Frequently Asked Questions

What is exercise and why not recommended for 3 days after healing work with Rob?

Exercise is any activity that increases your heart rate to the fat burning level.  This would include sprinting, running, climbing, weightlifting, Rolfing, certain sports, etc.  Walking, light yoga, stretching, Taichi, chi gong, slow bike riding, etc., is not considered exercise. When you exercise you transfer the energy your body is using for healing to energy used for exercising.  Unfortunately, your body does not reset to healing energy after exercise.

What is considered as other energy work and why not recommended for 3 days after healing work with Rob.

Other energy work is when another person is using their body or intends to use their energy for your healing.  This would include massage, chiropractic, reiki, cranial sacral healing, distance reiki, distance healing, acupuncture, therapies targeting certain areas of the body, sound healing, etc.  Energy work provided by the Divine, thru Rob, is not other energy work, therefore, listening to the calls, attending another zoom session, or attending a live healing with Rob is not other energy work.  When your body receives a different energy than the healing energy channeled through Rob, it may create energetic confusion to your body, and may cause the body to energetically shut down.  Rob is not asking for you to abstain from these other beautiful therapies, just for 3 days as you body anchors in the Divine healing energy.  You are welcome to work on others, just not let others work on you.

How about meditation?

Meditation is not considered exercise or energy work.

How might I feel after this work?

You may feel extremely tired, hungry flu-like, emotional, more pain in your challenged areas, have a sudden menstrual cycle, have a headache, spend more time in the bathroom, have crazy and weird dreams, or desire extra sleep.  Every body is unique and will react differently.  Your body is detoxing on many levels, and you may feel the detox in a variety of ways.  All indicate healing on many levels.  Your symptoms may increase as the challenge surfaces and leaves you.  Spring water is critical and should be freely consumed.  Rest and high-quality protein are necessary to provide the fuel for your healing.  You may be very emotional as your trapped or unexpressed emotions come to the surface to leave.  All is well, you are healing.  Be grateful and allow your body to express the emotion or sensation it wishes to release.

Will these virtual sessions continue?

YES! If they are requested, they will be provided.

Will my animals receive healing whether they are with me or not?

Yes, your animals are a part of the healing as they hold our emotions and disease.  They may express the healing like you.

Is it ok to drink alcohol or smoke marijuana?

Both substances may alter your emotions, confuse your mind or affect your liver.  Not a good idea if you wish to receive the maximum benefits of this work.

Should I continue to take my prescriptions?


Is my family (ie. my children, my partner or my parents) worked on at the same time as myself?

Yes.  Seven generations of your lineage are automatically brought into the energy, going backwards and forwards.  Your partner, or others in the space may receive the energy if they wish, or they can block the work if they choose. 

Are my past lives worked on?

Yes, the work will go back to the “original” experience or experiences that are creating your challenges in this life and remove them.  This process may occur over several healing sessions.

What are the “calls” Rob refers to?

Rob becomes a conduit for the Divine energies and records the messages, teachings, or healing energies, which may be purchased on the website, under “Divine Transmission Call Series.” There are several free samples available for download as well. 

Is there a preferred body position for this work?

The preferred position is that you are comfortable.  That includes any position where you can relax and receive.

Why do I feel tingling, jerking, trembling, numbness, buzzing, or other sensations in my body while receiving this work?

It is the process of your body receiving and releasing and is common.

What is the music being played?

The playlist is located on Rob’s website, “Rob’s playlist”, and it is perfect to play while in meditation or resting or anytime you wish to remind your body of this healing experience.

May I bring the pictures of loved ones into the session and does Rob require a perfect visual of the pictures?

Please bring other’s pictures into the session and know they will receive healing if they are willing to receive.

What is the proper diet following this work?

Your body will be in high energetic healing mode and requiring high quality foods.  Depending on your blood type and body chemistry, you will know types of proteins and vegetables and fruits to eat.  Eat as much as your body requests as your body needs fuel for the healing.  This is not the time for cleanses or dieting!