Layer After Layer of Dis-ease Release

Simply amazing to experience layer after layer of dis-ease release from the moment Rob’s hands were placed on my shoulders. It was without a doubt an experience of subtle purifying and harmonious energies doing their remarkable work with remarkable ease and tangible results.

So Real!

I couldn’t quite put my experience into words last Sunday afternoon after my time with you. I was truly blown away that I was able to step into/feel a ‘higher’ ‘different’ energy field in your presence. Thank you for facilitating that. It was amazing! My body felt condensed energy at many different levels, and places, both in and around my body. Saying in my head, and surrendering, ‘Just let it go’, helped almost instantly, when I was finally ready, and after I had touched some emotions. I know this ‘other realm’ is always there, it is so clear to me, and perhaps a little fear gets in the way. When I heard a familiar Deva Premal song, I was pulled out of this more energetic moment, and into watching the lyrics, and had to work my way back into that vibration that I had stepped away from. Should I be working hard to do that, to maintain that space, if you will. I have heard you mention that whether or not you “feel” something, healing is occurring always. it was beautiful. So simple, so real, so clear.

Wellspring of Energy

First, thank you so much for creating such a beautiful and supportive atmosphere in the room where we gathered.
Last year, I took Ellen Tadd’s meditation class and several people in it talked about working with you and how powerful it was for them. I didn’t know what to expect, but was open.
Timing is everything. I’ve recently left a job that was highly dysfunctional, which forced the issue of me starting my own business—something I’ve wanted to do for a while but wasn’t feeling brave enough to do. My point is, this year has been about facing obstacles, clearing fear, making change, and  trusting more than I have ever allowed myself to do. My work with Ellen has supported that.
I approached my session with you in this spirit. While I don’t have any major medical issues, I have been hypothyroid since I was ten. I had no expectations about this being reversed, and still don’t. I’m not clear on what the “parameters” are for what’s possible. I mostly came to the session open to any emotional/mental/spiritual/soul healing that it’s time for me to experience, for a clearing of obstacles and blockages that may be holding me back from being my best self and playing whatever role I’m meant to in this world.
I’m so grateful for whatever you (and Spirit) did. For a couple of days, I was incredibly thirsty and, frankly, pooped frequently. Clearly, I was clearing in that arena. I hike in the woods  every day with my dog and for some reason, I’ve had the strong desire to run. I feel a wellspring of energy. I feel lighter, quite literally. I have often felt a heaviness and stiffness on my right side and that appears to be going, going, gone.
So while I know that some report mind-blowing shifts, mine are more subtle but no less profound. I’m so grateful to be exposed to your work and look forward to having more sessions with you for further healing. I thank you both from the bottom of my heart.  

Feel Whole and Alive

How was my session?  Very good!! Sat Feb 3, 2018 was my 3rd Small Group session. As usual I was wiped out for a few days. I guess I have a lot of junk/crap to release. And deep grief from the loss of my 2 sons to suicide. Attending your sessions is a big decision for me. I live on social security in Federal housing. I have to believe in/need something very much to spend this much money. I believe slowly I am improving but it’s a rocky, lonely, sad process. However, when I am with you I feel whole and alive. I’m going to take your advice, order some Call-Ins and stay in the energy more.

Strong and Purposeful Energy

I’ve been working with Rob for the past 3 years — doing the call-ins, small group sessions, large groups, and 3 day immersions — and tonight’s call-in had the most powerful energy yet. While listening to the call, on multiple occasions I felt a loving yet extremely strong and purposeful energy pour into my crown and fill my whole body, taking me “offline” (so to speak), and transporting me fully into the light.
I am grateful beyond words for Rob and his work.
Taylor Flynn

Supportive Experience

Thank you for the follow-up email. I am glad you reached out, so I can thank you again for the moving experience last Monday. The time spent with you and the group contained the most blissful 2 hours of my life. Thank you for the loving and supportive experience. It was almost a little bit beyond words. I was walking on a cloud for the rest of the day! In my mind I wander back to those mental images and feelings since then. I can’t wait to go there again!!! 🙂

Amazingly Prosperous

The Monday following the Sunday session, I had an amazingly prosperous day at my commission-only retail sales position. I am most certain my customers sensed the healing vibrations radiating from my body. Any time I get “off course” during the work day, I stop and recall the healing event to recenter myself. Thank you for your work! -C.S.

