I loved the call last week and a good reminder to keep Breathing into your heart for all the miracles.

Something Beautiful is Happening.

I recently attended your group call in series and I must thank you from the bottom of my heart. They were extremely powerful, I have never felt anything like it before and I am still experiencing the heat and energy as I sit here writing this. I am from Australia, diagnosed with ALS 7 years ago. That’s when I started on my spiritual journey. I have tried so many healing modalities, seen a lot of healers but have never felt anything like I feeling now, something beautiful is happening I just know it.

I Am Free

Thank you for another amazing call. Numerous times while limitations were being dissolved, the words ‘I am free’, kept coming from my mouth. I was aware of angels and guides all around me, and the energy was electrifying through my entire body. The energy continued through the night, and I am still aware of it this morning, as well as a lightness. – J.D.

Sparkling Light

Rob, just listened to full moon call. Sparkling. Thanks so much.
I am good though life has been a complicated, wild ride.  The universe is taking care of me and my family.  I am so grateful to have the tools you and others are sharing with me relating to acknowledging we are not alone and that we can and must ask for help when we need it. This has been of extraordinary benefit in keeping my chars energy moving, I believe and protecting me.
Lots of love and sparkling light.

Very Powerful Call

I found the call to be amazing, perfect, beautiful, and very powerful. I’m sending love and appreciation to you and yours. -J.A.

New Beginnings

Thanks for the great call. I Listened to it this morning, and really thought it offered something wonderful. I hope you feel the same, and look forward to seeing you soon. 
The concept that this is a new beginning, discussed in your call, where we put to rest old habits and patterns of dis-ease and did-empowerment, certainly resonates all through. Very timely! Or, no coincidence I took this on around December 18, having benefited from the related call series about the next 9 years. The Universe has given me many many signals.

Spectacularly Deep

WOW! That was a spectacularly deep call. I felt awful all day, but so much lifted during the call. Deep, deep emotional release. Thank you! – S.P.


Just got off the most recent transmission call, Rob, and WOW, they continue to be priceless beyond imagination! My whole being is so grateful to be receiving what it has wished for, probably forever. No questions here, except, are you feeling this deep appreciation from me for what you continue to do for so many? – S.C.

Safety and Connection

I felt elated after the call and woke up with incredible feelings of safety and connection. Looking forward to hearing the replay many times. – P.Z.

Physical Healing Happening

The current series “Continue on your Healing Journey” is most profound for me! I was in the car driving when I called in on the first call and then was able to listen to the replay once or twice more. I have felt so much better and feel the physical healing happening finally. I have been giving thanks for my healing for quite a while now and believe it is so, but the physical healing seems slow. But I have had a break through. The messages from the masters moved me greatly. I did like that they said they would like to be talked to out loud. I do that all the time not realizing it seems to be preferred. Thank you Rob so much for channeling these wonderful spirits. I can’t wait for this week’s call. I am so grateful I found you and your website.

Replays Have Been Very Soothing & Comforting

The 1st call and replays have been very soothing, comforting, and extremely strong energetically. I am grateful to be a part of this series experience. Loving it. Thank you for this gift.

Perfect and Grateful

I wanted to thank you for this last call series. It has been very powerful, not always easy, but I especially “heard” the messages last night about resistance that is subtle and impeding true and complete surrender. I am trying today to observe when those whispers of resistance shape my thoughts or focus and to let them go. “My body is perfect and I am grateful.” Blessings to all of you that make this possible. – S.S.

What a Journey

What a journey this is and I am so grateful for finding you and the work I am doing with you.This call-in series is perfect for me now building on all I am doing with you since summer and September (Flat Rock). I have been faced with the same wall you faced in the question of “how much harder do I have to work”? I am jumping through every hoop. Yet, I know I must completely turn and face my physical condition with acceptance and completely unpack the unconscious foundation which I am doing to the best of my ability.  You said it so beautifully last night, and you also gave me a huge gift by sharing the story of the thyroid issues. I drank radioactive iodine 37 years ago, effectively killing my thyroid. But over the past 2 years as I have done more intense work with you and Panache, I now know my thyroid must be rejuvenating itself, which has led to weight loss and being “hyper” active.  I thought it was getting under control. Now I realize after the September experience, more of my own thyroid awakened and the doctor I was seeing for thyroid treatment kept saying it was low, even though I kept saying that I knew intuitively the dose was too high.  I literally started opening a capsule and taking off some of the compounded medicine. I finally got the dose reduced and now have new pills after transferring my thyroid care to an integrative medicine doctor.  I feel so much better.  The story you shared was the Divine giving me a huge affirmation. I am so grateful for your work and I am holding the space that my physical condition and pain are a thing of the past.  I am seeing a foundation of love. Much love. – S.S.

Bask in the Glow

The inner and outer light in you shines so brightly. I appreciate that Bob and I have the opportunity to bask in that glow any time we look at your social media, or listen to your phone calls, or attend your group healings. Thank you for being there for us all. – J.L.

So Glad I Found You!

Loved the last call, so powerful! On my second call series I’m so glad i found you.

Thank you for your connection!

Last night’s session was very powerful for me. Last week was my first encounter with you even though I had heard about you via friends who have been seeing you for awhile. I guess this was my time. Anyway during the “think about all the times you experienced lack in your life” I remembered all the times in my life where I had faced lack and the onslaught of emotions that it brought up burst open and I started wailing. Big big crying session followed but it didn’t last as long as it felt it would! Releasing it to the love of the Divine was simple and very powerful. I’m learning to trust that I’m always surrounded by the beautiful beings. Last night’s session addressed all my challenges and at the same time highlighted that even though it feels like it’s personal and I’m going through my life alone, my problems are shared by most of humanity and in that we are One. And as One we get to release all those emotional baggage that we’ve carried not just for ourselves but for everyone else as well. Afterwards I took a shower and cleaned my chakras too! So good.Thank you for your connection and that which comes through you. 


Your work is awakening blasts of eternal consciousness. – J.G.

Amazing Call

The call was really *amazing* Rob. Wonderful teaching and very powerful healing. Much appreciation and love to you, the Masters you work with, and *everyone* on the call. -C.A.

Phenomenal Occurrence

It was indeed our fine fortune to be introduced to Rob Wergin earlier this year.  Clearly, to be granted this privileged experience, we must have done something right in a past life, sometime in the last seven generations, as Rob might say.  Our friends had gone to see Rob in January, describing their memorable experience in a very positive light.  They also shared Rob’s Divine Infused Angel Cards with us.  Our friend explained that the cards were infused with the vibration of Divine Light, Divine Unconditional love and bliss and could be used under food, water, or wherever we wanted Divine Energy to be present.  I immediately looked up the website and we swiftly registered for the “Removing Limitation, Embracing Change” call-in series, which we’ve since listened to numerous times.  The icing on the cake came on Saturday, February 2nd when we excitedly made our way to the Newton Marriott to attend our first ‘Event of Transformation’.  
Rob encouraged the 100 or so people attending this event to simply “let go” and trust that Divine energy was available for our individual support, the highest good, deep peace and healing.  That evening, each person in the Lexington Room experienced a brief hands-on healing, and for me, the Divine and loving blissful energy was highly palpable from start-to-finish.  To our delight, as the session began, Rob explained that even as he was working on others, everyone in attendance would receive a highly personalized energetic healing infusion.  Needless to say, we returned home after that event feeling joyful and peaceful and were highly motivated to register for the next smaller group session in April.  That unique Saturday night experience validated what our friend had described, and we began listening regularly to Rob’s Call-In Series, which were equally uplifting and seemingly beneficial.
We attended a number of subsequent smaller group sessions, with the last one taking place this past Friday morning.  Massage tables were set up in the Lexington Room and each participant enjoyed a number of ‘hands-on’ opportunities to be worked on.  As before, the intensified energy was highly discernible to me, and I experienced it most intensely in my head and face.  The third time that Rob came round to work on me, he focused on my chest, upper torso and head, yet I distinctly also felt two hands kneading and holding my feet.  I was surprised and assumed that it was one of Rob’s assistants helping to intensify my healing experience.  I wondered about it, but left the Marriott that Friday morning feeling thoroughly peaceful and fully satisfied.  However, I decided to publicly inquire about my experience the previous morning during the question and answer session in last night’s “Event of Transformation”.  To my deep amazement, Rob replied that no one else had touched my body.  Naturally, I’m viewing this as nothing short of a Rob Wergin miracle, further validating my experience and Rob’s sincere expression of loving Divine energy as well as his noble, Herculean efforts to help others.  We like to spread the good word and share our experience of positive experiences, meetings with remarkable people, places and things with others.  I’ve promptly written this account to share this phenomenal occurrence and my/our personal experience with inspiring Divine Healing Beings with others who may also benefit.  -M.A.

Depth and Power

Thank you for that amazing call last night. The depth and power of the message and the resultant healing was incredible. Many blessings and love to you for the work you do to help us all transform.

Deeply Moving

An excellent and deeply moving call session.  Felt divine healing light. -J.G.

Deep and Awesome

Thanks for calling in the Calvary last night, they really came through! I had an amazing and significant shift in very, very old thinking patterns. The release was deep and awesome and I feel like I’m finally falling together. I do so appreciate your work and your integrity, and am very thankful for the help of all those known and unknown. – M.M.

Letting Go, Re-Connection, & Getting Healthy

So my first Rob experience was on the call ins….full body experience. 
Second was in NC, no “physical “ healing but my hatred for my mom disappeared….we became closer than ever afterwards. 
Third was again in NC, I had a dream the next day that she died and I was the only one crying….that day I called her from NC FaceTime…we talked for hours…I promised her I’d quit smoking when I got home and that I would take her shopping once a week so she didn’t have to worry about getting around alone, she had COPD. The first outting was the Wednesday after I got back. 7/4. We had a blast! That evening she was found unconscious and in respiratory arrest…after a week in ICU she passed away. 
I am so grateful to you and the Masters for giving us the opportunity to let go of the past and enjoy, thoroughly, her final months. ❤️
Although I’m sad, I’m not burdened with guilt (the dream) because I had time to change it….

Mind-Blowing Session

The last session was mind-blowing and uncovered a whole bunch of stuff. After the last session, I had the hands-down weirdest dream that I can recall ever – very violent and directed at me. I just let it go and said goodbye. Was a bit shocking however. Thank you for helping to clean up my memory or whatever it was that happened. Much underway. Loving the Overwhelm series and very much in line with some recent changes I’ve been going through. Interesting. Much love! -H.F.

Held and Supported

I absolutely love these call in sessions! My father passed during the last series. I can’t even begin to tell you how profoundly I was able to release and heal. At a time when my world shifted in a way I had never experienced I felt held and supported.During a time when it was possible to feel alone I was intimately connected with my always loving spirit guides, angels and masters. There is no greater gift than this!

