is where ROB WERGIN comes in. I wanted do everything in my power NOT to have surgery! One reason was not wishing to have dead people parts put in my body (that was exactly what they wanted to do).  Additionally, the price tag was $37,000. Two days after the MRI, I had my first appointment with Rob.  I crutched myself right into his office and wrote down that I wanted to heal from this extreme injury.  I have always known that I have Guardian Angels in my life.  He explained that he uses their direct power through him, not as a filter, but as a vehicle to heal all kinds of cancers, injuries of ligaments, liver problems, addictions, you name it.  There was nothing freaky about it for me.  He simply sat me in front of a window that was filled with crystals from all over the world, and I looked outside as he gently laid his hands on my shoulders.  Once he got over my lower back area, he had to excuse himself to vomit in the bathroom.  I felt so sorry, but he assured me that he was fine and continued.
From that point on, it felt as if I there was a stadium of angels just waiting to work on me.  There were little sensations of energy flowing into my whole body and I laid there totally relaxed in faith that they were doing the “operation” I needed.  Once I awoke, it was as if I had new eyes. All I saw was that every blade of grass has it’s Angel that bends over and whispers, “GROW, GROW!”  I knew deep down inside, but had no way of knowing how to do it with out hurting him.
We looked at each other on the drive back from Rob’s and both knew what the next step was. I took his additional appointments and knew deep in my heart that I would truly heal without western surgery.  As Carl Jung said later in his life when asked about the question of belief, “I don’t believe, I know.”  I knew.
That summer, I constantly rode horses, and by the fall foliage, I was back on my mountain bike with no discomfort or fear.
Opening day at A basin was Oct. 17th, 2012 and I alpine-skied and tele-skied. Then, I went to Hawaii from Oct. 23rd – Nov 11th.  In Hawaii, I hiked, longboarded, scuba-dived.  How’s that for not having surgery on a fully blown knee?!  
You have to know, not just believe. Miracles do happen! I’m living proof and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  -T.W.

Transformational Experience

I have not had a migraine since the June Immersion Weekend in Flat Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am also sleeping better and having less anxiety. I still have body pain and am working on healing that area, but that is a struggle for me. I am so happy that I had the courage to go to the Immersion and be totally open. I have had a transformational experience. I don’t know if Rob remembers me, but I wanted him to know how important his work is to me. I look forward to returning to Flat Rock next year for another Immersion experience. With deepest gratitude and love. -K.L.

Extraordinary Evening!

 I Live-streamed and felt the energy. Thank you Rob for that extraordinary evening…slept great and woke up giving thanks for my wonderful 500 million new vibrating cells!

Wonderful Work

Thank you for doing the wonderful work that you do! I just finished watching “Heal” and I am really happy that this beautifully-made film is on Netflix and I am really happy that you are in it! I worked with you over the phone 4 years ago, and I just went through my old emails to realize I never confirmed with you that following our few calls together, my allergies to cats and asthma were gone, for which I have been grateful for ever since. It is time that I share my gratitude with you and not only with people in my life!  I often think about you with love and gratitude, and for the powerful love that you share with those who go to you or connect with you, knowing that this is one of many ways how the healing power of love is spreading on our planet! – A.L.

Opening Into Grace

Yesterday was the big changer. As I walked early in the morning, I realized that I was allowing myself to go into the subtle ‘victim’. “How come I can’t do this?” “Nothing I’m doing is working.” “I can’t release this.” etc. etc. Then my focus came onto feminine archetypes. Not one in particular, just an opening to all of the magnificent variety of the feminine. And then I made a conscious decision to get out of the victim and be empowered in harmony with the left side experience. Feeling absolutely everything, everything. Physically more than anything else and not trying to search for the reason. Opening to complete acceptance of how it feels in every moment and feeling how it feels, exactly how it feels, not trying to adjust, change, just feel and in feeling, finding the power in that energy, in that feeling, in that experience. There’s a lot of power, pure potential and it’s a beautiful frequency of life and living and more than I can imagine right now.  As I woke up this morning, just as I was moving to get out of bed, I felt a veil, a very thin, delicate, transparent sheet of peace float down on top of me. I’m so grateful. I can feel the change happening. Opening into more softness, gentleness with myself and the moment. So the muscles are still tense but I know that it doesn’t matter anymore. They will release and it’s all part of the loving experience. Rob, I’m so grateful for your love, your support, your guidance and your innate generosity. I’m forever grateful to the masters, light beings, angels etc. etc. And to the divine for offering me this opportunity and opening into grace. Embodiment. -V.C.

