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These are common questions and are important. My opinion, and remember I am not a Physician or other licensed professional, is this: Prior to committing to a protocol or diet, or supplement, it is always best to understand the reaction your body may create when you begin. This may be accomplished by visiting an Integrative Medicine or Functional Medicine practitioner who understands the importance of your body chemistry and what is compatible and what is not. Every body is different, and is important to understand the uniqueness of each body and therefore the uniqueness of what is good for your body and what is not.
I suggest that you drink spring water, a good source of minerals. Many ask about other types of water such as reverse osmosis. See page 150 on this report published by the World Health Organization – Please remember to be fully informed before you consume anything.
Your body will be in high energetic healing mode and requiring high quality foods. Depending on your blood type and body chemistry, you will know types of proteins and vegetables and fruits to eat. Eat as much as your body requests as your body needs fuel for the healing. This is not the time for cleanses or dieting!
Yes!! And supplements as well!
Wearing Shungite is said to disarm or divert EMF’s and all unhealthy or unwanted electro-magnetic energies, as well as other negative energies. Information about Shungite and other stones can be found at this link –
Water is easily charged with frequency and energy. Bringing water into the sessions allows the water to be changed in frequency and energy to the same energy your body is requesting during the healing. Drinking the water after the session will allow your body to continue to receive the identical healing energies. It does not matter the type of water or the type of container, the water will receive the energy. It is suggested you keep this water sacred by not drinking from the container, placing it in the sun or refrigerating it. Use the water in the container as starter water for all other water you consume and add water to your container as needed to provide a never ending source of charged water. Each session will be different energy and therefore your water will be different at each session.
The preferred position is that you are comfortable. That includes any position where you can relax and receive.
You will receive healing energy if you fall asleep. Often, the body goes to sleep to remove the mind from the process.
Yawning is one way the body releases the energies being removed. Sneezing, coughing, gas, twitching are other releasing methods.
The energy being removed from you is “heavy” and in the space of the heavy energy there is now Divine light. Often during a session, you feel “Lightheaded” or “floating” because your body and soul are being lightened from the heavy emotional energies.
Two reasons. First, emotional energies have specific smells and taste, and as they are released, you may experience either the smell or a taste in your mouth. Second, often the ancestors we work with bring forward their favorite scent as a way of letting you know they are present.
All occupants of your home may be invited into the session, as well as pets. Pictures of loved ones or pictures of parents, children, or other loved ones may be brought into the session as well. Remember, your direct lineage going back 7 generations and forwards 7 generations are automatically brought into the session, meaning your parents and children are there whether they are actually present, or you bring in their picture. Please remember, we all have free will. Just inviting them is just inviting them. it is their choice to accept the invitation or decline. Is my family, i.e., my children, my partner or my parents worked on at the same time as myself? Yes. Seven generations of your lineage going back and going forward are automatically brought into the energy. Your partner, or others in the space, not in your direct lineage may receive the energy if they wish, or they can block the work if they choose.
Yes, the work will go back to the “original” experience or experiences that are creating your challenges in this life and remove them. This process may occur over several healing sessions.

Helpful for After Your Session

You may feel extremely tired, hungry, flu-like, emotional, more pain in your challenged areas, have a sudden menstrual cycle, have a headache, spend more time in the bathroom, have crazy and weird dreams, or desire extra sleep. Every body is unique and will react differently. Your body is detoxing on many levels, and you may feel the detox in a variety of ways. All indicate healing on many levels. Your symptoms may increase as the challenge surfaces and leaves you. Spring water is critical and should be freely consumed. Rest and high-quality protein are necessary to provide the fuel for your healing. You may be very emotional as your trapped or unexpressed emotions come to the surface to leave. All is well, you are healing. Be grateful and allow your body to express the emotion or sensation it wishes to release.
This work is about clearing emotions. Your illness, condition, or issues are a direct reflection of your emotions, how and in what ways you think of yourself, and how you think about your life. This work involves aligning your thoughts, words, and actions with the outcome you wish to experience. It’s a re-training of your mind. How do you get there: – Approach this healing work with faith and trust. Believe in it fully. – Say NO to the diagnosis! – STOP telling your story. Your story of illness, lack, failure, etc. – Affirm only the things you DO want and say what you want as if you already have it. ie. “My body is healthy now.” ie. “I have more than enough money to live comfortably now.” – Practice gratitude everyday! For everything! – Change your lifestyle to align with what you DO want. Eat healthy, practice self-care, love yourself as you are, etc. – Lift up your consciousness to love, peace, and kindness to yourself and others. – Don’t complain. And, most importantly – KEEP doing these things. DO NOT STOP. Make these things a way of life. You will heal. You will live an amazing life.
Other energy work is when another person is using their body or intends to use their energy for your healing. This would include massage, chiropractic, reiki, cranial sacral healing, distance reiki, distance healing, acupuncture, therapies targeting certain areas of the body, sound healing, etc. Energy work provided by the Divine, through Rob, is not other energy work, therefore, listening to the calls, attending another zoom session, or attending a live healing with Rob is not other energy work. When your body receives a different energy than the healing energy channeled through Rob, it may create energetic confusion to your body, and may cause the body to energetically shut down. Rob is not asking for you to abstain from these other beautiful therapies, just for 3 days as your body anchors in the Divine healing energy. You are welcome to work on others, just not let others work on you. Additionally, refrain from Red Light Therapy. It is pulsing energy into your body, and for a few days, your body needs to adjust to the energy received in the session. It is sending a “signal” to your body that it is not well during a time when there is much healing taking place.
Exercise is any activity that increases your heart rate to the fat burning level. This would include sprinting, running, climbing, weightlifting, Rolfing, certain sports, etc. Walking, light yoga, stretching, Taichi, chi gong, slow bike riding, etc., is not considered exercise. When you exercise you transfer the energy your body is using for healing to energy used for exercising. Unfortunately, your body does not reset to healing energy after exercise.
Meditation is not considered exercise or energy work.
Both substances may alter your emotions, confuse your mind or affect your liver. Not a good idea if you wish to receive the maximum benefits of this work.
The music that Rob’s uses during these sessions is encoded. At any time when you listen to the music you can drop into the same healing energy you experienced during the healing session. The music playlist is a Spotify playlist and can be accessed here:
It is believed by many there are three sources of human tears. Tears from the ducts closest to the nose are believed to be tears of sadness. Tears coming directly from the middle of the eye are said to be tears of joy. Tears from the outside corner are said to be tears from the soul as the soul is being liberated.
Rob becomes a conduit for the Divine energies and records the messages, teachings, or healing energies, which may be purchased on the website, under “Divine Transmission Call Series.” There are several free samples available for download as well.

The energy being released is very dense, thick and almost tar like, and when it releases, your mind wishes to explain it to you, and will often explain it as dark shadows or dark beings, or something dark.

The Angel cards are imprinted with the loving energies of the Divine. The card is a method of bringing that energy to you, or others, in any way you wish. Asking for assistance from the Divine is your Divine right, and is different than expecting a crystal or a stone to protect you or to gift you special powers.
YES! If they are requested, they will be provided.
Yes, your animals are a part of the healing as they hold our emotions and disease. They may express the healing like you.