You’re Amazing

I just wanted to say thank you so much for last weekend, it was great to finally meet you in New York in the lovely flower district…you’re amazing! So happy I finally got to experience it for myself! So far the call series has also been extremely powerful. I have had a rough yet amazing past two years of my life being a thyroid cancer survivor, opening up a restaurant in a couple of months and been dealing with a relationship that I believe to be the one…Having seen you and another energy healer, it has been quite a spiritual journey. I’m excited to see how my life unfolds. The divine love and light I have felt in the past few weeks has been truly amazing. I believe it can only get better. I felt upset that I didn’t get to say much more last Sunday because I was essentially so caught up in feeling. But again, thank you so much. 

Calm Serenity

Well, I’ve certainly been handed the opportunity to practice what I’ve been learning through your call session. Two hours before Tuesday’s call I was in a car accident. It wasn’t major, but enough to do damage to my car. I came home and knew that listening to your call was just what I needed. Remarkably, I haven’t felt any affects from the accident in my physical body, and I have been able to maintain calm serenity as I deal with insurance companies and car repair shops. My whole nervous system has remained calm throughout this whole process. Thank you so much for these calls. I can feel the divine energy nurturing and healing my body and spirit. Thank you for all you do. -K.M.

Gift of a Lifetime

Having listened to the last session of resurrection call ins and having been lucky enough to have attended two recent small group sessions in NYC, I have truly been struck by meteorites on many levels! These opportunities have brought me teachings and experiences that I have waited for my whole life- funny you or your spirit guides mentioned those exact words which is how I had crystalized this experience —before even hearing you state those words during the call in.  So much of this experience has been that for me-you/your guides say what has been buried inside of me for so long.  I have had these thoughts, revelations, information, feelings, awareness  in my head, heart and body for about 40 years and by working with you, they have just been made real, accelerated and formulated with the utmost clarity. After the last small group, I processed this idea of how I just needed to be disciplined with training my mind, being, heart and breath.  For full realization of my potential, It could take a long time and progress could be slow or not—that did not matter.  What mattered is that I do it—no matter what. There is no more time for me to waste, or wonder, or be uncertain or confused. That does not exist anymore for me. Now, I really know.  It was through your presence, my healings, the divine energy present in the room and healings for others in the room that I could experience divine energy experientially.  This physical experience of the energy is something that my mind can easily hold onto and trust.  Your gift has diminished the doubt and fear and increased my aspirations with strength, fortitude and courage to move forward to increased light, love and compassion. I know it energetically,with my third eye, my crown chakra, my heart, my abdomen and am now eternally devoted to heart focused and heart centered breath to create new energy patterns that shed light on the darkness and allow the darkness to dissipate for NEW higher frequency in space and of vibration.  I am grateful for every second of receiving your teachings and clarity to celebrate this journey and stay focused on the divine light filled energy field I am choosing to create. Thank you for this—-Training and practice allow me to let go of the stories, their vibrations, limitations and boundaries, so I can freely surrender to accept and receive what I truly deserve to be able to share with others and the planet! Deep gratitude for you having given me a gift of this lifetime.


I have been listening to both of the transmissions in this call series, every night, as usual, before bed (and throughout the night). It’s amazing to feel the difference between the energy received depending on the day. My dreams are literally epic when you start a new series. I feel the dreams are tied into the work that the beings are offering during the call and are helping me move through past experiences and ways of perceiving the world. Thank you so very much for your dedication and continuation on the healing journey, as it continues to keep me spiraling and changing, like all of nature naturally does. – A.F.

My Life Changed

Many interesting things are occurring. The last call was extremely powerful for me. Physically, my stomach periodically gurgled for 4 days. It wasn’t upset or anything, just noisy (which has never happened). Day 5, it all got eliminated. I assume I had a lot of crap to get rid of. Over the last several months, I have been trying to pay attention to the cues my body sends, which has included increased need for water (as you recommend), lower tolerance for alcohol (one glass of wine only) and my morning caffeine intake of hot tea has to be reduced. 
Spiritually speaking, there has been some interesting happenings as well. I heard one very emphatic message. That has never happened before. My dreams have told me things, so I’m trying to remember them every morning. Last night, I woke up because I felt there was a Being in the room. I sat up and could see the outline of the head, it was sparkling white and blue lights and the energy was tall and masculine. I determined it was all good and not to be feared, so I went back to sleep. Today, I began to second-guess myself. While checking my car for a court file, I found a feather under the passenger car seat. No more second guessing. Oddly, I could remember no dreams. Maybe I was in the Spiritual Hospital?
In short, I have been asking the Divine Beings/Guides to “bring it.” I think they are.
I look so very forward to your calls and I’m trying to do the work. My knee is finally better from last year’s skiing accident. I credit the work we have been doing for the improvement. I can tell that my throat chakra is trying to let something go. I feel stuff coming up. Maybe I need to speak my truth. Maybe it is something else. Whatever the case, I am sure that it will be handled in due time. Patience, however, is not my strong suit. 
Blessings to you my friend! I am signed up for every call. Words cannot effectively express my gratefulness for what you do. I believe it was important for me to meet you in Aspen. You have truly changed my life. – P.R.

Emotional and Physical Healing

Thank you for all you do. I found the session very powerful are even though you thought that it wasn’t going to be such so much of a healing session as a teaching session but I found it to be both.  My love of wanting to know and live in my divinity is quite high and is my highest desire.  I find that the material sense desire is so hypnotic.  I have been using the commands suggested to ask for help from my higher Self. I am learning how to Trust my listening.  I have found a lot of emotional healing and physical healing to be ongoing.  Thank you for this access to Wisdom.

What a Blessing

Rob, what a blessing for us that you’ve said YES to this work! Tonight‘s transmission was soooo gently powerful, and I was in a very receiving place for this one. Now it feels like I embody open-heart breath-flow — like I AM that. It’s such a bigness, dissolving all past smallness — even the very idea of smallness seems foreign.

Beautiful Call

Beautiful phone call last night. I feel Ordained in the best way. I never imagined this feeling of self-power in partnership with the Brother, the Twin Flame and in Community. Such thanks and love. -S.C.

Rob’s Wisdom

The energy of tonight’s transmission was very powerful. I understand that I am writing this soon after the call, though I feel passionate to express this to you and not wait like my mind told me. It feels like your authentic voice is coming through clearly, not only the wisdom coming through you from the other realms, but Rob’s voice. Witnessing your growth gives me guidance and inspiration to keep changing, and releasing limiting beliefs, and again releasing those parts that want to cling to old ways and old limitation.  I look forward to listening to tonight’s transmission again this evening, and for the next few nights or perhaps weeks, and then again months from now. I continue to listen to the transmissions daily. I cycle through all of the calls from the past few years. Thank you, Rob. Truly, you are doing so much work for all of us and I am glad you remind us to be an active participant in our healing. – A.F.

Feeling Good

I went from 3 thyroid pills a day to 1 starting on Thursday and feel great. I was on my feet for 4 hours straight last night and even hit the dance floor a bit at a HS reunion and absolutely no back pain. Normally I would be in a lot of pain from that and feeling it the next day.  And this was the day after making Thanksgiving dinner for 14 people.  I had energy all night til after midnight went to bed at 1:30 am and up at 6:30am feeling good. So grateful! Looking forward to seeing you December and for what the next recordings bring.  – M.T.

Lovely Expression

Beloveds, thanks so much for your efforts in bringing this healing dispensation to earth. You were recommended by a member of Celebrating Life Ministry, another avenue of healing miracles. Last month’s large group in Boston was my first exposure to this grace. Although Rob’s hands-on touch was a lovely expression, for me sitting in angel soup for three hours was an even greater gift. After that, I signed up for the call-in series. The first session felt like an explosion of many pointed lights ignited in my abdomen. The painful scenarios replayed from childhood and were brought to consciousness. Present day pains and constricted life patterns were connected to the initial traumas creating motivation to see this unraveling through to completion. I was so kicked the next day I called in sick to work. Although I could have powered through, an inner knowing said that successful anchoring of the work achieved during the call had higher priority than the couple hundred dollars I would have made that day. Last night’s call was a much milder experience. I will ask them to crank up the energies next time. I think they were respecting my need to make a living. I am looking forward to the Asheville intensive (Weekend Immersion). Thank you again for offering your life energy to this work. – M.O.

Wrapped in a Blanket of Golden Light

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I AM so grateful for your help! I feel that much has been stirred up and spit out during this last call-in series. I trust that some of my addictions that surfaced have moved from my energy field and will not return. Looking back, I can see that for me, it was necessary to purge in this way. I have been listening to the call-in you so graciously sent me and last night I played the 2nd one as I went to sleep. I called on the Masters to my left, right, front and behind, above me and below me. I felt their loving presence as I was bathed in crystal clear heailng light that poured in at the crown of my head and washed thru all systems in my physical and energy body. I saw these Beings of Light that were among the Masters…lending their support and Love as they wrapped me in blanket of golden Light.

Powerful Message

I thought tonight’s call was particularly amazing!  Thank you for serving as conduit for such a powerful message.

Very Grateful

Thank you so much for all your love and care to help me in my releasing. 
My experience since this last phone call series especially the call on March 29 – the first call, I found myself giving myself a lot of self love, self forgiveness and compassion for the first time probably since I was a little girl and all I kept thinking and saying to myself is why have I forsaken myself. Since that first call I have felt so much compassion and love for myself and I am more aware of how I think and speak of myself – to myself……I almost feel sorry for myself since I had been so awful to myself with self talk and especially body image since I have gained 40 lbs.  in the past several years and have not yet released this extra weight. I have been more careful and grateful for myself and my body that I am healthy and very grateful that the feeling of inflammation I had in the past is gone. 
I also noticed and I am very aware that other people’s shit or craziness just doesn’t affect me like it did in the past. I used to be able to have so much feeling when other people would be cruel and mean, yet, now I know it is Not my stuff. I try to avoid all of these people and places as I focus on my self care and healing. That is why I am so grateful I have this work from home job. YEAH!…
I love you both so much and I am very grateful for all you do to help us heal. I am so excited for Omega and I am ready to let go of even more stuff. Be well and God Bless you Both

Empower my God Identity

The last call series and this first new one continue to crank up and empower my God Identity BIGTIME as the old energies fly off into the galaxy. Your heart and the Masters awaken such planetary Beacons to shine light into every nook and cranny! -J.G.

Gift of My Life

Please receive my deepest gratitude Rob Wergin..I started listening to your calls last July from Ecuador .. the first four calls thru the new and full moons, 08.08 Lions Gate and the August Eclipse that passed over the US. I am so grateful for the gifts of Light that you channel .. My experience of your transmissions now occurs in the physical dimension. I prepare, command, invite, ask, sense, feel and see Light Beings all around me. The knowing of this process as a profound opportunity to cleanse lifetimes of vibrational densities that accumulated on my soul IS the Gift of My Life. I Command all Aspects that do not belong to me to return to the light, i ask for and receive assistance, commonly as a physical sensation and i am continuing to let go of all past story and identification with mental constructs. I glimpse One-Ness.. I process Divinity.. I Am Ready to let go. Thank You Thank You Thank You.

