Pain is gone!

Just a short note about the Angel cards. For weeks I had excruciating lower back pain and nothing seemed to help. Today I taped an Angel card over the spot. That is about 5 hours ago and the pain is gone! Just a little stiffness is left, but I’m sure that will be gone by tomorrow. I am very grateful. -N.G.

Back Continues to Improve

My back continues to get better, so I wrote a testimonial about it (below), and I want to share it with you.  I understand the Memorial Day weekend sessions are not yet full so I’m taking it upon myself to do some promoting among friends and acquaintances, and maybe even the public.  (This is the first time I’ve ever written a testimonial). 
My last session over the phone was really gratifying.  Frankly, I was really surprised.  Before the call, I was still in pain. After the call, I felt almost completely normal. I mean, the way I felt 31 years ago before my accident.
Rob explained why this was happening. Mostly because nerves still have to reconnect as part of a new structure, which can be painful.  He also used a construction metaphor:  When major construction is under way, a lot of debris is left behind that has to be cleaned up by the body, so he helps that process along. – J.L.

The Soul Knows How to Heal Itself

Extraordinary Healing Weekend

I am so appreciative for your guidance in this extraordinary healing weekend. I have to say this is one of the most, if not the most powerful experiences I have participated in. Nearly two weeks out, I am feeling what I consider real and lasting effects. I am grateful for this opportunity and being able to witness the good work that touched the people there. My own healing was focused on grief work as you were quick to point out. I do feel that I am better off having addressed some of this, more so since much of it was done on a spiritual level. The physical benefits are apparent as my neck and back are less painful, and I can tell that some physical changes are occurring that I can only describe as being more or better aligned. My GI tract and skin tone are also improved. My skin feels cool and smooth. Maybe this has something to do with drinking the water you provided and using the infused bath water. I am drinking more water these days and love how I am feeling. We will come back to another weekend at some point. It was fantastic! Thank you so much. – B.W.

The Genuine Article

I just got back home after attending my first Immersion session in Flat Rock, NC. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I feel much much better than I have for long long time 🙂 Rob is thoroughly “The Genuine Article”.
I am amazed how humble Rob is, yet he channels and gives so much positive energy to others. I am proud to have met him and attend one of his sessions. Rob somehow knew the location of my back pain, which I did not publicize to anyone. I had a pain in my upper back which, by the time I drove home, had gone away. I confidently followed his instructions by giving in to the pain and asking for the Divine light to make me healthy and happy and be grateful for it. His special talent has made me accept the idea that, with his help, we can heal ourselves. We only need to openly believe and trust in Rob’s preaching! Just surrender to your pain and ask the Divine light for help, proclaim that you have been healed, and that you are grateful 🙂 – M.G.

What a Blessing

I wanted you to know what a blessing it was to see you this past weekend. I was at Omega attending the Byron Katie workshop and came to your group healing event on Saturday night. I did not have any official diagnosis so I didn’t feel entitled to stand up and ask for a personal healing, but I have been suffering with pain in my back/hip and have been having occasional depression/anxiety. I have noticed significant changes in my body and spirit since attending your healing. For the next few days, my body “eliminated” all sorts of awful things, followed by gradual improvements each day in my levels of pain. Today my back pain (due to arthritis and degenerative disks) is gone and my hip pain is minimal. My spirit also feels kind and present, and having access to your words/website has increased my connection to Holy Spirit. I can\’t thank you enough! – Omega Participant

Freedom from Back Pain

Listen to this client describe her experience working with Rob Wergin to overcome back pain.

The Soul Knows How to Heal Itself

The pain was bad, bad, bad. That’s when I decided I was not going to have the doctors tell me what to do and what’s wrong with my body. There has to be some other answer.
That’s when I watched Heal the documentary. It was truly amazing. I don’t have words to fully express. Although there are so many heals in that documentary, Rob just spoke to me. I just resonated with him. Me and my husband felt this was the answer. I really do believe what he [Rob] says, “The Soul knows how to heal itself. The challenge is to quiet the mind.”

The Challenge is to Quiet the Mind

Client tells of her journey of constant back pain. She saw the Heal Documentary and sought out Rob Wergin, leading to the realization, “The Soul knows how to heal itself. The challenge is to quiet the mind.”

I Want to Give My Thanks

I want to give my thanks to Rob. I was literally healed from years of suffering unbelievable pain. I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis and I would more often than not be home bound from the pain. I had been to several doctors, healers, naturopaths and nothing completely removed that cycle of pain. I was told it would just be something that I would have to accept. I became depressed and lost some of my joy. Rob and I worked both on phone sessions and in person after the first session this pain began leave my body and by the time he was done it was gone… pain free. That along with his compassion and humility assisted the healing of my mind and spirit that had gotten used to living with pain. I am forever grateful that Rob is on this planet assisting and healing. From a grateful client in South Dakota. -L.B.