Vibrations of Ecstasy

I thank the souls that guided me to you Rob. Tears of elation haven’t stopped flowing, the vibrations of ecstasy I have never experienced continue to fill me with equanimity, eyes are seeing as never before, life went HD. I didn’t think I’d be so compelled to write, not wanting to overload IN boxes and knowing the message is already perfectly conveyed, but my brain has been requesting to communicate this in black & white. If testimonials are ever desired to be reviewed for amusement (as in a “yeah, this is crazy stuff!), I just want my experience in the archives. HOW can an extreme self-destructive nature, experienced escape artist (via alcohol) be so beautifully expelled?!! The physical improvement in what had been fairly debilitating is far secondary in gratitude to the true lightness of being I am experiencing. The monkey of regrets on my back jumped off, the snake that strangled me in shame slithered away.
I feel my life had been like velcro rolling along collecting crud that could never completely be removed as many times as I tried. You transformed me into colorful cotton candy continually swirling and giving everyone a sweet taste. You put my brain in the back seat, the Divine is a far superior driver. I stated an analogy on Monday that your gift took me from rush-hour traffic on the 405 into the commuter lane…that vision continued up 101; my plane ride home was the Big Sur coast flushing me thoroughly and filling me with all it’s glorious beauty and freedom. Upon returning home, I landed on the autobahn in what presented. My ability to navigate high-speed emotional traffic showed me that Divine was driving…I like the passenger seat.
Why would I be so surprised at the power of the call-ins? Thank you for supplementing my daily diet with a dose or a dozen of those recordings. May the blessings be bountiful as you continue to magnify mine and millions of other lives!!! – B.S.

Good Mood and Happy

Have been listening to the last call several times. Can not wait for tomorrow night !! Thanks for the small group session at Unity. My knee has not hurt and i just feel so much better in general. More energy, i am in a good mood and happy. Special thanks for the discount. Waiting for Tuesday night. J.B.

Feeling Good

I went from 3 thyroid pills a day to 1 starting on Thursday and feel great. I was on my feet for 4 hours straight last night and even hit the dance floor a bit at a HS reunion and absolutely no back pain. Normally I would be in a lot of pain from that and feeling it the next day.  And this was the day after making Thanksgiving dinner for 14 people.  I had energy all night til after midnight went to bed at 1:30 am and up at 6:30am feeling good. So grateful! Looking forward to seeing you December and for what the next recordings bring.  – M.T.

I Feel Lighter

Before the session on Friday I had tightness in my chest that is now gone, broke my ankle a year ago and was a still having slight pain in my ankle and that now is gone. Emotionally I feel lighter and more centered and a lot less stressed out. 

Beyond Grateful

Thank you so much for the incredible experience of time spent healing and expanding with you. I am awed by the generosity of your gift and efforts, and I am beyond grateful.
In the days that followed, I was in a daze, almost what I imagine Valium to be. I went into the session asking for the strength to be my best self in life and forego elements that challenge that. I felt strong and impervious to it all as I integrated back into a light-filled day and went about life. I could tell I was vibrating at the highest frequency I’ve known, and it was beautifully intoxicating.
If I could end all my weeks this way, if we all could, I’m certain the world would be the place we all know and hope it can be. – V.L.

Bouncing off the Walls!

