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  • Rob offers this Sacred Gathering as a response to the global pandemic. This call will raise your vibration, release negative energy, and re-balance and re-ground you.
  • Introduction to the Overwhelm Divine Transmission Call Series from 2019. This series will take you on a journey that will shift your consciousnesses to bring about changes within yourself and in the world around, shifting from overwhelm to peace, wellness and joy.
  • Introduction to the last Divine Transmission Call Series of 2019 Renewing and Restoring Your Natural Human Health: Clearing Your Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Invasions. This series provides guidance on engaging thought-directed desire and heart-felt intention to release fears and challenges as you reprogram your cells, your entire body, your DNA and your energetic blueprint.

And, these additional calls:

  • Divine Healing Light is Within You Now. Are You Healing?
  • Grand Round of Healing Bonus Message from the Masters
  • Clearing your Energy Body and Chakra Clearing Techniques from the Masters
  • Light Bath
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