Emotional Release

I was inspired to go to Agape this afternoon to share time with the healer, Rob Wergin. I was walking out of the bookstore and the Rev was walking through the hallway and my first instinct was to hug him and say “good to see you” and he responded, with truthfulness, “good to see you TOO”!
The Sanctuary was almost full and  ready to hear this healer. I followed his every instruction, to surrender and to stop telling my story. He began to work with individuals on the stage and it appears as if he was healing each and every one of them from their painful disease, as well as the congregants. I began to cry. At first I thought it was empathy, but then I realized it was my own soul healing. I opened myself up to spirit, spirit inside, to determine what did I have to heal. They shared exactly what it was through my 2 hours of releasing tears.
I realized that I have been feeling unworthy to live longer than my sister did. I am now on this planet 13 years longer than my sister. Because of this guilt for living longer, I have accepted her illness. Tomorrow, when I go to the doctor, I will receive my results of the MRI. I am now reaching out to my angel, Sister Silvia, who can now love me, as she had always wanted to love me when she was in the flesh. I am now healed to accept her love.
At the end of the event, Rev Michael was signing divine cards, that Rob gave out, and I whispered to him, from the back, thank you for brining this healer to us. He stopped what he was signing, looked me in the eyes, and said “you are welcome, SWEETIE.”
Oh beloveds,  it feels so good to heal.
Saturday night was an unexpected healing summit and all my sessions were gorgeous. I appreciate to share with you my healing process. On my second day back home, I deeply slept for eleven hours. I have the energetically charged with divine Love and Light card under my pillow. When I woke up, I put my hands on my heart, I breathed and fill it with unconditional Love for myself. Then spontaneous sounds, then singing sound came like ‘ I am regenerating all the cells of my body now, ‘ for quite a while and’ I am healed ‘ and then I saw myself walking easily in the world. It was an empowering, vibrant moment.
I just want to make sure that theses great vibrant moments are supporting the healing process and not interfering in any way. Could you reassure me on that?
During the day, I observed changes in my movements. I am called to walk so I walk behind the wheelchair in the house. I can put weight on my right leg and sometimes lift it. I feel my body is really regenerating.
I am so touched, touched to yield, to abandon myself to the Life Force that was given to me and to TRUST it, trust that I am taking care of.
I have been so scare all my life to be alive and now I am letting all go . . .
Love make me cry, melting frozen emotions that are passing through me, transforming, flowing like a river within, feeding all my being. A part of myself just needs to reassure that is all OK and that the healing is real and another part is so confident that it is happening.
I have been working on my healing for a very long time and I feel this time, with your divine love and light work and mine, finally I am finding back my true power and are healing. AAAAAAAAAlleluia!!!
So many Thank You and Gratitude for all beings of Light and Love. So many Thank You to You and the amazing work that you do
A Deep and Beautiful Journey
I am so fortunate that Rob (and of course the oneness/light/divine/goodness – whichever name you choose) has worked on/with me for about a year now. When I look back, I realize how different I feel. I used to live with a loud hum of fear. Now I know that I am a light-filled, love-filled being, who is fully connected to all. On the occasions when I feel fear, it serves as a reminder that I need to deeply remember who I truly am.
Rob often emphasizes the dramatic miracles that occur because he wants to help us open to the endless possibilities. The journey that Rob is facilitating for me wouldn’t be categorized as a dramatic miracle – it is an unfolding that is allowing me to be ever more appreciative of the complexity of this journey we are all on. My conviction is that when you work with Rob, the light gives you exactly what you need. Since I needed to work with fears and emotions, working with Rob has not always been easy. I don’t mean that the way it sounds – Rob is a dear and loving man, who truly cares and wants the best for each of us. What I mean is it isn’t always easy because I need to be willing to experience everything I need to grow.
During my first session, I felt nervous and then deeply calm and then perhaps even a little silly. During the next session, I laughed, cried and then went home in the joy of being filled with light. After the next session, I felt free of fear and spent the next week releasing a fair amount of old grief and sadness. During the next session, I felt the gentleness, strength and brilliance of love. Afterward, I felt great frustration and fear. I have been at sessions during which I have felt Mother Mary’s presence and her desire for us to know how deeply she loves us. I have been at sessions after which I wanted to skip in the freedom of having released deep blocks that I didn’t even know I had. At the end of my last session, my body experienced being one with everything and everyone – I want to remember the truth and beauty of that moment forever. I want to encourage everyone to work with Rob because I want everyone to remember the truth and beauty of that moment forever. S.
Thank you both for the phenomenal events this weekend!!  Starting with the magnificent “super small group” session I had on Friday morning.  Wow!  I was completely wiped out for the rest of the day on Friday and all day Saturday.  But the moment that I walked into the hotel Saturday evening for the event, I felt the energy surging within me and around me and was “rebalanced” and energized during the night’s event.  It was just amazing.  I have released any and all attachments to any sorts of “outcomes” from this work that I have been doing with you, Rob.  But what I DO know is that the most profound and magnificent shifts have and will continue to evolve and occur with me and for my life’s trajectory.  It is not only transformative, it is a miracle.  I feel like the “roots” of anything that are not of love in my mind/body/spirit and soul have been lifted and released.  And in place of any and all densities released, my body/mind/spirit/soul have been filled with the most brilliant, and for me, pink divine light. It is so beautiful. And I continue to observe and rejoice with amazement as each day unfolds.