Clearing the Fears

Thank you for the energy last night. It was powerful! I felt nauseated and emotional, clearing the fears! It was amazing. -C.F.

Divinity Over Dis-Ease

Thank you times a zillion for the new call series for 8/16! The last series continues to be the deepest soul cleanser this side of Mars! Been listening since February & live-streamed 2 Agape workshops. Your work is AWAKENING blasts of eternal consciousness. Thanks for the (Hay House) Heal special series – WOWIE ZOWIE! – bought it. Divinity over Dis-Ease. Yee Haw! – D.D.

Best Things

I love these healings! This is one of the best things I have ever done in my life and I thank you and the Beings! God bless you!! – L.M.

Journey of Chronic Pain to Health

This gentleman experienced over a decade of chronic health issues with multiple diagnosis. After working with Rob over the phone and in person he is “enjoying being alive more easily without so many uncomfortable symptoms.”

Loving Work

I trust all is well with you. It was great to be on the call yesterday as well as having you in my life – thank you for the loving work you do for humanity! -J.M.

Increased Clarity and Release of Density

The Overwhelm call-in series, second call, was exactly what I needed to break through a stuck emotion. I’ve worked with Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Life Coaches, Business Coaches and other energy/sound type healers over the past 4 years. I’m the reason for my lack of financial abundance. I was in the second call and it hit me – I’m not afraid of failure or success, or what others will think of me, or that I’m not worthy – I have fear that I will walk away from success. My fear goes back to a label placed on me as a young adult – bipolar disorder. I can admit I fit the behavior pattern, but I’ve also learned in recent years that I’m an ENTP Visionary personality type. I have an abundance of energy to create and start, but I’m never going to be the “worker bee” who carries out the same tasks day in and day out. It was during this call I was able to identify and release my fear. I’m now thinking, if I put systems in place to hire and delegate before I begin to lose interest, I can continue to be the creative mind while others carry out the day-to-day operations. With this increased clarity and release of another layer of density, I am excited to see where my start-up business goes in the next few months! -M.S.
Marian Scott

Shifts are Happening!

I want to share that the Call Series/Bath are very powerful for me. So much anger, tears, releasing are coming out, then appreciation and Love for myself. I am so touched. Shifts are happening and I am so grateful. Thank You!!! -A.N.

Full Color Clarity

Thank you, Rob! As a long time, God-fueled spirit explorer, I want you to know that since I connected with you in Feb. (from Agape), my life has gone from Wizard of Oz black & white to full color clarity as a result of listening and re-listening to the calls regularly!
May you be blessed up a zillion-fold.

Incredibly Powerful

 I repeated the call again last night. It was so incredibly powerful! I would highly recommend this (Removing Limitations, Embracing Change) call-series. – H.P.

Life-Changing Experience

I want to thank you and all the wonderful people around you who helped and made my re-birth possible. I never thought I would have such a deep, life-changing experience. I am finally the “I am” I am supposed to be and I am looking forward to seeing  the Divine plans that will unfold for me”.
This new me has been interesting to observe: I have a lot of more energy, but at the same time a peace and relaxation I have never experienced before. During my mediations, I have been able to reach a deeper connection with God and the lights around me and I can feel it throughout the day.
Job opportunities and people have been drawn to me, and I have met new good souls; at times, I am lightheaded and get overwhelmed by people’s energy ( especially in crowded spaces); this is an unusual feeling for me; but I rather feel too much than  not feeling. I am able to feel myself as part of the universe, I can feel the trees, the wind, the entire universe around me. And mostly, I know I am protected and loved; so when the mind tries to replay the old fear song, I call for “divine intervention” and it helps.
I did one of the calls and felt the energy immediately; I am planning on doing more. The amount of energy out of my hands has amplified and keeps on growing everyday. My heart is open, but if feels safe, because for the first time, not only I can freely give, I know I am freely receiving. And that is just a beautiful Divine gift. – Flat Rock Participant

Huge Release!

I listened to the live call on 2/22/18 and then the replay during the day on 2/23/18. I had a profound lunch with my step-daughter who apologized for elements of our relationship and thanked me for addressing issues years ago even though it was hard. This brought about a release for so much i was holding from other relationships. It was an experience that allowed other pain to be released. Your session in combination with this experience has brought about a huge release. 
Earlier today it was an emotional release as I felt and cried for the pain of many past relationships in this and other lifetimes. And a bit ago, I believe I had a physical release connected to the emotional release earlier. As I stood up, I had waves of electrical pain in my upper chest. The right, then the left side, then the right, then the left. For about a minute. Then pressure in my neck and head and buzzing everywhere and then exhaustion. If I had not been through this many, many times I would be fearful of a heart issue or other things. And who knows… but I am not fearful as I once was. I trust that it is a release and that I am letting go of pain. Lifetimes of pain. Oy! 
Thank you for all that you do!

Blown Away

Wow! I just listened to the first of your series of three call transmission on health and I am blown away! My whole body was vibrating and I had pain in my legs. I’ve never experienced anything like that through a phone. I know stuck energy is moving and I’m so thankful. Thank you for making these calls accessible. I’m truly in awe and can’t wait to keep listening! Thank you! – S.B.


Ten days since 1440 and I’m feeling – calm – centered – peaceful – happy for no reason – strong and – INVINCIBLE! 
I almost feel like a CRIMINAL with everyone around me freaking out! Plus I’ve been on your calls and today’s was POWERFUL. When the beings returned parts of our soul to us I started coughing, then threw back my head, and this huge “wind” rushed through my throat. It was really my breath, but I’d never felt my throat be so OPEN before and then I “heard” in my mind that my voice for truth was being returned to me (from all the lifetimes I was punished for speaking my truth)! It was so stunning all I could do was sit there in a daze for quite awhile after the call. In childhood I was plagued by sore throats and many strep throats. I’ve always felt my throat is my Achilles heel. And I have experienced some past lives in which I died for speaking my truth, so this is RIGHT ON! Words can’t express how grateful I am to you Rob. Your call was off-the-charts powerful and empowering! I thank my guardian angel every day that I was in the 1440 group. -C.K.

Feeling Light

Holy Cow brother! The calls were divine and powerful. Feeling myself. Feeling light and grateful. Thank you, thank you, thank you! – A.F.

Incredible and Amazing Call

Thank you so much! Last night’s call was incredible. I let go of so much, and went so deep. It was amazing! When I came back downstairs afterwards, my husband noticed right away how different I looked physically and energetically. Thank you to you and the Masters. – S.P.

Amazing Breakthrough

Thank you for an amazing breakthrough weekend! So much is shifting. On Sunday, when my body wouldn’t stop moving, I wasn’t sure what to do. When the Masters advised me to jump and shake, I thought about how Kim Eng (Tolle’s partner) supports the strategy of shaking to release the pain in the body. I resisted, but finally got up and did that until I was exhausted.
The other morning while listening to the recall from Thursday, I realized that this must be what native groups are doing when they do ceremonial dances. They’re not just honoring the Gods and calling in the Divine energy, they are clearing the emotional body through movement and vibration – chanting and drumming.
I did an online trauma release course last year with Irene Lyon a few times. Her focus is Somatic Experiencing and some other techniques. They’re good, but didn’t go far enough. Last night Annie told me about David Bercelli’s Trauma Release Exercises (TRE). I have ordered his DVD and books. I think they may be perfect for me now.
Synchronicities: The other night I pulled a medicine card. As I was pulling it, I was thinking about the Masters’ advice to constantly breathe into the heart center. I pulled the Dolphin card – reversed. Uh oh! It means:
1. You are forgetting to breathe. (They tell you how.)
2. Many signals are carried through universal tides or waves, and you may be failing to use your sonar… need to realign yourself with the natural rhythms within your body. Then it is necessary to use the dolphin breath to connect to universal awarenesses and signals.
OK – got it! My love and gratitude for the gift of your caring service. -S.G.

Vibrations of Ecstasy

I thank the souls that guided me to you Rob. Tears of elation haven’t stopped flowing, the vibrations of ecstasy I have never experienced continue to fill me with equanimity, eyes are seeing as never before, life went HD. I didn’t think I’d be so compelled to write, not wanting to overload IN boxes and knowing the message is already perfectly conveyed, but my brain has been requesting to communicate this in black & white. If testimonials are ever desired to be reviewed for amusement (as in a “yeah, this is crazy stuff!), I just want my experience in the archives. HOW can an extreme self-destructive nature, experienced escape artist (via alcohol) be so beautifully expelled?!! The physical improvement in what had been fairly debilitating is far secondary in gratitude to the true lightness of being I am experiencing. The monkey of regrets on my back jumped off, the snake that strangled me in shame slithered away.
I feel my life had been like velcro rolling along collecting crud that could never completely be removed as many times as I tried. You transformed me into colorful cotton candy continually swirling and giving everyone a sweet taste. You put my brain in the back seat, the Divine is a far superior driver. I stated an analogy on Monday that your gift took me from rush-hour traffic on the 405 into the commuter lane…that vision continued up 101; my plane ride home was the Big Sur coast flushing me thoroughly and filling me with all it’s glorious beauty and freedom. Upon returning home, I landed on the autobahn in what presented. My ability to navigate high-speed emotional traffic showed me that Divine was driving…I like the passenger seat.
Why would I be so surprised at the power of the call-ins? Thank you for supplementing my daily diet with a dose or a dozen of those recordings. May the blessings be bountiful as you continue to magnify mine and millions of other lives!!! – B.S.


I’ve been struggling to understand why I’m so full of joy one minute and in the pit of disparate the next. I listened to your call, again, and wept as you reassured me, again. I’m very glad you do what you do. 

High Vibration

I absolutely love the work we are doing! I have been on all the calls since I’ve started.  You mentioned in the most recent call series that a lot of people are confused by the process and have some concerns. I am definitely NOT one of them. I have experienced such a high vibration of energy during the calls, such exciting shifts, and I hope the group consensus is not that the vibration is too high.  Bring it on!

So Appreciative!

WOW! I am so appreciative. The transmission on tonight’s call was so chock-full of essence. I know the Masters were speaking to me, and truly, being and growing in this energy is central to my life. I love it all.

Immense Gratitude

I completed your last 3-part call series and then was part of your Super Small group in Denver. I wanted to express an immense gratitude and a huge heartfelt thank you for the work you do. I loved being part of the healing that happened and is continuing to unfold. Thank you for shining your light, sharing your gifts and being such a genuine soul. Can’t wait to be a part of your healing sessions again. – M.H.

Miracles After Call-In

What a day to hear the Masters speak through you! Thank you Rob!!! My mom was in the hospital in Germany. We didn’t know if she would make it or not. Two days before my brother was hospitalized with a heart attack. My mom was devastated to possibly loose her son before she goes.The next day my brother was released from the hospital. When he got his check-up all looked well. This made my mom so happy that she went into her surgery the next day with complete surrender. She survived her surgery and was expected to be in the ICU for three days. She stabilized after the first day and was moved to continued care unit . I am on my way to Germany to care for her and she is delighted to hold her in my arms soon. Two obvious miracles shortly after our call-In! Rob I thank you so much. I am very grateful! Blessings from Marin County. G.H.