I was in Denver Sunday and attended your show. It was Great Thank you!!!! I had been having sinus headaches every morning for about 10 days and I woke up this morning feeling Great!!! I also have arthritis in my right foot and have had not pain today!! I feel like a light house. I am just beaming with positive energy and am soo happy!!! I’m bouncing off the walls!!!! Ha!!! Ha!!! Thank you for all you do!!!! You’re definitely a blessing!!!! ENJOY!!! -P.C.

Your Work is Unparalleled!

Your work is unparalleled. I am so thankful for the opportunity to have experienced your work in the LA area. In addition, the call last night was the most powerful hour of energetic release and understanding that I have ever experienced. If I had one prayer, it is that everyone could go to Asheville Easter weekend and work with you for three days.

Wonderful Evening

Thank you so much for such a wonderful evening!   When I walked in last night I felt like I could help In some way and mentioned it to her briefly and the next thing you know I’m right up there with you!  Buddy let me tell you, that was a overwhelming experience!!  Funny thing, it was so easy to do because I had energy powering through my body, knees were shaking but I was as solid as a rock.  By the way I was burping all night afterwards LOL!!  Thank you both for the fun, healing and love you bring.  It’s a pleasure to be in your company!

Blissfully Exhausted

It was SO wonderful to meet you and spend three days with you to witness and experience your incredible work. THANK YOU to you, Sarah and your amazing team for a truly transformational weekend at Omega!!! I’m blissfully exhausted and have noticed the healing energy continuing to work with huge changes in me since I arrived home yesterday. I am truly so grateful to you! – F.F.

Energy is Amazing

Among other things, you have healed me of gluten sensitivity that I’ve had for 10 years! Wow! This new energy is aaammmaaazzzing!  Can’t wait to see you two again. Ever grateful. – H.F.

Wave of Beautiful Energy

THANK YOU for your generosity of spirit and compassion for what you’re able to do for others. Ever since my return from the Omega weekend, I’ve felt like I’m surfing this great and exciting wave of beautiful energy. I was offered a job assignment the very next day (have been out of work for a very long time) and have been surrounded by uplifting people that I am encountering in this project. These wonderful high vibrations have me feeling electrified, re-energized and like I’m walking on clouds. I hope it lasts for a long while!! -Omega Participant


After my first virtual small group ever…WOW. Here’s a summary:
1. Up until 4 am that night, body did NOT want to sleep. NOT jittery or anxious–just–AWAKE.
2. HUGE boost in energy
3. MASSIVE feeling of space and openness in my throat (and I would NOT have said that area was constricted, LOL! #oops :))
4. MASSIVE feeling of space and lightness in my belly YAY (this part I would have said yes, holding some things)
5. A mighty boost in All Is Well, and Knowing the Blessed Beings that work with me/us are always. always here.
6. I have been SO hungry, LOL!! Trying to allow lots more food–
Oh my goodness I want to do one of these a WEEK, LOL!!! GREAT goal  for manifesting abundance! Mighty Blessings and Gratitude. K.G.

Experienced a Miracle!

