Every Journey Begins With
A Single Step

Here are some easy, low-cost ways to start!

Join a GLOBAL HEALING EVENT: $27 for your entire household! People from around the globe gather for deep, personal healing - healing anything and everything! So powerful!

Take advantage of our MONTHLY HEALING PACKAGE: $108 for your entire household! (Savings of $38) You get 3 Global Healing Events AND the entire Divine Transmission Series.

Download DIVINE TRANSMISSIONS: No cost, powerful teaching and healing tools from the Master beings who work with Rob.

Order ANGEL CARDS: No cost Divine infused cards for healing that we ship all over the world!

Participate in a WEEKEND HEALING IMMERSION: Be transformed in this intense, healing opportunity that includes 11 hours of healing, teaching, and meditation. This takes place via Zoom over three days! After the events, all sessions will be emailed to you so you can revisit and continue your healing journey and work.

ONLY $99 for the entire Weekend event!

Download other NO COST HEALING TOOLS such as a Forgiveness Exercise, Playlists from healing sessions, Light Body Activation Exercise, and more.

Please direct any questions to admin@robwergin.com