Amazing Channel for Divine Love

I have been doing the calls and I want to let you know what has been happening for me. I have found the calls pretty amazing! Sometimes I come out of them euphoric and sometimes I find I am rather

Great Healer

One of the greatest gifts of my life was in meeting you and feeling your healing energy all around me. It’s true that when the student is ready, the teacher appears, and I was ready to meet you.  I don’t

Rob… your healings are amazing

I wanted to take this time and reflect on the last few months and the past year.  From August till November of this year was great transformation physically.  Movement of any type was excruciating.  Rob’s group sessions, the channeled messages,

Amazingly Prosperous

The Monday following the Sunday session, I had an amazingly prosperous day at my commission-only retail sales position. I am most certain my customers sensed the healing vibrations radiating from my body. Any time I get “off course” during the work day, I

Money Miracle

I have been without much work or money for a year. It hasn’t bothered me much as I have food, shelter, healthcare. But I realized, I desire more work (which I love) and I desire more money. Today an old

HUGE abundance

In some of the recent teachings (Divine Transmissions) you channeled, we were told by the Divine not to worry about money. I added EFT tapping and emotional code releases this year and listen to the teachings almost nightly.  I took

Recent Bloodwork Clear

My primary intention in signing up for the full package of healings for the past 3 months has been for financial relief for a dire situation for my family. My husband and adult son are partners in a family owned