Great Healer

One of the greatest gifts of my life was in meeting you and feeling your healing energy all around me. It’s true that when the student is ready, the teacher appears, and I was ready to meet you.  I don’t think that anyone can explain the magic that occurs in a healing session, but anyone who has ever experienced a true healing, knows it and can feel the difference. I specifically asked for my career in real estate to have all the blocks removed so that I could be a clear vessel for my clients. Since I have had one session with you a few months ago, I have had more deals in real estate in the last 6 months then I had had in the previous 4 yrs. Action speaks louder than words Rob! You are a great healer. I have met H.H. the Dalai Lama, Swami Satchidananda, Swami Muktananda, and a host of others too long to mention. Never have I come across anyone who was as down to earth as you are, and practical…Thank you for being alive, and thank you for being you. – L.G.


Rob… your healings are amazing

I wanted to take this time and reflect on the last few months and the past year.  From August till November of this year was great transformation physically.  Movement of any type was excruciating.  Rob’s group sessions, the channeled messages, the private sessions from Rob, the acupuncture  were a cocktail of miracles I received.  They resulted in a healed body, changed habits and a better me!
Many changes have occurred from Rob’s healings and I wanted to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.  It is so wonderful to feel better than I ever have!  Abundance overflows in my life and I am truly grateful.
Rob… your healings are amazing.  The Divine’s presence in your life is inspiring. I am truly grateful to say I know you, I met you and BELIEVE in your Divine, magical gift of healing. My personal testament…it works, he is magical, and how blessed I am!
May all of you and your families have a blessed holiday and spread the JOY of LOVE!
Thank you, thank you, thank you from the depths of my sou!  With great admiration, gratitude and love.   T.W.

Amazingly Prosperous

The Monday following the Sunday session, I had an amazingly prosperous day at my commission-only retail sales position. I am most certain my customers sensed the healing vibrations radiating from my body. Any time I get “off course” during the work day, I stop and recall the healing event to recenter myself. Thank you for your work! -C.S.

Amazing Channel for Divine Love

I have been doing the calls and I want to let you know what has been happening for me. I have found the calls pretty amazing!
Sometimes I come out of them euphoric and sometimes I find I am rather weak and dizzy. I am especially light headed with this last call. I have been tired and requiring 8 or even 9 hours sleep, and I find I have to cut down on my workouts. I also broke out in a rash on my arms and have had some lower back pain. I am assuming all of this is my body releasing the junk I have been holding on to. I am actually very healthy, so I have not been trying to address any particular physical disease, but I know there is room for improvement and I would like to become even stronger and healthier.
My main issue has been around abundance. I seem to do a dance with it, sometimes it flows and sometimes I cut off the supply and it doesn’t flow very much. I am just coming out of a time where something awful happened and I blocked the flow of abundance. I know it was not the other person, but me that blocked the flow, and I want to release that negative energy.
I first saw you at a seminar with Panache and hope to see you the next time you come to Boston. Thank you for all your help. Thank you for being such a glorious light and an amazing channel for Divine Love to flow through.
Peace, love & light! -J.L.

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