Rob’s work is deeply transformative. After only one session, I experienced a new level of clarity and profound sense of my true self. A glance in the mirror revealed a shining being I had never seen before – confirmed real by the comments of my friends and colleagues who could hardly believe the magnitude of transformation. I highly recommend working with Rob Wergin!  – H.


So Happy

My eye sight is much more clearer and better than it has ever been.. My curiosity level is that of a child’s again! I not only find everything no matter how simple so fascinating my capacity for learning is 100% better than it was. I went to sewing class and learned more and had easier time sewing than I ever had in the past. This goes for my aerobics too! And just about everything else! I even turn my radio on now and don’t mind to listen to all kinds of music and enjoy a variety of different genres…I look forward to it. Oh and I can hear music better. I can actually for the first time listen to a song and actually pick out the instruments while listening to a song. Just some very fascinating things…. I am so happy to have these experiences Thank you so much again!  – Rose

I Can Create Anything

Everything you’ve been saying about beliefs and abundance and I’ve been saying to myself but not really getting it NOW MAKES SENSE! I’ve had a story that I am fundamentally broken. And that story has created my reality for my entire life, bringing me into circumstances, “illnesses”, relationships that further prove the story of I am broken. My healing journey has been about fixing the disease, fixing me (broken as I am), which of course creates further brokenness and scarcity and disease. For the first time I can see clearly that story is an illusion and know myself now to be whole and complete and perfect. And from this place I can and will CREATE anything I want for myself HEALTH, BEAUTY, LOVE. ENDLESS ABUNDANCE!!!!!

New Beginnings

Thanks for the great call. I Listened to it this morning, and really thought it offered something wonderful. I hope you feel the same, and look forward to seeing you soon. 
The concept that this is a new beginning, discussed in your call, where we put to rest old habits and patterns of dis-ease and did-empowerment, certainly resonates all through. Very timely! Or, no coincidence I took this on around December 18, having benefited from the related call series about the next 9 years. The Universe has given me many many signals.


I thoroughly enjoyed my time…the sessions were fantastic. My spirit feels renewed and I feel like I have more clarity as to the purpose in my life and how to proceed from here. I look forward to staying connected with you.  – B.

After Call-In Session

Just wanted to let you know that the morning after I listened to the call-in session, which I found wonderfully filled with Light, I had an experience as I did my Saturday morning gathering with faerie folk from the area and other planets. It totally shifted my world.  I felt the presence of a huge amount of Light coming down over the area.  I asked “who or what are you?” and felt the response to be “Limitless Light and Love”.  I realized this Presence was all around, in and through everyone and everything.  It seemed to be an impersonal Love that elevated me to my higher self perspective.  I know it’s always been there and always will be, and I treasure that I’ve been able to feel it intimately. Thank you!  -J.R.

So much Joy

Just letting you know that the months since I’ve seen you have been powerful and wonderful.  Life looks completely different and I am able to see so much joy now without all that old garbage clouding it. I am very clear, almost all the time, and in maintaining clarity lies the ultimate bliss.  The best part is that it is lasting and effortless, with little pops of ennui there only to guide and not stick around.  Loving detachment is the most incredible freedom I have ever known.  And I have never, ever felt this way in my life.  My body has made a radical change as well, and at 44 I have one I’d always dreamed of, effortlessly.  I had spent my whole life in fear, panic, reaction, and muck.  Now I am completely emancipated.  But most of all, I am living in TRUST and confidence, two things which fill a heart.  Also effortless.  Two of my friends have seen you recently and are glowing, one of whom hasn’t glowed in a very, very long time. Thank you for what you do for people.  Thank you for BEing.   -L

Life Changing

This week has been incredible. Negativity all around but not in me. I really feel the work I did with you, was a life changing time. Thank you for perfecting your gifts and sharing them with me. I have to tell you, I feel like my life’s meaning is becoming clearer as each day passes. You are a big part of that. I am excited to start living the next chapter.  – Darlene

Magnitude of Transformation

Rob’s work is deeply transformative. After only one session, I experienced a new level of clarity and profound sense of my true self. A glance in the mirror revealed a shining being I had never seen before – confirmed real by the comments of my friends and colleagues who could hardly believe the magnitude of transformation. I highly recommend working with Rob Wergin!

I Feel Great

A friend of my told me that it would be really good for me to see Rob. I was not sure my I need to go. I did not have anything major wrong with me. Now that I have had 3 appointments with Rob. I had know idea how bad I felt until now that I feel so good. I feel peaceful and clean like all the bad energy is gone. I do not react to thing in the same way I used to. Everything just seems easier to handle. My head feels clearer and I feel like I stand in my own body stronger than before. I am eating better than before and want lots of healthy foods more than unhealthy. I am feeling like my eye sight is brighter. I am seeing lots of animals. I am really enjoying music more than before and I did not turn on the TV for over a week as I did not want to have any bad news in my life. Mostly I feel like all the unhealthy habits and way of thinking is gone. I truly feel like a different person than before. My mind used to race with thoughts and fears. I do not have that any more. My hormones are so different and I used to have lots of facial hair that is about half as much as before. My skin has changed too. It is more clear and clean. Over all I just feel like Rob gave me the push I needed to feel the best I can. I am a new different person than I was before. I feel great! I think everyone should see Rob to manage your life better. I have had so many people asking me what I am doing to look so different. Rob is a little Angle and has helped me have a different life. I am so thankful that I am able to have Rob in my life to make everything better and more fun. – Amy

Finally Pregnant

I was not able to become pregnant even though many attempts were made. On my first visit with Rob, he explained to me why energetically I was not able to conceive and how he would correct the energy. In only 3 weeks, after 3 treatments I became pregnant, and am so grateful! Our new family sends you lots of gratitude! November 2008. -Sherri


Healing is Profound

I want to thank you for the healing you have facilitated in my body, it is profound! My mental clarity has become better every day as well, and the pain in my neck from the skull fracture has drastically lessened. I have not worn my neck brace since our 3rd out of the 7 sessions.  I also thank you for your generosity of affording my wife and mom a session when they drove me to you. My wife, Dee commented that she felt energized after her experience, and my mom said she could feel your touch long after our session in the afternoon.  I had an MRI and CT scan on Sept. 13th and the neurosurgeon appointment this past Sept. 23rd. The doctor asked me if I’ve been wearing my brace regularly and I told her I’d been to you and my neck felt great. I have good range of motion, the pain is much less, and I feel I do not need the brace. She mentioned I looked a lot better and was happy I felt better, but was concerned about my prognosis. Then she saw my scans; the occipital fracture had healed/fused quicker than she expected and she was no longer worried that I wasn’t wearing the neck brace. I told her I had been driving a little and she was fine, but cautioned me to not overdo it, and I didn’t put too much strain on myself. I told her I had Dee to make sure I wasn’t. She released me back to work at the school on the 16th of Oct. with a few restrictions, and I start PT on the 23rd. I’m looking forward to getting back to work (not massaging) in whatever capacity they will let me, and I have you to thank for all this.  After watching your story and having Mike B. tell me he was going to have you work on me, I feel that my quality of life was going to be a little better than before. Thank you so much for what you do and sharing your ability with me. – R.F.

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