My son, Jesse has been healed from his addiction instantaneously after a battle with it for over 10 years. He is working his program diligently and there is no going back. There is so much love and compassion flowing through him, that what he spoke about after he saw you initially in Aspen. He also has work now he enjoys, and speaks about giving back. His relationship with his brother has become truly supportive. His brother, too is doing so much better and their sister who has been there for them so many times is thriving in a beautiful new relationship. I am in awe what has taken place since our half hour telephone session and so very grateful for your powerful work.  Yes, our family has come back together and I want to thank YOU again, Rob, for your remarkable healing work.      -G.
Thank you, thank you, thank you! I AM so grateful for your help! I feel that much has been stirred up and spit out during this last call-in series. I trust that some of my addictions that surfaced have moved from my energy field and will not return. Looking back, I can see that for me, it was necessary to purge in this way. I have been listening to the call-in you so graciously sent me and last night I played the 2nd one as I went to sleep. I called on the Masters to my left, right, front and behind, above me and below me. I felt their loving presence as I was bathed in crystal clear heailng light that poured in at the crown of my head and washed thru all systems in my physical and energy body. I saw these Beings of Light that were among the Masters…lending their support and Love as they wrapped me in blanket of golden Light.
Rob is the real deal. Over a decade ago I went to him with herniated discs in my neck (the doctor wanted to put a steel rod in my neck), bone spurs on my spine, and an opiate addiction. All gone! I’m so grateful to him every day and feel the beautiful energy of divine connection in my healthy body and mind! He is a blessing. -A.S.