Restore Me to Health

I liked the format of combining the teaching with the connection. As someone with brain cancer, I waver between my impulse to surrender and trust that all is happening for me and the greater good and my other impulse to summon all appropriate beings to vanquish this cancer and restore me to health. I’m not sure where I am on the spectrum between optimism and resignation. Can I hold both at the same time? Both fight and also trust?  I want to greet all 500 million new cells but not the cancer cells that also might be replicating. I look forward to your next call. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts.

Lung Cancer is now Gone!

Doctor says lung cancer is gone in my friend. Gifted her with Rob’s energetically charged Divine Light & Love card.

Move Forward in Healing

As I lay on my couch and listened to your voice and breathed and released. As I tapped on my heart space so direct now as 3 weeks ago today I had a bilateral mastectomy without reconstruction and so I lay with my hand upon my heart space so tender, so thin the space between my hand as it lay gently on my heart, beating, gentle tapping too much just yet. I felt so much release and let go as I move forward in healing, in acceptance, in a growing relationship with who I am in my soul, not my body, not my mind. They are a part but my soul is the source….as I move forward I will work to stay in the present, in the now. As I breathed in expanding my chest, my chest that usually hurts, feels painful right now, relaxed and was not. I could really breath in expanding, filling my chest, my lungs and the pain was less, so much less, there was a sense of expansion….of healing. Thank you. -H.H.

Energy Shift

I feel amazing! I am recovering from AML luekemia. I had a bone marrow transplant from an unrelated donor. My body and soul were devastated, I was sick and tired of being sick and tired! After three sessions with Rob I began to feel my energy shift and so did all the people around me. Everyone I see tells me I look like my old self. I feel empowered, confident and happy to put the past few years behind me. I do not have words for how grateful I’m to enjoy the day with energy and no pain. Thank-you, thank-you thank-you. – Debbie


Significant Healing

I am a skeptic by nature, and this is only reinforced by my training as an attorney. Nevertheless, the healing process I’ve experienced over the past two years is inexplicable and can’t be understood in a way that can easily be explained.
I started monthly small group sessions with Rob last October in 2017 after being diagnosed with Stage 4  cancer in the summer of 2016. Western medicine wasn’t working. My wife insisted we see the documentary “Heal” and to pursue other healing modalities in addition to the standard Western protocol. I introduced myself to Rob after the film showing and he agreed to work with me and encouraged me to attend a session.
After two small group sessions with Rob, at Christmas time last year, things went downhill.  I now realize that Rob would call this ” the dark days of the soul.” I was in a very bad place and truly didn’t know what was happening to my physical body.  I was unable to walk and had to be admitted to the hospital.
My wife went to my next scheduled session and Rob assured her that he knew what was happening to me, and that it was all going to work out.
Then almost miraculously, significant healing was triggered and I had a breakthrough during this awful time.  Scans were done in the hospital and showed miraculous improvement from just two weeks prior. I understand now that I had to go through that dark, black period to come out the other side, very much healed.  Now a year later, I am back cycling one hundred mile weekends.
Working with Rob has opened my eyes to the spiritual and emotional realms beyond the physical one. That “soul” healing has to take place first before the physical healing occurs.  And I’m not in control of that!  Given that I’m a control freak, this is HUGE for me to understand. I’ve learned to trust that all that happens is as it should be.  Rob has been and will continue to be my anchor of support saying all that happens is for the good. Sure enough, latest scans show very little disease.
Words can’t express my gratitude to Rob and the Divine Beings that surround us. Thank you, thank you for sharing your healing gifts.  Clearly things happen for a reason, and you were meant to do this work at this challenging time in our world. Most of my family and close friends are not even aware of this journey I’ve traveled. But if telling my story can help others, I’ll gladly share and spread the light! – K.R.

