Large Group Transformational Event in Boston

WHEN: Saturday, October 12th @ 7:45 pm EST

Where: Boston Marriott Newton

Good News! There is no registration required to attend this events.
$25 admission will be collected at the door. Cash, check, and credit cards are accepted.
Please come and share in the Divine and loving energy offered during an event with Rob Wergin.  Rob’s vast and infinite connection to unconditional love and limitless bliss can be felt by all in his presence – simply by letting go and inviting and trusting that Divine energy is there for your highest good, your greatest support and your deepest peace and healing. Rob motivates, inspires and empowers you to create the health and the life you have always wished for and deserved. Rob also assists you in accessing your inner power, your truth, and your knowing. He believes that you are entitled to and deserve a life of health and abundance.
To begin there will be an overview and Q & A session.  Following the Q & A, all in attendance will receive a brief hands on healing.
Rob’s sense of humor, his kind and genuine spirit and his loving open-heart guide the experience beautifully as it unfolds.  Rob provides a safe and loving space to invite and allow Divine, blissful energy to do whatever is needed in each moment for each person – surrogates and attendees alike.  Simply by allowing and surrendering to the process, life changing, and blissful light can fill every cell of the body, and envelope each person with limitless peace, tranquility, acceptance and joy.
Hope to see you there!


2345 Commonwealth Ave., Newton, Massachusetts, 02466, United States

  • October 12, 2019
    7:45 pm - 9:15 pm