It was Fantastic!

It was fantastic! I feel great. Prior to the call I had anxiety and a few issues with past that I had thought I was over. Just before the call I laid down and tears began to flow. 
Tears flowed through the whole call and afterwards I felt and still feel fantastic!


Wow, the calls just keep getting better and better!!! Since I started, I think this is my fourth, I have released so much fear and self-loathing and feelings of unworthiness. -S.S.


I wanted to give you some feedback on last night’s call. I actually found it quite calming. I have known big changes are underway for a while now and always assumed it would be for the greater good. But of course I was not sure how that would all play out over the coming months.
By way of background I was first introduced to you and your work through the Heal documentary last summer. I listened to many of the speakers who participated in that event (I own the whole week), but for some reason kept coming back to the segment on you. I started listening to your calls last August and I believe this is my fourth round now. In the last series before Christmas, the final Grand Round of Healing call I thought was the best to date. I have listened to that one repeatedly since it was released. 
I greatly appreciate the work you are doing. It’s definitely helping me, and by extension, those I connect with. Thanks for all you do! – P.F.

Getting so Much

I’m getting so much out of the call-ins and live streaming events!  My health issues are in a state of flux – and thanks to the words of the Master Beings I now understand that I can’t judge my progress based on symptoms.  
I’m so grateful for the work you do!  

Won’t Feel Guilty

Thank you!  I really needed this call tonight.  I will wake up tomorrow morning and say out loud that I need help and I won’t feel guilty for asking!!!  I’ve been feeling awfully greedy lately, that I ask too much.
The “take-aways” from this call will stay with me.
Many, many thanks! With gratitude


 Last night’s transmission was amazing!! It left me spent and peaceful.


I felt elated after the call and woke up with incredible feelings of safety and connection. Looking forward to hearing the replay many times. – P.Z.

Perfect Call

So perfect of a call (Overwhelm series). I had so much anger from a recent upset around an event where people owed money and they were not paying. I wound up getting a lot of their issues thrown at me, and it was challenging me to my beliefs and how I have my own spiritual practice. The call last night shook a lot of that out and left. I am listening to the replay over because I woke up with one more particular that I didn’t include last night that still had some lingering anger. Thank you Divine Masters. In peace, love and calm. -B.S.

No Muscle Spasms

I had muscle spasms and couldn’t breathe deeply due to stress. I tried acupuncture treatments every week, but the pain was still there. I came across Rob’s work and purchased the November call series. Guess what? Since then, I haven’t seen my acupuncturist because I don’t need to. I don’t have muscle spasms ANYMORE!!! – N.K.

Positive Shift

Yes, I indeed felt the intensity of your work. This morning in meditation I could actually “see” what I describe as black ooze leaving my body. Also, over the weekend I started a heavy menstruation cycle after months without one. Today I have definitely noticed what I can best describe as a positive shift, and I am grateful for your help. I still feel there is a great deal left to clear. I have been keeping with the calls, and this evening when re-listening to last Thursday’s very intense call I finally felt myself surrender. In the group session in Santa Monica when you touched me at the front of the room, I could feel a strong resistance on my part and there was some part of me that I could hear saying “no” as if I still wanted to hold on to the pain, anger, and hurt from this lifetime and many others. I also have the feeling that I will need to sign up for another group session.
In all sincerity, I really cannot thank you enough for your continued assistance beyond the Hall Center session. It is as if the huge weight on my shoulders is not as heavy as it once was.


This is my 2nd time doing a 3-day call in series, about 2 weeks after seeing Rob at Agape. After agape, I was so encouraged and realized how much I have told the same story over and over. I’ve been doing my best to move forward. This body of mine doesn’t want to comply. Lol. I watched the Agape replay and it always makes me so emotional, especially after seeing the man in glasses’ transformation.
This latest call in series was very interesting. When I listen to it, it helps me move forward.

Let go of the Stories

Having listened to the last session of resurrection call ins and having been lucky enough to have attended two recent small group sessions in NYC, I have truly been struck by meteorites on many levels! These opportunities have brought me teachings and experiences that I have waited for my whole life- funny you or your spirit guides mentioned those exact words which is how I had crystalized this experience —before even hearing you state those words during the call in.  So much of this experience has been that for me-you/your guides say what has been buried inside of me for so long.  I have had these thoughts, revelations, information, feelings, awareness  in my head, heart and body for about 40 years and by working with you, they have just been made real, accelerated and formulated with the utmost clarity. After the last small group, I processed this idea of how I just needed to be disciplined with training my mind, being, heart and breath.  For full realization of my potential, It could take a long time and progress could be slow or not—that did not matter.  What mattered is that I do it—no matter what. There is no more time for me to waste, or wonder, or be uncertain or confused. That does not exist anymore for me. Now, I really know.  It was through your presence, my healings, the divine energy present in the room and healings for others in the room that I could experience divine energy experientially.  This physical experience of the energy is something that my mind can easily hold onto and trust.  Your gift has diminished the doubt and fear and increased my aspirations with strength, fortitude and courage to move forward to increased light, love and compassion. I know it energetically,with my third eye, my crown chakra, my heart, my abdomen and am now eternally devoted to heart focused and heart centered breath to create new energy patterns that shed light on the darkness and allow the darkness to dissipate for NEW higher frequency in space and of vibration.  I am grateful for every second of receiving your teachings and clarity to celebrate this journey and stay focused on the divine light filled energy field I am choosing to create.
Thank you for this—-Training and practice allow me to let go of the stories, their vibrations, limitations and boundaries, so I can freely surrender to accept and receive what I truly deserve to be able to share with others and the 🌍 planet! Deep gratitude for you having given me a gift of this lifetime.

New Aliveness

I first heard of you on Monday, less than a week ago, and already you have altered my world! A friend mentioned she worked with you in L.A. and said you seem like the real deal. I got on YouTube that night and watched several of your videos. Just doing that, I felt energy flow through my body, just by watching YouTube.
On Tuesday night, I watched Heal and watched more of your videos the next morning. I awoke feeling my legs twitching, and I knew it was energy flowing through me from your work. On Thursday morning, I felt called to check out your website, and when I saw you were starting a new 3-week phone-in class, I signed up.
I was diagnosed with FSH (facioscapulohumeral) muscular dystrophy at the age of 13, and as I begin my 55th year, I am as close to losing my ability to walk as I’ve ever been. It’s been frightening. I’ve done meditation, am a fan of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work, and have trained in an energy medicine called Intuition Medicine. All of these things have been beneficial, and I believe they’ve gotten me to the place where I am very receptive to your work.
On Thursday, during the class, I felt my solar plexus open up and release. After a few minutes, I felt hollow inside and a bit nauseous. Then, I experienced a flow of energy that I can only describe as smooth. I’ve felt energy before, but this was the smoothest I’ve ever felt – like a creek that is flowing in an easy, natural way at exactly the speed and level needed. This 3rd chakra opening then allowed energy to fill and awaken my lower body and legs.
I felt the love and support of the guides who came to assist me and they are still very much around me. I know they worked on me in the spiritual hospital and every night since, and they wake me up each morning with a meaningful song lyric in my head.  The first morning it was John Lennon’s “War is over if you want it. War is over now.” The next day it was “Maybe it’s time to let the old ways die” from A Star is Born. I feel a new aliveness in my legs, particularly when I first wake up. 
As if this wasn’t enough, something has shifted dramatically in my gait. Two friends have already commented that I am walking differently, and I can feel that an old compensatory pattern in my hips and legs is shifting. I’m a bit wobbly because it’s new, but I know it’s for the better. I feel so much more grounded and connected to my lower body.
So, this is week #1 !! 🙂  I can hardly wait to continue the class and to open up more to the Divine Light and masters that you have helped me access. You are an amazing human being and teacher, and I am so glad to have been introduced to your work. I’m all in! Thank you so much for all you do. – K.M.

Deep Gratitude to You

It’s our pleasure and privilege to spread the good word, as well as listen to your interviews, distribute Angel Cards, and listen and re-listen to the call series and the Healing Messages from the Masters. For all you do, our deep gratitude goes out to you! – M.A.

Whole Body Energized

I am in tremendous gratitude for that most amazing healing from last night. It was a very powerfull clearing for me and I felt my whole body energized in a very beautiful way that I can’t even describe. I felt very deeply connected to my true self and I felt a strong release.
My heart is filled with gratitude. J.G.

Grateful is so Inadequate!

I’ve had so many amazing healing experiences since beginning to work with you a little over a year ago, I don’t know where to begin. I’m a little embarrassed that it has taken me this long to write. To refresh your memory, I was at the eclipse event in Asheville – a large woman hobbling around with a cane until the healing work you did with me. I had been seriously injured in a fall 2 years prior – all my groin muscles torn and everything out of whack. The healing that took place at that event was amazing. I have not used the cane since, have been able to walk distances that I was not capable of before, and can stand for long periods of time. (After this injury, hadn’t been able to stand for more than a minute or so without severe pain). I can’t express how grateful I am. This is changed not only my physicality, but my vitality and the way I see myself.
I had an incredible hypnotic dream on Dec. 15 (the last new moon). It was early in the morning, and I was listening to a recording of the final session of the last call series. I drifted a little bit, and ‘saw’ Jesus standing by my window above my bed, radiant light shining through him and also through me. I looked away and looked back, and saw Mary in that same light body. When you talked last night about how the Divine Feminine and Masculine were speaking together, it made sense to me why I saw this. But this is another manifestation of a huge healing for me, because I hadn’t been open to the Jesus energy since I was a teenager. While I had a very personal relationship with Jesus as a young girl, I had pretty much thrown him out with the Christian bathwater as I got older.  I was so amazed by this Presence in my room – and so grateful. Have had more physical healing -release from symptoms I was experiencing – come in as a result of this event.
The most significant healing that has taken place for me in the year and a half or so that I’ve worked with you is a complete freedom from a debilitating depression that I had experienced my whole life. I am truly transformed, and able to follow the path of purpose that I know to be mine. I have shifted to being overridden by grief at the loss of my Beloved a few years ago to a new way of experiencing his presence and love.
To say I am grateful is so inadequate. Listening to the new series last night, I could feel the layers falling away. Am so excited to continue this adventure! Sending much love to you both. Thank you. – Flat Rock Participant

Restore Me to Health

I liked the format of combining the teaching with the connection. As someone with brain cancer, I waver between my impulse to surrender and trust that all is happening for me and the greater good and my other impulse to summon all appropriate beings to vanquish this cancer and restore me to health. I’m not sure where I am on the spectrum between optimism and resignation. Can I hold both at the same time? Both fight and also trust?  I want to greet all 500 million new cells but not the cancer cells that also might be replicating. I look forward to your next call. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts.