Everything Changed When I Saw Heal

Number 1 Fan

I’ve always thought I was quite well put together and enjoyed living a productive and happy life. Then I was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. My world stopped spinning and I went into “victim” mode, I was there for 3 ½ years relying on western medicine to take care of me. When a good friend gave me your name and number I thought what the heck I’ll give you a call. You responded immediately saying you had a cancellation and could see me the next day. This surprised me, it was sooner than I was prepared for but you told me it was a sign and that I should take the appointment. I had never followed a sign before. I remember vividly walking into you office in March of 2010 with my oxygen tank in tow. I told you I had stage IV lung cancer and your first words to me were “that’s enough, you don’t own the disease and don’t indentify with it anymore!” That was huge for me, immediately an enormous weight was lifted from my shoulders. 30 minutes into our first session I could have floated off the exam table. Never before had I felt such lightness and so free of disease. You have much compassion to share and this was my first time experiencing the enormous healing power of love. I felt I was glowing – everywhere I went people commented on how wonderful I looked. We covered much ground in those incredible first sessions together, often I would go home and my body was so eager to get rid of the disease that I would spend hours, if not days, vomiting and dry heaving. It was tough at times but I was so happy because through it all I could feel my lungs clearing. Then there was the time I came in your office having just spent a number of days in the hospital surrounded by western doctors and their defeatist attitudes. That time you told me “it’s up to you Melanie, if you decide to spend your time in this world or the spiritual world, remember the doctors are entitled to their opinions but they don’t know what’s best for you”. Again you cleared me out, you ignited the light in me, you filled me with a calming sense of peace and happiness and you turned my life around. You have given me life; you have started me on a spiritual journey that excites me everyday. I can’t imagine how I thought my life use to be fulfilling, because now it is incredible! I thank you for devoting your life to healing, for caring and for being you, I thank my friend for giving me your name and I thank lung cancer for opening my eyes to this beautiful spiritual world we all live in (goodbye oxygen tank). I’m living here for a long time Rob so if you ever need me just call. Another number 1 fan. – M.

Doctor Says Cancer is Gone

Doctor reports the cancer gone. All scans and tests are clear and clean.

Calm Place

After your Divine Session on that great table under the water fall of foliage, I have gone through many feelings (Mental/Physical) which have finally brought me to a peaceful and calm place. I am in a good space. Thank you.


Since meeting Rob I would like to share the following “miracles” with you. After fighting lymphoma since 1989, I found myself diagnosed with a new cancer, squamous cell carcinoma of the anal canal. I had been in horrendous pain since Jan. 2006 thinking I had hemorrhoids. I met Rob at the very end of May and finally felt relief from all of the burning and itching. Because of my squamous cell diagnosis I was required to have a PET Scan which clearly revealed that I had other problems namely in my shoulder bone. An MRI was recommended at which point I asked Rob to make time to work on my shoulder, and he gladly agreed. The MRI report revealed an abnormality in the bone but it was not clear as to what it was. I was told that more than likely it was the lymphoma recurring in my bone or it could be another kind of necrosis. A follow up bone biopsy was recommended. Again Rob worked on my shoulder. The lengthy report from the bone biopsy simply stated, “No cancer found.” You can only imagine how grateful and relieved I was for Rob’s work. One day I entered for a session with a throbbing toothache and had made a dental appointment for that afternoon. I asked Rob to take some time to work on that issue which he did. The pain immediately ceased. I kept my appt. with the dentist who could find nothing wrong with the tooth. I have not had any pain in that tooth since. My third miracle occurred when the tumor inside the anal canal had grown and was pushing against a bone creating a very painful walk. In one session Rob got that tumor to shrink to half the size and I was no longer in pain. I actually went home and cleaned the house bending down freely to pick things up off of the floor. I heartfully thank Rob and all my angels for assisting me to better health. I look forward to the day when I am totally free of disease and discomfort. – Eileen


Complete Remission

I first met you Oct 2017 at the Premier of Heal Documentary in NYC. At the time, my sister had stage 4 Colon Cancer. You gave me a hug to send her, and she signed up for a small group session in Colorado. At that time, she was told by her oncologist to get her EOL affairs in order. She paired your work with experimental immunology treatment In Dec 2017. Within two weeks, her tumors shrunk by half. With in two months they were gone completely. We learned that from you after your second small group session in Boston. It was confirmed by her doctors when she returned home from Boston. She has been in complete remission for more than two years. Thank you for sharing your gift with her. She’s had such a beautiful life since then. All the best. -L.K.

Creates a Positive and Enthusiastic Aura

Rob has become our most talked about and respected topic of conversation among family and close friends. He comes across as a gentle, kind, upbeat soul yet he has a way of communicating that creates a positive and enthusiastic aura that is contagious. My husband was diagnosed with a deadly, unforgivable form of cancer in May of 2019. We planned to attend one of Rob’s healing sessions but due to chemo/radiation treatments and reactions we were unable to attend. We initially started attending the on line call sessions for grace and healing. But out of the life altering changes that Covid caused came Rob’s realignment with his healing and giving commitment to help others. We have to date done multiple virtual sessions and my husband continues to improve daily. Rob’s energy that he emulates through transformation of all things in life are possible with God and Divine intervention is beyond words. From the moment Rob warmly greets each person in the group you can feel the charging energy transferring through him lifting away the layers of illness, self doubt, and the fear of the unknown. God Bless Rob and his support staff for giving my husband the transformation of the Divine Spirit to help him heal and continue to enjoy his life journey. If your leaning towards attending a session, jump in and allow Rob to open your mind to all possibilities. -K.C.