I know that you don’t really like to know what we are struggling with, but I’ve had a miracle and I believe whole-heartedly that it is due to the work I’ve been doing with you since January.
When we met in January, I was suffering with lyme disease for 8.5 years (mostly neuro-lyme) and had recently been told that I had a rare antibody in my blood that was likely set off by the lyme but would mean either Type 1 Diabetes or, far worse, a very rare disease called Stiff Person Syndrome (SPS) that would have rendered me bed-ridden within a year or two and likely unable to interact with the world due to crippling muscle spasms that are set off by sound (a miserable diagnosis for someone who is a musician as I am).  I had begun to develop symptoms of SPS over the past year and was terrified when the marker showed up in my bloodwork last fall.  I turned inward and had started to pull away from family, my husband, my children and my job.  
I was told by a medium that I needed to take a leave of absence from my job and do energy work.  That she didn’t see the SPS but that I was headed in the wrong direction.  I was contacted late one night by the medium when a “being” from the other side – named Tom –  came to her and reinforced that I needed to find help.  I knew that being to be my son’s 4th grade teacher who recently passed and was a remarkable athlete and coach.  I took myself to a hotel in Miami after a business conference, determined to get myself together, and discovered the “Heal” documentary.  And then a week later, I learned you would be in NYC and I made a reservation in one of the groups you added to your schedule.
I felt very much that I had experienced a miracle in my session with you in January.  Before the flow of energy took me over, I distinctly saw the outline of a hand in blue light take mine. I believe that Tom came to me that day through your help to guide me – he was an amazing coach to children in his human lifetime and I chuckled to myself at how he was already making a difference on the other side.  Since that session, I have been working with myself to maintain the positivity and continue the work through your call-in series.  It has been challenging, but I am committed. Your calls and answers to questions have helped me greatly. 
Two weeks ago my doctors did the quarterly blood work to check my progress.  I received those results this morning.  My lyme co-infections are markedly down/almost non-existent, my lyme infection is present but manageable, and THERE IS NO MEASURABLE SIGN OF THE SPS ANTIBODY in my bloodwork.   It is gone.  My doctor said he thought he had the lab report of a different patient when he first saw the results.
Of course, I cried and cried when I got this news today.  I shared it with my husband and he cried with me.  I shared it with my parents and they cried with me.  Being filled with hope instead of fear is life-changing, but knowing that I did the work with you to make it happen is empowering.  
I don’t know how to say thank you in any way that seems appropriate.  This gift of hope is overwhelming and I’m so very grateful for the love and compassion that you helped me to open myself to.  THANK YOU! 
I have much more work to do, and I am so excited to do it! 

Feel Electrified

I was transformed and feel that I am blessed by meeting you Rob. I have signed up for the next call series and will attend more events in the future. I attended specifically to help with removing the blocks to the presence of love. Before the event I had been having panic attacks and a dreaded fear. It was even hard to breath. I felt shut down. There were days when I had to fight to be joyful. Just couldn’t get a grip. I saw the movie Heal and I was told I was going to meet you. I immediately got up went to the computer and saw the NC event was literally 5 minutes from my sons house….rest is history. As the days have moved on since the event I feel electrified and feel more spaciousness. I am still dealing with a breast health issue but the constant pain I had throughout my body is gone. When I feel like I am going to slip back into fear I hear your voice say “stop it”. Thank you from my heart. Sarah is a beautiful angel and full of light. I love you both.  I would be remiss if I did not say how everyone on your team are exceptional. -Flat Rock Participant

Simply Breathtaking

I just wanted to share with you how much this latest series of calls with the Masters has meant to me. I always had very visceral reactions to our one-on-one calls, but not usually within the calls with the Masters. After listening to the 2nd call numerous times, I have a very clear experience where they were working within my pelvic region, and either stimulating/removing/dissolving an oval-shaped mass or normal aspect of my anatomy (not sure). I have no need to question or understand it, but if there is some clarity around it, that may help me contribute to what they were doing, I would be most appreciative. Today’s call was simply breathtaking, so powerful and felt more interactive, as though I was able to contribute by my focus and breathing. I am still integrating the incredible messages that came through you, the incredible surge in the power of the silent pauses is truly accessing another realm of your ability to transmit. My one question for the Masters would be this: Is it possible to get a bit of a weather report in terms of where we are headed? It is not vital, I am all-in with the utmost trust and love I can express, so it was just more of a curiosity. I am in a space of a bit of a time-out, needing a lot of rest, not much motivation or access to creativity, and struggling with breaking some of the patterns that I know need to go. It is surprising to experience the dichotomy of dedication and commitment with really tenaciously holding-on to these limitations (sugar, not wanting to move my body, wanting foods that I don’t react well to, etc.). Accepting all that is with all my heart. I was just wondering if they could offer some glimpse of what lies on the other side of integrating what we are doing now. I would appreciate the encouragement. I cannot thank you enough for all that you have offered us through these transmissions. I am so truly grateful. With so much love and gratitude for everything. – K.A.