Thank you for all your great work that you are doing for all of us on Earth. You are a gift.
I continue to listen to the tapes every night, and now will be watching your documentary as well. What magic to behold with Great Transformation. You are AWESOME! – P.P.

Best Yet

Thank you SO MUCH! This transmission is the BEST YET. Each one gets better and better- such a perfect expansion into Divinity. – D.B.

Drastically Improved

Thank you Rob, your work has changed my life in many ways. The quality of my relationships with family, and really everyone I encounter in life, have drastically improved. This work has helped raise my vibration and move through dense energy that was holding me back. I have never experienced such powerful energy on a call series before. I am honored to have been led to you and this work. – J.G.

Clearer Every Day!

I’m doing great! Pain-free since January. I love the calls to stay involved. Feeling clearer every day.

Internal Rocket Boosters

SOOOO DEEP! SOOOO HIGH! SOOOO CLEAR! WOW again! Really heard the Freedom that we are! Thank you, Rob for these Internal Rocket Boosters! – J.G.

Much Appreciation!

These calls are always amazing !!!  They go far beyond repairing our “Human CONDITIONS”… Thank YOU for birthing New Awakening Masters and thank YOU for refining and enhancing the LIGHT of those that are already activated and in service…. As always so much appreciation going your way for your work and your earthly mission…..LOVE and GRATITUDE.

Gracious & Generous Spirit

Most grateful for your dedication, your work, and your gracious and generous spirit.
The session was FABULOUS!!! (Not fine, not okay…rather FABULOUS!!! I smiled at my cat who also enjoys being in the energy.  She is sleeping, quite soundly, in fact…THANK YOU for reminding me to look at everything through the eyes of Love.  Real life example of how we think we know what we are seeing… but our perspective can be so off.   BRILLIANT!!!  

Beautiful and a Blessing

I returned home yesterday after the Immersion weekend in NC. Thank you all for your time, attention and details. It was beautiful and a blessing. I am grateful. -R.G.

Magnetic Session

This was my first “session” and it was incredible, mesmerizing and magnetic. I sit here with “what just happened?”, and I’ve experienced many energy healers for years. Thank you so much for sharing your gift, and to your Masters for the love and light! -T.J.

Back to Life

I was feeling low, but last night’s call brought me back to life! – C.C.

Richness and Gratitude

I was in today’s small group. At the beginning of the session, I felt something I haven’t felt before, an overwhelming fullness, richness and gratitude of divine love. Wow! And, thank you for giving me a new ‘antenna’ today for new psychic receptors.
I am on this series of calls for the first time. What took me so long to sign up?? I listened to the replay this evening and I actually felt the release of blockages and inflow of a warm light. I love these calls. – G.R.

Luminous Energy

Again, the energy of last evening’s call was amazing. This luminous energy filled me, the room, the everything. There were times I was unsure whether my body was still in contact with the chair or floating, part of all that is. At times, I was unsure whether I had a body at all. Limitations dissolve, thought dissolves, stories dissolve. All there is is now, all there is was a being-ness of I AM. – J.D.

Incredible Call

Thank you for the incredible call last night it was extraordinary I am so grateful for you. – S.V.

Holy Wow

Holy wow! That was incredible. I was crying, laughing, almost vomiting and everything in between. Super powerful! Can’t wait to see what happens in the coming days. Thank you so much for everything you do! Thank you so much to the Masters! – S.P.


What a powerful call tonight!  The messages really resonated as they were key areas I’m currently working on. I’m really grateful for your gift and the opportunity to see you often for tune-ups.

Shimmering Energy

Your call Wednesday evening took me right back to the shimmering energy in every cell I felt at 1440 two weeks ago. The wisdom shared was so true. I am grateful for you and the knowledge in my heart and soul, not just my head, that I am so loved, guided and protected each and every day. Stay safe and well. -K.L.

Profound Blessing

I started listening to your calls a year ago and came to see you last Sept in Flat Rock. I want you to know what a profound blessing you have been in my life. Your work and the Sacred Beings presence have changed me. I am no longer the same fearful, insecure woman who had no love for myself. THANK YOU so much!!!!!! – S.S.

Unconditional Love and Light

Thank you so much for your work.  I’m moved to share this experience as it seems important for me to share with you and the Masters.
My friend (you may know her as The Dragon Queen) suggested I look you up in response to my comments that I felt lost.  I had things I could do to feel better but wasn’t doing them.  That was Monday January 15th.  I signed up for your next set of calls.  While I was waiting for ‘Tuesday at 7p’ she shared an earlier call that took place the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  In listening to that call, I realized I was ‘remembering’ the experiences that happened to me that week, as if I had been ON that call.
After the Jan 16th call I began moving into a detox process that also felt eerily familiar.  Then came the Jan 23rd call.  I listened/participated in the call (crying most of the hour) took a shower and went to sleep.  While waiting for the replay, I was showering every 4 hours, to help manage the detox symptoms.
When I began listening to the Jan 23rd call again, I had the strongest memory of at least 8 times in my life I had the flu (that wasn’t really the flu) that laid me out flat for 5 or more days.  They were times in my life, in retrospect, where there were sharp (or subtle but profound) changes in the course of this lifetime.  I realized I had the same sort of dejavu felling I’d had listening to the Thanksgiving week call.  Like those detox experiences from my past were actually directly associated with the healing call I experienced Jan 23rd.  It made me really grateful for all the time travel shows of late, as my mind needed no time to simply ‘absorb’ the info.
The next thing was pretty cool…at the same time I was realizing that living with hypothyroidism and chronic fatigue (my explanation for living at 10% energy levels and constant flu-that-really-wasn’t-the-flu symptoms) was kind of a ‘cover story’ that allowed 90% of me to go about the business of transforming through this lifetime: symultaniously, the future versions of my lightbody began appearing to me and merging with my current body.  I began to see that most of the planet is going about our business at the 10% level, with the bulk of the work being done unconsciously and how that has served to help get us past some critical milestones that have been unsuccessful in the past…all the while futue body after future body is still appearing and merging.  Finally, I see my soul body, brilliant, iridescent, almost winking at me and as my soul light body moves to join my current body, (as best as I can guess) the light body of ‘Mary’ was revealed.
I flashed to a picture I remember seeing of Mary Magdalene wrapped in cloth laying on rocks in the sun.  I could never really understand what she was doing as all but her blissed out face was covered so it wasn’t the ‘sun’ she was soaking up.  As I lay there I felt I understood ‘this’ or some version of ‘this’ is what she was doing…reconnectinv with the light to release the build up of residue from natural day to day operations of this planet.
I feel compelled to say that ordinarily, my mind would have been chewing on these details.  Perhaps because clogged sinuses make me naturally more dopey, OR because my pysyche actually ‘heard’ you say…”you don’t have to understand this”…I’m not picking this apart.  But I feel a level of comfort that parts of me have joined up and have become conscious of each other (not new concept but sure new application)!
I feel comfort that the less dense versions of me are working hard for the more dense versions of me.  That in some ways the angels of my past are the light(er)bodies of my present and future and that the organizing principal is simple, find the unconditional love and light and abundance bring it to anything that is not unconditional love and light and abundance.  And no self will be left behind.
The other thing I experienced is connecting with the 90% of some of the people from my life:  the part of them that’s IN on it, regardless of the current cover story.
Thank you for the opportunity to share this.  Time for another shower!  In deepest gratitude. C.K.

Incredible Calls

I just wanted to let you know how incredible the call-in series have been for me. I live in Australia and have been connected to these calls since 2016. I feel so blessed to experience the transformation that occurs with every event. – F.F.

Your Work is Unparalleled!

Your work is unparalleled. I am so thankful for the opportunity to have experienced your work in the LA area. In addition, the call last night was the most powerful hour of energetic release and understanding that I have ever experienced. If I had one prayer, it is that everyone could go to Asheville Easter weekend and work with you for three days.

What I Needed

I wanted to first give you my heart-felt thanks for the last 3-day call-ins.  The topic of health and healing was exactly what I needed. I am so grateful for the call-ins because it is a way for me to do the work without traveling. -S.S.

Amazing Powerful and Profound

There are no words to describe my gratefulness for your incredible 3-call sessions. There is no doubt that Spirit is working through you. Amazing! Powerful! Profound! – A.O.

Not Limited by Physical Self

I was SO FILLED WITH JOY AND LOVE….  I felt as if I were bursting and not limited by my physical self!  I woke up and thanked my 500 million new cells for showing up!…Thank you Rob for everything that you do. I am in deep gratitude to you and the Masters.

Soul Shaking Transformation

Once again, these past 3 call sessions are phantasmagoric in illuminating the stratospheric Divine Joyous Self in every cell!!! I really saw how I absorbed others’ pain and anger in this and past lives and have released that energy.  Yeehaw! My body continues to get stronger and brighter as my light and spirit shine more blissfully from my Being! This is soul-shaking Transformation at its best! Thank you a mega gazillion! – J.G.

Blessed in Esslingen

 I am truly blessed to have met you, to be able to have had a session in Esslingen (Germany) with you, and happy to have the call with you.  – A.K.

A Miracle Occurred

On March 24th, 2016 at 5:30 am, I slipped on black ice at the bus depot in Conifer, CO and landed on the back of my head. There had been a blizzard the day before and the city crews failed to treat the road for passengers that morning. It was still dark and someone picked me up out of the road, sat me on the bench, waited until I came to, then left on the next bus. I was alone and could not think straight at all. I knew I had fallen, panicked and thought I may have dropped the keys to my car in the road. I then went back out into the road of black ice and began searching for my keys. A voice told me that my keys were in my pocket and I walked back to my car and drove home to Bailey on snow and ice-packed roads. I knew enough to put it into 4 wheel drive and use my flashers, and thru the grace of GOD made it home safe. When I got home, I had severe head pain and called for help. I was admitted into the hospital in ICU that morning. I had a subarachnoid hemorrhage, which is bleeding on the brain in 3 places. After 3 days in ICU, the bleeding stopped. Thank GOD I survived!! I had to sleep for 6 months for my brain to heal. I was TOTALLY BLESSED to be alive!!
My best friend Zoe Kelly referred me to Rob Wergin. After 6 months, even though I was happy to be alive, I suffered from not being able to smell or taste and she believed he could heal me. I am a spiritual person and have total faith in GOD. I am familiar with channeling as I have myself been blessed with channeling and definitely wanted to give him a try. September of 2016, I attended his bi-monthly healing held in Denver at the Mile High Church and also participated and continue to participate in his 3 CALL-IN SERIES HEALINGS by phone.
Just recently, a miracle occurred. My doctor had told me several times while I was undergoing treatment that I would never regain the ability to smell or taste anything. He said that this was a typical response for my type of injury. He said that it was not operable as it was the size of a pin head and that I would just have to deal with it. Every once in a while I could smell a skunk or gasoline, but just as fast as it came in, it was gone and it was never consistent. Its awful to lose your ability to smell and taste, especially, food. I could not even smell the ocean or freshly cut grass. I continued to pray I would get well and immersed myself into all of the healings possible that I could receive from Spirit through Rob Wergin.
The ENERGY is INCREDIBLE and I have been an extremely good student, following everything I could. I believe GOD totally uses Rob as a vessel for healing both mentally and physically. On Sunday, June 17th, 2018, I attended Rob’s session at Mile Hi Church. I left afterwards to grab a bite at Applebee’s Restaurant, walked into the restaurant and my sinuses worked!!!!! I was engulfed with the ability to smell everything again. It was as if a light switch had been turned on!!! It completely caught me off guard and I immediately started crying!!! I could not help it!!! Thankfully, Zoe was with me and completely understood everything I had been through and that she had witnessed a true miracle!!! We celebrated and it was the best meal I have had in my life!!!!
Please note also that I purchased the CD “HEAL” which features Rob, and it was also beneficial to me. THANK YOU ROB!!! AND THANK YOU JESUS THANK YOU LORD!!!! 🙂
P.S. This is the first time Rob has heard my testimony. He doesn’t know me from Jack and very rarely gives me any eye contact but I love him to pieces!!!!! Thank you sooooooo much ROB for allowing GOD to work through you to heal us!!!! GOD BLESS YOU!!! 🙂 – P.C.