Diagnosed with Cancer

I was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer in early 2016 and was very fortunate to be in the Asheville area where Rob now resides. I began going to his large groups, then a small group session and did many phone sessions with him. I always felt incredible after being in his presence, very uplifted and joyful. I didn’t have surgery until 5 months in since my doc had me on meds to try to shrink the large tumor, then when I finally had surgery I chose not to have lymph nodes removed to preserve my immune function. That left me with not knowing whether my cancer had spread or was contained – a very stressful place to be emotionally. I did a lot of diet, supplements, meditation and other alternatives as well as working with Rob. I also began working with a great integrative oncologist in the fall who had me do the ONCOblot test. This is probably the most reliable cancer test there is at this time. When results came back in mid-December – they were NEGATIVE for cancer! This Christmas was a time of joyful celebration and I am in incredible gratitude to Rob for I feel he was deeply instrumental in my healing. I intend to continue working with him to ensure the cancer is gone forever! Thank you so very, very much, dear Rob.- E.G.

No sign of cancer

I first worked with you in person in September and had just received a cancer diagnosis. I worked again with you in November.  It has been an amazing journey .  Friday I had a PET scan and the results yesterday came back CLEAR – there is no sign of cancer. I am so grateful.  I use the bath water and listen to your playlist all the time! -xooxoxo  -S.G.

So comforting to feel the healing light

I just wanted to update you after all the work I’ve been doing lately. I did a large group session in Boston in January, then a small group in LA in February. Since I was unable to do the Asheville retreat, I have been doing the mini call-ins – I’ve done 4 so far – and the latest series of 3 calls. I’m finding the virtual mini series to be full of light and peace. I look forward to them as an hour of peace and calmness in all the craziness. I find it so comforting to feel the healing light. The phone calls have been extremely powerful. The April 1st and April 8th calls just blew me away. I actually was pretty sick last week after the call – I’m sure getting rid of all kinds of stuff. I am feeling generally better…Thank you so much for all you do. You are truly healing all of us as well as the world. -C.F.

More Empowered

There’s a lot of stuff that I’ve worked on and cleared. With each session I feel like I come to a better understanding that I am creating this (illness). I’ve never thought of myself as the author, the sole author of my story. Now I’m seeing that you are shepherding us there. Every time I have an exposure to you and your teachings I feel like I become more empowered and more understanding of just how much of this (crap) was of my own creating. I’m grateful for you, this has really been beautiful. -C.J.


You are the first to know I got the results from that PET scan taken on the 18th since you are the one to blame (in other words, you get the credit) It said “The results of your PET scan show no concerning findings.” You DID tell me it would be fine, and it was fine, but still color me very grateful because the letter I had from the scan before, the one taken last June said, “I have reviewed the results of your recent PET scan. The PET scan shows abnormal uptake in the groin and in the rectum, around the area that was resected. This could be due to inflammation. I recommend you follow up with the Oncologist to discuss this further. No one was the first to know about that one, because I told no one, just went about the business of finding out what foods are inflammatory, changing my diet and eating right, exercising, thinking right and opening my thought to being guided to the most wonderful Shaman, who worked his magic on me (that would be you) Nor did I contact the Oncologist because I thought that would be making too much of it, giving it some kind of power it didn’t deserve. I didn’t mention any of the first results to my kids because I didn’t want them to worry, and now we can rejoice together, isn’t that the best. So again, many thanks for your generosity in taking these mud pies into your own body as you work on the bodies of your various clients, and I’m grateful that you recognized the gift that you have in time to do so much good in so many directions, for so many folks, and that you are letting your light shine on everyone you come in contact with. You must fall asleep at night with a great feeling of accomplishment. Thank you Rob, and may blessings be heaped upon you in the coming new year. I have you listed in my address book under Pretty Amazing.  – TX

No Cancer, Yes Health & Vibrancy!

