Boston, MA – Small Group Hands-on Healing Circles

  • Approximately 2 hours of intense hands-on healing with Rob.
  • Ample time for asking questions.
  • Receive multiple hands on healings.
  • Limited group size.
  • Other processes and teaching depending on the group energy.
  • Rob does not diagnose or offer other medical advice of any kind.

Chestnut Hill Medical Center
25 Boylston Street, L07
Chestnut Hill, 02467


Important details located in your confirmation.

Schedule: Eastern time
Friday, September 6, 10 am
Friday, September 6, 1 pm
Saturday, September 7, 10 am
Saturday, September 7, 1 pm
Sunday, September 8, 10 am
Sunday, September 8, 1 pm

Tuesday, Sept 13 @ 1pm

Tuesday, Sept 13 @ 6pm


    • Limited capacity.
    • Requires a 72 hour cancellation notice. If not canceled within 72 hours you will be charged for the session.
    • Location address is noted above and is also located in your email confirmation. Please check your spam folder if you do not receive your confirmation in your inbox.
    • Plan to arrive on time. Event will start promptly.
    • You will be sitting for this session. 
    • Please no scents or perfumes.
    • Bring a blanket or light wrap and yoga mat.
    • Bring a water bottle to drink from and a 2nd bottle to receive an energetic charge for later use.
    • This work addresses all conditions, issues, and diagnoses, whether known or unknown by participants.
    • Individuals are “worked on,” scanned and prepared for intense work prior to and after each session.
    • Each participant’s energy field is continually scanned, and appropriate changes are created to bring forth health and wellness.
    • The group as a collective, and each individual receives healing.
    • All participants receive daily prayer support.
    • Opportunity for shared experiences with soul family.
    • Rob shares his vast knowledge of the Masters direct teachings on many subjects.
    • Your lineage going forward and backward 7 generations are addressed to relieve you and your future generations of recurring issues/challenges.
    • Past life experiences that are incomplete and carried forward from lifetime to lifetime are addressed.
    • Around the clock aftercare/customer support via email.
    • Rob does not diagnose or offer other medical advice of any kind. Rob will not disclose, discuss, or diagnose what he sees, what is being released, or the “story” creating the condition.

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