Cancer Testimonials

You Are Never Alone 🤍
Kyle's Healing Story

Significant Healing

I am a skeptic by nature, and this is only reinforced by my training as an attorney. Nevertheless, the healing process I’ve experienced over the past two years is inexplicable and can’t be understood in

Healed and released

Rob! I am so thankful for you and your team and everyone who participated! This was my first 3 Day Healing Retreat and I attended via Zoom and WOW! It was so powerful and so

Colon Cancer to Gratitude

I have been living with stage 4 colon cancer for 8 years. In the last two years it had slowly progressed to my lungs and back again in my liver. This winter I began to

You’re Amazing

I just wanted to say thank you so much for last weekend, it was great to finally meet you in New York in the lovely flower district…you’re amazing! So happy I finally got to experience

So comforting to feel the healing light

I just wanted to update you after all the work I’ve been doing lately. I did a large group session in Boston in January, then a small group in LA in February. Since I was

Transformation is happening

I am part of the online retreat community. This is my first time working with Rob and I am resonating so much with what he is teaching and sharing. I have been noticing as I’m

Doctor Says Cancer is Gone

Doctor reports the cancer gone. All scans and tests are clear and clean.

Move Forward in Healing

As I lay on my couch and listened to your voice and breathed and released. As I tapped on my heart space so direct now as 3 weeks ago today I had a bilateral mastectomy

Healing miracles

I watched a documentary called HEAL. It is one of the things that helped shift my mindset for Logan and not allow ourselves to be held back by a diagnosis. We’ve had to work at

More joyous, insightful, and cancer-free!

Over the 10 days since my last small group, there’s been much to integrate…With both the small group and large global virtual sessions, I’ve had one profound and transformative experience after another (understatement!). The last

All-clear results

I am grateful for absolutely everything. I received the 5 year all-clear results yesterday. I’m healthy, healed whole, and complete. Thank you, God, Rob, and all the guides and angels. -D.R. January 28th, 2024

Complete Remission

I first met you Oct 2017 at the Premier of Heal Documentary in NYC. At the time, my sister had stage 4 Colon Cancer. You gave me a hug to send her, and she signed

A shrinking nodule

I wanted to thank you and tell you about a Miracle. The last chemo was on 3/22. I had a CT scan. A nodule on the right lung measured 8 by 9 millimeters. This past


You are the first to know I got the results from that PET scan taken on the 18th since you are the one to blame (in other words, you get the credit) It said “The

Done with Cancer

It was so powerful and soul filling.  The almost immediate sense of being known and seen by spirit – all thoughts past, present. No need to tell a story, all was known. It was overwhelming

Mind Blower

What an amazing weekend in Flat Rock, it was a mind-blower.  I was blocked on the forgiveness prayer and was finally, finally, finally able to forgive and release Jon.  I thought I had forgiven him

Worked a Complete Miracle

The surgeon told my husband his PSA was rising significantly, indicating his cancer was getting worse. When the surgeon said he must have radiation immediately, I said no! Rob saw my husband 4-5 times and

So blessed

The Zoom session was amazing! I feel so blessed and grateful to be a part of this healing. Thank you so much, Rob, for sharing your gift with us. I am so very grateful to


I feel good and happy. I am profoundly grateful. -Retreat Participant December 9th, 2023

Restore Me to Health

I liked the format of combining the teaching with the connection. As someone with brain cancer, I waver between my impulse to surrender and trust that all is happening for me and the greater good

No Cancer, Yes Health & Vibrancy!

After an extensive hospitalization, I was given a diagnosis of declining lung and lymph system function due to radiation treatment damage over 40 years ago. Upon discharge, I was faced with the specter of having

Creates a Positive and Enthusiastic Aura

Rob has become our most talked about and respected topic of conversation among family and close friends. He comes across as a gentle, kind, upbeat soul yet he has a way of communicating that creates

Amazing experience

I want to thank you for that amazing experience in Sedona. I’ve never experienced or seen anything like it. On Sunday, I went into a state of bliss for more than 30 minutes then started

Nodules now not a concern

I had three nodules on my thyroid that they have been watching for 3 years. Always growing. This last ultrasound was going to determine the next course of action. They were not hopeful. Well, the

Recent Bloodwork Clear

My primary intention in signing up for the full package of healings for the past 3 months has been for financial relief for a dire situation for my family. My husband and adult son are


I feel liberated from it all and lighter. -Retreat Participant December 9th, 2023

Grasp my resilience

The second day after our retreat I felt much better. The amount of release was beyond comprehension especially because it was completely unexpected. I have been tired before after our sessions but I was never

I am healed

What a wonderful weekend to experience with everyone. I hadn’t felt pain in my underarms in a couple of months until the weekend. I am so incredibly grateful to know that I continue to release

healing to the heart and soul

Yes, it was amazing!  I noticed something interesting – so much has healed…I can feel the peace of love in my every cell, this goes beyond healing to the heart and soul of who I


After over a year of healing with you, I am still bladder cancer-free!   I thank you for everything. May God bless you in all that you do and those who are blessed to know your

No lymph node involvement

Thank you, Rob! I had the best possible outcome at my breast cancer surgery! No lymph node involvement! Thanks for your healing energy that day! I will join you again! -P.M.

