Deep Happiness

I just wanted to thank you for opening the door to so many miracles in my life, and for being so professional. Even though the things I had gone through in the past were so low you only saw the highest… your eyes gaze up afar to a place we all have within us, you bring us light, you bring us home. I truly feel myself again, I have reached channels I thought were lost, I can again feel the depths of my soul. Everyday was mental anguish heartache and suffering, and now I am a walking each day as my true best self in a state of deep happiness eternal love and bliss. The pain and fear I was holding in my body was keeping me from feeling and thinking and being around anybody, I was reliving negative memories over and over, my organs were creating exhaustingly painful symptoms, people were telling me I was clinically depressed. My pain is gone I am calm and I have each moment to feel. I am healthy ambitious and full of life. Thank you for making my soul shine and smile again. I keep your words with me they bring such powerful wisdom to my path. You made the change that brought me back to life. Everyday is like heaven and I\’m walking on light towards eternity. I looked in so many places for God to help me the way it did through you, I am so glad you were there. You changed my whole existence from suffering to feeling good inside, what a truly remarkable difference you make in the world. I can socialize and communicate again, found my interests alive again going to a message/ press school practicing to be a yoga instructor want to get my masters in English and study teaching and working with young children. My dreams are alive and I am back on my sacred spiritual path I felt I was off. Your energy work actually healed me in such a way it felt like my own mother and father came back to help me, it was so uniquely knowledgeable of me like that perfect creative melody or tune we each carry from the universe my exact one was reflected back to me through your light. I believe you are a being that lives in truth one you can trust which is obviously hard to find. I cannot explain to you how grateful I TRULY AM. Thank you. Thank you Rob Wergin forever. – G.

Joy has been Restored

Hi Rob I want to update you on how it has been going since you worked on me. I was in such a debilitating depression before we met. I have a life history of domestic violence, severe abuse and depression. After your work, the depression I had been feeling for decades, was gone….I mean the perpetual ache in my heart is ……simply gone. Today, I experience full real joy and serenity. I believe that thought patterns, from my formative years, take effort to re-pattern, but the deep feelings of hopelessness, rage and despair are just very simply – no more. I can breathe again. The really amazing thing is that I am off of all psychiatric meds now and I am happy. I go for long walks in nature and sometimes I cry genuine tears of joy at how beautiful Gods creations are. The heaviness in my chest is gone and I am now noticing beauty all around me. I am able to return to doing healing work on others now that my joy has been restored. My negative thoughts are rapidly being replaced with positive ones and I have a renewed sense of belonging. I want to thank you from the bottom of my joyful heart for the healing work you have done for me.- K

Feel Whole and Alive

How was my session?  Very good!! Sat Feb 3, 2018 was my 3rd Small Group session. As usual I was wiped out for a few days. I guess I have a lot of junk/crap to release. And deep grief from the loss of my 2 sons to suicide. Attending your sessions is a big decision for me. I live on social security in Federal housing. I have to believe in/need something very much to spend this much money. I believe slowly I am improving but it’s a rocky, lonely, sad process. However, when I am with you I feel whole and alive. I’m going to take your advice, order some Call-Ins and stay in the energy more.

Debilitating Depression

I was suffering from debilitating depression since I was 16. (I am now 32.) It got more severe over time. My mother has spoken about it saying things like “I felt my daughter was disappearing into a hole and I couldn’t reach her or prevent her from going deeper into it. I was losing her.” There were times when I couldn’t leave the house, or even my bed. The apathy and sorrow were swallowing me up, and were so painful that my physical heart actually hurt. The mental pain had begun to manifest physically as well. I had everything anyone could ever wish for in my life- family, friends, a great job, a nice home; but I was unable to derive joy from any of these things despite my gratitude for them. My life was black and I had no control over it. I went through years of therapy and several medications. Sometimes the only thing that would relieve my pain was the notion of dying, so I didn’t have to suffer anymore. I also thought that dying would be the answer because I felt like I was burdening the people around me.
I met Rob last year, and had a session with him. I believe that it was a miracle- I had one kind of life before that session, and a completely different one since. It was as if my sadness and pain, which were getting mentally and physically more extreme until the end, had vanished. My father said “it’s like she’s a new person” and my mother said “I have my daughter back.” I am so grateful to have crossed paths with him and continue to see him whenever possible to get worked on. It changed my life or, more accurately, saved it.                      – S.