I feel Very Different Today

I attend to Rob’s event with no expectation, but definitely it was one of the best healing events I have been! I woke up today (day after ) feeling different, for sure some thing has changed. I’m an empath and I have been struggling how to control the energy that comes thru my body and release it. Yesterday I felt Rob helped me to let go all these energies that doesn’t belong to me that I carry on from others. I feel very different today! Thank you Rob!!!! Hope see you again!   -M.P.

Deeply Moving

An excellent and deeply moving call session.  Felt divine healing light. -J.G.

Life-Changing Experience

I want to thank you and all the wonderful people around you who helped and made my re-birth possible. I never thought I would have such a deep, life-changing experience. I am finally the “I am” I am supposed to be and I am looking forward to seeing  the Divine plans that will unfold for me”.
This new me has been interesting to observe: I have a lot of more energy, but at the same time a peace and relaxation I have never experienced before. During my mediations, I have been able to reach a deeper connection with God and the lights around me and I can feel it throughout the day.
Job opportunities and people have been drawn to me, and I have met new good souls; at times, I am lightheaded and get overwhelmed by people’s energy ( especially in crowded spaces); this is an unusual feeling for me; but I rather feel too much than  not feeling. I am able to feel myself as part of the universe, I can feel the trees, the wind, the entire universe around me. And mostly, I know I am protected and loved; so when the mind tries to replay the old fear song, I call for “divine intervention” and it helps.
I did one of the calls and felt the energy immediately; I am planning on doing more. The amount of energy out of my hands has amplified and keeps on growing everyday. My heart is open, but if feels safe, because for the first time, not only I can freely give, I know I am freely receiving. And that is just a beautiful Divine gift. – Flat Rock Participant

Life is blissful!

You have helped transform my life!
Thank you seems so inadequate, but it is truly heartfelt. With the help of your wonderful gifts I have been able to release the resistance that was seriously restricting my mobility. My energy is up, I sleep better, and my eating habits have changed.
Life is blissful!
Your gifts are truly magnificent and I am grateful to have you in my life. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


In preparation for the next series, I marvel at this most recent set of callls, particularly the 3rd.  Every time I listened to it, it seemed to have new words for me.  Once I found the energy sharing, I did much more of that than I did listening (a departure from my old self so I rolled with it). However, I am struck by another message that was brought through and what was. The very emotions that we are now clearing were absolutely essential for enough energy to be produced for the transformation to occur so we could clear the emotions.
I find myself still drawn to stories but not in the same way.  I used to be drawn to them to stir up emotions so I could work on myself.  Now, I’m more witnessing this marvel of complexity that created enough energy for us to evolve and transform.  The details don’t really matter other than they exist and confirm that there really was a ‘recipe’ of sorts. I don’t have to find out what the recipe was or even is, just release into the oven or blender or whatever method of transformation is at hand.
That’s how I’m currently experiencing the energy exchange.  I also am finding it’s mostly happening all the time.  My asking for it allows my conscious mind to participate. Well, back in void. – C.K.

Felt Right

Sending you love and gratitude from Los Angeles. I truly enjoyed every minute of being at the Weekend Immersion retreat. It felt like I was in a magical dream world, and I brought the bliss that I was melting into back home with me. I also enjoyed meeting all the souls that came there for healing, felt like a family get together, felt right.  So lucky that I had an opportunity to feel the Divine at work first hand. -L.G.

Beautiful and Amazing

I watched the live-stream today and thought it was so beautiful and amazing! I felt a release of pain in my body and a peaceful energy come over me. A million thanks! – M.T.

Clearing of Stuck Energy

I really enjoyed the healing I went to a few weeks ago. It was very intense for me and I felt a lot of movement and clearing of stuck energy. And my healing journey continues… Thank you for all you do!