Powerful Call!

I am blissed out ! What a powerful call !!! I had already felt the energies coming in and was having SEVERE pain in my left foot and went to the ER because I wasn’t sure that it was a clearing. When I got back I listened to the replay. I felt so many different sensations and a short time of tears and near the end of the call I had an experience of huge spaciousness with limits I couldn’t see in a red background, I felt limitless !. I’ve had out of body experiences before but this was so beyond that ! I am so grateful that you came into my life and allowed me the opportunities I’ve had with you with these auspicious Ascended Masters!  -W.P.

Healing Love

Thank you for a powerful event and for all that you do to bring healing love and light to so many, me included.

Feeling Good

I went from 3 thyroid pills a day to 1 starting on Thursday and feel great. I was on my feet for 4 hours straight last night and even hit the dance floor a bit at a HS reunion and absolutely no back pain. Normally I would be in a lot of pain from that and feeling it the next day.  And this was the day after making Thanksgiving dinner for 14 people.  I had energy all night til after midnight went to bed at 1:30 am and up at 6:30am feeling good. So grateful! Looking forward to seeing you December and for what the next recordings bring.  – M.T.

Happy and Smiling

I talked to the gal with diagnosed Parkinson’s which she’s had for a number of years. She had someone coming in to help each morning and wasn’t driving.  Now she is doing her morning chores on her own, she is driving, she is smiling and telling her cells she is happy and healthy, etc, etc, etc.  For me, her biggest shift is that she is happy and smiling! Amazing, amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! – S.D.


Thank you Rob, you gave my husband so much hope and positivity with his ALS. – H.K.

Rob Saved My Life

Rob actually saved my life! I had tried everything. I was desperate for anything that would make a difference. Rob asked me, “Are you really ready to be done with your pain?” I experienced a powerful release of energy from my body. The pain was gone, my flexibility back. 1 1/2 year later I feel better than ever! Thank you Rob for changing my life!

Unbelievable Gift

I came to see you at your Large Group event held in Boston. I‘m the 28 year old woman in a wheelchair who just found out about having Spina Bifida, my spinal cord being tied to my tail bone, and fluid in my spinal cord. I underwent spine surgery almost two months ago and woke up paralyzed. I want to personally thank you for working on me. Every time the pain is intense, I keep telling myself the pain feels good. The sadness and overwhelming emotions I’ve been experiencing are gone. For the last two days, I’ve woken up feeling content with the situation I’m in. I’ve been very tired, but I remembered your three day rule.
You have given me so much hope, and I know I will be walking again. I want to continue to work with you when you are in Boston, and have you a part of this miracle. God has given you an unbelievable gift, and I’m in awe how many people you have and continue to help. -T.C.

The Challenge is to Quiet the Mind

Client tells of her journey of constant back pain. She saw the Heal Documentary and sought out Rob Wergin, leading to the realization, “The Soul knows how to heal itself. The challenge is to quiet the mind.”

Worked a Complete Miracle

The surgeon told my husband his PSA was rising significantly, indicating his cancer was getting worse. When the surgeon said he must have radiation immediately, I said no! Rob saw my husband 4-5 times and his PSA went to zero. Rob has worked a complete miracle. I think Rob was what actually got the cancer out of him. – G.A.

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