What a Blessing

I wanted you to know what a blessing it was to see you this past weekend. I was at Omega attending the Byron Katie workshop and came to your group healing event on Saturday night. I did not have any official diagnosis so I didn’t feel entitled to stand up and ask for a personal healing, but I have been suffering with pain in my back/hip and have been having occasional depression/anxiety. I have noticed significant changes in my body and spirit since attending your healing. For the next few days, my body “eliminated” all sorts of awful things, followed by gradual improvements each day in my levels of pain. Today my back pain (due to arthritis and degenerative disks) is gone and my hip pain is minimal. My spirit also feels kind and present, and having access to your words/website has increased my connection to Holy Spirit. I can\’t thank you enough! – Omega Participant

No Longer Hopeless

My husband’s story starts 15 months ago. For months prior, he was feeling so sick and sore in his bones and muscles, he could barely walk or dress himself. There were times when I had to assist him in tying his shoes or putting on his coat. His mind had grown troubled and dark. He was losing his desire to continue onward. It was a dark place for both of us. He had been to so many ’traditional’ doctors, and all they could say was, ‘His blood work is fine. We don’t know what’s wrong with him.’ We were left feeling hopeless and in despair.
The first time Ted and I went to a community transformation event, we didn’t know what to expect. Ted volunteered to be a surrogate and went to the front for Rob to work on him. Ted was ready. He was exhausted and feeling hopeless about any recovery. As Rob started to work on Ted, we suddenly realized we were witnessing a transformational and pivotal experience. Before our eyes, we could see Ted change from weak and sick, to a healthy and vibrant person.
When Rob finished working on Ted, he jumped up from the chair, did a deep knee bend and said “I feel GREAT!” Practically everyone that witnessed Ted’s healing seemed shocked and surprised, including myself. And yet, there was my husband, with life back in his eyes and doing a deep knee bend that was impossible for him to do 10 minutes earlier. He was smiling and laughing – expressions I had not seen in months.
Being a little unsure about the process, I wondered, ‘Is this real? Will this really last?’ That night of transformation was over 15 months ago, and not only has Ted remained pain free, he has blossomed in ways I never thought possible. His mind is clearing of negative thoughts. He is peaceful, grounded, attentive, happy and back to who I knew him to be when I married him 22 years ago. Working with Rob has truly given my husband his life back. He has given us the chance to create a new future, one that seemed impossible just a few short months earlier.

