Divine Transmission Series

Your Healing Opportunities Await!

Life changing I feel alive again. I look forward to the sessions, they have been life changing! ~ A.G.


Divine Transmissions are powerful healing tools. These meditative and deeply healing transmissions are an opportunity to be in the vibration of Divine Energy. In general terms, Rob channels teachings from the Master beings that he works with.
These are offered as a series of 3 Transmissions on most Wednesdays at 7pm est. You can join the live session and/or listen to the recording. Initially listen to a series in order at regular volume. After that feel free to listen to them daily with low volume or no volume and receive the intended healing energy. You can also play them as you sleep.
Please know that if you are registered, the recording info will be emailed to you the following day. This recording contains the same powerful Divine energy as the LIVE session. Many register for these Series with the sole intention of listening to them later, at a more convenient time. It is optimal to listen to the recording daily.


June Series : 2023

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What to Expect

  • Series include 100s of participants.
  • Rob presents a teaching and healing with the Masters
  • You will receive a recording of all sessions in a series. Download and keep.
  • These series take place on Zoom.
  • Access information will also include a link to connect on your computer or call in on your phone.
  • Access information will contain a link to alternative phone numbers so you can phone in from around the world.
  • May contain moments of silence.
  • Initially, listen in date order.
Cost is $54 for the entire 3-Session series.

Should you have any questions or wish to speak with someone prior to registering, please do not hesitate to send an email to admin@robwergin.com.


Once you click SUBMIT the call links appear on your screen.


Miracles After Call-In

What a day to hear the Masters speak through you! Thank you Rob!!! My mom was in the hospital in Germany. We didn’t know if she would make it or not. Two days before my brother was hospitalized with a heart attack. My mom was devastated to possibly loose her son before she goes.The next day my brother was released from the hospital. When he got his check-up all looked well. This made my mom so happy that she went into her surgery the next day with complete surrender. She survived her surgery and was expected to be in the ICU for three days. She stabilized after the first day and was moved to continued care unit . I am on my way to Germany to care for her and she is delighted to hold her in my arms soon. Two obvious miracles shortly after our call-In! Rob I thank you so much. I am very grateful! Blessings from Marin County. G.H.