After an extensive hospitalization, I was given a diagnosis of declining lung and lymph system function due to radiation treatment damage over 40 years ago. Upon discharge, I was faced with the specter of having fluid drained from the pleura around my lungs about twice a week, and needed to use a walker with wheels. Because it was scar tissue damage, my functioning was expected to decline further as time progressed. Then, I had a PT scan that showed “lit up” tissue in my throat at the back of my tongue, and 2 lymph glands in my neck. I had a biopsy which the doctors were pretty sure would show one of 2 kinds of cancer. Before I was given the results of my biopsy, I attended a large group meeting of Rob’s in Boston. Rob worked with me up front. After he worked with me, my body felt vibrantly alive and strong. He told the group that healing could literally change the body’s cells. I asked him if the cells that had already been removed from my body and were being biopsied could change. Well, I believe that is what happened! The result report of the biopsy kept being put off, because the pathologists couldn’t figure out what they were seeing and not seeing. Finally, they were able to tell me that there was definitely no cancer, and that they had found a virus. My Ear, Nose and throat doctor who had performed the biopsy was so surprised at the lack of cancer, that he suggested I have another biopsy before too long, just to make sure. Well, I’m sure already. Not only don’t I have cancer, but I haven’t had to have my pleural fluid drained since that evening 3 weeks ago. It is no longer building up around my lungs. My appetite has returned. I’m not experiencing the GI tract distresses that ravaged my body. I’m still quite thin, but totally confident that I’m on my way to being even stronger than I was before this illness started in April. Everyone notices my vibrancy and that I AM BACK! -JL

Gratitude Beyond Words

Ovarian Cancer, Stage 3. Well I was hoping the words I was hearing, were only sounds I was hearing due to anesthesia, and then the kicker, my surgeon finished telling that she would be in my life for the rest of my life, which would be 3-5 years…. which would be the remaining time in my life….?! Well, needless to say that did not sit with me so well. I was really hoping my Higher Power was not done with me on this universe, but that is not up to me. I was so scared. Spent a week in the hospital healing and doing some serious soul searching. Was very scared. That part I remember very clear. That fear. The fear of the unknown. But I also know having a healthy positive attitude about Life, Hope is where I needed to stay, and fighting whatever I needed to getting back to the old Jane who was very energetic, happy, and positive person. Well Chemotherapy got that one from me. Temporarily. Went through 6 treatments of very aggressive chemo, and was told by my Dr. that with what Stage I was in with the cancer, I would be going through another 6 treatments soon, but they were going to give my body a break. And oh I ready for a break, after being very ill for some time. Along with the chemo, they surgically threw me into menopause…..Oh, I was fun to live with, I’m sure. My moods were like an ekg reading!!! My dear husband. At this time, my beautiful sister Carol introduced Rob into my life, and I am beyond Grateful. During my “time off” from my Dr.’s, I had a session with Rob, along with his angels and guides, and one word directly comes to mind….WOW. I had forgotten what it felt like to be fear free and to have some energy. And my pain level had dropped from an 8 to nothing. It was wonderful. My husband told me he could really see a difference in just 2 sessions. And what was really important to me to have “peace of mind.” Rob gave that back me, and II thank you so much Rob. The release of tension that I had been holding onto for so long, was released at that time. The fear…..gone. My mind was clearer. I was blown away how good I felt the next day, so much I had to dance… just a little Rob! I don’t have enough energy to REALLY shake a leg! I also love that I can connect with the angels at any time. I am a happier person today, and plan on staying that way!!! Well, it was time to go get my first ct scan to get the results of how much of the cancer was left for us to deal with. The weekend before the scan was to take place, Rob and I connected. The Gift, besides Rob, was that at this time, no cancer, I am in remission. And I in my heart, I feel Rob’s loving work had a huge play in that cancer leaving. There will be no more chemo. I will be in touch with you Rob to continue this Blessed Gift you have been given, along with your Angels and Guides, to reconnect once a month as you suggested, and continue this beautiful thing called “LIFE”, and “LIVING”. I wasn’t doing that before you entered my life. And last, thank you for my “Peace of Mind”. And being a stronger person physically and mentally. I know I still have a lot of work to do, but I also have the peace of knowing I don’t have to do it alone. Rob, my gratitude is beyond words. – J.


After over a year of healing with you, I am still bladder cancer-free!   I thank you for everything. May God bless you in all that you do and those who are blessed to know your healing.  -R.