Deepened my Faith

Your teaching has profoundly enriched my spiritual life and for that I will always be grateful. You and the Masters who participate in my daily meditations have deepened my faith in the spiritual realm and in my confidence as a healer. Thank you for your beautiful work.

Experienced Oneness

I wanted to thank you so much for a powerful and exquisitely beautiful experience in Santa Monica last week.  Three of the four healing sessions were absolutely transcendent. I experienced Oneness, being part of a vast group of healers for whom “boots on the ground” (being physically present among people) was essential, and then I experienced being a vessel in which suffering was transmuted through Christ Consciousness. It was amazing!  Then, the fourth session evoked a deeply rooted sadness in relation to love and longing and relationship and so on. It was profound. From Saturday night through this morning, it was a pretty rugged release process. I listened to your most recent call series, took transformational bags, and finally literally taped Angel cards to my heart and solar plexus. This morning, it finally lifted, and I feel different. I feel more in myself and whole somehow. My spiritual counseling work with clients this week has been up-leveled enormously. Thank you so much for this powerful experience, Rob. Thank you, too, for the beautiful humility and gratitude you show for the work as well. I am so impressed by the model you provide, and I am so grateful for your presence. I am sending so much love and appreciation. – B.D.

So Powerful

I think this series is amazing and so powerful. – L.P.

Many Shifts and Ah Aa Moments

Just wanted to give feedback about the present 3 call series. I am having extreme ups and downs during this call but also many shifts and ah ha moments. I had what felt to me a major shift yesterday which I think is what I have been trying to unravel all my life. I believe this will be the end of the self sabotage and the auto immune dis-ease patterns. I am still very physically weak but feel optimistic that all is well and I will be also. 
Thank you so much for all you do on our behalf. Love and Blessings. WP


THANK YOU, Rob, for ever-deeper healing experienced this past Sunday at Mile Hi Church in Lakewood, CO. And I love continuing to be a part of your phone call series. The best way I can express my gratitude is to go shine my joy and health everywhere, and that I am doing. You are SO APPRECIATED!

Super Happy

I just wanted to really thank you and tell you about  my recent experience. I signed up for your calls last series and I just really finished listening to it again today. The light bath. Anyways this time I was way more focused or something because the first night I didn’t feel much . So today I decided I would listen again . However when I was finished I was massively energized and tingly. This is something I have not felt very often in my life. I had so much energy I couldn’t stop moving and cleaning and I feel super happy. Kinda on a high!!! Not sure if this is temporary but WOW!!!! Seriously WOW!!! I can’t even describe it. Before the meditation it was just a normal blah morning, nothing out of the ordinary. So, thank you and I hope this feeling lasts….

Unique and Extraordinary

I have been fortunate to be able to experience the work of some extremely gifted energy healers in the United States, and Rob Wergin is one of the two most powerful I have ever encountered.  Since my first minute of hands-on time with Rob in a large-group setting, I could tell his energy was unique and extraordinary. This was confirmed by my participation in my first super-small-group setting, where the experience was one of feeling multiple hands working on me over the course of two hours – even after Rob had stepped away from my table and was across the room.  The same phenomena occurred at home during Rob’s call series.  I have perceived increasing ‘lightness’ in my mind, body, and spirit after every in-person or telephone session with Rob, and have discovered that thoughts no longer interrupt my daily meditations.  Having just attended my first three-day intensive, I was very moved by the in-person testimonials of those who credited Rob with curing their various ailments — including leukemia.  I perceive the energy Rob Wergin transmits as pure love and bliss, leading this former skeptic to be open to the idea that its source is indeed Divine. – Flat Rock Participant

Good Mood and Happy

Have been listening to the last call several times. Can not wait for tomorrow night !! Thanks for the small group session at Unity. My knee has not hurt and i just feel so much better in general. More energy, i am in a good mood and happy. Special thanks for the discount. Waiting for Tuesday night. J.B.


WOW! Words do not do justice to the miracles experienced this weekend at Omega. The synchronicities, physical, mental and emotional transformations were nothing short of amazing. What an amazingly powerful Immersion retreat we had this weekend. I have been to every one of Rob’s Omega retreats, this is number five, and each one becomes more special and magical as we release our density. Thank you Rob for changing my life for the better in every way. Lots of gratitude and love to you! -L.K.

Clear Conduit

I’m new to your work and a first time attendee/participant in your call series (Renewing & Restoring your Natural Human Health). I have listened to people channel a number of times and always felt like an outsider looking in. As such, I have never felt the presence of the Being coming through. I don’t know why, but not so with you and those who come in through you. I suddenly got it on call #1 that yes, these Beings are here with us talking to us – this is real! More than that, I feel their presence every time I think about them. It’s like they are always close by. On call #2, I experienced massive amounts of deep breathing and the need to forcefully exhale, the need to shake my arms and head vigorously and a short but strong energy shift on the left side of my torso. The next day when I woke up I felt like I had been hit by a truck. Yesterday, I felt beautiful joy for most of the day for no reason. So there’s lots going on and all I know about it is that it’s needed and it’s good. Thank you for all you do to help people heal and for your devotion to being a clear conduit. Thank you, too for sharing your own journey which helps me have courage to trust. Much love! -S.S.

Humbling to Witness

Thank you for everything you’re doing and continue to do. 
I listened to the call two days after it was live and it was beautiful intense. I had a big release that evening and huge the next day without even having listened to it and little bits of releasing whilst I listened at two different times afterwards. 
It was absolutely perfect – releasing tears from the deepest place – not connected to anything, simply purging. The tears flowed on and off during one entire afternoon. As I listened, the part that ignited the release was the vision of the white light going down below my neck into my chest connected to grief and betrayal and the feminine energy moving in. Quite stunning…
I sometimes forget to ask for help so your call gave me that message for which I’m deeply grateful. As I remember more and more that I’m serving god in the form of others, I’m able to keep my ‘stuff’ out of the way whilst their ‘stuff’ comes up and stay detached and in the presence of service and then mine releases whilst I walk or am in the garden. 
We’re so held in divine energy and grace and it’s an honour and so humbling to witness. 
I wanted you to know how valuable your work is and to thank you from my heart and soul. 


Having the 2 call-ins and the session so close together, made it a perfect time to be up there alone!  It was miraculously serene.  I felt so calm and connected…like I haven’t felt in a long time.  I was on retreat for the 2nd call-in (luckily someone from the group called me by chance and I was able to get the phone # and the access #…no internet up there).
During the call, I felt centered in the cave of my heart.  My breath was almost not there…as I sat in stillness…listening to you and the Masters….I slid down into the huge pool of crystal clear healing water….and floated like a mermaid among the heart shaped fish.  My heart opened and my consciousness went through the portal.  Is the Universe empty and the Void full?
My body took in the Earth energy as well….and I felt a sense of  “LETTING GO”…like a deep exhalation.  It was cold… one day the Wind wove its magic all day and the next day the Ice Queen sprinkled her glitter all over the ground.      
I AM so very grateful to you and your team of Light Beings and Masters.

Vessel for Light

Thanks for all you do as a vessel for Light. The last transmission was extremely powerful. – J.G.

Brought Me to Tears

We have been on several call series. They have all been amazing. A few days after one of the calls, I was meditating and just before finishing, my body began shaking. I could not control it. Then I saw the brightest white light. It was so bright it brought me out of mediation. As my eye’s opened, I continued to see the bright light for a few moments.Tears were running down my eyes and I was still shaking a bit for a few minutes later. This happened one other time five years ago as well when meditating. My wife and I have had our share of health issues, and since we have been on the calls, we both feel much better. Look forward to meeting you in person. -T.G.


Very intense call series, I experienced quite a lot of letting go! Extreme amounts of energy flowed through me the next morning of the last call! WOW…Stay the course…Thank you for all that do! -S.C.


I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. God really does speak through you. I was listening to you last night and felt like God was holding and nurturing me. Sooooo beautiful. – G.D.

Strong and Purposeful Energy

I’ve been working with Rob for the past 3 years — doing the call-ins, small group sessions, large groups, and 3 day immersions — and tonight’s call-in had the most powerful energy yet. While listening to the call, on multiple occasions I felt a loving yet extremely strong and purposeful energy pour into my crown and fill my whole body, taking me “offline” (so to speak), and transporting me fully into the light.
I am grateful beyond words for Rob and his work.
Taylor Flynn


I wanted to say thank you for the Angel Cards. They arrived today and I am looking forward to soaking up their beautiful energy. I purchased the Forgiveness Series and found them to be amazingly powerful. Each time I listen, I hear and feel something new. Had a huge forgiveness release with my parents and with myself. Also, thanks for the Light Bath call. That just kicked by butt, in a good way, of course…Thanks for all you do. You make a difference. 


Thank you Rob for giving us access to Agape, Denver and NYC Open Center! It was delicious to be in that energy. I am always amazed at how different the call-in’s are as well. I feel like someone had been doing a Mexican hat dance on me for weeks! But finally came thru the other end. This last call-in had it’s own unique energy. People in my yoga class keep telling me that I look different! I AM different!…As hard as it is sometimes…I want to let go of everything.

Feels so Good!

Really great call!!!! Love it. Excited and it feels so good. Yes!  I was tingling on bridge of nose. Brain. Heart body!!! Wow…my brain lobes were feeling it. ❤❤🌹🌹 Thank you thank you thank you 


Let me just say again how much I appreciate all that you do!  The energy you put out there to help others is inspirational and so greatly appreciated! – A.L.

Powerful Replay

The replay of Tuesday’s call was experienced even more powerfully tonight than live on Tuesday (which was pretty powerful in itself)!  Thank you!!!!