Also, a huge thank you from my very skeptical husband and daughter!!  Thank you for the work you did with them as “surrogates” on Saturday night.  My husband has had the most amazing and unexpected experience from the evening event.  He is an avid kite surfer and got up at 5:00 AM the morning after being a surrogate and had the most incredible kiting session ever.  He described it as all of his senses being completely opened and anew as he went about his kiting day. The ocean for him has always been sacred and holy and “his church,” but he said this was much deeper and more powerfully divine than anything he has ever experienced. His text to me before he drove home from his kiting day: “I feel so divine.  I feel it…”  He describes his energy as surging, he feels amazing, and feels that all stress and anxiety that had been gripping him has lifted. And most beautifully, I can see that he is glowing.   Interestingly, I have been seeing you, Rob, since April- each time you have come to the Boston area. I have been listening to your calls. And…I have been feeling huge shifts and releases and wonderful things happening. Yet, I have been doing so “quietly” and have not particularly been sharing this experience with my husband. Not that he wouldn’t be supportive, but my assuming that he would not “get it.” Well, when he returned from his kiting day and really understood by experience the work that comes through you, he wanted to know everything about my experiences from the work I have been doing with you. And… he has recognized over these past months since April that I have steadily been getting better and better and better! Enough so to allow me to join my family for the first time in 4 years for a summer vacation! That is testimony to how my health is being transformed, is transformed. And what I know for sure it that my spirit and my soul and my body have released so very much. This is the most magnificent part of the work for me. I feel lighter, more loving (and “loving” has always been part of me anyway, but now it is even deeper and more expansive), more receptive, more joyful… I could go on and on. And I don’t need to “figure it out.” It just is. I accept. I love. I am so grateful.
So, lots of love always to both you and Jane.  You guys are an incredible team.  Cheers to transformation continuing and joy and bliss blooming EVERYWHERE!! -GD (MA)
A friend of my told me that it would be really good for me to see Rob. I was not sure my I need to go. I did not have anything major wrong with me. Now that I have had 3 appointments with Rob. I had know idea how bad I felt until now that I feel so good. I feel peaceful and clean like all the bad energy is gone. I do not react to thing in the same way I used to. Everything just seems easier to handle. My head feels clearer and I feel like I stand in my own body stronger than before. I am eating better than before and want lots of healthy foods more than unhealthy. I am feeling like my eye sight is brighter. I am seeing lots of animals. I am really enjoying music more than before and I did not turn on the TV for over a week as I did not want to have any bad news in my life. Mostly I feel like all the unhealthy habits and way of thinking is gone. I truly feel like a different person than before. My mind used to race with thoughts and fears. I do not have that any more. My hormones are so different and I used to have lots of facial hair that is about half as much as before. My skin has changed too. It is more clear and clean. Over all I just feel like Rob gave me the push I needed to feel the best I can. I am a new different person than I was before. I feel great! I think everyone should see Rob to manage your life better. I have had so many people asking me what I am doing to look so different. Rob is a little Angle and has helped me have a different life. I am so thankful that I am able to have Rob in my life to make everything better and more fun. – Amy
Two years ago, my weight was 82 pounds and I was slowly dying. I spent 1 ½ years of intense work with a naturalopathic doctor and a Hakomi practitioner (weekly sessions with each), who kept me alive and were helping me to heal. I was making progress, but slowly. The Hakomi practitioner asked if I would be interested in seeing a spiritual healer to speed things up. She recommended Rob Wergin. Over the course of 5 healings during a period of approximately two months, I experienced awesome life changes. My jaw muscles loosened and I no longer needed to wear the jaw splint that I had worn day and night for 10 ½ years, except while eating. Other muscles throughout my body loosened and I could feel my spine straightening. I no longer needed the medication I was on for Fibromyalgia. But even better were the positive emotional changes. I no longer had the feeling that I had lived with most of my life; the feeling that something was wrong with me. I was always very timid and often felt like others didn’t want me around. Now, social interactions were becoming easier and much more enjoyable. Friends, family, and coworkers were amazed at the changes in me. Life was improving amazingly fast. Best of all is that I regained my spirit and my connection to God. It has been 5 or 6 months since I have had a session with Rob. The healings that Rob did removed emotional blocks that kept me from moving forward with my life. Since the healings, I have made major life changes that include quitting a job that I disliked and moving toward finding my life’s purpose and fulfilling my dreams. I will always be indebted to Rob for the part he has played in helping me to turn my life around. Rob is an amazing healer. – Sandy
You have helped me transform my life! Thank you seems so inadequate, but it is truly heart felt. With the help of your wonderful gifts I have been able to release the resistance that was seriously restricting my mobility. My energy is up, I sleep better, and my eating habits have changed. Life is blissful. Your gifts are truly magnificent and I am grateful to have you in my life. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! – Carol
The change to this 83 year old woman has been dramatic! Where should I begin? FOOD tastes wonderful to me, I sleep better, I am more active, feel better physically, but most important of all, I am emotionally improved and my relationships with my two daughters (formerly troubled) have improved so much. I cannot thank you enough, Rob for so greatly influencing these dramatic, these awesome changes. I look forward to my next session in Aspen. I am happy and grateful! – Dorothy
What I experienced was so powerful it almost feels unspeakable. Others have told me that my eyes look like crystals with a connection to ancient life itself. I moved through the releasing of pain of infants, little girls and a long lineage of female woundedness. This was but a part of the gifts resulting from my first session with Rob. I am now connected to Great Spirit. My being is filled with a thicker substance of life and of myself. I am of a new voltage, especially in my legs, solar plexus and heart chakra. All that was before does not matter. I have stepped into my true power. I am a powerful woman with gifts to offer. And, I never laughed so deeply as I did watching my inner child rolling around on bubbles and landing in the arms of her angel posse.  – N.
Listen to the remarkable emotional and physical healing this woman received.