Mind Blower

What an amazing weekend in Flat Rock, it was a mind-blower.  I was blocked on the forgiveness prayer and was finally, finally, finally able to forgive and release Jon.  I thought I had forgiven him in the past, but there was still a seething anger that is now gone. That exercise brought up so much hurt and shame that was like an earthquake in my soul.
I feel like my 22 year-old self – carefree, playful, and open-hearted.  It’s like I’ve been looking around for that version of myself, and finally found her. Yay!
Sunday was equally amazing.  The only thing missing was Lazarus! I’ve tried to describe it to people, but fail to capture the electricity and activity of that room. The woman who could hardly walk and didn’t want to live in her body anymore was crushing.There are no words to describe what happened in the room when she strolled down and back the main aisle.  Sadness turned to joy and triumph.  I was so fortunate to bear witness to her healing and to show my still skeptical (though quickly-shrinking) part of myself that this is happening for me too.
The coup-de-grace was my friend with Stage IV cancer and two children at home.  I was in that experience with her. I felt every sob, the overwhelming grief.  Bearing witness to her healing was a critically important moment for me.  It was as though the universe was holding a mirror up to me to see her healing and to know all to well where she was.  I had the opportunity to speak with her afterwards to offer her support.  The last thing I said to her was “You are stronger than you know.”  As I was walking away, I realized that is what the Divine was saying to me, and what the Divine has been saying to me all along.  It was a deeply healing moment.  I think the Divine must be tired of clobbering me over the head with messages.  I finally got them.
One final note:  I am seeing an alternative doctor who is giving me off-label drugs and supplements to help in the eradication of cancer from my body.  Just got off the phone with her. She looked at my August scans and labs.  Scans are clear and the labs are promising.  The only elevated marker is actually an indicator of inflammation and not cancer.  So, no one is saying I’m cancer-free, but no one can say that there’s cancer in any area of my body.  So, I’ll go ahead and declare it for myself: I am cancer-free!  I am cancer-free!  I am cancer-free!!  Woohooooooo!
God bless you!  Thank you to the Divine, to you, and your team for the work that you do. I am so very grateful. I can’t stop the joy tears.  
See you at Omega in March or May, whenever it is! – C.J.

Worked a Complete Miracle

The surgeon told my husband his PSA was rising significantly, indicating his cancer was getting worse. When the surgeon said he must have radiation immediately, I said no! Rob saw my husband 4-5 times and his PSA went to zero. Rob has worked a complete miracle. I think Rob was what actually got the cancer out of him. – G.A.

You’re Amazing

I just wanted to say thank you so much for last weekend, it was great to finally meet you in New York in the lovely flower district…you’re amazing! So happy I finally got to experience it for myself! So far the call series has also been extremely powerful. I have had a rough yet amazing past two years of my life being a thyroid cancer survivor, opening up a restaurant in a couple of months and been dealing with a relationship that I believe to be the one…Having seen you and another energy healer, it has been quite a spiritual journey. I’m excited to see how my life unfolds. The divine love and light I have felt in the past few weeks has been truly amazing. I believe it can only get better. I felt upset that I didn’t get to say much more last Sunday because I was essentially so caught up in feeling. But again, thank you so much. 

Colon Cancer to Gratitude

I have been living with stage 4 colon cancer for 8 years. In the last two years it had slowly progressed to my lungs and back again in my liver. This winter I began to lose weight dramatically. This spring I entered a trial testing the use of two drugs. I continued to lose weight and because to suffer from severe edema in my legs and abdomen (ascites). I had terrible back pain, caused my the cancer pressing on a nerve, that kept me up all night and eventually on pain meds 24 hours a day. I had pain in my legs and was too exhausted to walk from the house to the car on most days. At the end of June I dropped out of the trial because it was clearly doing damage and I was getting too weak. My entire family and I believed I was dying. My oncologist said there weren’t any options readily available other than infusions of herbatux every 2-3 weeks to hopefully slow the progression down. We talked to our three kids about my steady decline and that it was very likely I would die much sooner than anyone thought.
At this time my father was introduced to Rob through a series of interesting events. He called me and felt like Rob was the real deal. My father is a skeptic and perhaps the only person who could have persuaded me at that time to go. Rob happened to be offering sessions near enough to me in two weeks. The night before my first session with Rob I put out a Facebook video asking for help, prayers and love. The first day I wore thigh high compression tights to hold back the edema as much as possible. The second day I had another session. In that time I noticed I had no edema. It has not come back. My abdomen slowly has been getting smaller. I am not on pain meds for my back and my energy and health has steadily been getting better and better. I have made four videos for my Facebook community to keep them informed. In the last one you can clearly see what a tremendous change has happened. I don’t know what is going on and try not to analyze it. All I know is I feel incredibly grateful for this new life I am living today. -LLPT

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