When I speak my truth I honor my spirit and heal an aspect of my soul – and yes that becomes my reality. Thanks for the reminder Rob.

It was amazing!!

I loved the small group session!!  It was amazing!! Like I said when I got to the front for my healing after I laid down you put your hands on my right side and did your “magic” there.  Suddenly I felt a burst of energy like you popped a zit!!  I have felt WONDERFUL since I left the session. You also mentioned how I would “light up” and attract people with that light.  It was so true!  I had people over to our home for a dinner party, and one man that previously had issues with was so nice to me! Thanks for what you do!  Cannot wait to come again!

Profound and Powerful

I just want to thank you for sharing your amazing gift with us. I have had the pleasure to have energetic work done and am always open to improving my self to better attend to others…..however your treatment today was the most profound and powerful I have experienced!!! I feel amazing with boundless energy. -K.L.

Rob of Wonder

Such a joy to see you again and experience the abundance of love and compassion you give to all around you.  Truly I was blessed to be with you for those two days.  Back pain is gone as is the gastroparesis.  I can enjoy food again!  I have increased  energy and am feeling more like my old self.  In fact I had so much energy that I did not sleep at all the following night after seeing you.  So strange—the whole experience kept swirling around and around in my head.  You must feel so much empathy for all those people as we did for each other. There was a closeness and oneness.  Richard Rohr speaks of the oneness often. I love his books. The Divine Dance is his latest.
I carry you in my heart and thank our God for you in my life.  I look forward to our next meeting. I am with you in spirit.

Beautiful Energy Session

Just a word of thanks for the beautiful energy session this morning in Santa Monica!  It was AMAZING, to say the least. – K.S.


Thank you for starting the virtual small groups which allowed me to experience your healings when time and resources were an issue for me previously. But I do hope that after all these lock downs, that I will be able to meet you in person sometime soon. I truly cherished the love I felt from the Masters during both the Virtual/Call-ins and the knowledge imparted during those Call-ins were so essential to me. Your method in pulling the light….I was so delighted as I do practice kind of the same method as you and is an advocate for this. Using hands, tapping the different energy chakras on the body and visualizing,feeling it as we guide the light inwards. I have also joined in as much as I can your 3 am meditations (3 pm to me in Singapore) , which I find the energy that came through are so strong in both love and light…in fact, I got some very deep helpful insight in of one the sessions….so thank you. It helped anchored me more in my own spiritual path in further understanding of current situation and myself. So, thank you again for the work you have done. -I.L.

Wrapped in a Blanket of Golden Light

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I AM so grateful for your help! I feel that much has been stirred up and spit out during this last call-in series. I trust that some of my addictions that surfaced have moved from my energy field and will not return. Looking back, I can see that for me, it was necessary to purge in this way. I have been listening to the call-in you so graciously sent me and last night I played the 2nd one as I went to sleep. I called on the Masters to my left, right, front and behind, above me and below me. I felt their loving presence as I was bathed in crystal clear heailng light that poured in at the crown of my head and washed thru all systems in my physical and energy body. I saw these Beings of Light that were among the Masters…lending their support and Love as they wrapped me in blanket of golden Light.

You’re Amazing

I just wanted to say thank you so much for last weekend, it was great to finally meet you in New York in the lovely flower district…you’re amazing! So happy I finally got to experience it for myself! So far the call series has also been extremely powerful. I have had a rough yet amazing past two years of my life being a thyroid cancer survivor, opening up a restaurant in a couple of months and been dealing with a relationship that I believe to be the one…Having seen you and another energy healer, it has been quite a spiritual journey. I’m excited to see how my life unfolds. The divine love and light I have felt in the past few weeks has been truly amazing. I believe it can only get better. I felt upset that I didn’t get to say much more last Sunday because I was essentially so caught up in feeling. But again, thank you so much. 

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