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At a young age, Rob was able to heal animals and communicate with spirits.  Not yet understanding these gifts, he learned to ignore them.  Through a series of deep traumatic events, Rob discovered his true purpose in life was to benefit others as a Sacred Conduit for Divine Energies of pure light and unconditional love.

Rob’s work as Divine Illumination for Divine Energies has changed the fate of over 200,000 people in the last 18 years. His gift of connecting the soul to the energy of the Divine is the pathway for transformation.  When the connection is received, and the mind patterns fully engage in trust and belief, miracles occur.


Divine Energies have transformed cancer, chronic fatigue, Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, anxiety and depression, addictions, chronic pain, abundance blockages and much more. Rob believes there are no boundaries or limitations to miracles when you trust and believe and allow and receive Divine Energies.  Soul level “miracles” may be viewed under the “Witness Other’s Transformations” link.

This ancient transformational work releases and clears blockages, unhealthy beliefs, old emotions, and negative imprints from your body. Imprints create dis-ease, dis-comfort, and/or dis-pair. Once they are released, your body is enabled to receive and be filled with Divine Light and Love energies, creating physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation. Divine Energies create relief from dis-ease and dis-comfort, resolve and dissolve energetic blockages, and penetrate, rejuvenate and realign your body. When Divine Energies fill your heart, profound shifts of awareness and oneness occur.



Max was diagnosed with cancer when he was 4 1/2 years old. He has spent much of the last few years VERY sick, his body being ravaged by the cancer. I started working with him 3 months ago in Los Angeles. His latest scans show no cancer at all! Needless to say, his parents are happy beyond measure. When the doctors asked Max and his family how the cancer disappeared, Max said with a huge smile, “Rob and his Angels healed me!”

This work humbles me and touches me deeply! I’m so grateful to share these special Notes of Gratitude. Max’s story and the others here inspired me and remind me that when one opens up and surrenders, trust, and believes, all things are possible. Even the impossible!


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