Work with Rob in Germany


In-Person 3-Day Healing Retreat in the Bavarian Alps

SEINZ Wisdom Resort, Ammergau Alps in Germany
  • Reignite your power and truth within.
  • Immerse yourself in a state of unconditional love.
  • Experience multiple hands-on healing sessions, as well as participation in group healing.
  • Directly interact with Rob as you receive teachings from the Masters, combined with question-and answer sessions.
  • And more!

Small Group Hands-on Healing Circles 
$144 introductory offer (normally $180 in US dollars)

Sessions are 2 + hours of intense hands-on healing with Rob

  • Each participant will receive multiple hands-on healings.
  • Receive Rob’s most powerful form of healing called, “the knockdown.” Know that this is optional during your Small Group Healing Circle. If you choose to participate please bring a yoga mat and a blanket. (See the video below)
  • The maximum group size is 30 participants.
  • Questions are answered during the entire session.

Tuesday, Sept 13 @ 1pm

Tuesday, Sept 13 @ 6pm


    • Limited capacity.
    • Requires a 72 hour cancellation notice. If not canceled within 72 hours you will be charged for the session.
    • Location address is noted above and is also located in your email confirmation. Please check your spam folder if you do not receive your confirmation in your inbox.
    • Plan to arrive on time. Event will start promptly.
    • You will be sitting for this session. If you participate in “the knockdown” you will be laying down.
    • Please no scents or perfumes.
    • Bring a blanket or light wrap and yoga mat.
    • Bring a water bottle to drink from and a 2nd bottle to receive an energetic charge for later use.
    • Add to your contacts so that you receive our communications.

With Faith & Trust