Healed from Addiction

My son, Jesse has been healed from his addiction instantaneously after a battle with it for over 10 years. He is working his program diligently and there is no going back. There is so much love and compassion flowing through him, that what he spoke about after he saw you initially in Aspen. He also has work now he enjoys,

Vibrations of Ecstasy

I thank the souls that guided me to you Rob. Tears of elation haven’t stopped flowing, the vibrations of ecstasy I have never experienced continue to fill me with equanimity, eyes are seeing as never before, life went HD. I didn’t think I’d be so compelled to write, not wanting to overload IN boxes and knowing the message is already

Wrapped in a Blanket of Golden Light

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I AM so grateful for your help! I feel that much has been stirred up and spit out during this last call-in series. I trust that some of my addictions that surfaced have moved from my energy field and will not return. Looking back, I can see that for me, it was necessary to