A Better Story for Myself

This past weekend in Flat Rock was the second time I’ve worked with Rob in person now. (Just so you can put a face/person to the email: I’m the one who asked you on night one about the physical sensations I’ve been feeling in the center of my forehead and you said that my third eye is opening, and who during the healing on day 2 saw my two future children being born. Today, I’m the one who just cried in your arms and you looked at me afterwards, right in the eyes, and said “you are free now.” I’ll never forget that moment. Ever.)
I HAD depression and anxiety my whole life (emphasis on the “had”- that shit is in my past now!) I don’t have it anymore. I don’t claim that story anymore. That was my past and I learned so much from those experiences that has helped me to become a more compassionate and empathetic human being, but I know in my soul now that I am healed.
I’ll be 33 on Thursday, I’ve never been married (yet), never had a long term serious relationship (yet), and have had the experience of being heartbroken more than I would have liked to. I think somewhere along the way I sort of gave up hope that I’d ever have children in this lifetime, although I’ve wanted to be a mother since I was a child myself. And, I have been. I’ve mothered so many children in the past 10 years, from my students in France, to an orphan abandoned in Haiti, to the thousands of pediatric patients and their siblings that I have worked with over the past 9 years as a Child Life Specialist. I’ve watched too many children die, but been there to hold and comfort their mothers, fathers, and siblings during those moments.
But this weekend during the afternoon healing, I got to watch my children being born. I saw myself holding my future daughter in my hospital bed, doting on her and telling her how long I’ve waited to meet her and hold her. At this point my eyes were just pouring tears and I didn’t want the vision I was seeing unfold in my imagination to end. I started to feel sad knowing that the moment eventually would pass, and when I started to grieve that I heard in my thoughts “we have more to show you.” And then i watched my future son being born and my daughter meeting him. It was beautiful and perfect, and thank you so much for facilitating that gift. I can’t wait to meet them one day. I can’t wait to be their mom. I feel so grateful to have had this healing work done now for me (and for them) so that I can be the best mother possible to them. In my vision/imagination, I also saw my two children playing with all the other children I’ve worked with in the hospital over the past decade who have died. I watched them playing together in a beautiful meadow (and my dog, Henry, who is my real-life sidekick/best friend/soulmate and the cutest golden retriever you’ll ever see was there in my vision too, playing with the kids).
I’ve been more thirsty than I’ve been in my entire life this weekend (which I am VERY happy about because that means I’m flushing out a lot), and today I took a solid nap. During my nap, the phrase “learned helplessness” kept coming up in my dreams; just this full understanding that the depression and anxiety I struggled with (again, past tense) for so long was only because I had yet to claim the healing that was always available to me. I recognized in my dream that many humans struggle with this “learned helplessness” and I am truly grateful to have now had the opportunity to create a different, better story for myself. I am whole, perfect, healthy, and healed now.
There is so much I could say about this weekend, about your work, and about how grateful I am to be in this healthy body and have this healthy mind. I know you don’t claim credit for this work, but I do want to thank you for opening yourself up and allowing yourself to be the conduit for these healings. Your vulnerability is courageous and kind.
Thank you again. Peace be with you now and always. -L.F.

Well Being

Thank You for such a great experience I had. My overall “well being” has been in such a better place since my sessions with you. That ‘weight of depression’ has lifted and I honestly can say , it hasn’t been an issue or a concern. How Nice! So grateful for your healing session. Many Thanks! – Audra

Grateful is so Inadequate!

I’ve had so many amazing healing experiences since beginning to work with you a little over a year ago, I don’t know where to begin. I’m a little embarrassed that it has taken me this long to write. To refresh your memory, I was at the eclipse event in Asheville – a large woman hobbling around with a cane until the healing work you did with me. I had been seriously injured in a fall 2 years prior – all my groin muscles torn and everything out of whack. The healing that took place at that event was amazing. I have not used the cane since, have been able to walk distances that I was not capable of before, and can stand for long periods of time. (After this injury, hadn’t been able to stand for more than a minute or so without severe pain). I can’t express how grateful I am. This is changed not only my physicality, but my vitality and the way I see myself.
I had an incredible hypnotic dream on Dec. 15 (the last new moon). It was early in the morning, and I was listening to a recording of the final session of the last call series. I drifted a little bit, and ‘saw’ Jesus standing by my window above my bed, radiant light shining through him and also through me. I looked away and looked back, and saw Mary in that same light body. When you talked last night about how the Divine Feminine and Masculine were speaking together, it made sense to me why I saw this. But this is another manifestation of a huge healing for me, because I hadn’t been open to the Jesus energy since I was a teenager. While I had a very personal relationship with Jesus as a young girl, I had pretty much thrown him out with the Christian bathwater as I got older.  I was so amazed by this Presence in my room – and so grateful. Have had more physical healing -release from symptoms I was experiencing – come in as a result of this event.
The most significant healing that has taken place for me in the year and a half or so that I’ve worked with you is a complete freedom from a debilitating depression that I had experienced my whole life. I am truly transformed, and able to follow the path of purpose that I know to be mine. I have shifted to being overridden by grief at the loss of my Beloved a few years ago to a new way of experiencing his presence and love.
To say I am grateful is so inadequate. Listening to the new series last night, I could feel the layers falling away. Am so excited to continue this adventure! Sending much love to you both. Thank you. – Flat Rock Participant

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