Family Healing

We thank you so much for your powerful transmissions.  My daughter and myself are so grateful to you. It is affecting our entire family of 3 generations on this Earth, plus the two youngest are age 4 and age 3.  God bless you!  I have been praying for this beautiful family to clear its lineage and it is happening.  We all believe in you, and we are ready for more. – P.P.

Good Enough

I had the most interesting and joyful spiritual experience tonight during the call and wanted to share it briefly with you.  I had the distinct feeling and impression my granddaughters, ages 4 and 7, were sitting on my lap with me.  I was able to hold them, see them, and touch them. This is so significant in that the greatest area of loss (suffering, limitation) for me has been not being permitted to see or talk to them for the past 3 years.  I am not entirely certain why as my daughter abruptly ended our relationship 3 years ago, but I believe it is due to my daughter’s (their mother’s) suffering, addiction, personal issues and dis-ease. The removing of limitations for me was saying to myself before this session, ‘I am enough’.  I filled in the blank further with ‘good enough’ and ‘worthy enough’. Thank you to the Divine beings for this experience, which for me was truly the greatest gift I could have received. Although I think of the 2 girls all the time, and send them protection and blessings, I have never actually FELT them with me, which is my heart’s deepest longing.  So it brought me contentment and joy to feel them near.  I also really cried and released as it was happening!  With gratitude and special blessings. – S.B.


Since the last call series, my entire body has a feeling of being electrified, like there is so much energy in every cell of my body. I can feel the energy as every inch of me has a quivering sensation. This goes on 24/7. I don’t get much sleep, though I feel fine without sleep. Just lots and lots of energy. I’ve also had some deep understandings or realizations coming into me regarding our purpose for being here, our soul/heart connection, and seeing light everywhere. – J.D.


Rob, that (call-in) was so beautiful, thank you. Everything is humming with joy. – M.C.

Tonight Was Absolutely Amazing

Tonight was absolutely AMAZING! My whole body was filled with Golden Light! I felt a shift occur that is so profound, not understood mentally or intellectually; just deeply vibrational.
I think of you often, feeling your fatigue at times; so much traveling, etc.etc.
Thank you from my deepest heart for doing this very blessed work. -T.A.

Soul-Level Healing

I signed up for your workshop at Omega in May based on a gut feeling that I needed to be there, and with no real agenda other than to recharge myself and sit in the presence of divine energy. Immediately after the retreat I signed up for your Journey into Oneness calls. 
I’m very happy to report that since Omega, I haven’t had a migraine headache. Just as importantly, with every week that passes I feel an increasing degree of divine assistance in my own craniosacral therapy practice. I’ve always been aware of various beings or guides showing up and working through me, but in the course of listening and re-listening to your calls, I feel as if a veritable “divine pipeline” has opened up in my treatment room. The calls have in some sense given me permission to call on divine assistance to help others rather than to simply welcome such assistance whenever it shows up. 
Thank you for the deep, soul-level healing that you’re bringing to the world. I look forward to more calls and in-person events. – Omega Participant

Positive Changes

Wow, another great healing! I was able to listen this morning. During the silent times, my physical body had a “burning off” of limiting energy. I had profound sweating and tears during the transmission. I am grateful for this Divine energy and your work. Tonight, I look forward to the process of the “Spiritual Hospital” and the positive changes that will come. – T.W.

Amazing Transmission

Rob, you’ve done it again! What an amazing transmission you held last night. I listened to the replay after my waitress shift and will continue to re-listen to the play back till next session. You offered great questions that live in many of us and for all of us to ponder in the New Year.
Thank you, as always, for your continued work and support for me and my Mom. As we shift, changes occur in our close relationship. As well, I see it changing my sister, too.
It’s amazing to witness the changes in even the call structure in the past 2 to 3 years. Your energy and the communication from the Beings seems to intensify and get even lighter. – A.F.

Profound Effect

I first want to thank you for all you do.  Last year and the beginning of 2019 have been the most challenging of my life for multiple reasons.  There have been times when I didn’t think I could continue going on; I was in the darkest place I’ve ever been.  Thankfully, I recently had a powerful forgiveness experience I can only attribute to divine intervention.  During last night’s call-in session, I was in immense gratitude for you and the Masters throughout the call.  It was very powerful, resulting in pure joy and happiness at the end.  While my physical circumstances continue to be a struggle, these emotional and spiritual experiences are allowing me to have a different perspective and see a bigger picture that is full of gratitude and forgiveness.  I’m tearing up just writing about it.  Please know you and your work are having a profound effect, and I am so very grateful. – M.G.

Clearer Every Day!

I’m doing great! Pain-free since January. I love the calls to stay involved. Feeling clearer every day.

Tremendous Change

These calls and the Agape stream have been amazing for me. With the help of the heavenly host I am experiencing little miracles on the regular. It’s a bit ridiculous actually, and I love it! I feel the light working in and through me, physically and otherwise…I do occasionally get frustrated in my day to day, but I am really taking this last call to heart, and asking for help in trusting the process, and surrendering to the divine light, in its full spectrum. I am directing all new cells to tune in to the river of light, and allow for miracles on behalf of all. I feel tremendous change taking place in my life, and in the world. I have long known that my gifts would be some kind of shock to the world, and of significant value. I for one encourage the masters to BRING IT ON.  I AM READY.

Body is Perfect

I knew last night’s call would be powerful, but was not quite ready for the magnitude of the work. I could not sleep last night as if it was the first night after the Immersions in Flat Rock. I feel like I am releasing so much fear. After the call, I had a strange “ping” of electrical activity in my back left sacrum/hip. Normally, I would have gone to the fear place of the pain, but this time I became an observer and heard it was a direct result of the releasing from the call. Today, the area is fine. I truly believe that today is a new “Birth-day” for me. The work was that intense and profound.  So, 4/18/19 is my Re-birth-day!!!! Thank you again for following your calling and helping so many. I believe my body may finally shift from the sympathetic to the parasympathetic and all of the healing work I am doing will actually return my physical body to health and strength. “My body is perfect and I am grateful!” – S.S.

God’s Light

 Rob Wergin continues to heal and help countless lives. Our family has witnessed and been a part of his healing. Bless you Rob for spreading God’s light to all. – P.D.


It was so comforting, inspiring and powerful to be part of the call.  What a gift you are!  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Blanket of Love

I was in that warm blanket of love!!!  Thank you!!!! – J.E.

Fabulous Call!

Fabulous call – wow!  Tons of energy clearing and throat chakra opening.  Thank you so much, Rob!!

I Love This

The energy and experiences have been incredibly intense since listening to the first call on the 10th. Can just imagine how intense and healing the next two calls will be. Holy Moly! I love this! Thank you Rob, Master Beings and all that are involved in this series. – C.V.

Conscious Life

This week’s call was life-changing for me. As you know, I’ve been working with you for several years now to remove the locks and barriers that are standing in the way of me becoming healthy and finding my conscious life partner. Through working with you and the Ascended Masters, I have connected the dots that I believe is the major breakthrough. I had suspected that I had some sort of sexual molestation off and on for many years, and over the past few months culminated in that being affirmed and forgiven. There are no words to describe the experience. The best I can say is RELIEF AND RELEASE. How grateful I am that I was led to you and the Ascended Masters !!! Also, my recovery from the shoulder replacement is going very smoothly and my health is rapidly improving. I trust and know and believe that I will regain my health and my life partner will be along soon. You and the Ascended Masters are very near and dear to my heart and will forever be. – P.W.

I Am Health!

Thank you so much for your kind email and expansive work! I’m very grateful that I’ve connected with you thru Agape/MBB and now listening to your other calls/sessions. Along with the divine wisdom & light, I deeply appreciate the wonderful humor & joy you shine…I’m graced with many full clearings & serenity in the daytime, so the positive commands, welcoming 500 million new cells and “I AM health” statements are connecting in my soul. I have expanded into greater levels of awakening but still seem to be “taking on” the great energy shifts of the masses unconsciously.  I’m opening to finding the full balance and bridge to be a light worker who flows seamlessly through it all. Thank you, Rob for your strength, courage, joy & availability! 

Transformational Experience

I have not had a migraine since the June Immersion Weekend in Flat Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am also sleeping better and having less anxiety. I still have body pain and am working on healing that area, but that is a struggle for me. I am so happy that I had the courage to go to the Immersion and be totally open. I have had a transformational experience. I don’t know if Rob remembers me, but I wanted him to know how important his work is to me. I look forward to returning to Flat Rock next year for another Immersion experience. With deepest gratitude and love. -K.L.

Releasing a Lot of the Old

Thank you so much for the call last night. I found it very deep and still am releasing a lot of the old from the depths. It is amazing that after years of ascension and clearing work that there is still so much to transmute! – A.C.

Powerful Call!

I am blissed out ! What a powerful call !!! I had already felt the energies coming in and was having SEVERE pain in my left foot and went to the ER because I wasn’t sure that it was a clearing. When I got back I listened to the replay. I felt so many different sensations and a short time of tears and near the end of the call I had an experience of huge spaciousness with limits I couldn’t see in a red background, I felt limitless !. I’ve had out of body experiences before but this was so beyond that ! I am so grateful that you came into my life and allowed me the opportunities I’ve had with you with these auspicious Ascended Masters!  -W.P.

Welcoming the Release

Thank you for this call-in series. I feel the energy of the call continuing to free the density, and I am welcoming the release of the repressed emotions, patterns and belief systems that have resulted in my physical decline. As I listen to the call-in a second time, this is a good time to hold a vision of a strong body and balanced posture. I am ready to move past the pain barrier of the past four years. – S.P.

Powerful Call

The call was extremely powerful. I did do all the exercise as you described them and at the end I felt great.

Angel Card

I had a painful nerve pinch on my right arm. I used your holy water and an Angel Card over my arm and went to bed. Next morning, my arm was just fine. -A.A.

Amazing Channel for Divine Love

I have been doing the calls and I want to let you know what has been happening for me. I have found the calls pretty amazing!
Sometimes I come out of them euphoric and sometimes I find I am rather weak and dizzy. I am especially light headed with this last call. I have been tired and requiring 8 or even 9 hours sleep, and I find I have to cut down on my workouts. I also broke out in a rash on my arms and have had some lower back pain. I am assuming all of this is my body releasing the junk I have been holding on to. I am actually very healthy, so I have not been trying to address any particular physical disease, but I know there is room for improvement and I would like to become even stronger and healthier.
My main issue has been around abundance. I seem to do a dance with it, sometimes it flows and sometimes I cut off the supply and it doesn’t flow very much. I am just coming out of a time where something awful happened and I blocked the flow of abundance. I know it was not the other person, but me that blocked the flow, and I want to release that negative energy.
I first saw you at a seminar with Panache and hope to see you the next time you come to Boston. Thank you for all your help. Thank you for being such a glorious light and an amazing channel for Divine Love to flow through.
Peace, love & light! -J.L.