Feeling Good

I went from 3 thyroid pills a day to 1 starting on Thursday and feel great. I was on my feet for 4 hours straight last night and even hit the dance floor a bit at a HS reunion and absolutely no back pain. Normally I would be in a lot of pain from that and feeling it the next day.  And this was the day after making Thanksgiving dinner for 14 people.  I had energy all night til after midnight went to bed at 1:30 am and up at 6:30am feeling good. So grateful! Looking forward to seeing you December and for what the next recordings bring.  – M.T.

True Healing

I am sharing this email from a friend. I hope this will be helpful to the many people who are in the same position he was in. I have been fooled many times,  by SINCERE healers, psychics and mediums, who I believe meant well. The letter writer below is ALMOST as skeptical of all of them, as I am. I would go to Rob Wergin’s website, read the testimonials, watch the videos and make up your own mind.  Rob Wergin says in one of his videos, that he can open the door for Love and Healing to enter, some people open the door even wider, some people let it close again.
One of the philosophical issues that has stayed with me,since my wife’s death from breast cancer seven years ago, is free will versus destiny. Edgar Cayce was very clear, ” the stars incline, they don’t compel”; that our free will was stronger then any astrological influence,  if we use it. In many readings people would ask if they would get better, and he would tell them to come back in a few months for another reading. He would often say that GOD itself doesn’t know what will happen until we make a decision.  True healing has to take place on a Spiritual, Mental and Physical Level. If you weren’t willing to remember “We are our brothers keeper” and come from a place of Love and Forgiveness, Edgar Cayce would often say, “Best not to begin”.
In one of his readings on suicide, he told a woman she would be meeting someone in the early part of the next year. She committed suicide 3 months later. The best I can come to is we do have SOME control over our future. How much I don’t know. I do know that if you don’t try anything, nothing will change . For all those who are suffering I hope this information is helpful, and may God Bless Us All.     -A.A.

No Longer Hopeless

My husband’s story starts 15 months ago. For months prior, he was feeling so sick and sore in his bones and muscles, he could barely walk or dress himself. There were times when I had to assist him in tying his shoes or putting on his coat. His mind had grown troubled and dark. He was losing his desire to continue onward. It was a dark place for both of us. He had been to so many ’traditional’ doctors, and all they could say was, ‘His blood work is fine. We don’t know what’s wrong with him.’ We were left feeling hopeless and in despair.
The first time Ted and I went to a community transformation event, we didn’t know what to expect. Ted volunteered to be a surrogate and went to the front for Rob to work on him. Ted was ready. He was exhausted and feeling hopeless about any recovery. As Rob started to work on Ted, we suddenly realized we were witnessing a transformational and pivotal experience. Before our eyes, we could see Ted change from weak and sick, to a healthy and vibrant person.
When Rob finished working on Ted, he jumped up from the chair, did a deep knee bend and said “I feel GREAT!” Practically everyone that witnessed Ted’s healing seemed shocked and surprised, including myself. And yet, there was my husband, with life back in his eyes and doing a deep knee bend that was impossible for him to do 10 minutes earlier. He was smiling and laughing – expressions I had not seen in months.
Being a little unsure about the process, I wondered, ‘Is this real? Will this really last?’ That night of transformation was over 15 months ago, and not only has Ted remained pain free, he has blossomed in ways I never thought possible. His mind is clearing of negative thoughts. He is peaceful, grounded, attentive, happy and back to who I knew him to be when I married him 22 years ago. Working with Rob has truly given my husband his life back. He has given us the chance to create a new future, one that seemed impossible just a few short months earlier.

From Broken Back to Pain Free

This gentleman broke his back in June 2016. He couldn’t walk and was in a lot of pain. After attending a Rob Wergin Transformation event he is pain free. “This is really different to not hurt right now.”

Walking Miracle

I am a walking miracle! This last session did wonders for me beyond description. When I had my massage yesterday, Roberta was absolutely amazed at the difference in my entire body—skin, muscles, bones, the works! My spine had pretty good scoliosis. I saw the x-rays. Well, guess what—my spine is now perfectly straight and I can sure feel the difference. The hip doesn’t hurt, I can move freely and am much more relaxed all over. I am thrilled, of course. I realize that the whole healing is a process that involves more than just the physical body. It has to include the mind and spirit as well for it to work optimally. I can tell that there has been a wonderful release in my entire being— blissful, serene and complete. I feel more loving, patient and grateful for everything in my life. Mahalo nui (thank you to the max) to you and your angelic assistants! – L.C.

