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Divine Transmissions are powerful healing tools. These meditative and deeply healing recordings are an opportunity to be in the vibration of Divine Energy. Initially listen to these recordings at regular volume. You can use them daily with low volume or no volume and receive the intended healing energy. You can also play them as you sleep.

  • Sacred Gathering as a response to the global pandemic. This call will raise your vibration, release negative energy, and re-balance and re-ground you.
  • Introduction to the Overwhelm Divine Transmission Call Series. This series will take you on a journey that will shift your consciousnesses to bring about changes within yourself and in the world around, shifting from overwhelm to peace, wellness and joy.
  • Introduction to the last Divine Transmission Call Series Renewing and Restoring Your Natural Human Health: Clearing Your Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Invasions. This series provides guidance on engaging thought-directed desire and heart-felt intention to release fears and challenges as you reprogram your cells, your entire body, your DNA and your energetic blueprint.
  • Divine Healing Light is Within You Now. Are You Healing?
  • Grand Round of Healing Bonus Message from the Masters
  • Clearing your Energy Body and Chakra Clearing Techniques from the Masters
  • Light Bath
  • Light Activation Exercise

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I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the magnificent immersion weekend. So many wow moments, especially the soul retrieval and breath work on Saturday. I feel like my heart space has been put back together and that I am whole and complete. I see and feel things differently now. Everything feels more alive and peaceful, despite the busyness in my life right now. You guys are amazing and I am SO grateful.

– D.S.