Powerful and Insightful

I am most grateful for your work, thank you. I found the session very powerful and insightful. And look forward to Thursday. I have a questioning mind which I am trying to let rest, and I do have questions about my healing process. It’s the duality of the matter. Ask for healing, but don’t seek (grasp) to be healed. Perhaps the I Am statements remove the questioning mind as they are commands, so to speak. When I sat listening and receiving your guidance from the divine entities, my mind worked so hard opening the space to receive, to heal, to be in spirit. I was just being present, following your deep images and just letting be…With deep gratitude and love.

It’s What I Needed!

Tonights call was exactly what I needed to hear.
 My question I got stuck on when sending it to you.. who was with me on a daily basis? Well beings answered it tonight. All are with me.
MOST Importantly for me to know is using my voice and command help. That made me tear up. Its simple. Ask and you shall receive. I AM NEVER ALONE!
I’m grateful to be on this healing journey.
Love you Rob!


Last night’s call was incredible! Other calls I’ve gotten emotional and teary, and this last call had a feeling of such expansiveness, like I was literally being lifted up and filled up with Divine light. It felt like every cell of my body was filled with God, and a new and higher vibration was being downloaded into me, and filling all the space around me. – J.D.


 I AM in radiant health and I AM grateful! Wish Granted! 💜 Thank you Rob and the Masters and the Beings of Light.

Appreciate the Opportunity

Thank you for the email. I really enjoyed my Small Session on Saturday and attending your big event on Sunday.  For the past month, I have been listening and participating in the light bath and two of your call series.  The energy in all of these events has been wonderful. 
I have several aches and pains that I am releasing. I appreciate the reminder that our body is replacing itself at the rate of 500 million new cells each day, and i am greeting these new cells each morning with joy and gratitude.  
I want to live my oneness and I really appreciate this opportunity to work with you and the divine entities of light to release any blocks to this truth and to raise my vibration.   
Thank you for this opportunity. -R.E.  

Beautiful and Powerful

I finally made the time to listen to the last call in the call series. Very beautiful, very powerful. I can still feel you and the Masters working with me and healing me. Thank you. I’m very grateful for this work we are doing. Deepest love and gratitude to you all. – D.D.

Awesome Shift

I’ve been wanting to tell you what an awesome shift I have had since the first call of this series. During the call, I was really able to let go more than ever before and sobbed and released for a long while.
After that, I have had the best week in a VERY long time. I have been able to go to the gym and walk in the park. I can feel myself breakthrough – not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually also. I am soooo grateful for all you and the Ascended Masters provide for us. – S.R.

Your Work is Unparalleled

Your work is unparalleled. I am so thankful for the opportunity to have experienced your work in the LA area. In addition, the call last night was the most powerful hour of energetic release and understanding that I have ever experienced. If I had one prayer, it is that everyone could go to Asheville Easter weekend and work with you for three days. – Flat Rock Participant

Felt Right

Sending you love and gratitude from Los Angeles. I truly enjoyed every minute of being at the Weekend Immersion retreat. It felt like I was in a magical dream world, and I brought the bliss that I was melting into back home with me. I also enjoyed meeting all the souls that came there for healing, felt like a family get together, felt right.  So lucky that I had an opportunity to feel the Divine at work first hand. -L.G.

Inspires Me

I’ve listened to the replays of the Overwhelm series, taking the information deeper each time. What they said about reactions leading to emotions leading to disease inspire me to live each day and each interaction differently. I feel the lifetimes of reacting negatively lifting off me, creating more space. YAY! -P.Z.


The broadcast last night was so powerful for me. I realized I am so ready to get out in the world again that I have been pushing myself too hard to heal after this 4 1/2 year journey with pain and decline. I felt the residual fear of not healing and getting strong again leaving, and I am so grateful. The manifestation of this time of release has been mainly in my rib cage. Last night, the location of bones as a storage area of resistance and density was mentioned. Could that be why my rib cage is so unstable and painful the past 4 years? I will listen to the session again, but my heartfelt thanks goes out to you. I will continue surrendering to the Divine and opening to the clearing by my guides and angels.  I will ask for patience, patience and more patience as the healing unfolds. Much love and gratitude. – S.S.

Healing Cards

No words can describe how healing and helpful the calls are to stay in the energy, and to allow all the Divine beings to work with me and the people around me. I wanted to share some experiences connected to the Healing cards. My parents recently came to the US from Italy to visit and stay for a little while with my son and I. They have been going through a lot of suffering. My dad has gone through a severe depression.  I put the cards in their pillows. Mom yesterday said “I don’t know what’s going on, but all of a sudden, I am remembering all my dreams. All of these beloved family members and friends who have passed are showing up in my dreams”. I told her that they want to help her and bring help.  Dad has received a lot of healing, and yesterday for the first time, had SO much joy in him. I am so very grateful for it. I give the Healing cards to whoever needs them, including my students. Sending you love and gratitude for the work that you do. – R.M.

Humbled and in Gratitude

Thanks so much for the call! I listened and went through the exercises with you (while admittedly, a little part of my brain was asking “can this really work over the phone?”!). After the call, I felt really tired and needed to rest. I figured it could be an effect of all that energy moving around (did it really work??) or because I didn’t get much sleep the night before (brain still firing away!). I woke up wondering why the heck I had had such crazy dreams! Unusual for me and I wracked my brain trying to figure out what could have triggered that. No idea. Then I went to meditate, like I always do. But this time, within seconds of closing my eyes I felt a huge wave of emotion and cried like a baby the whole time, for no apparent reason. This doesn’t just happen, at least not to me. After all of this, I remembered the call from yesterday and what Rob said could happen and what clearly happened to me. I found myself in awe of this work and the process and so grateful to be on this healing path. I’m still not sure what any of this “means”, but I know I am on the path. I wanted to share this with you and to thank you. I am humbled and in gratitude! – S.G.


In preparation for the next series, I marvel at this most recent set of callls, particularly the 3rd.  Every time I listened to it, it seemed to have new words for me.  Once I found the energy sharing, I did much more of that than I did listening (a departure from my old self so I rolled with it). However, I am struck by another message that was brought through and what was. The very emotions that we are now clearing were absolutely essential for enough energy to be produced for the transformation to occur so we could clear the emotions.
I find myself still drawn to stories but not in the same way.  I used to be drawn to them to stir up emotions so I could work on myself.  Now, I’m more witnessing this marvel of complexity that created enough energy for us to evolve and transform.  The details don’t really matter other than they exist and confirm that there really was a ‘recipe’ of sorts. I don’t have to find out what the recipe was or even is, just release into the oven or blender or whatever method of transformation is at hand.
That’s how I’m currently experiencing the energy exchange.  I also am finding it’s mostly happening all the time.  My asking for it allows my conscious mind to participate. Well, back in void. – C.K.

Surrounded by the Light and Beings

I would like to share my experience that I had last night. I had a knee replacement on December 3rd and it was very painful. I also have a heart condition that is hereditary and a blood clot on my right leg, but it’s by my ankle and has not been removed. I have been listening to your messages, and last night listened to your call. It was amazing! I was surrounded by the light and beings. When I woke up this morning, my walker was in the bathroom. I had no idea how I went back to bed without the walker. Today, I also had physical therapy and for the first time was able to walk without the walker, and my blood pressure is almost back to normal.
Thank you for your guiding light and love, and I continue my journey on this earth with your messages. – C.S.

Powerful Call

The healing this week was so, so powerful.

I am Healthy

I mean wow. During the call I was having deep transmutation of past challenges into Divine Light. I was taken back to when I was seven – I was in my body – and before the doctor was telling me the diagnosis I was given this infusion of gold healing light. There were many energy beings in the room with me (including you). I felt this infusion come from within me, out of my cells, into my organs/bones all and expand out into my energy bodies. This light was creating protection for me to not take on the diagnosis. I am free. I am healthy… – S.J.

Extremely Powerful

The last call-in session was extremely powerful for me…I so appreciate the Masters’ encouraging us to greet them each morning, express our gratitude, and then ask “what do you want me to know or do today?”  I have been doing this each morning, and yesterday I heard, “Stay in connection with us frequently throughout the day.”  I did so and had a magnificent day flowing through tasks large and small….With gratitude for YOU, Rob, in bringing the Masters to us!  Your humility and your humor are such a treat.  And your devotion brings tears to my eyes.

Love is in My Heart

I just want to thank you again for having the call-in series. I have participated since January 2018 and so look forward to you and the ascended Master’s words. They bring me enormous comfort, and I feel so loved and taken care of. Somehow, I never realized how very powerful we are as we’ve been taught we aren’t. I know that my thoughts create my reality. I know that my healing is progressing with these calls. I listen to the calls often and also fall asleep to them. I haven’t had any earth-shattering experiences as others seem to have. But, I find the more I listen, the more I hear something different each time. Love is in my heart and I am eternally grateful for what you do. – D.S.

Simply Breathtaking

I just wanted to share with you how much this latest series of calls with the Masters has meant to me. I always had very visceral reactions to our one-on-one calls, but not usually within the calls with the Masters. After listening to the 2nd call numerous times, I have a very clear experience where they were working within my pelvic region, and either stimulating/removing/dissolving an oval-shaped mass or normal aspect of my anatomy (not sure). I have no need to question or understand it, but if there is some clarity around it, that may help me contribute to what they were doing, I would be most appreciative. Today’s call was simply breathtaking, so powerful and felt more interactive, as though I was able to contribute by my focus and breathing. I am still integrating the incredible messages that came through you, the incredible surge in the power of the silent pauses is truly accessing another realm of your ability to transmit. My one question for the Masters would be this: Is it possible to get a bit of a weather report in terms of where we are headed? It is not vital, I am all-in with the utmost trust and love I can express, so it was just more of a curiosity. I am in a space of a bit of a time-out, needing a lot of rest, not much motivation or access to creativity, and struggling with breaking some of the patterns that I know need to go. It is surprising to experience the dichotomy of dedication and commitment with really tenaciously holding-on to these limitations (sugar, not wanting to move my body, wanting foods that I don’t react well to, etc.). Accepting all that is with all my heart. I was just wondering if they could offer some glimpse of what lies on the other side of integrating what we are doing now. I would appreciate the encouragement. I cannot thank you enough for all that you have offered us through these transmissions. I am so truly grateful. With so much love and gratitude for everything. – K.A.

Instant Healing

Good morning Rob! This was my first experience with you, your call and healing. I have never experienced an instant energy healing as I did last evening on your call. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and connections. I’m looking forward to the recorded call to listen to this again.

Felt the Energy

Thank you for tonight’s channeled healing. I heard the energy vibrations and felt the energy in my pancreas, kidney, brain and spleen with full body chills. The reminder about paying attention to my body was appreciated. Frequently, I have thoughts of discontinuing the sessions, believing I am healed. But when my body gets tired or something happens, I listen to the last recording again. The releases are still evident – yawn, tears, etc. – confirming the continued sessions are appreciated. – T.W.

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