Feeling Divine Love

How do I put into words the miracles that have occurred and keep occurring since we started working together? I can say that the cervical pain I had for 15 years is gone. Just before we met, I had spoken to two surgeons who said all I could do was have a spinal fusion and live with limited movement in my neck for the rest of my life and maybe the pain might be less. After 3 sessions with you and several healing circles the pain is gone. It’s that simple and I do not question it. I’m no longer in a fog and eating pain pills. Having said that, there is also the light and love that I feel all the time. The blessing of absolutely knowing and feeling divine love is beyond words for me. My gratitude for the work you do is pretty much beyond measure. Your work is the gift I wished for all my life….and I have it now. I feel the only way I can thank you and the divine is to live in this glow and in my heart; to spread the light no matter what the circumstances are. Thank you. – Anne


Rob is the “Pavarotti” of Healers

There are great tenors in the world and then there is Pavarotti. Rob is the “Pavarotti” of healers. Rob is extraordinarily gifted. He is a blessing to this community ( Steamboat Springs). My spine has realigned and all related health issues have been resolved. Like layers of an onion, old patterns have released. I have boundless energy. I am free of any discomfort, and feel radiantly healthy. I feel like a playful, carefree kid again! – R.G.


God’s Love

The first session I had with Rob was a significant event in my life. I had just completed a 3500 mile car trip. The whole left side of my spine hurt, causing a very tight shoulder. After about 10 minutes of Rob working on me, I felt my spine reposition itself from approximately T-1 through about T-6. It moved from being rotated too far left to being positioned correctly in the center of my back. The pain left the left side of my back and neck after this “alignment”. Through Rob’s work, I allowed myself to receive God’s love into my physical and subtle bodies, and within my consciousness. As I am able to now allow this Love directly from Source, it seems absurd not to get my needs met! – M.


Free Again

I could write a novel on how incredible Rob is. Simply put, he truly is a miracle worker and I am beyond blessed that I have had the opportunity to experience his work. Originally, I started my phone sessions with Rob to begin the healing of a lower back injury that had gotten worse and worse over four years. Little did I know that he would also remove and heal the residue of various traumas that I had ignored for many years.   After my first session with Rob, I instantly felt lighter and noticed the tension in my lower back had released. I began to feel free again. I could feel myself coming alive and I knew that I was experiencing a miracle!   Aside from my back, I have struggled with an eating disorder/bad relationship with food for over 10 years. For years, I went to therapy, tried anti-depressants, attempted every diet under the sun and failed miserably again and again. After just a few sessions with Rob, all of that was cleared without me even noticing. I suddenly started eating healthy, stopped drinking, and started really loving myself as if the past had never even occurred. Everything just came together and it’s as if I don’t even have to try now to love myself and treat my body with care and respect. The immense pain this caused me is gone and I can now see clearly that I am worthy and have a divine purpose.  My back is continuing to feel better every day and I can move again. But even more than that, I am being guided back to my higher self. My mind is clearing, the fear is leaving , and I am extremely hopeful about the future.   Rob has also worked on my mother and father and they are both experiencing magnificent shifts in their lives. I’m so grateful to have had these experiences with Rob! Lastly, I must note, Rob is so cool that even once you are healed, you’ll still want to attend his events because his presence is just that AWESOME!!!  – M.J.

I am thrilled!

The only thing I can say is Wow! When I was 10 yrs old, I was in a roller coaster accident and my spine was reversed. I did not know it had happened until I was t-boned in a second car accident in my early 20’s and I had an X-Ray of my back. After lots of health issues and various years of chiropractic care, I was still having problems. About 2 weeks ago, after a lot of stiffness and discomfort I went to a new chiropractor and had X-Rays done again. My neck and lower back still did not have the correct curvature, although it was not fully reversed, and my lower back had a “C” shape to the spine instead of being straight. I was happy to see improvement which happened over the years, but still saddened that there was an expected full year of adjustments and therapy to still correct the problem.   My daughter was scheduled for healing sessions with Rob Wergin and I was in the room with the phone on speakerphone during the three scheduled days. I had amazing and wondrous experiences. On the last day was when I had an experience of being “pulled/stretched up” slowly and gently, while rocking, and suddenly my spine reset. My back straightened. I went to the Chiropractor’s office the next day and verified that the “C” curve in my lower back was completely gone. I now also have a normal curve in my neck and lower back. My muscles are a little sore while adjusting to the change but I am thrilled!!!  -M.D.

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