Doctor said cancer is leaving

I attended 5 zoom sessions (Global Transformation events) with Faith, Trust, and Resolve that I would be fine! Scan was great! The invasive tumor is gone and the lesions on my liver have shrunk significantly.

Loved, supported, heard, and welcomed

I am beyond grateful for each healing retreat I attend. They are the most amazing, powerful experience. I can’t even describe the feeling of being so whole and one with every person in the room.

Diagnosed with Cancer

I was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer in early 2016 and was very fortunate to be in the Asheville area where Rob now resides. I began going to his large groups, then a small

Brain tumor shrunk by 93%

The brain tumor they found shrunk by 93% after your healing touch. I am alive and thriving despite my doctor’s insistence that this aggressive cancer is progressing. Cognitive function tests show I am better than

Gratitude Beyond Words

Ovarian Cancer, Stage 3. Well I was hoping the words I was hearing, were only sounds I was hearing due to anesthesia, and then the kicker, my surgeon finished telling that she would be in

More alive

I feel so much more powerful, so much more alive. -Retreat Participant December 9th, 2023

Stage 4b to miracle!

Went to the oncologist today and all of my blood work was perfect and my (cancer number) CA 125 number was 18- under 30 is normal. From Feb to now – stage 4b to miracle!

More Empowered

There’s a lot of stuff that I’ve worked on and cleared. With each session I feel like I come to a better understanding that I am creating this (illness). I’ve never thought of myself as

Very grateful

I’m very grateful to spend the weekend with Rob and everybody participating in this workshop. Thank you. -D.S. December 10th, 2023

An awakening

I am grateful to be alive. I came here not expecting anything and came with an open heart. And I’m grateful for my wife being here with me. There is a lightness here in anticipation.

See my beautiful soul

I am listening every day to the last calls I have purchased and I feel peace and quiet. I keep asking for more, I am ready and whenever I ask I feel my old self

Belief in the Divine

It keeps getting better and better!! I’m feeling “plugged in” with every call and zoom. The energy is becoming more palatable with each session…..fate or destiny, what do I believe it to be. I bless

No sign of cancer

I first worked with you in person in September and had just received a cancer diagnosis. I worked again with you in November.  It has been an amazing journey .  Friday I had a PET

Cancer free

My wife and I have been on a lot of these calls and healing sessions in the last two years. Her Huntingdon’s symptoms are much improved, we are so grateful.  I am now currently cancer

No cancer found

I wrote to you before I had my surgery on the 27th. At the same time as your last group event. I said I would be there in spirit. Major miracles occurred! Even before the


I feel really open and happy to be here in this room with you all. -Retreat Participant December 9th, 2023


Since meeting Rob I would like to share the following “miracles” with you. After fighting lymphoma since 1989, I found myself diagnosed with a new cancer, squamous cell carcinoma of the anal canal. I had

Everyone is glowing

Everyone is glowing. It puts a smile on my face and in my heart. -Retreat Participant December 9th, 2023

Number 1 Fan

I’ve always thought I was quite well put together and enjoyed living a productive and happy life. Then I was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. My world stopped spinning and I went into “victim”

Calm Place

After your Divine Session on that great table under the water fall of foliage, I have gone through many feelings (Mental/Physical) which have finally brought me to a peaceful and calm place. I am in a

Energy Shift

I feel amazing! I am recovering from AML luekemia. I had a bone marrow transplant from an unrelated donor. My body and soul were devastated, I was sick and tired of being sick and tired!

Deep transformation

I am so grateful to see you and so excited to experience the work in person. As you have suggested at the retreat I did the work. I am in such joy and bliss and

I am whole

I am here. I claim it. I am healthy. I am whole. -Retreat Participant December 9th, 2023

Soul changing

It was very powerful to watch the 3-Day Healing Retreat on Zoom! Thank you. After it was over, I started to cry and I remembered what you said about tears, so I ran to the

Results were all clear.

When we first met last June 2019 in Flat Rock, my husband had just completed his first round of chemo for penile cancer. Needless to say the oncologist was less than positive since Jim was